Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 421 - Beautiful Master

Chapter 421 - Beautiful Master

Chapter 421: Beautiful Master


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

After leaving Uncle Qiu, Xiaoqi, and Qiuling instructions on their cultivation, Feng Wu went back to her own room.

She smiled bitterly when she was on her own.

Cultivation required spiritual energy.

Previously, she had been the only cultivator in the family and she didn’t need too many spiritual stones. With three new members on board, Feng Wu realized that she was running low on spiritual stones.

No, she couldn’t just sit here and wait for spiritual stones to fall in her lap. She needed to search for them actively.

A figure as nimble as a cat jumped out of Fallen Star Yard later that night.

The Feng clan had a store of spiritual stones and Feng Yanfeng held the key to the storage room.

However, Feng Wu didn’t need a key for such a door.

As the genius girl of the family, the entire vault used to be Feng Wu’s own. However, the clan wouldn’t spare her any spiritual stones after she lost her ability.

And of course Feng Wu wouldn’t let that happen.

She ran as swiftly as a cat on its night patrol.

After reaching the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, Feng Wu was even faster than before. She reached the vault of the Feng clan in no time.

Needless to say, the vault was guarded. However –

Feng Wu took Feng Tutu out of her chest pocket and whispered something in its ear.

At the mention of food, Feng Tutu’s eyes lit up and it gave a little cheerful cry.

Clatter –

” Feng Wu threw out a pebble deliberately.

“Who’s there?!”

The guards heard it. They were well-trained.

Feng Tutu made a little noise in the darkness, then dashed off!

While Feng Tutu lured the guards away, Feng Wu jumped onto the second floor of the vault!

She knew that the third window on the second floor could be opened from outside, for she had made it so. And she was right.

Pus.h.i.+ng the window open, Feng Wu swiftly made her way inside, then closed the window behind her.

It all happened in a split second.

The guards consisted of a ten-men team and each s.h.i.+ft was two hours long. The captain of the current s.h.i.+ft was Feng Baoshan. Seeing that several guards had run off after the sound, he called after them in a hurry, “Get back here! Now!”


Feng Baoshan said, “You’re all overreacting! It was just a rat!”

“Really? Since when are there rats in the manor?” all the other guards thought to themselves.

Feng Baoshan wasn’t thinking about the vault tonight.

Everyone in the manor had been talking.

Lady w.a.n.g’s Flying Snow Building had collapsed. The explanation they had been given was that the building had been in disrepair and that the lightning strike had been the last straw… However, everyone at the level of a captain or above had their own ideas.

Flying Snow Building had toppled before that lightning strike… Exactly what happened to Feng Yanfeng’s family?

However, that branch of the clan was very tight-lipped and no one knew what really happened.

Feng Wu had no idea what was going on in the captain’s head. She was like a cat in a canary’s nest.

She wasn’t the only one in need of spiritual stones. Xiaoqi, Qiuling, and Uncle Qiu all needed them. So, she was going to take a lot.

Moreover, Feng Wu had other plans.

She had no interest in the books on the shelves, for she had read them all when she was little. Plus, she could create much better manuals than those on the shelves.

She went up to the third floor.

Feng Wu knew this place like the back of her hand. Opening a hidden door, she entered and opened the first chest she saw. It was filled with spiritual stones.


Feng Wu stored it in her ring.

There were two more chests of spiritual stones… After some thought, Feng Wu decided to leave them here; she could always come back for more when she needed them.

After all, her beautiful master was in the ring as well.