Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 511 - Who on Earth Is This Girl?!

Chapter 511 - Who on Earth Is This Girl?!

Chapter 511: Who on Earth Is This Girl?!


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

The look on Feng Wu’s face changed at Grand Secretary Fang’s words.

However, Grand Secretary Fang was too occupied to notice it. He enjoined Xuan Yi, “Xiao Yi, take Xiao Wu to see His Royal Highness when you have the time. Ok?!”

Grand Secretary Fang was very pleased with himself. He was sure that any girl would jump at the opportunity to meet the crown prince.

However, Feng Wu turned him down right away. “Jun Linyuan? I don’t want to see him!”

Jun Linyuan… The girl had just called the crown prince by his name. That was bold.

But Grand Secretary Fang didn’t believe a word Feng Wu said.

The only girls that didn’t like Jun Linyuan were the ones who weren’t born yet.

Priest Wu gave Feng Wu a pleading look. “Kiddo, are you really not going to consider me?”

Xuan Yi was baffled.

Grandmaster Wu, a valuable a.s.set of the empire and someone that even the empire treated with great respect, looked so pitiful now that it seemed as if he was going to tug Feng Wu’s sleeve and beg for her permission at any moment.

The corner of Master Bian’s mouth twitched.

His master was so renowned that people lined up outside his door all the way to the city gates for a chance to become his pupil. Priest Wu couldn’t be bothered to even spare them a glance. Master Bian never imagined that his master would one day look so piteous in front of a girl.

However, instead of dropping to her knees and thanking Priest Wu for his consideration, Feng Wu only glanced at him. “You want to be my master?”

“Is there a problem?”

“What can you possibly teach me?”

“What do you want to learn?” Priest Wu patted his chest and asked proudly.

“What do you have to offer?”

“Formations!” Priest Wu gloated. “I’m the head of the formation department of Imperial College…”

“So, can you create a Supreme Level formation as we speak?” Feng Wu looked at him.

“Are you kidding me?!” Priest Wu almost jumped on the spot. “No one can do that! All formations need to be carefully designed and set out with great care. You’ve got to be kidding me —”

However, Feng Wu only took that Whistling Vase from Grand Secretary Fang, concentrated, and started working on the formation.

Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu in amazement.

Feng Wu’s fingers flew over the vase as they emitted streaks of white light which flew into the Whistling Vase. She then handed the vase to Priest Wu.

Priest Wu stared at Feng Wu in confusion.

Feng Wu smiled. “Check it out.”

Priest Wu examined the vase suspiciously, but Grand Secretary Fang, who wasn’t holding the vase, looked convinced.

Back in Elegant Ink Gallery previously, Feng Wu had done the same thing with her fingers and sent white light into the vase.

After that, the formation was completed.

The corner of Priest Wu’s mouth twitched as he examined the vase, and he stiffened.

Grand Secretary Fang nudged him. “Hey, wake up. What do you see?”

Priest Wu turned to look at Grand Secretary Fang in amazement, then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Feng Wu.

His lips moved…

With much difficulty, he said, “You…”

Grand Secretary Fang was so intrigued that he s.n.a.t.c.hed the vase from Priest Wu, then examined it closely. He raised his head abruptly and stared at Feng Wu!

“You —” Grand Secretary Fang took a deep breath. “Who on earth are you?!”

Grand Secretary Fang thought that he had encountered enough people in his lifetime to be able to judge them correctly. However —

Xuan Yi watched on the side blankly.

Wasn’t Feng Wu supposed to be a good-for-nothing? Why did his grandfather and Old Master Wu look like they had seen a ghost?