Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback - Chapter 734: The Top Scorer

Chapter 734: The Top Scorer

Chapter 734: The Top Scorer

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After walking for a while, Ye Lengan suddenly spoke again, Ling, after you go back this time, do you still need to keep pretending?

In simple terms, it meant whether he would continue sitting in the wheelchair.

No need, Huangfu Ruiling replied straightforwardly. Since our matter has already spread in the Hidden World, many people in the mortal world know about it. So, theres no need to continue.

All four major families in the mortal world had representatives in the Hidden World, and even if their status was not high, they had undoubtedly heard about the news that was making waves. Therefore, there was no need to keep up the pretense.

Besides, he never intended to disguise himself. It was just a matter of habit that he had been sitting in the wheelchair.

Ye Lengan lay on his back, unable to hold back a laugh. It seems like many people will be genuinely shocked this time!

Huangfu Ruiling smiled without saying a word.

And so, he carried her on his back, strolling through the garden. With no disturbances from outsiders, the two appeared like an ordinary couple peaceful and sweet, free from unnecessary commotion.

Ye Hongxuan and Lian Mengzhu had been eager to find an opportunity to meet Ye Lengan, but they were thwarted repeatedly. They had no choice but to stay in the banquet hall until the end of the event.

Since today offered no chance to meet her, they decided to post an invitation the next day.

Little did they expect that when they finally mustered the courage to visit Ye Lengan the next day, she was nowhere to be found. Simultaneously, they received word that Ye Lengan and Huangfu Ruiling had temporarily left the Hidden World with an uncertain return date.

Ye Hongxuan and Lian Mengzhu were deeply disappointed, but with no other option, they left the Huangfu family.

On the other side, Ye Lengan remained oblivious to this development. Unperturbed, she had returned to the mortal world, where she stumbled upon a significant event.

The college entrance exam results were out, and she had secured the top spot this year.

Luckily, her home address was unknown, sparing her from the ha.s.sle of reporters.

Inside the villa, Huangfu Ruiling and Ye Lengan sat on the sofa.

More precisely, Huangfu Ruiling sat on the sofa while Ye Lengan rested on his lap, scrolling through her phone. She checked if anyone had sent her messages during her time in the Hidden World.

After a while, Ye Lengan noticed that the princ.i.p.al had sent her the most messages, inquiring about her return.

Why is Princ.i.p.al looking for me? Ye Lengan was puzzled. The college entrance exam is over; hes not asking me to go back to cla.s.s, is he?

Probably because of your results, Huangfu Ruiling said, running his fingers through her hair. He should be quite happy now! After all these years, Shengan High School has finally produced a college entrance exam top scorer. Previously, it was always overshadowed by Capital No.1 High School.

Hearing this, Ye Lengan couldnt help but chuckle. Princ.i.p.al Zheng and the princ.i.p.al of Capital No.1 High School have had a love-hate relations.h.i.+p for many years!

This description elicited a subtle smile from Huangfu Ruiling.

I better call him back!

With that, she began dialing the number. Almost instantly, the call was answered.

Ye Lengan? The voice on the other end was filled with excitement, a stark contrast to the usual calm demeanor.

Princ.i.p.al, you seem delighted! Ye Lengan teased. I noticed youve called me quite a few times. Is there something wrong?

Ye Lengan, I finally got your call. Zheng Anyang slowly calmed down upon hearing Ye Lengans playful tone. However, his excitement remained. Do you know? Youre the top scorer in this years college entrance exam, and you scored a perfect 100. In the past decade, youre the only one to achieve this. Do you realize how much attention youve garnered?

Ye Lengan raised an eyebrow, a hint of surprise in her eyes. I didnt expect that.

While she wasnt surprised to be the top scorer, she hadnt antic.i.p.ated achieving a perfect score. It wasnt a lack of confidence but an a.s.sumption that some points might be deducted, especially in the essay section.

We didnt expect it either. Zheng Anyang tried to contain his excitement. After a few deep breaths, he continued, Your essay initially sparked some controversy. After several teachers reviewed it together, they decided to award it a perfect score. Its the only essay in this years college entrance exam to receive full marks.

I see, Ye Lengan responded calmly. Princ.i.p.al, do I still need to return to school to get my report card?

Theres no need for that, Zheng Anyang said, a bit puzzled. Did you already know your results? You dont seem surprised at all!

Due to Ye Lengans composure, Zheng Anyangs initial excitement gradually subsided. He realized he might have been overly enthusiastic. After all, it was the first time Shengan High School produced a college entrance exam champion, and a perfect one at that. This achievement was sufficient for him to show off in front of the princ.i.p.al of Capital No.1 High School.

Previously, he sought out Ye Lengan to share the good news. However, not finding her made him all the more excited when he finally did. Now, in hindsight, he felt a bit embarra.s.sed. He had failed to maintain the calm expected of someone more mature.

After a moments thought, Ye Lengan replied, I just returned, and I found out not long ago. However, I have confidence in myself, so Im not too surprised.

Hehe, thats true. Zheng Anyang had completely calmed down. By the way, although you dont need the report card, you still have to come back. You need to pick up your graduation certificate.

Most graduates had already retrieved their certificates, but due to the inability to reach Ye Lengan, hers remained at the school. Zheng Anyang had safely stored it, waiting for Ye Lengan to collect it.

Alright. Ye Lengan agreed. Ill find time tomorrow to come over and get my graduation certificate.

Hehe, then come straight to my office! Zheng Anyang replied with a smile. Your graduation certificate is with me!