Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 131: Man Proposes, Fate Disposes

Book 6: Chapter 131: Man Proposes, Fate Disposes

Book 06 Chapter 131: Man Proposes, Fate Disposes

The heavenly deity body tore open the door to the chaotic s.p.a.cetime. When his fleshless claws stabbed into the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord, Gu Hai knew that things were bad.

The moment the heavenly deity body stabbed into the body, all the energy in the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lords body froze.

Perhaps Gu Hai could resist if someone else had done this. However, the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord and the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord were the Six Paths Veritable Lords clones. Naturally, the heavenly deity body knew the weaknesses of his bodies.

Gu Hai could not move. Helpless to do anything, he yelled urgently, Protect the Supreme Wa!

Fortunately, Gu Hai had manifested the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, and the Future Buddha with a ritual array. These were not summonings but cloud beasts, so they obeyed him. They immediately rushed toward the Supreme Wa, along with Zombie One.

After protecting the Supreme Wa, Gu Hai woke everyone up.

All the previously consumed people s.h.i.+vered and woke up.

Whats going on? Everyone looked at the countless roots on their body and the strange palace hall in shock.

Your Reverence! Kong Xuan cried out when he woke up.

He vaguely remembered being swallowed by the heavenly deity body. Why does it seem like His Reverence is controlling everything?

Father! Gu Qin suddenly teared up excitedly.

Gu Hai, you tricked me! Hetu yelled furiously.

Many people shouted.

Its too late! The heavenly deity body is back. Quickly flee! Gu Hai shouted.

Gu Hai struggled free of the water ball and rushed towards everyone else.

Boom! Boom!

He grabbed Gu Qin with one hand and Kong Xuan with the other before he tried to flee.

Me too! Dont leave me here! Hetu exclaimed as his expression changed.

Hetu could divine the future. He immediately divined great danger for himself.

Hahahahahaha! All who oppose me, explode! The heavenly deity bodys roar came from outside.

When this voice rang out, everyones expression changed.

Heavenly Go Stone, protect me! Gu Hai shouted.

Imperial Emperor Gu! Ensnaring Performance and Purple Subtlety cried out after waking up.

However, Gu Hai did not have time to save anyone else. It was already hard for him to save himself.


A loud report rang out, and the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord exploded. The lower heavenly palace also exploded. The powerful explosion blasted everything within apart.

Purple Subtlety, Ensnaring Performance, and the many sovereigns and sect masters could not escape. The powerful explosion even ripped their souls apart.

No! I should not die like this. Why am I so unlucky? Argh! Hetu roared in rage and grief.

I did not pit myself against Six Paths! It is all Gu Hai! It is all Gu Hai! Why did you consume me?! You consumed me but did not rescue me! Now, it is too late for me to run! Why am I so unlucky?!


The black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord exploded into powder. Everyone within died. However, the black Heavenly Go Stone covered Gu Hai and vanished one moment before the explosion. Gu Hai held on to Kong Xuan and Gu Qin, and the three managed to escape.

A beam of black light shot out before the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord exploded.

Likewise, a beam of white light shot out of the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord before the explosion. Old Mister Guan Qi had realized that things were bad and had chosen to leave the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lords body.

Old Mister Guan Qi used the white Heavenly Go Stone in a hurry, so he could not bring many people outonly Mao Tianyun and Shangguan Hen.

Old Mister Guan Qi could not leave the Nine Palace Diagram behind. When he brought the Nine Palace Diagram, it was connected to Shangguan Hen. Hence, Shangguan Hen came out as well. However, the other seventeen heads of the black tortoise progenitor were all corroded. Only Shangguan Hen had his eyes closed while s.h.i.+ning with bright golden light.

In that instant, Ao Shun and Ao Sheng latched on to Shangguan Hen and came out together.

The white Heavenly Go Stone brought everyone far away.

Jiang Lianshan and the Flame Monarch moved instantly to rescue Murong Yan and suffered significant damage.

The Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, and the Future Buddha worked together and saved the unconscious Supreme Wa.

The white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord and the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord were both destroyed instantly.

Im back! Im back! Its all mine! Mine! Hah! the heavenly deity body roared ferociously.

However, the heavenly deity body then clutched his head.

Argh! Argh! Argh! the heavenly deity body, who had been reduced to a white skeleton, yelled in pain.

He just exploded the white-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord and the black-robed Six Paths Veritable Lord, destroying his other two spiritual souls and seven physical souls, so he was affected too. Sect Master Supreme Ascendant narrowed his eyes.

The Immortal Origin! Hurry! Ji Dihong shouted.

The Three Lives Buddhas, Jiang Lianshan, Ji Dihong, and Heavenly Access simultaneously took action.

Im going to kill you all! Hah! I will kill you all, no matter who you are! Ill kill you all! Everything is mine! Hah! the heavenly deity body roared.


A wave of energy erupted from his body, knocking everyone away.

What? What is this force? It is even stronger than before? Heavenly Access felt shocked at being knocked back.

Be careful! His two spiritual souls and seven physical souls exploded earlier. He collected the fragments and burned them to strengthen himself. Be careful! Old Mister Guan Qi shouted from a distance.

Then, Old Mister Guan Qi waved his hand and brought over the distant stars.


The stars formed a ritual array and sealed the heavenly deity body.

Scram! The heavenly deity body punched.


Countless stars exploded. Loud reports rang out everywhere, and the heavens shuddered.

The heavenly deity body seemed invincible; no one could stop him.

Ill kill you all! Kill you all! the heavenly deity body roared as he rushed in the Supreme Was direction.

Oh no! Milady, leave quickly! Zombie One cried out as he s.h.i.+elded the Supreme Wa.


The heavenly deity body exploded Zombie One in one palm strike. Zombie One did not even last one blow.

The Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, and the Future Buddha simultaneously made a move.


Everyone got blasted away.


The Supreme Genesis, the Supreme Singularity, and the Future Buddha vomited blood as they went flying back.

Who am I? I cant remember! You want to s.n.a.t.c.h my Immortal Origin? s.n.a.t.c.h my Immortal Origin? You are all my enemies! Ill kill all of you! All of you! the heavenly deity body roared.

Just as everyone was about to charge forward, their expressions changed.

The heavenly deity body swallowed the Immortal Origin in one mouthful.

What? everyone exclaimed.


The Immortal Origin seemed to rebound, surging electricity enveloping the heavenly deity body and rendering him immobile.

However, the heavenly deity body was tremendously powerful now; he suppressed the electricity as he tried to refine the Immortal Origin.

Argh! Argh! Argh!

The heavenly deity body cried out in pain, unable to pursue anyone. However, the overwhelming hatred turned him into something like a porcupine. No one could approach.

We cannot get close to him. Will the Immortal Origin consume him instead? Heavenly Access frowned.

No! It is too late! Old Mister Guan Qis expression changed.

Whats wrong?

He is fusing with the Immortal Origin? He would rather suffer damage to his final spiritual soul to fuse with the Immortal Origin? Although the Immortal Origin is resisting, he is slowly fusing with it! Old Mister Guan Qi said with an unsightly expression.

How can it be like this? Its impossible!

Its true! Look at his skeleton! Old Mister Guan Qi said bitterly.

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Although boundless electricity crackled on the heavenly deity body, seven-colored energy seemed to cover him, constructing flesh and blood.

He is fusing! We cannot let him fuse! Jiang Lianshans face sank as he swung his Divine Farmer Hoe again.


The attack struck the center of the electrical explosion, landing on the heavenly deity body. His figure only paused a moment before he went berserk.

Who are you? How dare you injure me? You want to s.n.a.t.c.h my Immortal Origin? Ill kill you! The heavenly deity body charged at Jiang Lianshan despite his severe injuries.

Be careful!

Heavenly Access, Sect Master Supreme Ascendant, Ji Dihong, and the Three Lives Buddhas went to help Jiang Lianshan.


However, the heavenly deity body still blasted everyone away with one powerful strike.

Ill kill you all! Kill you all! Argh! The energy flame around the heavenly deity body intensified.

Blargh! Everyone vomited a mouthful of blood as they looked at the heavenly deity body in horror.

The heavenly deity body was too strong, more than ten times stronger than before. No one could stop him when he entered such a frenzy. Were they going to die here today?


Just as everyone felt anxious, a beam of golden light coalesced from the surroundings and covered the heavenly deity body, preventing him from moving.

This is Everyone felt shocked.

The golden light formed a figure, a large human-shaped figure that resembled a Buddha.

Metal Buddha? You are alive? the distant Gu Hai said in shock.

This figure was that of the Metal Buddha. When Gu Hai first arrived, he had pursued Gu Hai. Later, he started believing Gu Hais words at Peac.o.c.k Deity Island. He had remained outside the Peac.o.c.k Deity Hall to face the Six Paths Veritable Lord. However, the Six Paths Veritable Lord killed him with the Soul Destroying Finger.

Didnt he die?

Ten Lives Golden Dharmic Incarnation? the nearby Present Buddha said in shock.

Imperial Emperor Gu, Metal Buddha is late. Please forgive me for the past misunderstanding. The Metal Buddha looked at Gu Hai.

Metal Buddha, you are alive? You trapped the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Gu Hai said in shock.

This humble one did good deeds for ten lives. I once moved Heaven, and Heaven blessed me with this golden body. This is Heavens energy. When my husk died previously, I headed to the void. Unfortunately, Heaven had already died. I only found a fragment of Heavens corpse, a rib bone with countless cracks. Unfortunately, that rib bone entered the nether realm and vanished. I was truly foolis.h.!.+ To think I let the Six Paths Veritable Lord do as he pleased. I felt regret and got lost in the void. I have just returned. Initially, my golden body could have trapped him, but he consumed the Immortal Origin. He seems to be absorbing my golden bodys energy, so I cannot trap him for long. Quickly flee! the Metal Buddha said bitterly.

Where is there to flee to in the world? Heavenly Access said with an unsightly expression.

Meow! Old Mister Guan Qi, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The others all died! Mao Tianyun said sorrowfully.

Hah! Hahahahaha! Man proposes, fate disposes. Fate disposes, indeed. I wanted to replicate an identical history, but that also failed. It failed? Old Mister Guan Qi laughed bleakly.

Old Mister Guan Qis efforts were all for naught. After countless schemes, his plan had failed.

Although the heavenly deity body suffered severe damage, the world would be his once he refined the Immortal Origin.

The Metal Buddha cannot trap him for long. Six Paths seems to have suffered brain trauma in the chaotic s.p.a.cetime. He no longer remembers us. However, once he refines the Immortal Origin, he can deduce who we are from the traces in the surroundings. There is nowhere left in the world for us. Should we go back now? Gu Hai looked at Old Mister Guan Qi.

Old Mister Guan Qi suddenly appeared sorrowful and bitter. Man proposes, fate disposes. Is everything fated? Perhaps the Revival Convention is also fated. Our coming to the past is also part of history.