Full-Level Rich Daughter Makes a Strong Comeback - Chapter 698: Playing Around

Chapter 698: Playing Around

Chapter 698: Playing Around

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Suddenly confronted with Huangfu Ruixiangs firm stance, Zhong Yating found herself momentarily bewildered.

Throughout their interaction, she had been adept at procrastination, and although Huangfu Ruixiang consistently pressed for answers, today marked a departure with his particularly a.s.sertive approach.

As she opened her mouth to respond, Huangfu Ruixiang lifted his hand, signaling her to stop.

Zhong Yating, if youre still intent on delaying, theres no need for further words, Huangfu Ruixiang a.s.serted, his gaze unwavering. Lets just call off the engagement.

No, Zhong Yating exclaimed, a genuine sense of urgency in her voice. Ruixiang, weve only recently become engaged. Announcing the annulment now would be a blow to your familys reputation.

My family can bear such a loss of face, Huangfu Ruixiang declared coldly. Zhong Yating, you know why we had the engagement ceremony. Yet, youve never provided any concrete information. How am I to know if youre deceiving me?

Fine, Ill tell you. Zhong Yating relented through gritted teeth. But you must promise, under any circ.u.mstances, not to annul our engagement.

Sensing that further delay would likely result in the termination of the engagement, Zhong Yating sought an additional layer of protection.

In her heart, however, there lingered a genuine concern. While she had used her limited knowledge to coerce Huangfu Ruixiang into the engagement, the truth was that her information was scarce. She clutched this secret tightly, fearing that what she revealed might not align with Huangfu Ruixiangs expectations. Moreover, she was apprehensive about him reneging on their agreement. She was well aware that her dealings with Huangfu Ruixiang were laced with an element of deceit.

Huangfu Ruixiang remained vigilant. Are you hiding something from me?

Im merely seeking a.s.surance, Zhong Yating insisted. If I reveal everything and you turn your back on our engagement, Id be at a disadvantage.

Under Huangfu Ruixiangs scrutinizing gaze, Zhong Yating felt a tightness in her chest. However, she persevered in forcing herself to remain calm, ensuring that the other party wouldnt detect any hint of unease.

After a considerable silence, Huangfu Ruixiang withdrew his gaze and spoke, Now that were engaged, 1 wont casually annul the engagement. Of course, all of this is contingent on you not deceiving me.

Despite being threatened by Zhong Yating, Huangfu Ruixiang, being a member of the Huangfu family, possessed a certain upbringing, albeit inferior to Huangfu Ruilings. Zhong Yating understood that his commitment was the most substantial he could offer, even if she found it less than satisfactory.

Alright, Ill tell you now. Zhong Yating conceded.

Huangfu Ruiling holds a prominent position within the family. I once witnessed him engaged in discussions with the family elders, she revealed. Though I couldnt discern the details, it was evident that the elders highly esteemed him and valued his opinions. So, as long as Huangfu Ruiling is willing to a.s.sist you, you could practically wield influence within the Huangfu family.

Looking directly at Huangfu Ruixiang, she continued, Ruixiang, now that Im your fiance, can you persuade your brother to allow me entry into the inner sect for cultivation? My lagging cultivation would tarnish your familys prestige, wouldnt it?

Having laid out everything, she sought to negotiate some benefits for herself.

Though she desired a luxurious life in the mortal world with Huangfu Ruixiang, his current disposition suggested otherwise. Staying in this realm with him, she hoped to gain entry into the inner sect.

Listening intently, Huangfu Ruixiang frowned. After Zhong Yating concluded, his frown deepened, as though he could crush a mosquito between his brows.

Youve only revealed this much? he questioned skeptically. Zhong Yatings information seemed insufficient and potentially inconsequential. He suspected that she might be withholding more critical details.

Previously, Zhong Yating had been constantly trying to delay matters, and he was under the impression that she might be concealing even more crucial information. He suspected that she intended to keep something significant hidden to maintain leverage over him in the future.

This is all I know, Zhong Yating insisted upon hearing Huangfu Ruixiangs doubts. As an outer sect disciple, my knowledge about Huangfu Ruiling is already exceptional. Additionally, others wouldnt divulge such information even if you asked.

While she harbored some guilt, she projected confidence externally. Now Huangfu Ruixiangs fiance, their dealings remained unknown to outsiders. To the world, they appeared as a loving couple, which would cast Huangfu Ruixiang in a negative light if he abruptly broke off the engagement.

Zhong Yating, are you playing games with me? Huangfu Ruixiang raised his

head abruptly, eyes bloodshot. His gaze bore into Zhong Yating, a look of impending violence on his face. Youve shared so little about Huangfu Ruiling, and yet youve used this to secure our engagement. Do you consider this a fair deal?

In this moment, he felt like a fool, manipulated in circles by the woman in front of him. If the information was as insignificant as it appeared, he questioned why he had subjected himself to engagement with Zhong Yating.

Now, he genuinely had the impulse to do away with Zhong Yating.

Faced with Huangfu Ruixiangs rising anger, Zhong Yating instinctively shrank back, urging, Ruixiang, calm down first..