Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2613

Chapter 2613

Chapter 2613: 1 vs 1,000 (2)

The 998th and 997th students flew off in different directions.

Feng Wus cla.s.smates were amazed. They knew Feng Wu was good, but they didnt think she was that good!

The Cla.s.s D students frowned, and their faces darkened.

The 996th and 995th students went on stage

Then the 994th and 993rd

This continued until the 894th and 893rd, and Feng Wu lost her patience.

Can you send more people?

Wu Lingyue was speechless.

So were the students of Cla.s.s D.

Isnt she tired after so many battles?

One of the students said gingerly, She only needed to use one kick each round, which probably isnt too demanding

Wu Lingyue glared at her.

The student lowered her head.

Wu Lingyue took a deep breath. Well go in groups of threes!

That didnt change anything. None of the groups could withstand a single strike.

Wu Lingyue said, Four, then!

Feng Wu still didnt need to strike twice.

She yawned. Im getting sleepy. You guys should put more effort into it.

The 555th student had just been kicked off the stage, and he wanted to cry when he heard those words.

Put more effort into it? She makes it sound like we dont want to, but we never get the chance! She kicks us off the stage before we can figure out what to do. How humiliating!


Feng Wu urged Wu Lingyue. Send more people.

Wu Lingyue was shocked.

She looked like she had seen a ghost.

When Yu Hong and his friends said that Feng Wu was good, Wu Lingyue hadnt thought much of it. After all, how good could a Cla.s.s E student be?


They were down to the 555th student.

And they had gone in groups of fours, but she still managed to kick away four people with a single kick. No one had seen her use a second strike. Was she even human?

Cla.s.s D was crestfallen, while Cla.s.s E was astonished.

Feng Wu has just defeated the 555th student in a one-on-four battle. Does that mean that if she enters Cla.s.s D now, shell be at least 555th among them?

She kicked away four students, including the 555th, all at once. Do you still think that shed be the 555th?

What are you suggesting?

Just wait and see. Im looking forward to the final outcome!

Do you think itll be like last time? Maybe none of us needs to fight, and well each get 1,000 points for free!

Lu Qi sneered at her cla.s.smates, finding their conversation stupid. Are you idiots? Cant you see that it was the weaker ones who went on stage first?

Theyve only sent out 555 students, and the capable ones have yet to come!

The Cla.s.s E students immediately stopped cheering.

Thats right the stronger players havent gone up to the stage yet

They didnt know how long Feng Wu could keep doing this for.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu asked Wu Lingyue, Can you send more people?

More people? Why was she asking for more people? Wu Lingyue looked resentfully at Feng Wu.

She was embarra.s.sed that they still hadnt been able to make Feng Wu strike twice, so she nodded. Well attack her in groups of six students!

Feng Wu shook her head. Dont be so stingy. What good can six people do?