Forbidden Zone of the Human Race - Chapter 75 Fury Points +666

Chapter 75 Fury Points +666

As for the Spitting Frog, it was excited to meet the new bipedal creatures. In its excitement, it accidentally spat some water onto Li Zimo’s pants. Everyone was stunned by what had happened. Li Zimo looked at his pants covered in mucus and then turned to look at the spitting frog. “Can I butcher that bastard?”

“The Spitting Frog does live up to its name,” Xiang Ning chimed in.

As for the frog, it got so excited that it kept croaking in delight. It was as if spitting mucus on someone was the highest honor. As such, it spat again, this time toward Fang Rou.

Xiang Ning's eyes widened in disbelief and he swung his iridium sword, deflecting the mucus back toward the frog.

“CROAK!” The mucus smacked the frog right between its eyes.

This time even the frog went silent. 

“Consider that returning the favor,” Xiang Ning said as if he was right.

The Spitting Frog’s eyes violently shook as it cried as loud as it could. Everyone would have thought that Xiang Ning was bullying it. In reality, Spitting Frogs were ferocious beasts that liked keeping themselves clean. If they were to come into contact with the fluids of another beast, they would get extremely agitated.

The frog jumped into the water and shortly resurfaced, its hate-filled eyes trained on Xiang Ning.

“Ptuii!” Another dart of water shot toward them, but this time Li Zimo intercepted it and deflected it back toward the frog. “To think you were this despicable!” Xiang Ning exclaimed.

“I’ve been taught to always return favors,” Li Zimo sheepishly explained. He only did the same thing that Xiang Ning had done, especially since he had been a victim of the frog and wasn’t able to endure such a disgusting attack from it.

The Spitting Frog snapped and its cry echoed across the entire lake. In an instant, countless croaks responded and numerous Spitting Frogs emerged from the water.

“Oh shit, there’s too many!” Xiang Ning couldn’t believe his eyes as countless Spitting Frogs were looking at them with spite.

“Croak croak.”

The moment the croaking stopped, a barrage of water bullets shot toward them. “Run!” Xiang Ning shouted as he saw the countless bullets.

All five of them hid behind a large tree. The bullets hit the tree hard and wooden shrapnel flew in the air. Every single bullet hit with the force of a hammer. To be hit by even one of them would be the same as getting shot by a bullet.

For Xiang Ning, this was a ludicrous opportunity as he had accumulated eight thousand Fury Points in just under a minute; it was far too easy to earn Fury Points from ferocious beasts.

He immediately upgraded his mastery of Triple Slash to the Awakened tier. When he did that, his mind was filled with the sensation of an epiphany. Under the hail of water bullets, Xiang Ning laughed.

Li Zimo was also laughing, as if he was a child that had won against another in a spar.

When the number of bullets started decreasing, all of them ran away at full speed.

“No wonder there weren’t any ferocious beasts in that area.” Liu Ruoxue shuddered as she recalled what had happened. Any beasts that wandered into that area would be spat at by the frog, and if they retaliated then they would have to endure that monstrous rain of water bullets. Even a Boulder Boar would be turned into swiss cheese.

“Hey look at the time, it’ll be dark in about two hours. Let’s head back to our safehouse,” Li Zimo reminded them.

No one was against the idea, so they headed back toward their safehouse. They’d traveled far from the fortress, while most of the other students had remained within five kilometers of it. Xiang Ning and his squad would officially start hunting upon the first rays of dawn tomorrow. 

But when they reached their safehouse, they found that it was locked from within.

Li Zimo knocked on the door. “To whichever students were in there, we were the ones who first discovered this safehouse. Please let us in to rest for the night.”

“No, it's full, no one else can fit in here,” a voice sounded from the safehouse.

“Zhang Hongyu! Is that you?!”

“No one by that name is in here!” the voice rang again.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll distribute your pictures!” Xiang Ning threatened him.

“Fucker! Didn’t you already delete those?!” Zhang Hongyu was furious when he thought back to that disgraceful night.

Xiang Ning was laughing; Zhang Hongyu had finally admitted that he was in the safehouse.

“We found this safehouse first, and there’s only five of you. The safehouse is capable of accommodating ten people.”

Zhang Hongyu wanted to kill Xiang Ning so badly, but he knew that he was no match for him. And if he wore his armor, he would only be beaten even more badly without any chance of retaliation.

“You really don’t want to come out? I’m really sending it to everyone.” Xiang Ning laughed.

Fury Points +233

Fury Points +133

“I don’t believe you. You already deleted it and I watched you do it with my own eyes.” Zhang Hongyu roared.

Xiang Ning wasn’t angry, but was just laughing and having fun. “You sure you won’t open the door?” Five minutes later, Xiang Ning shot a weird look at his squad and loudly said, “Let’s go, we can’t do anything if they won’t open the door.”

Everyone was speechless as they saw how Xiang Ning had silently barricaded the door of the safehouse.

When they left, Zhang Hongyu told one of his squad members to check outside.


A few seconds later he walked back and scratched his head. “Zhang Hongyu, did you forget to pass me the key?”

“What key?”

“But the door wouldn’t budge.”

Zhang Hongyu realized that something was amiss. He swallowed his saliva as he nervously walked toward the door. The safehouse's main door was meant to be pulled open from the outside, so he only needed to push it from the inside to open it. But try as he might, the door wouldn’t budge.

“Xiang Ning, you asshole!”

Fury Points +666

Xiang Ning snickered as his squad members felt sorry for Zhang Hongyu.

“Hmm, not bad. His performance was good today, just a bit brash,” Xiang Ning nonchalantly said.