Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 3474 - Chapter 3474: Pride In a Relationship

Chapter 3474 - Chapter 3474: Pride In a Relationship

Chapter 3474 - Chapter 3474: Pride In a Relations.h.i.+p

Chapter 3474: Pride In a Relations.h.i.+p

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Feng Wu was frustrated. Is your chin made of steel? Why didnt you feel a thing?!

Looking at the frustrated girl, the crown princes anger dissipated.

He rubbed Feng Wus head.

Feng Wu moved away unhappily. Im going home.

With a swoosh, she really dashed off.

Feng Wu couldnt believe it!

Did Jun Linyuan really just let her leave?

She involuntarily turned around and met Jun Linyuans eyes.

He looked at her with a cold gaze. It was obvious that he was unhappy.

Feng Wu didnt dare look him in the eye.

Feng Wu waved at him. Ive been busy since I got back from Nest. I havent had time to go home yet, so Im leaving, okay?

She looked back at Jun Linyuan when she jumped onto the wall.

Anyone who tried to jump over Jun Linyuans wall would die.

However, Feng Wu could jump whenever she wanted.

If it wasnt for Jun Linyuans special permission, she would have been torn to pieces. After all, there were more than three Spiritual Overlords in the crown princes residence.

Feng Wu saw that Jun Linyuan was still standing there. Although he didnt look well and his eyes were dark, he didnt come to catch her. She ran away like a cat and soon disappeared from Jun Linyuans sight.

Jun Linyuan didnt say a word.


Someone nearby snickered.

Jun Linyuan gave him a sharp look!

It was indeed Feng Xun.

He cleared his throat, walked out trom behind a pillar outside the door, and moved closer to Jun Linyuan, trying not to laugh.

Boss Jun, dont be mad at me. Im not the one who made you angry. Jun Linyuan gave him an intimidating look and walked out.

Feng Xun hurried after her.

I see. So, thats whats going on between you two. Feng Xun looked like he finally knew what was going on.

The crown prince, who was walking silently in front of him, paused for a moment but didnt say anything.

Feng Xun noticed that Boss Jun was listening intently.

He said, Boss Jun, you wont be able to get a wife for the rest of your life if you keep doing this. Hey, dont glare at me. Am I wrong? I have nothing to do with her, Jun Linyuan said glumly.


Resting his hands on his hips, Feng Xun teased him. Boss Jun, no one believes that. Alright, if you have nothing to do with her, then this conversation is useless.

Even His Royal Highness, who had always been elegant and graceful, had times when he choked on his words.

Resting his hands on his hips, Feng Xun gloated and said to himself, My sister has a lot of suitors waiting for her. Theyre all waiting in line outside the imperial capital. Let me tell you

The imperious crown prince glared at him. Do you want to die?!

Feng Xun felt a chill run down his spine


Feng Xun was dumbfounded. What?

He was so frightened that his mind went blank. How could he know what to say?

Staring at him, Jun Linyuan crossed his arms and said nothing.

What? Right!

Feng Xun finally understood what Boss Jun meant.

He was so

He didnt sound like he was asking for advice.

Of course, Feng Xun only dared to criticize Boss Jun in his head. Just like Feng Wu, he wasnt bold enough to say anything out loud.

Feng Xun then began to tell Jun Linyuan how to woo his sister.

The way you are right now wont do. Both of you have high self-esteem. Why are you still so arrogant and aloof? One has no pride when one is in a relations.h.i.+p..