Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 3257 - 3257 Xiao Wu, You're Amazing

Chapter 3257 - 3257 Xiao Wu, You're Amazing

Chapter 3257 - 3257 Xiao Wu, You're Amazing

3257 Xiao Wu, Youre Amazing

The more he read, the more astonished he became.

He didnt dare to be too greedy and study all ten drawings at once, so he only examined the first one.

However, he was astonished after examining the first one.

Everything was correct!

There was no mistake!

He was amazed.

He then moved on to the second drawing.

Suddenly, he felt the fog in his head lift, and everything felt clearer.


Master w.a.n.g was shocked to discover that his level of inscriptions seemed to have unknowingly entered a new realm during the process of studying the drawings!

He seemed to have reached Level 9!

Holy c.r.a.p!

Master w.a.n.g couldnt believe it. He took out a board and started carving and soon finished a brand new one.

Suddenly, Master w.a.n.gs heart skipped a beat!

If he was only at Level 9 now Feng Wu had drawn ten drawings in the blink of an eye. Wasnt her level even higher?

She was being modest when she said she was at Level 8.

However, he wouldnt believe her and thought she was bragging.

Master w.a.n.g rubbed his forehead in embarra.s.sment.

It wasnt that he didnt want to believe her, but that she was too beautiful to be a Level 8 inscription master.

Master w.a.n.g thought of something else. When she introduced herself earlier, could the series of t.i.tles all be true?

He couldnt think about it. If that were true, it would be terrifying.

Master w.a.n.g put down the drawings and walked straight out the door. After taking a few steps, he suddenly realized something!

These drawings were a treasure!

Master w.a.n.g went back to the desk, carefully folded the drawings, and put them in his chest pocket.

However, that still didnt feel safe enough.

What if it rained?

Hence, Master w.a.n.g rummaged through the cabinets again. After some fumbling around, he finally found unused oil paper.

He carefully wrapped the drawings in oil paper before placing them in his chest pocket. He then patted his chest to flatten the paper.

For a moment, he felt like he owned the entire world.

No words in this world could describe how excited he was.

And what was Feng Wu doing now?

After she came out of Master w.a.n.gs workshop, she started her investigation.

She hadnt forgotten that her biggest mission in the Magical Equipment Division was to investigate the inscription propeller.

Now that Feng Wu was familiar with Auntie Qing, they could talk about other things.

Therefore, she went to talk to Auntie Qing.

Auntie Qing was very busy. She was in charge of all the logistics.

She had to take care of the clothes, food, accommodations and transportation of all inscription masters. Moreover, she had to provide them with inscription tools and the payment of essence crystals Auntie Qing was very busy.

When Feng Wu went over, she saw Auntie Qing settling the accounts for essence crystals.

Seeing that Auntie Qing was in a daze from all the calculations, Feng Wu made a simple calculator out of inscriptions and handed it to her.

Aunt Qing didnt think much of it at first, but her eyes lit up when she started using it.

This is good stuff! Aunt Qing tugged at Feng Wus arm in excitement. With this, itll be much easier to calculate the items. I wont have to worry about making a mistake anymore. I can go through the math with the inscription calculator after calculating it in my head. I wont make any errors again. Xiao Wu, youre amazing!

Feng Wu smiled. There were materials nearby. I wouldnt have been able to make it anywhere else.