From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 1318 - Qin Chuan Steps Down (2)

Chapter 1318 - Qin Chuan Steps Down (2)

Chapter 1318: Qin Chuan Steps Down (2)

Therefore, if Jian Yiling wanted someone else to replace Qin Chuan, she still had to get other people to side with her.

Those who supported Qin Chuan immediately objected: The company has only managed to come this far under the leaders.h.i.+p of Mr. Qin. We should not get rid of someone once hes finished with his work.

Thats right. The company was founded by Mr/ Qin. Hes the one who knows this company the best. Hes the only one who can lead us to success in the future.

And Mr. Qin is also the CEO of the Qin Group. Thereby, he can bring in a lot of resources and connections. For the sake of all of us, I disagree with Chairman Jians decision.

Despite hearing this, Long Yuetian unhurriedly said: Well, the Dingwen Group can provide you what the Qin Group provides. Mr. Zhai and Miss Jian can give you guys double what Qin Chuan can give you.

After she said this, Long Yuetian took out a thick stack of information and placed it on the table.

Lahaisen Hospital, Microsilver Ventures Capital, the Dingwen Group, Xuming Medical Manufacturers, the Jian Group, the Tianxing Group, and the Longheng Group. Altogether, I wonder if theyre worth more than the Qin Group?

As she listed out these names, Long Yuetian and Jian Yilings a.s.sistant began distributing the copies of the information.

After everyone got a copy of the information, they quickly read through the doc.u.ments.

Everyone was focused on the papers in their hands.

No sound could be heard in the conference room.

Although the Qin Group was powerful, their power and influence did not reach every industry.

On the other hand, there was more than just Lahaisen Hospital supporting Jian Yiling.

The doc.u.ments in their hands told them this.

On top of telling them what connections she had, there was also a business plan proposed. It was Jian Yilings plan for the future development of the companys major projects.

All the major shareholders knew that they would benefit from this plan.

The temptation was too great.

Qin Chuans gaze swept over the thick stack of information.

Then, he smiled and said: You are quite well prepared. It doesnt seem like you just started preparing in the past month or two.

Jian Yiling did not lie. Instead, she replied: Ive been afraid of you.

From the very beginning, Jian Yiling was worried about becoming cannon fodder. She didnt want her ending to be the same.

Qin Chuan slowly said: So from the beginning, you were wary about me. You were focused on protecting yourself instead of..

Instead of changing his opinion of her.

She clearly had the opportunity to do that. She had the opportunity to make him fall in love with her before he met Mo s.h.i.+yun.

However, Jian Yiling did not understand the sad look in Qin Chuans eyes. Instead, she replied: At first, I didnt think you were a bad person.

Even though Jian Yiling was wary of Qin Chuan, back then, she did not treat him as her enemy.

It was Qin Chuan who forced her to become his enemy.

As Qin Chuan looked into Jian Yilings eyes, he was silent.

Everyone else in the conference room was still reading the information Jian Yiling had given them.

After a while, the shareholders who initially supported Qin Chuan began to waver. Those people who had previously already been convinced by Jian Yilings decision came out to make their stance:

I support Miss Jians decision. Our company needs such a breakthrough to achieve longer-term development.

I also support Miss Jian. Miss Jians ability is evident to all of us.

I will also support Miss Jian unconditionally.

Roughly speaking, together with the people who supported her decision, the overall shares held was more than 51%.

And thus, Qin Chuan lost. He was going to be thrown out of the company that he founded himself.