Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 07 Chapter 011: Jiang Lianshan Returns?

Book 07 Chapter 011: Jiang Lianshan Returns?

Book 07 Chapter 011: Jiang Lianshan Returns?

After Jingwei tossed the Divine Dao Shaman Canon towards Sect Master Heavenly Access, Ji Dihong and Jiang Gaumata were immediately incensed.

I worked so hard over the past few months in the Yan Heavenly Dynasty but ended up benefiting someone else?

When Sect Master Heavenly Access obtained the Divine Dao Shaman Canon out of nowhere, he was rather astonished.

However, Sect Master Heavenly Access turned around the next moment and flew into the distance.

Everything today surpa.s.sed his expectations. The Spirit Mountain Holy Lands three guardian deities managed to suppress him? Ji Dihong and Jiang Gautama, whose hatred for him was obvious from their gazes, were also here.

If it were in the past, he would have fought even if the two turned hostile to him. However, their motives were different today. Furthermore, he had just obtained a valuable treasure. Who would be so foolish as to remain after obtaining an incredible treasure?


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Heavenly Access turned into a beam of light and shot into the distance.


Brahma, Vishnu, and s.h.i.+va glared as they gave chase.

How audacious! Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong felt thoroughly infuriated.

Boom! Boom!

The two stomped hard.

Roar! The golden dragon let out a miserable cry.

The body of the three-kilometer-odd-long golden dragon that Jingwei transformed into crumbled. The two had shattered the dragons body in their anger.

Thats impossible! Why are the Huang Heavenly Emperor and Jiang Gautama so strong? Jingwei is driving the power of a heavenly dynasty! the Scarlet Emperor exclaimed in shock.

Princess! the Flame Monarch exclaimed as he rushed over.

At this moment, the Yan Nation officials did not speak. The Divine Yan Halls plaza was deadly silent.

Clearly, the princess succeeding the throne was simply a joke. None of the officials acknowledged her.

When the golden dragon shattered, Jingwei reappeared and fell. She spewed a mouthful of blood across the sky, severely injured. Even so, she still pulled her sleeves back.

Hahaha! Gu Hai was right. Even driving the power of a nation did not remove the twos marks. I could only use these two scoundrels force to destroy their marks. While I succeeded, I was severely injured! Jingwei showed hatred on her face.

Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong turned into two beams of golden light, chasing after the distant Sect Master Heavenly Access.

The two were determined to obtain the Divine Dao Shaman Canon. How could they let it slip through their fingers?

However, the two made sure to cover all grounds even if they left.

Capture Jingwei! Ji Dihongs voice came from afar.

Capture Jingwei! Jiang Gautamas voice also came from afar.


Everyone from the Spirit Mountain Holy Land and the Huang Heavenly Dynasty, even the officials of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty, responded respectfully.

The Flame Monarch caught the falling and severely injured Jingwei. Princess, are you alright?

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! I feel like Im dying. Hahahaha! Jingwei guffawed maniacally.

Jingweis injuries were too severe, but she did not feel despair.

Amitbha! Princess Jingwei, you misunderstand. If you had cooperated with the Lord Buddha, the Lord Buddha would have made you a bodhisattva after this was over. Unfortunately, you did not treasure that chance! the Future Buddha said coldly as he held his palms together.

Capture her! Di s.h.i.+tian ordered with a cold snort.

Many of the surrounding officials charged Jingwei.

How audacious! The Flame Monarch glared at everyone.

Flame Monarch, you had best not stick your nose in this! Di s.h.i.+tian said coldly.

Youwant to capture me? Have you thought it through? Jingwei said ferociously.

The officials showed unsightly expressions and backed off slightly. After all, Jingwei earlier said Jiang Lianshan might not be dead. What ifwhat if

If you want to deal with the princess, you have to do it over my dead body! the Flame Monarch said coldly.

Then, the Flame Monarch looked at the Scarlet Emperor and the White Emperor. Imperial Lords, are you just going to watch as these outsiders attack the princess?

The Scarlet Emperor and the White Emperor frowned slightly but did not interfere.

Without Jiang Lianshan, the Yan Nation had already collapsed. Although the two were strong, they were not stronger than the entire Spirit Mountain Holy Land and Huang Heavenly Dynasty.

Iwont interfere! the White Emperor said.

The Scarlet Emperor raised his eyebrows. Then, his expression slowly turned sullen. Flame Monarch, the wise adapt to the times. Jiang Lianshans time is already over. Princess Jingwei, just stop struggling.

How audacious! The Flame Monarch glared furiously.

The Scarlet Emperor had already chosen a side. Now, he opposed Jingwei.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Scarlet Emperor, when my eminent father returns, he will not spare you! Jingwei roared while coughing blood.

Hahahaha! Jiang Lianshan? I saw it myself! He had already died in that place. Return? How can he come back? Times have changed. It is no longer his world! Spare me? Ill take you down now. What can he do to me?! The Scarlet Emperor ambled over.

How dare you?! The Flame Monarch glared.

Di s.h.i.+tian, block the Flame Monarch! Humph! Ill capture this la.s.s! the Scarlet Emperor said coldly.


Di s.h.i.+tian rushed forward.

Everyone in the surroundings watched coldly. Lifespan Dongfang, the Yan Nation officials, the Huang Nation officials, and the Spirit Mountain Holy Land disciples watched quietly as two experts went to bully Jingwei, a weak woman.

As the two experts charged the two, the Flame Monarch showed a ferocious expression and was about to attack. However, Jingwei suddenly felt startled and gaped.

Her shocked face startled Di s.h.i.+tian and the Scarlet Emperor.

Why is Jingwei showing such an expression? What did she see to surprise her?

Humph! La.s.s, I made a promise to the Huang Heavenly Emperor. Just surrender! No one can save you. No one! The Scarlet Emperor showed an icy expression as he reached out.

Just as he was about to grab Jingwei, a commotion broke out in the surroundings.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Countless Yan Heavenly Dynasty officials fell to their knees and kowtowed with horrified faces.

Your Holy Eminence, please forgive us!

Your Holy Eminence, we were forced into this. We had no choice!

Your Holy Eminence, please forgive us!

The countless officials suddenly kneeling in horror startled Di s.h.i.+tian, the Flame Monarch, and the Scarlet Emperor.

The Flame Monarch forgot about s.h.i.+elding Jingwei. Di s.h.i.+tians body stiffened as he turned slowly in the direction Jingwei was looking, horror appearing on his face. The Scarlet Emperor, who was about to grab Jingwei, froze in his tracks.

Although the Scarlet Emperor did not look behind, he suddenly felt chills as a bad feeling overwhelmed him.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The sound of people falling to their knees arose continuously. All the Yan Nation officials, guards, soldiers, and maidservants knelt and trembled.

Eminent Father! Jingwei suddenly wailed, nursing a grievance.

The Scarlet Emperor heard her loud cries. They sounded like a death toll, causing his entire body to tremble.

As he turned his head and looked, he saw a figure floating in the sky, dressed in yellow robes. That person looked aged and worn, but that pair of eyes gave off an overwhelming pressure. That figure was none other than Jiang Lianshan.

No! No! Thats impossible! the Scarlet Emperor exclaimed with incredible shock.

Jiang Lianshan appeared calm, showing neither joy nor grief. He just watched as the Scarlet Emperor reached for Jingwei.

The Scarlet Emperor felt an exceptional chill precisely because Jiang Lianshan appeared calm.

YourYour Holy Eminence! Youyou returned! the Flame Monarch cried, showing bloodshot eyes.

Amitbha! The Future Buddha suddenly appeared like he faced a great enemy.

Di s.h.i.+tians expression changed dramatically as he looked at the Future Buddha. Lord Future Buddha, what should we do now?

The Huang Heavenly Dynasty officials felt horrified. Although these officials were not from Yan Nation, they had worked in the Yan Heavenly Dynasty when Ji Dihong was still the Yellow Emperor.

Everyone knew how terrifying Jiang Lianshan was. They knew that when he took revenge, it would be very shocking. They had barged into his home while he was not around, conspired with his servants, robbed everything in his house, and injured his daughter, nearly killing her.

Now that Jiang Lianshan had returned, how would he deal with these bandits?

His Holy Eminence has returned! His Holy Eminence has returned! the citizens in the city cheered.

Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years! countless citizens cheered.

The loud salutations and cheers resulted in intense psychological pressure, leaving all the bandits breathless.

Eminent Father! Eminent Father, you have to take revenge for me! Eminent Father, you have to avenge me! Eminent Father!

Jingwei cried as she flew toward Jiang Lianshan.

Your Holy Eminence! the Flame Monarch flew toward Jiang Lianshan excitedly.

Now, no one dared to block the two, not the Scarlet Emperor, Lifespan Dongfang, the Huang Nation experts, the Yan Nation experts, or the Spirit Mountain Holy Land experts. This was Jiang Lianshan. He only showed himself, and no one dared to oppose him.

Ji Dihong and Jiang Gautama did not dare to cross the line when he was around. They did not dare to head west if he told them to go east. Who would dare challenge Jiang Lianshan at this moment?

Eminent Father, they s.n.a.t.c.hed the Divine Dao Shaman Canon! Eminent Father, this child was incapable! Eminent Father! Sob! Sob! Sob! Cough! Cough! Cough!

Jingwei blamed herself as she cried and complained. As she did so, she vomited blood.

Jiang Lianshan reached out to catch Jingwei, showing a kind expression in his eyes.

He sent a beam of golden light into her body, and the sixty-four hexagrams floated around her. This perked Jingwei up somewhat.

Your Holy Eminence! the Flame Monarch said with bloodshot eyes.

Flame Monarch, you have suffered! Grat.i.tude flashed in Jiang Lianshans eyes.

It is what I should do! the Flame Monarch said excitedly.

Jiang Gautama? Ji Dihong? Hah! Excellent! Excellent! How very excellent! A ferocious glint flashed in Jiang Lianshans eyes.

The distant Scarlet Emperor and the others captured this ferocious glint, and their hearts trembled.

Flame Monarch, bring Jingwei to Phoenix Island, and use the Phoenix Divine Water to treat her injuries! Jiang Lianshan said seriously.

Yes! the Flame Monarch answered.

Then, they The Flame Monarch looked at the group at the Divine Yan Halls entrance.

We will wait for Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong to return. Humph! We will take our time in settling this account! Jiang Lianshan said with a cold and sinister expression.

Eminent Father, dont let them off! Dont let any of them off! Also, that Lifespan Dongfang! He refused to deliver even one letter! Cough! Cough! Cough! Jingwei coughed blood.

The Flame Monarch quickly flew into the distance with Jingwei.

Far away, Lifespan Dongfangs figure turned stiff.

He took a step forward, and faint ripples appeared in s.p.a.ce. It looked like he wanted to leave the Divine Yan Hall.

Dont blame us for not reminding everyone. If anyone dares to leave the Divine Yan Hall before this account is settled, you die! Jiang Lianshan said with an icy expression.

The word die contained an overwhelming murderous intent, making everyone who heard it s.h.i.+ver and not dare to leave.

Jiang Lianshan slowly flew to the Divine Yan Halls plaza.

The Yan Heavenly Dynasty officials, guards, and soldiers remained on their knees; no one dared to get up.