Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents - Chapter 531: Rich People, Strong Army, Northern Glacier Town's Reforms! 1

Chapter 531: Rich People, Strong Army, Northern Glacier Town's Reforms! 1

Chapter 531: Rich People, Strong Army, Northern Glacier Towns Reforms! 1

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The world was in chaos and evildoers appeared frequently.

Many people thought that they had read a lot of books and traveled all over the world. Their knowledge was broad enough, but they were still refreshed by what had happened over the years.

As the war between the six dynasties became more and more intense, new things that had never been seen before were happening everywhere in the world.

Of course, with the war, there would definitely be the separation of wives and children.

The world was filled with people fleeing from famine.

However, all the countries were fighting, and the entire world was like a pot of boiling water. Who could escape the flames of war?

There might be some in places far away from the flames of war.

However, compared to the billions of ordinary people in the world, it was too little. The lives of the vast majority of people were like duckwveed floating in the waves of war. No one knew if they could continue to float on the surface of the water when the next wave hit.

At this time of chaos, Northern Ice River Town should be one of the few utopia places. Because the north of Northern Ice River Town was directly adjacent to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, it was the territory of the Star Moon Armys ally, Little Fox.

The neighboring country to the south was the Great Zhou, but the Great Zhou had just been repelled by Li Yuemings army. In addition, the Great Qi was causing trouble at the border, so they did not have the energy to care about the matters of Northern Glacier Town.

There was no need to talk about the west side. With the Western Garrison Army guarding Human Emperor Pa.s.s, as long as the Qin army did not attack, the west side would be relatively stable. Great Qin was also unable to take care of itself. They had not even finished digesting the resources that they had plundered from the Great Zhou Dynasty, so they did not plan to go to war in the short term.

It was also under such circ.u.mstances that the other countries were in chaos, but Northern Glacier Town had regained its rare peace in this chaotic world.

According to the rough calculations of the upper echelons of the Starmoon Troop, this hard-won war window would probably last for another 20 to 30 years. This should be the last critical golden period of development for

Northern Ice River Town before the disaster that would affect the entire continent. Whether or not they could defy the heavens and change their fate would depend on how Northern Ice River Town and the Starmoon Troop would develop in these 30 years.

In short, he could not miss any opportunity.

After making up his mind, the Starmoon Army began to expand on a large scale.

The first was the actual amount of land they had occupied. In the past, other than Northern Ice River Town, which was built along the waters of the

Northern Ice River, although the other cities had some connections with the Star Moon Army, they did not dare to publicly bind themselves to the Star Moon Army.

The northwest was only nominally controlled by the Star Moon Army and the Western Garrison Army. In reality, it was only in name. Most of the land in the northwest still belonged to the Great Zhou.

Now that the Star-Moon Army had defeated the invincible army of the Great

Zhou, many factions in the northwest immediately responded to the Star-Moon Armys call and began to merge into the territory of Northern Ice River Town on a large scale.

This time, the merger was no longer like the nominal merger a few years ago.

It was a true change of course, including the payment of taxes and the appointment and dismissal of officials. Everything was based on Northern Ice

River Town.

The reason for this was naturally due to many factors.

The first reason was naturally that the Starmoon Troop had worked hard in the Northlands for so many years and won over a large number of people.

After all, in the past, although the Northern Battlefront Army and the imperial court would guard the pa.s.s, they could not protect the interests of most ordinary people and small families.

In other words, when the Qin army invaded the Northern Lands in the past decade, the ones who suffered the most were not the peasants at the bottom, but the ordinary people and the small and medium-sized families.

After all, the peasants at the bottom did not have land. Even if they were not affected by the war, they would still go hungry from time to time.

The ones who suffered the most were the farmers with land and the small and medium-sized landlords in the villages.

Their fields had been destroyed by the Qin army, so they could only wander around like refugees, living a life of exile.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the arrival of the Starmoon Troop provided them with a shot in the arm.

Unlike the Northern Battlefront Army, which was stationed in the important pa.s.ses, the Star Moon Army was mostly stationed in small and medium-sized towns. They were well-trained and had high fighting spirit. They could fight head-on with the Qin army without falling into a disadvantage.

In the past ten years, he had protected countless people in small and medium-sized towns.

Later on, the 12 cities of the north were all taken by the Qin army. Under the Qin armys cavalry, the more important pa.s.ses were basically not spared.

Ten of the twelve cities in the north had probably become empty cities.

Because attacking the small and medium-sized towns was not worth it, the Qin army did not have much energy to s.n.a.t.c.h the resources of the small and medium-sized towns.

Now that the influence of the big towns had plummeted, as long as they had the support of the citizens of these small and medium-sized towns, there would be no other forces in the entire North that could stop the rule of the Starmoon Army.

After spending two years to bring the entire Northlands under the management of Northern Glacier Town.

The Starmoon Troop officially became a powerful military force that divided the two regions.

Because the Western Garrison Army had a small population, they did not have the ability to quickly annex the western border. After hesitating for a long time, they finally did not choose to annex the territory of the western border. Instead, they gave the territory to Li Yueming.

It had to be said that the current Western Garrison Liege Lord was a bold and courageous lord.

If the Western Garrison Army and the Star-Moon Army were to split up in the northwest, it would not be long before all kinds of contradictions and conflicts would arise between the two. At that time, the alliance between the Star-Moon Army and Northern Glacier Town might be shaken..