Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 07 Chapter 008: Divine Dao Shaman Canon

Book 07 Chapter 008: Divine Dao Shaman Canon

Book 07 Chapter 008: Divine Dao Shaman Canon

Gu Hai released Jingwei. However, he still gave her an icy glare.

Jingwei rubbed her straggled neck and looked at Gu Hai with a nefarious smile. Then, she quickly pulled her sleeve back.

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There were golden lotus and golden sword tattoos on Lin Waners wrist.

Hah! Jiang Gautama? Ji Dihong? These marks truly followed me all the way? Jingwei said with an unsightly expression.

Remember my words. If anything happens to Waner, Gu Hai said with a gloomy expression.

Dont worry. Once I find my elder sister, I will return an intact Lin Waner to you. Right now, you are better off thinking of how to bring me away, Jing Wei said with a smile.

Gu Hai frowned slightly, enduring his anger.

Tell me everything you know, including what Jiang Gautamas and Ji Dihongs intentions and motives are, Gu Hai ordered.

Jingwei nodded.

At this moment, Jingwei chose to believe Gu Hai and explained everything.

Oh? Theres a valuable treasure hidden in the blessings cloud sea? What is it? Gu Hai asked.

Jingwei remained silent for a while.

It was clear without guessing how valuable that item in the blessings clouds sea was. Personally coming to vie for it showed how much Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong valued it.

Gu Hai was an intelligent person; he would not be so easily fooled.

After taking a deep breath, Jingwei finally said, The Divine Dao Shaman Canon.

The Divine Dao Shaman Canon? Thats impossible! That thing was obliterated during the ancient deity war! the Flame Monarch yelled while glaring.

It was not. Eminent Father found it. Jingwei shook her head.

Thats impossible! The shaman race was eradicated. How can the Divine Dao Shaman Canon still exist? the Flame Monarch said while glaring.

Then, what do you think is going on with my elder sister? Jingwei asked seriously.

Huh? The Flame Monarchs expression changed.

The Divine Dao Shaman Canon? What is that? Gu Hai asked.

Imperial Emperor Gu, have you heard that the animal spirits ruled supreme during ancient times, and humans served as slaves? Later on, a group of humans chose to learn the animal spirits divine cultivation and established the shaman race. The leader of the shaman race was Jiangchen. He led many shamans and nearly went down with the animal spirits. The battle took place in the nether realm and nearly destroyed it. After that war, the two races declined, and the humans rose, Jingwei said.

Oh? I have heard of it before. Gu Hai frowned slightly.

The Divine Dao Shaman Canon is the shaman races inheritance canon. It contains numerous shaman race secret techniques. Jiangchen is the most notable representative of the shaman race. He cultivated by cursing himself, refining his body into a zombie body, Jingwei said, her voice sinking.

I see. Gu Hai nodded while frowning.

Self-cursing and self-refinement into zombie bodies have four major branchesearth, fire, water, and wind. Their primogenitors are Jiangchen, Hanba, Yinggou, and Houqing, respectively. Haha! I believe Imperial Emperor Gu has already encountered these four types of zombies, right? Jingwei looked at Gu Hai.

Long Shenying, Ba, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, and Houqing? Gu Hai frowned slightly.

Although the shaman race created these four branches of zombies, only Jiangchen cultivated the earth branch during ancient times. My elder sister, Jiang Ba, was the first to cultivate the fire branch. When she started cultivating it, she turned into a flaming demon. Everywhere she went, the ground dried up for thousands of kilometers. Thats why she was named Hanba, a drought demon. Yingguo? He cultivated the water branch. While I have never met him, Eminent Father knew his whereabouts. Perhaps Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knows, too; after all, he cultivated Yingguos body. Last is Houqing. Haha! He is infatuated with my elder sister. When my elder sister turned into Hanba, he cultivated the wind branch and became that branchs primogenitor, Jingwei explained.

The Divine Dao Shaman Canon contains the inheritances from these four branches? Gu Hai asked.

Jingwei shook her head.

The Divine Dao Shaman Canon no longer has these four branches, as their inheritances were not contained in words but a divine Dao seed. Since the four branches already have their primogenitors, the divine Dao seeds have been used. Jiangchen is that strong, and he only used one of the seeds, Jingwei explained.

They are gone? What else is in the Divine Dao Shaman Canon? Gu Hai frowned.

I told you already. It contains the things that the shaman race established. The four zombie branches are just a portion of the shaman races secret techniques. There are numerous other shaman race secret techniques in the Divine Dao Shaman Canon. This is my Yan Heavenly Dynastys greatest treasure, the complete shaman race inheritance, Jingwei explained.

Gu Hai turned grave.

The shaman races treasure? That is an extraordinary item. No wonder Ji Dihong and Jiang Gautama are trying so hard. Just one of the four zombie branches created a monster like Jiangchen? f.u.xi previously mentioned he had fought Jiangchen once, but no victor emerged.

There are many more powerful secret techniques in the Divine Dao Shaman Canon?

Despite having such a treasure, Jiang Lianshan did not use it for himself? Gu Hai asked.

Why has he not used it? Do you think the shaman races secret techniques are easy to cultivate? It depends on the person. Not just anyone can cultivate them. Many people end up dying when trying. Furthermore, how do you know he did not use it? Isnt my elder sister an example? Jingwei frowned.

Gu Hai frowned slightly and started thinking.

Jingwei waited patiently.

After some time, Gu Hai took a deep breath. If you want to escape, you cant keep this Divine Dao Shaman Canon.

What? Why? Jingwei exclaimed anxiously.

The treasure may be valuable, but you cannot handle it, Gu Hai said indifferently.

Jingweis expression changed, turning sullen. Gu Hai was right. Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong were among the strongest people in the world. With the two of them keeping an eye on her, she simply could not protect the treasure. Instead, it would make escaping even more dangerous.

If you cannot help me keep the treasure, what is the point of calling you here? I can just toss out the Divine Dao Shaman Canon, and Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong will start fighting. Cant I just run then? Jingwei frowned.

Thats a simplistic way of thinking. Will they let you escape? Gu Hai smiled.

Jingweis face sank, and she stopped talking. Indeed, I am Eminent Fathers most trusted person and know many of his secrets. Why would Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong let me go?

Just abandon the Divine Dao Shaman Canon. You can s.n.a.t.c.h it back when you are strong enough, Gu Hai said seriously.

But Jingwei suffered a burst of anxiety.

Jiang Lianshan did not dare to use the Divine Dao Shaman Canon brazenly. That proves that it is not that easy to use. Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong arent stronger than Jiang Lianshan. Let them fight over it, and you can s.n.a.t.c.h it back in the future, Gu Hai said.

Jingwei appeared uncertain. Finally, after some silence, she said coldly, Thats fine. Once Elder Sister returns, she can s.n.a.t.c.h it back from them.

Now that you have decided, this will be easy. Listen to my instructions from here on, Gu Hai said seriously.

Alright. Jingwei nodded.

Flame Monarch, I would like you to do whatever you can to search the city for Sect Master Heavenly Access, Gu Hai said seriously.

Sect Master Heavenly Access? Jingwei felt startled.

There is someone else trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the Divine Dao Shaman Canon?

He is here by chance. However, the more chaotic, the better, right? Gu Hai smiled.

Alright! The Flame Monarch nodded and stepped out of the palace hall.

What should I do now? I am now using Lin Waners body. Should I hide? Jingwei asked with a frown.

Now, you are worried? Gu Hai sneered.

Humph! I previously thought you had a way to bring me out tonight. After all that, I still have to give away the Divine Dao Shaman Canon, Jingwei said, somewhat dissatisfied.

If you dont succeed the throne and use the nations blessings, how will you remove Ji Dihongs and Jiang Gautamas marks? If you want to escape, you need to remove the shackles first, Gu Hai said seriously.

However, my current appearance

Your appearance? Haha! Is that important? You are possessing Waner. So what if you have her appearance? As long as you can help them obtain the Divine Dao Shaman Canon, they wont care. Their motive is clear. You dont even need to say anything, and they will make up an excuse for you. No one would dare doubt you over your appearance. If they say you are Jingwei, then this was how Jingwei always looked. How many people do you think would dare to oppose them after their past few months of managing the nation? Gu Hai scoffed.

Alright. Ill listen to you. Gu Hai, dont worry. As long as I can get out, I will immediately give you boundless lifespan, Jingwei said gravely.

Boundless lifespan? I no longer dare to hope for that. You, young la.s.sno, you are much older than me, just that your appearance has never changedyou are too scheming. I just want Waner back to normal, Gu Hai said seriously.

Hah! Im in the wrong, but I will do what I say. I will give you boundless lifespan. Also, once you find my elder sister, Lin Waner will return to how she was before, Jingwei immediately guaranteed.

I hope so! Gu Hai frowned slightly, not entirely convinced.


The next day, Divine Farmer City:

Numerous soldiers were stationed in the city, and the civil and military officials gathered outside the Divine Yan Hall.

At this moment, the officials had split into three factions standing behind Jiang Gautama, Ji Dihong, or the Flame Monarch.

The three factions eyed one another with hostility while paying attention to the nearby Divine Yan Hall.

Over the past few months, blood had flowed like a river in the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. However, the three managed to contain the situation; the powerful Yan Nation did not collapse. All this was done so that the princess could succeed the throne today.

The auspicious hour has arrived! Will Princess Jingwei come out?! Ji Dihong called out.

The surroundings immediately fell silent as everyone looked at the Divine Yan Halls doors.


The palace halls doors opened.

After the doors opened, many maidservants walked out holding flowers like a grand and festive celebration.

Toot! Toot! Toot! Toot!

The ministry of rites officials blew bugles nearby, signaling the solemnity of the succession ceremony.

The maidservants stood respectfully in two columns in the palace hall. Wearing imperial robes with a crown on her head, Jingwei walked out slowly while holding a box.

When the officials saw Jingweis appearance, their expressions suddenly changed.

Thats not right. She is not the princess!

Who are you? How dare you impersonate the princess?

How brazen of you! Where is the princess?

Loud shouts came from the surroundings.

Jiang Gautama and Ji Dihong narrowed their eyes. They moved their hands slightly, and the golden lotus and golden sword tattoos shone.

Amitbha! Jiang Gautama suddenly said.

Your Highness? some of the officials loyal to Jiang Gautama immediately responded.

She is Princess Jingwei, Jiang Gautama said gravely.

Huh? What?

Thats right. She is Jingwei, Ji Dihong also said.

After Ji Dihong and Jiang Gautama spoke, the officials behind them suppressed their doubts and calmed down.

Nearby, the expressions of the White Emperor and the Scarlet Emperor changed.

The princess is possessing a body, the Flame Monarch explained.

Oh? The two revealed shocked expressions.

The group of ambitious people suppressed the officials doubts and waited for Jingwei to walk out.


On a floating island in Divine Farmer City:

Sect Master Heavenly Access stood upright with hands held behind his back. He smiled coldly as he looked into the distance. Ji Dihong? Jiang Gautama? How bustling. Also, Gu Hai and Lin Waner? You integrated really quickly.