Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 453 - Gosh! I’ve Made Progress!

Chapter 453 - Gosh! I’ve Made Progress!

Chapter 453 Gos.h.!.+ I’ve Made Progress!

Young Master Mu would humiliate Feng Wu severely and word would get out… after that, Feng Wu would be so thoroughly discredited that she would wish she were dead!

Ye Yafei had everything planned out, but she didn’t know that things rarely went as planned. This Jin Yuntao just decided to pop out of nowhere and he had almost ruined everything for her.

Ye Yafei darted a look at Huo Yin.

Huo Yin nodded and slipped away —

She needed to find Young Master Mu ASAP.

Feng Wu had to be punished here, where they would have the largest audience and attract the most attention.

Ye Yafei stalled.

“Fine, we’ll leave. But shouldn’t they leave as well?” Ye Yafei pointed at Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge.

Yan Yue frowned.

Ye Yafei said, “They snuck in without an entrance card. If they aren’t punished for this, other people will copy them and World Tower’s rules will be as good as empty words!”

“Silence!” Yan Yue cast a stern look at Ye Yafei.

Ye Yafei’s stomach lurched, but she was delighted. She would insist that she didn’t know Feng Wu and that the latter had snuck in.

“I know them.” Jin Yuntao smirked at Ye Yafei. “I invited them here.”

“You –”Ye Yafei glared at Jin Yuntao!

“What? You got a problem?” Jin Yuntao snickered.

The two of them were going to start fighting again when –

“Rumble —”

The entire Inky Rain Room shook slightly.

Everyone turned to look at the two girls sitting there cross-legged.

That was…

As it turned out, Duan Chaoge was the first to speak.

“OMG! I can’t believe this!”

Looking down, Chaoge saw that the enormous dress that used to stretch tightly around her body had become loose. Then, she realized that her body and limbs were much slimmer!

“Oh G.o.d! s.h.i.+t!”

Chaoge jumped to her feet, spun around, and burst into tears of joy. “I’ve lost weight! I’m thinner! Sob —”

G.o.d knew how desperate she had been during the past five years because of her weight!

The more she tried, the fatter she became. There were times when she had wanted to kill herself!

Although she was still overweight, it was so much better than before!

Xiao Wu…

Chaoge wanted to wrap her arms around Xiao Wu and cry for three days in a row!

Xiao Wu was her angel!

Turning around, Chaoge saw the astonished looks on the faces of the others.

“Hahaha! I’ve lost weight! I have! Ye Yafei, didn’t you say that I’d never be able to do it? Well, I did!” Resting her hands on her waist, Chaoge raised her chin.

Is that your priority? Ye Yafei felt like crying!

“You… you leveled up?” Ye Yafei asked tentatively through gritted teeth.

She hoped that Duan Chaoge’s answer would be no.

Only then did Chaoge realize something.

All her attention had been on her weight loss and she hadn’t examined her own cultivation level.

Chaoge had reached Level 9 when she was eight, but had dropped to Level 6 in the past five years.

“No way!” Chaoge cried out in surprise. “I’m Level 7 now! I’ve made progress! Finally!”

Going backward was much worse than remaining stagnant. After all these years, Chaoge was finally moving forward in her cultivation again!

One level wasn’t enough, but it meant that Chaoge was back on track.

“Oh G.o.d! I’m a level higher! I can’t believe it!” Chaoge jumped around in excitement!