Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1782 - 1781 The Moon Empress' Plans for Lin Yuan!

Chapter 1782 - 1781 The Moon Empress' Plans for Lin Yuan!

Chapter 1782 - 1781 The Moon Empress' Plans for Lin Yuan!

1781 The Moon Empress Plans for Lin Yuan!

However, the words had come from the G.o.ddess of Mercy.

Na Na felt that the G.o.ddess of Mercy had been acting even more erratically ever since she fused with the mermaid bloodline.

It was rumored that ten years ago, in the Freedom Federations sea, the G.o.ddess of Mercy had only just been given the t.i.tle of G.o.ddess, but she had attacked the G.o.d of Fools and the Mirror G.o.d. As a result, she had been taken down by them.

Na Na was afraid that the G.o.ddess of Mercy would abruptly do something that was disadvantageous to her. In the worst-case scenario, even if she was able to flee from the Radiance Federation, she would not be able to take Lu Ou with her.

Na Na had to forcibly cork her temper no matter how angry she was, because flaring up in front of other experts would be seen as a form of provocation. It was likely that it would cause the other members of the Radiance Federations royalty to attack her.

Na Na said to Lu Ou, Little Ou, spit out all the things you consumed into the stomach.

Lu Ou was still bothered by what happened to the young Disaster World Faceless Beast. However, he was aware of his duty.

Even if Na Na did not tell him to do so, Lu Ou understood the circ.u.mstances.

Lu Ou activated the spiritual power he had just recovered, and a giant black and red stomach appeared in front of him.

Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian had all been digested by the stomach.

Lu Ou spat out Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjians feys, as well as their sacred source lifeforms.

He knew that, given the circ.u.mstances, he had no choice but to spit them out. He could not hold anything back.

Lu Ou felt extremely humiliated to have to spit out all his spoils of battle.

He kept his eye fixed on Lin Yuan. He knew that this young man was definitely going to be part of the next batch of Radiance Envoys. Two years later, he was destined to cross swords with him again.

Lin Yuan saw the way Lu Ou was looking at him.

Once the battle ended, Lin Yuan no longer saw Lu Ou as his opponent.

Lu Ou had to have worked hard since he was young to have achieved such power.

Although Lin Yuan was powerful, he had only been in this world for ten months. In the past ten months, he had elevated from having nothing to being one of the top young experts in his federation. If he was given another two years to grow, even he was unsure of what level he would be able to reach.

Now that Lin Yuan was looking at Lu Ou from a different perspective, he found the way Lu Ou looked at him to be extremely amusing.

As such, Lin Yuan winked at Lu Ou.

It would be acceptable if Lin Yuan had done it to Liu Jie because they were close friends.

However, Lin Yuan and Lu Ou were enemies. As such, such an action would come off as mocking.

Lu Ou almost lost control and exploded. Luckily, his rational side took over, so he stopped himself from acting impulsively. If he had blown his top, he would probably have to pay an even higher price.

Lu Ou was not the only one who saw Lin Yuan wink at Lu Ou.

From the moment the fight ended, Lin Yuan had the spotlight s.h.i.+ning squarely on him.

Star Web was still in a state of frenzy.

The entire audience felt proud that the Radiance Federation had defeated the Freedom Federation.

The tension had been so high during the fight that despite knowing that Black and Lin Yuan were the same person, they did not engage in hysterical debate about the matter.

Now that the group battle was over, it was the best time for the Star Web audience to release all their pent-up excitement.

The comment sections in the live-streaming rooms were racing, and all the Star Web reporters were hurriedly churning out articles. Numerous Creation Masters were also writing post after post on Star Web.

From the information that the members of veteran and top factions had leaked, many Star Web users were starting to guess that Lin Yuan was the Moon Empress disciple.

Given that Lin Yuan, Zong Ze, Liu Yifan, Gao Feng, and Liu Jies statuses were special, the Creation Masters stopped writing posts related to them and a.n.a.lyzing their feys.

Instead, they started using their knowledge to a.n.a.lyze the Freedom Federation teams feys and sacred source lifeforms instead.

Although Yan Ling, Cai Huo, and You Changjian were dead, the information about their sacred source lifeforms still attracted a lot of information on Star Web.

Many young experts intended to save the recording of this battle and using it to motivate them in the future.

Lin Yuans power had overshadowed that of the Radiance Envoy Liu Yifan during the battle. At that moment, he was even more outstanding than the members of royalty.

Hence, his wink to Lu Ou caused Star Web to erupt.

Three Questions: Ahh! Blacks wink is so handsome! Even though he winked at Lu Ou, why did it make me want to smile?

Starlight Luan i: Haha! Do you see how gracious Lord Lin Yuan is? Im willing to bet that Lu Ou will never dare to step foot in the Radiance Federation ever again!

Exactly the Case: I cant hold back! I want to scream about how amazing Lord Lin Yuan is! Later Im going to treat my family to a meal to properly celebrate!

The Beginning of Autumn is as Beautiful as a Dream: Im sure that Lu Ou and Lord Lin Yuan will have to meet again at the Major Federation Meeting two years later! Do you remember what ability Lu Ou used to kill Lord Liu Jies insect-species carcinoma feys? I cant shake the feeling that that ability is extremely troublesome!

Magic Mini Jie: Lu Ou cant even defeat Lord Lin Yuan. Even if Lu Ou improves, Lin Yuan wont stop advancing either. Im certain that this result will be repeated two years later!

The excitement on Star Web would likely continue for a long time.

With this, Lin Yuan noticed that the faith power in the shrine in his soul seemed to increase at an unprecedented rate.

Lin Yuan blinked a few more times to ascertain that he was not mistaken about the increased rate of faith power acc.u.mulation.

Xia Qing and An He had watched the five versus five battle.

Xia Qing had not been acquainted with Lin Yuan before this, but he had made a deep impression on her with this battle.

When Lin Yuan had been wearing his silver mask, he came off as cold and distant to Xia Qing.

But now that Lin Yuan had removed his mask, Xia Qing was slightly dazed when she saw him wink. She could not help but let out a snort.

In her gaze now was a hint of something that even she did not recognize.

Before the battle started, Xia Qing had not felt that any of the Radiance Federations young experts had the power to stand on the same stage as her. But now, she finally encountered someone who was not weaker than her.