Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 7: Chapter 003: Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record

Book 7: Chapter 003: Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record

Book 7: Chapter 003: Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record

Sha nodded and extended his hand to operate the Taiji Diagram again.


The Yinyang energies in the Taiji Diagram spun in the reverse direction, slowly withdrawing from Gu Hais body.


Suddenly, Gu Hai could use his energy once more.


Gu Hai immediately leaped out of the Taiji Diagram.

Imperial Emperor Gu, perhaps I was doing something unnecessary. To think you had the means to extract this Yinyang energy slowly. I believe you would have been able to break the seal by tomorrow without my interference, right? Sha smiled.

Tomorrow? Indeed, perhaps I could have broken the seal tomorrow. However, it would all be too late tomorrow. Gu Hai bowed to Sha.

Sha nodded. Thats good. Fortunately, I did not come for nothing.

I believe not many people know I was trapped in this hall, right? How did you? Gu Hai asked.

Lin Waner asked me to come. Rather, the first-generation Supreme Ascendant had once given instructions on this, Sha said solemnly.

Oh? Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

There is an inheritance jade stele in the Supreme Ascendants line of inheritance. Only those who know the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece can see what is inside. The first-generation Supreme Ascendant left a message in there, saying that the jade stele could be used to deal with Sect Master Heavenly Access. As Sect Master Heavenly Access had not made things difficult for the Supreme Ascendants line of inheritance, it had never been used until now. Lin Waner used the message in the jade stele to find me, Sha said solemnly.

Find you?

Yes. Sect Master Supreme Ascendants message said that if Heavenly Access went against his wishes, one could use the jade stele to find Shawhich is meand seek help. As for me Hah! I had also gone to eight hundred thousand years in the past during the recent Revival Convention. I met Sect Master Supreme Ascendant there and also owed him a favor, Sha said solemnly.

Oh? Gu Hai felt slightly shocked.

Lin Waner found out from Xuan Du that you were imprisoned, so she asked me to rescue you. Since I owed Sect Master Supreme Ascendant a favor, and I also feel that Sect Master Heavenly Access has gone overboard, I, Sha sighed softly.

How is Waner? Gu Hai asked worriedly.

Sect Master Heavenly Access sealed her cultivation, but she is otherwise alright. She will be forced into a marriage tomorrow, Sha explained.

She did not ask you to save her? Gu Hai frowned.

No. Sha shook his head.

Gu Hai smiled wryly. I know, she already cannot save herself, yet she thought of me first?

Imperial Emperor Gu, if you want to save her, you should go as soon as possible. Time is tight, Sha said gravely.

Gu Hai looked at Sha and frowned slightly. How will you give an account to Sect Master Heavenly Access after releasing me?

Sha frowned slightly and said, You dont have to worry about my matters.

Gu Hai stared at Sha for a while, then nodded. Alright. Many thanks for this.

Sha shook his head, unwilling to accept Gu Hais grat.i.tude.

Gu Hai looked at Sha. Arent you traveling the world in search of the sword Dao?

Oh? Do you have new thoughts on it? Sha asked.

After all, Gu Hai had manifested Zhang Sanfeng, Dugu Qiubai, Ximen Chuixue, and Dongfang Bubai using a ritual array. Those four represented four different sword Dao, which had benefited Sha greatly.

I have a Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record, which a friend gave me, and no use for it. See for yourself. Gu Hai took out a sword-shaped jade medallion and proffered it to Sha.

The Severed Sects Heavenly Access had given it to Gu Hai in the past. It contained his sword Dao.

Sha might be the reincarnation of the Severed Sects Heavenly Access, or perhaps he was born from some other circ.u.mstances. However, Gu Hai did not intend to tell Sha about it. Since the Severed Sects Heavenly Access chose to recultivate his sword Dao, Gu Hai would let him cut himself off from his past. As for the Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record, it could be considered a sword Dao experience.

Oh? Sha received the jade medallion.


A sword conception came out of that sword-shaped jade medallion and entered Shas mind.


Countless azure sword qi erupted from Shas body.

How strong! Sha exclaimed.

Gu Hai immediately backed off.

Sha shuddered as though receiving a powerful sword conception inheritance.

Where did this come from? What a strong sword Dao! Sha exclaimed.

It is a friends.

Oh? Your friends? It is so strong. This sword Dao is somewhat similar to Sect Master Heavenly Accesss? Yet, it is also somewhat different. The same? Not the same? What a strange sword Dao! What an incredibly strong sword Dao! Sha goggled.

Perhaps, Gu Hai said with a faint smile.

Who is your friend? With such a sword Dao, he must be an incredible person, right? Sha exclaimed.

He has reincarnated to recultivate.

Oh? Why?

He felt that his sword Dao was still not good enough, so, Gu Hai said, reminiscing.


This sword Dao is not good enough? Who is this senior?

Is this sword Dao helpful to you? Gu Hai asked, feeling curious.

Yes. This Supreme Pure One Sword Dao seems to take an opposite direction from my sword Dao. Perhaps my cultivation instinctively rejects this Supreme Pure One Sword Dao, so I cannot cultivate it. However, since Im cultivating the sword, I should not avoid any sword Dao. Your Supreme Pure One Sword Dao may make up for my insufficiencies. Many thanks! Sha replied solemnly.

Thank me? Theres no need. This should be yours in the first place! Gu Hai shook his head.

When the Severed Sects Heavenly Access reincarnated, he intentionally avoided his previous sword Dao when he cultivated? What determination!

You should leave quickly. Dont bring the Taiji Diagram away. After all, it is the Myriad Age Daoist Sects treasure, Sha said gravely.

Alright! Gu Hai nodded.

Gu Hai opened the doors, stepped out, and closed them.

As Sha watched Gu Hai leave, grat.i.tude flashed in his eyes.

Sha looked around the hall before sitting down cross-legged and closing his eyes to comprehend this Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record.

After letting Gu Hai go, Sha did not pretend he did not do it. Instead, he patiently waited for Sect Master Heavenly Access to come to the hall. Since he did it, there was no need to hide it. Even when defying Sect Master Heavenly Accesss will, he did so openly.

After Gu Hai left the hall, he saw some Myriad Age Daoist Sect disciples standing guard outside. However, they seemed to be asleep. Clearly, this was Shas doing.

Gu Hai turned his head around to look at the hall.

Heavenly Access Hall? Humph! Gu Hai snorted coldly and rushed into the forest.

The Taiji Diagram was among the strongest enchanted treasures of the world. If not for the Gus Immortal Firmament being able to draw away a portion of the Yinyang energy, he would have been helpless.

Now that he had recovered his cultivation, he could cut down a newly advanced Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator as a peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. Naturally, he could move around as he pleased in the Myriad Age Daoist Sect. He captured someone and interrogated that person to learn the location of the Supreme Ascendants line of inheritance.


Gu Hai shot toward Lin Waners residence.


Outside the hall where Lin Waner stayed in:

Xuan Du examined the red-adorned surroundings with a few trusted aides.

Salutations, Elders! A few old women bowed, pandering to Xuan Du.

How did it go? Xuan Du asked indifferently.

The Grand Mohist refused to wear the bridal gown. However, her cultivation is currently sealed, and she cannot resist, so we forced it on her, one of the old women said panderingly.

She did not threaten to commit suicide? Xuan Du asked.

We are mere servants. Naturally, she cannot use her death to threaten us, the old women replied c.o.c.kily.

Good. Well done! Xuan Du smiled.

Also, I have added the medicine First Elder told me to add to her tea. Furthermore, the Grand Mohist has already drunk it. I saw it! an old woman said proudly.

Well done. Go and claim your reward! Xuan Du smiled.

Many thanks, First Elder. Many thanks, First Elder! The group of old women left excitedly.

However, Xuan Du watched coldly as the group of old women left.

First Senior Brother, this is not something glorious in the end. Will those old women leak word of this? one of Xuan Dus junior brothers asked with a frown.

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First Senior Brother, should I go and deal with them? A murderous intent flashed in the eyes of another junior brother.

Xuan Du nodded with narrowed eyes.

Whoos.h.!.+ That junior brother immediately left, chasing after those old women.

First Senior Brother, the Grand Mohist refuses to obey. However, it was Sect Master Heavenly Access who arranged for tomorrow. Nothing must go wrong, one of the junior brothers commented with a frown.

Dont worry. Nothing will happen. Go about your business. I will handle things here! Xuan Du smiled.

Yes! Xuan Dus junior brothers said with a smile.

Since that Lin Waner has drunk that medicine, it should already be taking effect. It is not convenient to have everyone here.

Do things well, and when I no longer need Lin Waner in the future, Ill give her to you to use as a cultivation cauldron! Xuan Du asked casually.

Xuan Dus junior brothers showed joy on their faces.

Lin Waner possesses the fire cauldron physique. If we can coital cultivate with her, our cultivation will advance rapidly. To think that First Senior Brother is so generous!

Yes! Many thanks, First Senior Brother! Xuan Dus junior brothers said excitedly.

Xuan Du had always treated his junior brothers generously, always fulfilling his promises. That was why he had gained their support. Since he had already declared it, he would definitely fulfill it.

Everyone left happily.

Xuan Du smiled coldly as he slowly headed for Lin Waners room.


Xuan Du gently pushed the door open. This time, Lin Waner did not cry out.

When he entered the room, he saw Lin Waner dressed in a red bridal gown, curled up on the bed, trembling, as though struggling. Her face flushed red, and her eyes were wet as she panted urgently.

Grand Mohist, whats wrong with you? Do you need my help? Xuan Du smiled coldly.

You! Dont come over! Xuan Du, you drugged me! Lin Waner said with hatred in her eyes.

I am just advancing the nuptial night. Whats wrong? Isnt your body all hot and bothered? I searched for a long time for this medicine! Xuan Du sneered as he walked over.

Dont come over. If you continued approachingif you continue approaching, Lin Waner yelled ferociously. However, she felt sapped of strength.

You will swallow the Myriad Age Red Pill? Haha! The Myriad Age Red Pill is with me; how can you swallow it? You b.i.t.c.h, be obedient. Lets see how much fire-attributed energy is in your fire cauldron physique. Xuan Du approached step by step.

Dont come over! Gu Hai will not let you off! Lin Waner yelled as she squirmed.

Gu Hai? Are you still pinning your hopes on him? How about I sleep with you right in front of him tomorrow? Hahahaha! Go on and shout. Its useless. If Gu Hai can help, then get him here. Im right here. Bring it on! Xuan Du guffawed as he pressed toward Lin Waner.


Suddenly, a purple saber stabbed through Xuan Du from behind.


Xuan Du was horrified to see a purple saber protruding from his chest. He recognized this saber. The Life Executioner Saber?

How can it be the Life Executioner Saber?

We are here! Gu Hais frosty voice came from behind.