Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 3472 - Chapter 3472: Get Out

Chapter 3472 - Chapter 3472: Get Out

Chapter 3472 - Chapter 3472: Get Out

Chapter 3472: Get Out

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By then, Bao Er had woken up, and the little girl was staring at Feng Wu with her big, round eyes.

She had exquisite facial features. Because she had always been sick all these years, her originally fair skin had become even paler.

Her big eyes were dark and round, and she was a lovely girl. However, because she was too thin, her head seemed a little big. Her tiny frame and big head made ones heart ache.

Feng Wu looked at her health bar.

Her HP had reached 60, just past the threshold.

Feng Wu was about to talk to the girl, when she saw that Bao Er had fallen asleep again.

Master Chu told Feng Wu, Bao Er wakes up from time to time, but every time she wakes up, shell fall asleep again after a quarter of an hour.

Feng Wu looked at the little girl, who was buried under the blanket with only her tiny face exposed, and sighed in pity. Shes too weak to take the energy she needs when she wakes up.

Master Chu asked, How can we Feng Xun walked in.

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder.

Although Feng Xun was walking in front, the first person Feng Wu saw was Jun Linyuan, who was walking behind Feng Xun.

He was dazzling, n.o.ble, and insufferably arrogant.

That kind of attraction wasnt something that she could ignore.

Feng Wu turned around and focused on Bao Er.

Feng Xun turned around and looked at Boss Jun, only to see him leaning against another pillar with his arms crossed. He was still staring at Feng Wu as if he wanted to dig a hole in her back.

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu in silence.

Bao Er had already fallen asleep, and Feng Wu had nothing to do, but she kept her head down as if she were busy.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

How could these two people be so awkward?

Feng Xun said, Bao Er said she wanted to eat spring rolls from Songs

Restaurant, so I went to buy them, but she fell asleep again. I guess shes out of luck. Xiao Wu, would you like one?

Feng Wu said, Im busy.

Feng Xun asked, What about you, Boss Jun?

The crown prince gave him a sneer.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

Master Chu was slow to react and hadnt noticed anything yet. He asked Feng Wu about Bao Er.

Feng Wu explained everything to him.

She even wrote down what herbs to use for the daily treatment.

Master Chu suddenly said, Miss Feng Wu, why dont you

Feng Wu waved her hand. I cant be here all the time. I still have a lot to do.

As expected, when she said those words, the teenagers brooding eyes turned even more menacing!

Feng Wu could sense it.

However, she deliberately said, Since Bao Er is fine, Ill be on my way.

She turned to leave.

When she walked past Jun Linyuan, he suddenly grabbed her arm!

Let go!

His grip was tight, and there was something aggressive about it.

Involuntarily, Feng Wu looked up and stared at him.

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu without saying a word.

Feng Xun grew anxious.

Boss Jun was obviously angry and couldnt control himself anymore.

Feng Xun was about to intervene, but Jun Linyuan was already furious.. He stared at Feng Wu while telling the others, Get out!