Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate - Chapter 1329: Hegemony Rankings! Impartation Scroll!

Chapter 1329: Hegemony Rankings! Impartation Scroll!

Chapter 1329: Hegemony Rankings! Impartation Scroll!

Advance To True G.o.d-Tier!

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Zhou Zhou then looked at the rankings.

[The second stage of the Lord of the Races event-Lord of AU Races Rankings!]

[No. One: Earthling-Mortal Lord-Hegemony Points: 145,160,572,000 Hegemony Points!]

[No. Two: True Spirit Stars Original Spirit RaceTrue LordHegemony

Points: 3,265,035,400 Hegemony Points!]

[No. Three: Golden Crow Region Chaos G.o.ds RaceGreat One Lord-

Hegemony Points: 2,054,103,100 Hegemony Points!]

[No. Four: G.o.dly King Planet, Shepherds G.o.d RaceHeaven Chasing Lord-

Hegemony Points: 1,538,485,000 Hegemony Points!]

When Zhou Zhou saw the rankings, a smile appeared on his face.

The difference between Him and the rest was too great!

He couldnt even imagine what method the other party could use to defeat


Unless the ten thousand races worked together to support a Lord of All Races, it was basically impossible to surpa.s.s Him.

However, how was that possible?!

It was impossible for all races to be united.

Then, He closed the Hegemony Roll and opened the list of Obscure Lords Shops on the second day.

He swept his gaze and muttered to himself, Buying all the goods on the second day requires 2.38 million Obscure Lord Shop Points?

He glanced at his Obscure Lord Shop Points, which were as high as 9,399,260 points. He smiled and bought them all without hesitation.

At this point,

Zhou Zhou still had 272,750 Obscure Lord Shop Points left.

In the next second, a text notification appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

[Notice: You have bought all the goods in the Obscure Lords Shop on the first day. Congratulations, you have obtained a mysterious good!]

What is it this time?

Zhou Zhou rubbed his hands in antic.i.p.ation.

The goods that He had just spent 2.38 million yuan on were directly thrown into the Military Merit Exchange System without any interest in looking at them.

These things were treasures to ordinary Lords of the myriad races.

However, to Zhou Zhou, it was more than that.

He looked directly at the mysterious item.

Then, He discovered that it was a golden scroll.

A text notification appeared.

[Treasure Name: Impartation Scroll]

[Treasure Grade: Special-Tier]

[Treasure Effect: An impartation scroll personally refined by the supreme will for the Lord of The Blazing Sun. After using it, it can increase the Lord of The Blazing Suns nomological comprehension!]

[Treasure Description: A scroll personally created by the Supreme Will. It has the magical ability to increase law comprehension.]

Zhou Zhous eyes lit up after reading it.

It was actually a treasure that specialized in increasing ones law comprehension?!

This treasure came at the right time!

It was too difficult for a Lord to increase his nomological comprehension realm.

Even a figure with heaven-defying comprehension like He would find it difficult to improve his nomological comprehension to a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade in a short period of time with the help of a treasure like the Reincarnation Sacred Palace.

If it were any other law, Zhou Zhou would confidently say that He had already advanced to the Master G.o.d-Tier.

Even True G.o.d-Tiers found it difficult to break through the Lords Law.

In the past two days, He had been worrying about how to quickly raise His nomological comprehension to the level of a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade.

This way, He could use the Abstruse G.o.d Forbidden Pill He had just obtained yesterday to directly break the peace of a True G.o.d-Tier and become a True G.o.d Spirit!

At that time, His strength would soar again!

Unexpectedly, it came without any effort!

As expected of a mysterious product that surprised people!

It was indeed what He needed the most!

Thank you, Lord Supreme Will!

Zhou Zhou said respectfully to the air in front of Him. He did not mind even though He didnt get any response.

His gaze returned to the teaching scroll in front of him.

He took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

In a flash, Zhou Zhou felt as if He had opened up a starry sky.

There were countless stars in the starry sky. Every star corresponded to a Law, and there were countless such Law stars in this starry sky!

In the next second, They transformed into countless starlight and expended all their energy on Zhou Zhous glabella.

Zhou Zhou instinctively closed His eyes and accepted the light of the countless nomological stars.

At this moment, Zhou Zhou felt as if He had experienced the rain of laws in the supreme domain again!

Under the illumination of the countless nomological stars, Zhou Zhou felt countless nomological insights appear in His mind.

In the past, those unsolvable nomological conundrums were answered by Heat this moment like snow melting.

Zhou Zhou swam freely in this state of recklessly answering the nomological doubts.

After a long time, He thought of something and barely split a trace of His divine sense to teleport away.

In the next second, He arrived at the Reincarnation Sacred Palace and used the time difference in the Time World to carefully sense His current state and comprehension.

Zhou Zhou was completely immersed in it and could not extricate himself.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

The next day, at the same time, it was the third day of the second stage of the Lord of the Races activity.

In the Reincarnation Sacred Palace, Zhou Zhou, who was sitting cross-legged on the Dao Comprehension Futon, opened His eyes.

He felt the surging Chaos holy power in His body that was even stronger than before, and a smile could not help but appear on His face.


A High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade!

He lamented.

Zhou Zhou could feel it.

Actually, if one had just entered the High-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, it was impossible to raise ones nomological comprehension to the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade just by relying on a magic imparting scroll.

However, he was already very close to becoming a High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade. He was only a portion away from perfecting his nomological comprehension.

Then, after the Impartation Scroll helped Him perfect His nomological comprehension, He successfully advanced to the High-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade.

That was why Zhou Zhou said that this scroll had come at the right time.

After a while, the excitement in Zhou Zhous heart subsided.

Following that, He flipped His right hand and saw a crystalline jade box appear in His hand.

And what was stored in this jade box was shockingly a medicinal pill that produced a phenomenon!

It was the Abstruse G.o.d Forbidden Pill that Zhou Zhou had obtained yesterday! -He- carefully sized up the precious pill and threw it into His mouth without hesitation.

Then, He raised His head and swallowed it without hesitation.

In the next moment


Zhou Zhou felt a surging promotion energy being born from His heart. Then, it quickly surged to various parts of His divine body, including His soul and even His will.

At the same time, a large number of Lords nomological comprehensions appeared in His mind.

It was almost instinctive.

Zhou Zhou subconsciously absorbed all the promotion energy and nomological comprehension and turned them into His own foundation.

A moment later


With sufficient promotion energy and nomological comprehension, Zhou Zhou was unsurprisingly promoted to a True G.o.d-Tier Elementary Grade G.o.d Spirit! True G.o.d-Tier G.o.d Spirits!

Even the weakest and weakest True G.o.d-Tier Elementary Grade G.o.d Spirits were existences that could casually dominate a world in the myriad worlds! Not to mention a new True G.o.d-Tier like Zhou Zhou.

At this moment

Zhou Zhou suddenly felt an additional piece of information regarding the Lords Law Skill inheritance in His mind.

His name was

[All the land in the world belongs to the king! ]