Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1784 - 1784 Mystic Moon is Stunned By Beauty!

Chapter 1784 - 1784 Mystic Moon is Stunned By Beauty!

Chapter 1784 - 1784 Mystic Moon is Stunned By Beauty!

1784 Mystic Moon is Stunned By Beauty!

Lin Yuan had never had the chance to try it out.

But considering the benefits that his faith power had on Apostles, Lin Yuan intended to properly test it out on White Speak when he went to the marsh world.

When Lin Yuan used faith power to boost the Invisible Demon, he found out that dimensional lifeforms had conditions that came with their power.

When Shadow had Creation Breed power, Lin Yuan would only be able to use faith power to boost Shadow to Immortal power.

When Shadow reached Immortal power, Lin Yuan would only be able to use faith power to boost it to pinnacle Immortal power.

If Lin Yuan used the faith power in his shrine to boost White Speak, which had Immortal power, it would definitely be able to break through to reach Eternal power.

However, it would not be able to increase its level by such a large extent during its next evolution.

Hence, Lin Yuan felt that he should use his ident.i.ty as a Dictator to accept an Apostle that was even more powerful than White Speak. It would be best if that Apostles power had already reached Eternal or was a Cla.s.s 13 dimensional lifeform.

Lin Yuan had heard from White Speak that just because an Apostle could reach Cla.s.s 13 did not mean that it would be able to evolve into a Dictator.

Among 100 Cla.s.s 13 Apostles, only one of them would be able to transform into Dictator. Moreover, when they attempted to evolve into Dictator, they put themselves in great danger. There was a significant risk that their power would devolve.

There was a rumor that sacred source lifeforms that came from Cla.s.s 5 dimensional rifts that opened unexpectedly when it was not the dimensional rift active period would have a more intense rainbow color than other sacred source lifeforms.

With this secret information in mind, Lin Yuan thought, The Cla.s.s 5 dimensional rifts that open unexpectedly are probably linked to the Cla.s.s 13 Apostles that failed to become Dictators. Since its so difficult and perilous for Apostles to transform into Dictators, its likely that any Apostle will agree to submit to me as long as Im able to help it break through and increase its life rank.

Similar to how feys needed pure spirit qi to evolve their powers, regardless of what level dimensional lifeforms reached, they would always need source-type power.

Lin Yuan had acc.u.mulated a significant amount of source-type power.

Even if Lin Yuan did not have enough faith power in his shrine, he would be able to deceive White Speak by fusing with Dark Blue.

But now that Lin Yuans store of faith power had multiplied, he felt that it would even be possible for him to fool the marsh worlds Dictators.

Although he had never liked to rely on the Moon Empress, the Eternal Sacred Cry Moon Beast had transformed into the marsh worlds light green moon.

If Lin Yuan truly encountered anything he could not explain, he would be able to turn to the Sacred Cry Moon Beast for help.

Once he arrived at the Marsh East Palace, he would have to visit the Palace of Everything.

The reason he needed to go to the Palace of Everything was simple. He wanted to trade for resources.

If a sacred source lifeform came from a Cla.s.s 5 dimensional rift, it would be impossible to find out what was within the ball of rainbow light.

But if the Apostle was killed, the abilities of the sacred source lifeform it turned into could be estimated based on the abilities its totem had when it was still alive. Even if the estimate was not accurate, it would be enough to determine if this sacred source lifeform was suitable for a spirit qi professional.

White Speak said that the source-type items and sacred source lifeforms available for trading in the Palace of Everything came with a description of its background.

Given the unstable state of the world, Lin Yuan needed to strengthen Sky City as soon as possible. The most important part of this was increasing the power of its members.

Sky City now had many core members.

Besides Liu Jie, Wen Yu, the Mother of Bloodbath, and Endless Summer, there were also Duan He, Ji Feng, Listen, and the rest who came later.

Finally came Qin Lun, Qin Yu, Little Flower, and Little Gra.s.s.

The Astronomical Parliament was based on Sky City. Besides Yin Lin, who had an impressive background, the other members of the Astronomical Parliament needed a sea of resources to grow.

As Morbius evolved, the Spirit Lock spatial zone would become larger and more facilities would appear.

Besides having access to pure spirit qi, he also had pure elemental energy from the Element Well. These were resources that all spirit qi professionals needed.

The Radiance Federation was a well-oiled machine, and Zong Ze, Gu Lang, An He, and the rest were all Lin Yuans friends.

In the next two years, Lin Yuan was not going to be miserly when it came to these friends.

With such a large burden of resource drain, Lin Yuan was not only pressurized but also motivated.

Lin Yuan had been extremely cooperative when Mystic Moon was helping him to put on the Moonbeam Coronation Costume. However, Mystic Moon could tell from Lin Yuans eyes that he was deep in thought.

Mystic Moon hurriedly sealed his lips. He thought that Lin Yuan had experienced a lightbulb during the battle.

Mystic Moon was a dragon-species fey and was very particular when it came to beauty.

The Moon Empress and Cold Moon were well aware of this.

If he had three fruits placed in front of him, Mystic Moon would definitely choose the best-looking one, even if it tasted the worst out of the three.

With his selectiveness for beauty, Mystic Moon had been stupefied when Lin Yuan suddenly transformed into a merman. Because of this, his idea of beauty had been utterly refreshed.

Now that Lin Yuan had removed his transformation and Mystic Moon had the chance to examine him, Mystic Moon realized that Lin Yuans facial features as a human were almost the same as when he was a merman. The only difference was that as a merman, Lin Yuans bone structure and facial features were softer.

As a human, Lin Yuan lacked the feminine beauty that he had as a merman but gained the unique vigor and brightness that came with youth.

It was hard to use words to describe the complexity and depth of his vigor and brightness. They made Lin Yuan seem unlike a young man of only 19 years old.

But at the same time, Mystic Moon could understand this because he knew what kind of life Lin Yuan and Chu Ci had led in the past.

With Mystic Moons help, Lin Yuan was done putting on the Moonbeam Coronation Costume quickly.

As Morbius evolved its grade, the information displayed on True Data also became more detailed.