Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 122 - Dragon Locking Ring

Chapter 122 - Dragon Locking Ring

Chapter 122 - Dragon Locking Ring

On the other side, Grandmaster Liunian seemed to have been spurred by Gu Hai. He no longer went easy and became serious. Eighteen prayer beads, just like eighteen stars, circled around Grandmaster Liunian.

"Dragon Locking Ring? Hahaha, Song Shengping, you are one calculative b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" the flood dragon roared out in anger while fighting.

Song Shengping used the golden ring in his hand to block the oncoming prayer beads.

"Fu Xue, it's not the time to argue! We must take down this Bald Donkey first!" Song Shengping repled anxiously.

"Hmph, Song Shengping, I always wondered how you could be so generous that you gave me all your Song Jia Sect disciples to refine! How could you be so generous? Originally you were waiting for the chance! Waiting for me to capture the earth dragon vein and then, use that Dragon Locking Ring to deal with me!?" the flood dragon roared, fuming with anger.

"It's not what you think!" Song Shengping said anxiously.

"It's not what I think? The Dragon Locking Ring is a treasure of the Xiantian Endgame World! It was one of the magical tools refined by Elder Guanqi in the past, used to suppress lower dragons like us, precisely to deal with us! Good, good, very good, Song Shengping, you are really shrewd!" the flood dragon said, agitated now.

"Why are you arguing when I have not even done anything to you? Let's take this Bald Donkey down first, or, we will never escape!" a distressed Song Shengping shouted aloud.

"Hmph!" the flood dragon let out a cold snort as he turned his head, facing Grandmaster Liunian once again.

"Boundless Sea Flows on Like Ten Thousand Rivers!" the flood dragon shouted aloud.


Immediately after he spoke, all the water in the surrounding area rose into the sky and rolled towards Grandmaster Liunian.

"Nine Stars Bead!" Grandmaster Liunian stretched his hand forward before pressing down.

Immediately, nine prayer beads like nine stars fell from the sky, pressing towards the flood dragon. The nine prayer beads crashed into the rising waves of water, blasting everything away with a deafening thunderclap.

"What?" The flood dragon's expression changed at once.

After the cras.h.i.+ng into the water, the nine prayer beads continued to press on the flood dragon's body.

The flood dragon immediately let out a thunderous roar. Under the tremendous pressure, the flood dragon was unable to move instantly.

"Bald Donkey, what magical tool is this? You?!?" the flood dragon roared out in horror.

At this moment, being pressed by the prayer beads, the flood dragon felt that if he gave up, he would be flattened by the prayer beads. The pressure was so immense that even in his heyday, he could not have withstood them.

The flood dragon had a huge change in his demeanor. However, Grandmaster Liunian, without paying any attention to it, continued to control the remaining prayer beads to press down on the Dragon Locking Ring.


The Dragon Locking Ring immediately released a golden aura like a huge s.h.i.+eld, blocking the prayer beads with a loud bang. Nonetheless, the controller of the Dragon Locking Ring, Song Shengping's face turned pale; apparently, he couldn't hold on for too much longer.

"Dragon Locking Ring, as expected of a magical tool refined by Elder Guanqi himself. Unfortunately, you still haven't refined it completely. You got this Golden Chrysalis Array from the Dragon Locking Ring, didn't you?" Grandmaster Liunian said coldly.

"How did you know?" Song Shengping blurted out in surprise.

"Hmph, how do I know? In the past, it has been recorded that Elder Guanqi could release a Golden Aegis Array with this Golden Dragon Locking Ring. Its might was nothing but extraordinary. It was very similar to your Golden Chrysalis Array. But you can't seem to use it!" Grandmaster Liunian replied indifferently. While speaking, he stretched his hand out, pressing it down.


Song Shengping immediately spewed a mouthful of blood.

"Grandmaster Liunian, please show mercy, it was under Fu Xue's orders!" Song Shengping cried out in agony.

"Where is Hall Lord? You didn't hurt Hall Lord, did you?" Grandmaster Liunian demanded, his voice turned colder.

"We didn't, we didn't! How could we dare to? We didn't dare to, otherwise, Hall Lord's grandfather would come to know. Just by trying to get the earth dragon vein, we are seeking our own death, how can we dare to hurt Hall Lord! We really didn't, we didn't harm a single hair on her!" Song Shengping cried out right away.

"Hmph, I believe you, nonetheless, you still have the nerve to do all this!" Grandmaster Liunian stated in a cold voice.

"We didn't do anything, we only wanted to ask about the information from twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, the previous Hall Lord found the dragon vein. Furthermore, she seemed to have obtained something. We just wanted to ask Long Wanqing about this. However, Long Wanqing didn't say anything. We didn't dare to do anything to her. We just dealt with her servants. Moreover, her servants are also alive, we didn't do anything, we really didn't!" Song Shengping screamed out anxiously.

At this time, three silhouettes gradually made their way out of the distant entrance of the Golden Chrysalis Array. They were none other than the three servants of Long Wanqing!

"Look, look, they are still alive, they are still alive!" Spotting the three, Song Shengping bellowed out anxiously.

"Grandmaster, you are finally back!" The three distant servants bowed to Grandmaster Liunian.

"What about Hall Lord?"

"We don't know, Hall Lord doesn't seem to be in the Song Jia Sect!" the trio cried out in worry.

Grandmaster Liunian's face turned colder as he turned his gaze back on Song Shengping.

"Where is Hall Lord?" Grandmaster Liunian demanded, his voice turning positively frigid.

"Grandmaster Liunian, we truly didn't dare to harm Hall Lord. We handed Hall Lord to Throne Master Ding, we gave her to Throne Master Ding!" an anxious Song Shengping immediately confessed.

"Ascendant Hall's Fire Throne Master, Ding Rui?" Grandmaster Liunian's eyebrows twitched.

"Yes, yes, we handed Hall Lord to Ding Rui! It's Ascendant Hall's internal problem now, it doesn't have any relations with us. We didn't harm Hall Lord, at most... at most, we only captured those three. We only did this. Hall Lord' grandfather should not pursue the matter of these three insignificant servants! He definitely would not!" Song Shengping said nervously.

"Hahaha, Song Shengping, you sure are shrewd. Do you think no one would trouble you because of this? Hmph!" Grandmaster Liunian let out a cold snort.

"Ding Rui also knew about it. She knew what we were planning to do, she had no objections. We were following Ding Rui!" The agitated Song Shengping promptly threw Ding Rui under the bus.

"Ding Rui?" Grandmaster Liunian's countenance changed.

"Ding Rui? Is she planning to go against Hall Lord? Is she planning to rebel?" The three distant servants blurted out in surprise.

Grandmaster Liunian's expression turn colder than ice as he turned his head to look at Song Shengping. "Song Shengping, where is Ding Rui now?"

"I...I...I...!" Song Shengping seemed to have guessed that he had walked into a terrible disaster. He proposed anxiously, "Grandmaster, if I tell you, can it be considered as atoning for my crimes?"

"Speak!" Grandmaster Liunian roared, glaring at Song Shengping, and the heavens seemed to be gathering behind him.

Only at this moment, Grandmaster Liunian came to realize that the things had already spiraled well out of his control. As Gu Hai had said, the 'what if' had appeared.

If Long Wanqing had been captured by the flood dragon and Song Shengping, Grandmaster Liunian would not have been so worried. After all, Long Wanqing's grandfather's prestige was simply too dreadful.

But now, Ding Rui had stepped in, it was not the internal problem of Ascendant Hall!

Ding Rui had a great understanding of Long Wanqing's grandfather. That's the reason why she dared to take action against Long Wanqing. This place was indeed hiding one big vortex, one vortex that could make Ding Rui fling caution to the wind. Perhaps, this vortex was the very same vortex which had led to the death of Long Wanqing's mother.

Long Wanqing is in danger!

"Speak, where is Ding Rui?" Grandmaster Liunian roared again, scowling at Song Shengping.

"I'll say, I'll say, she's in...in...!" Just as the trembling Song Shengping was about to open his mouth...


A golden long rainbow cut through the air, arriving before them from far away in the blink of an eye.

"En?" Grandmaster Liunian's face twisted as he turned his head to look.

It was a golden long arrow, cutting through the air from far away across and arriving before them in the blink of an eye.

"No!" Grandmaster Liunian's expression changed for worse as he wanted to block.

However, the golden long arrow was simply too fast. It pa.s.sed by Grandmaster Liunian instantly and shot straight at Song Shenping. It pa.s.sed through the range of the nine prayer beads and shot straight at the Dragon Locking Ring.

The Dragon Locking Ring burst forth with a golden aura s.h.i.+eld, but it was simply unable to block the golden long arrow. Its defense crumbled in the wink of an eye as the golden arrow drilled into the Dragon Locking Ring.

"No!" Song Shengping shrieked out, but it was far too late for him.


Song Shengping was blown up by the golden long arrow with a thunderous bang. His entire body blew up into a million pieces and disappeared into nothing in the blink of an eye. The golden long arrow, with an unabated momentum, crashed into the Golden Chrysalis Array.

With a thunderclap, countless cracks appeared on the s.h.i.+eld of Golden Chrysalis Array instantly, as if it would be broken anytime now.

The golden long arrow trembled where it rested in the array, giving out a slight hum as it vibrated.


Having lost their opponent, the nine prayer beads crashed into the water.

On another side, the flood dragon let out a desperate roar, as if mobilizing its entire strength. Suddenly, it broke away from the hold of the nine prayer beads.

Having broken free, the flood dragon shot in another direction.

"Evil Creature, stop right there!" Grandmaster Liunian yelled angrily.


Suddenly, a flying s.h.i.+p swept across the sky at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed and arrived in front of Grandmaster Liunian. It was none other than the flying s.h.i.+p of Divine Battalion. At the bow of the flying s.h.i.+p stood Divine Battalion Commander, Li Haoran with a longbow in his hand. Obviously, the arrow which had blown Song Shengping into countless pieces had been launched by him.

"Grandmaster Liunian, I just came from Clear River Sect. The Clear River Sect was razed to the ground, did something happened? Where is Long Wanqing?" Li Haoran asked. There was a frown on his brow.

Grabbing the Dragon Locking Ring with his right hand, Grandmaster Liunian turned his head, coldly gazing at Li Haoran. "Li Haoran, you, hmph!"

Having said that, Grandmaster Liunian made a grabbing motion with his left hand. Immediately, the eighteen prayer beads turned smaller and chased after the flood dragon at breakneck speed. As Long Wanqing's whereabouts remained unknown, he needed to know the whereabouts of Ding Rui. Li Haoran, did he do that intentionally?

In the blink of an eye, Grandmaster Liunian had already reached the horizon. While chasing the flood dragon, Grandmaster Liunian took out a flying s.h.i.+p and rode it, chasing after Fu Xue at an even greater speed.

Grandmaster Liunian grew more and more tense as the flood dragon hid itself within the rivers….

Watching Grandmaster Liunian chase after the flood dragon, a sneer emerged on Li Haoran's lips.

"Commander, Ding Rui's message arrived in the nick of time. We were just in time!" a nearby subordinate said in low voice.

Li Haoran nodded in agreement.

Gu Hai was chasing after the severed head of Li Qinghe, which had quickly entered the forest after crossing the water.

"Where are you running?" Gu Hai was in hot pursuit.

Suddenly, the countless snakes on its head grew longer as they opened their jaws, spitting poison at Gu Hai one after another.

"CUT!" With a swing of Life Severing Saber, billowing black qi billowed forth.

In the next moment, the oncoming poison was devoured cleanly by the tiny little skulls inside the black qi.

At the sight of this, Li Qinghe's expression fell instantly.

He turned around, no longer dealing with Gu Hai and continued trying to escape through the forest.

"Gu Hai, why are you after me? If it weren't for me, you won't be here today!" the flying head of Li Qinghe shouted.

"I am where I am is all because of Long Wanqing! However, you did lend a helping hand. Originally, even if you had turned into this devil, I would not have done anything. However, you tried to kill me in the Clear River Sect, did you not? If I didn't have the array with me, I would have been dead already. Furthermore, as long as you are alive, my three thousand men will remain petrified," rebuked Gu Hai in a cold voice as he continued to chase the head.

At this moment, Li Qinghe, without his body, did not have much of his strength left. His speed wasn't that fast, and he was also flying low. Owing to which, Gu Hai, who was sparing no effort, was catching up to him.

One severed head and one man, one in front and the other following, ran quickly through the forest.

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