Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 2506 - 2506 What is He Saying?

Chapter 2506 - 2506 What is He Saying?

Chapter 2506 - 2506 What is He Saying?

2506 What is He Saying?

When were working with the Radiance Federation and Azure Federation, we cant only make promises like we did with Tower Canon. We have to provide them with tangible benefits. Otherwise, the Radiance Federation and Azure Federation will never come to help us!

The G.o.d of Fools changed the topic. Go and tell Li Yang to promise the Radiance Federation and Azure Federation that well draw up a contract regarding the development in the marsh world after they fix our problem. Tell Li Yang to agree to their terms if they still refuse to budge. We will draw from that store of resources for now.

The G.o.d of Fools was certain that the Radiance Federation would not fall for the same trick that Tower Canon did. But regardless, they had to give it a shot. If they were successful, they would be able to save a significant amount of resources.

Li Yang looked at Iron Prison, who was in front of him, and groaned to himself.

He had already led two envoy groups to the Radiance Federation in the span of a year. Neither of those two times had gone well.

As he looked at the stony-faced Iron Prison, all of Li Yangs self-control threatened to disappear as he fought the urge to duke it out with Iron Prison. Li Yang had never felt so aggrieved in his entire life.

Every federation had its own unique foundational resources.

The Freedom Federation possessed one called the Mother Summoning Sh.e.l.l. It could use up its own energy to produce child sh.e.l.ls.

Through this, communication could be established regardless of the distance between the communicators. It could even work across dimensional worlds.

However, the communication only went one way. Only the mother sh.e.l.l could send messages to the child sh.e.l.ls without cost. The child sh.e.l.ls would have to sacrifice themselves in order to send messages to the mother sh.e.l.l.

After three sacrifices, the child sh.e.l.l would no longer be effective.

If the Freedom Federation is unwilling to agree to our request, you do not need to remain here. Go on and get your a.s.s back to the Freedom Federation!

The day might come when a group of lifeforms from the marsh world will take control of the Freedom Federations islands. All the federations in the main world will offer aid. But you might not be able to see that day when it comes!

What was he saying?

The only way that lifeforms from the marsh world could take control of the Freedom Federations islands was if the Freedom Federation had been destroyed and all the members of royalty were dead.

He would not care about what happened to the Freedom Federations islands if he was dead!

However, he was there under the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools orders. Li Yang could not fall out with Iron Prison.

At that moment, Li Yang received a message from the Mirror G.o.d. This message caused Li Yangs eyes to widen.

Li Yang would never have expected the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools to agree to such a request!

When Li Yang saw the list of resources that the Radiance Federation was demanding, his hands had even started to tremble slightly.

The Freedom Federation could afford to pay up, but what would happen afterward?

Even if they gave the Radiance Federation these resources and the Radiance Federation sent aid, would they really put sincere effort into helping the Freedom Federation?

Li Yang could not figure out what the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools were thinking.

The Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools never used to care whether the Freedom Federations citizens lived or died. If they found any faction an eyesore, they would eliminate them.

Rather than agreeing to the Radiance Federations request, it would be better to split the resources amongst the members of royalty and start from scratch in another corner of the world.

The Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools had instructed him to use the same tactic they had used with Tower Canon of offering a tantalizing promise to the Radiance Federation to see if that was enough to hook them.

Li Yang immediately said, What if we dont provide you with any resources? But when we begin developing the marsh world, we will give the Radiance Federation half of our profits for the following 30 years! Furthermore, the Radiance Federation can also choose to begin development in the marsh world. We will provide you with an avenue to do so.

If Iron Prison did not know that Lin Yuan had already taken over the marsh world, he might have been tempted by Li Yangs offer.

As the Freedom Federations enemy, Iron Prison was well aware of what the Freedom Federation could obtain from the marsh world. If they could obtain half of the Freedom Federations profits for the following 30 years, the Radiance Federation would be able to gain even more resources.

However, Iron Prison also had to take into consideration the issue of the Freedom Federations sincerity.

The G.o.ddess of Mercy was now siding with the Radiance Federation. From her experience, Iron Prison learned just how underhanded and evil the G.o.d of Fools and Mirror G.o.d were.

If someone had sabotaged him, it would be difficult for him to feel a sense of belonging to a place devoid of warmth.

If the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools treated their own in such a manner, how could they be expected to treat the Radiance Federation sincerely?

The G.o.ddess of Mercy had described in detail how the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools had used this carefully worded tactic to deceive Tower Canon.

There was no way that Iron Prison was going to fall for it as well.

If the Radiance Federation is going to help, we will only be helping the Freedom Federation to overcome this current crisis. We will not be helping you to take over the marsh world!

Do you really think that the Freedom Federation can still develop in the marsh world? If that were the case, you wouldnt need to beg the Azure Federation and us for help!

Just hand over the resources and receive our help. If you dont decide soon, you might also lose this opportunity! My patience has always been limited!

Li Yang had already guessed that the Radiance Federation would not take the bait. He would not choose to believe the Freedom Federations baseless promise if he was in their position.

Luckily, the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools had not left him with no way out. Otherwise, todays negotiation with the Radiance Federation would end up failing!

If that happened, the Mirror G.o.d and G.o.d of Fools would surely put the blame on him. He would then need to shoulder all the responsibility!

Li Yang was terrified of such a thing happening. Ka Ma, Na Na, and the rest had all fallen victim to such situations.

Fine. I agree to the Radiance Federations request. The resources will be gathered and delivered to you within a week! I will receive it alongside you so we can check through them!

Iron Prisons heart was pounding.

He had a.s.sumed that the Freedom Federation would not agree to the Radiance Federations request. After all, the Radiance Federation was really asking for too much.

But now, not only had the Freedom Federation agreed to it, but they would also deliver the resources within a week.

This was not due to the Freedom Federations sincerity. No one would believe that the Freedom Federation felt any sincerity toward the Radiance Federation. This was solely because the Freedom Federations crisis was extremely dire and urgently needed aid.

Iron Prison shot a sideways glance at Li Yang as he said, If thats the case, be a good boy and remain here for the next few days. Dont cause trouble for me!

Li Yang had just offered to pay the Radiance Federation with potential harvests from the development of the marsh world. This meant the Freedom Federation was still trying to trap the Radiance Federation.