Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 879 - An Old Friend (1)

Chapter 879 - An Old Friend (1)

Chapter 879: An Old Friend (1)

Lu Xiangtian saw Zhao Youlins face suddenly turning extremely pale as soon as he finished speaking. His eyes turned slightly cold as he tentatively called out, Ms. Zhao, Ms. Zhao.

Zhao Youlin seemed to have woken up from a dream. She subconsciously took two steps back. Suddenly, she didnt know how to face this person.

What Whats wrong?

Lu Xiangtian only thought that she was playing dumb. His face darkened slightly. He said coldly, Ms. Zhao, Ive already told you what you want to know. Now, can you thank me for missing my late wife and return that necklace to me?

Return it? Zhao Youlin subconsciously retorted, Even if that necklace is really your late wifes legacy, that necklace belongs to me now. Ill repeat the same thing. I like that necklace very much and Im not going to give it to anyone. Please dont make this awkward.

Zhao Youlin knew that her words were harsh and offensive, but she was past the point of caring. At this moment, her mind was a mess because of Lu Xiangtians previous words. She only thought that she absolutely couldnt give the necklace to him there was a photo of her and her birth mother in the necklace. She absolutely absolutely couldnt give the necklace to the person in front of her!

Lu Xiangtian didnt expect Zhao Youlin to still hold on to the necklace. His face immediately darkened. Just as he was about to make a move, Mu Tingfeng appeared at this moment!

Mu Tingfeng saw the extremely tense situation as soon as he got out of the car. Mu Tingfeng basically understood the situation without much thought.

He stepped forward and blocked Zhao Youlin behind him without leaving a trace. Mu Tingfeng turned his head and greeted Lu Xiangtian politely and curtly, h.e.l.lo, Mr. Lu. I didnt expect to meet you again in this place. We are really fated. I just dont know why you are here this time.

Lu Xiangtian was not as patient as he was when facing Zhao Youlin when facing Mu Tingfeng. His face immediately darkened. He sneered, Ive always come to look for Ms. Zhao concerning one single matter. Its a pity that she has never been willing to help me.

Mu Tingfeng was not polite. After hearing Lu Xiangtians words, he immediately retorted, Since shes not willing to help you, why do you have to force her?

If it were any other time, Lu Xiangtian might have had the patience to chat with Mu Tingfeng. However, this time, Lu Xiangtian had opened up to Zhao Youlin. He thought that Zhao Youlin would relent because of this, but he did not expect to be rejected in the end, Lu Xiangtians patience had finally been exhausted.

The anger in his heart grew. He opened his mouth and said, Ms. Zhao and I hit it off at first sight. I didnt intend to forget my manners over this small matter, but Ms. Zhao doesnt seem to appreciate it. So, dont blame me for having to resort to other means.

Are you threatening me? Zhao Youlin calmed down slightly and was angered by Lu Xiangtians words. She had fantasized about what her biological parents were like more than once. But she was sure that she definitely didnt want people who threatened others with their lives to fill the void that had been hanging over her for more than 20 years.

Ms. Zhao, you can think whatever you want. Regardless, I must get this necklace!

Zhao Youlin suddenly laughed when she heard that. Her smile was flamboyant, wanton, and even bitter. She looked at Lu Xiangtian with unprecedented disappointment.

Then let me tell you, this necklace is mine. I will never give it to anyone, not even you! Zhao Youlin said as she glanced at Lu Xiangtian meaninglessly, Finally, I would like to give you another piece of advice. Mr. Lu, if you have time to ask for the necklace from me, why dont you go back and see if your daughter is your biological daughter? Dont end up raising someone elses child. You may have loved someone else for so many years for nothing.

When Zhao Youlin said this, not only Lu Xiangtian, but even Mu Tingfeng was stunned.

Lu Xiangtian was stunned. It took him a long time to react. His face turned gloomy, and he asked coldly, What do you mean?

He could tolerate Zhao Youlins retreat for the sake of the necklace, but he could not tolerate Zhao Youlin slandering his precious daughter.

You just only said that the necklace on my body is your wifes. If I remember correctly, your wife seemed to have disappeared together with her daughter. In that case, shouldnt the relic be in Miss Lus hands? Why did it fall into my hands instead? Dont you find it strange, Mr. Lu?

Mu Tingfengs expression changed when he heard Zhao Youlin say that her necklace was actually Lu Xiangtians wifes relic. However, he rationally chose to remain silent at this moment. He planned to ask about the whole situation after Lu Xiangtian left.

Lu Xiangtians heart could not help but tremble when he heard Zhao Youlins words. In fact, he had once suspected Lu Shus ident.i.ty before he recognized her, but the paternity test still gave him great encouragement. Now that Zhao Youlin said so the suspicion that he had hidden in his heart secretly rose again.

Although Lu Xiangtian was suspicious, he still maintained a calm expression on his face. He said calmly, Back then, although Shuer left with my wife, due to some reasons, the mother and daughter were separated. Therefore, its not strange for her necklace to appear in your hands.

Zhao Youlins eyes narrowed when she heard this. Mr. Lu, do you really believe that?

Lu Xiangtian looked at Zhao Youlins expression and suddenly felt a sense of uncertainty. He pursed his lips and did not say anything.

The expression on her face became more and more sardonic. What a coincidence. In fact, I didnt buy this necklace from anyone. A friend of mine handed it down to me. She told me that it was left behind by her mother and that there was a photo of her mother and her in this necklace.

Zhao Youlin thought for a moment and continued to make up a half-lie, She had to leave due to some matters, and it wasnt safe for her to have this necklace with her, and she left it with me for keepsake. She also told me that if she didnt come back in a few years, she might not come back in the future, so she gave this necklace to me as a memento of our friends.h.i.+p. My friend has not returned for many years, so I occasionally wear this necklace to think of her. Unexpectedly, it attracted your attention. So, who is the liar, your daughter, or my friend?