Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 113: Gu Hai Snatching a Body

Book 6: Chapter 113: Gu Hai Snatching a Body

Book 6: Chapter 113: Gu Hai s.n.a.t.c.hing a Body

Outside All Magnificent Island:

Everyone showed a complicated expression.

The information f.u.xi leaked after he came out of closed-door cultivation temporarily was hard for everyone to digest.

Sa? To think that f.u.xi is preparing for his death? The White Emperor frowned.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord merged with the Azure Emperor is dead. He can no longer sense our location. Given that, we should be safe now. Currently, there are four heavenly gift cultivation techniques in the world. If possible, we should find them, Jiang Lianshan said seriously.


Jiangchen? The black tortoise? We guess that Old Mister Guan Qi knows about them. Otherwise, he would not care so much about the black tortoise race. Find Shangguan Hen and Prime Feng Yue, and we can find the black tortoise progenitor. As for Jiangchen, we recall that Long Shenying cultivates Jiangchens body. Find him, Jiang Lianshan said.

Your Holy Eminence is right! The Scarlet Emperors eyes lip up.

Since f.u.xi refuses to get involved, we should go. Sect Master Supreme Ascendant, Sect Master Heavenly Access, I hope we can meet again one year later. Jiang Lianshan looked at the Supreme Ascendant and Heavenly Access.

Alright! Sect Master Supreme Ascendant nodded.

Lets go! Jiang Lianshan said seriously.

Then, what about Mister Gu? Murong Yan asked.

Didnt f.u.xi say that he has a blessed life? Jiang Lianshans face turned sullen.

Then, he flung his sleeves out and vanished into the horizon with Murong Yan and the others.

Only the Supreme Ascendant, Heavenly Access, and Mo Yike remained outside All Magnificent Island.

Heavenly Access and the Supreme Ascendant exchanged looks.

First Senior Brother, have you heard of this Sa that f.u.xi mentioned? Heavenly Access asked in bewilderment.

Sect Master Heavenly Access smiled faintly as he shook his head, not explaining.

The Supreme Ascendant did indeed know. The Severed Sects Heavenly Access had revealed some information about Sas Immortal Firmament to convince him back then. However, the Supreme Ascendant did not want to speak of it.

Alright, lets go, the Supreme Ascendant said after a deep breath.

Where to?

To find Jiangchen and the black tortoise progenitor, the Supreme Ascendant said gravely.

Heavenly Access nodded and followed the Supreme Ascendant, leaving the Eastern Sea.

Now, only Mo Yike remained outside the island.

Mo Yike had kept silent earlier when the group spoke, only remembering what they said. His cultivation was weak. He was already grateful that everyone had forgotten about him. Now that everyone had left, he flew to a nearby island.

Mo Yike intended to wait there for Gu Hais return.

All Magnificent Island:

f.u.xi again suppressed the black energy forming in the hall with an unsightly expression.

Elder Brother, was what you said true? the Supreme Wa asked worriedly.

f.u.xi nodded. Then, he took out a letter and handed it to the Supreme Wa. If I die, hand this letter to Gu Hai.

Ah? Die? How can that be? Why would Elder Brother die? The Supreme Wa appeared incredulous.

Master, is there still someone in the world who can rival you? Thats impossible, right? Hetu said in confusion.

f.u.xi appeared bitter. I thought so, too, at first. Unfortunately, he is too strong. I also met someone who looked exactly like me. He was also called f.u.xi. Unfortunately, he had already died. He pa.s.sed all his inheritance to me before he died, merging with me. However, Im still not confident. Sa? Hes so horrifying. He only used his mind, and I

Elder Brother, I dont understand, the Supreme Wa said worriedly.

You dont need to understand. You will know everything in the future. According to my divination, Gu Hai is indeed my future brother-in-law. Hah! Dont worry. After our parents died, I swore to protect you. No one can bully you, not even Sa. Even if I die, I will not let him have a good time! f.u.xis eyes gleamed red.

Elder Brother. Im afraid. Dont deal with Sa, alright? the Supreme Wa urged anxiously.

If the Six Paths Veritable Lord s.n.a.t.c.hes the world, all life will still survive. If Sa succeeds in invading, all life will become slaves forever. Remember my words. If I die, hand this letter to Gu Hai. He will make arrangements for you, f.u.xi said incredibly gravely.

Elder Brother, you must be careful! You will be alright! the Supreme Wa said, feeling upset.

f.u.xi nodded.


f.u.xi stepped into the hall filled with Death Energy. Then, the doors closed.

Hetu, can you divine what Sa is like? the Supreme Wa asked anxiously.

Me? I have not even heard of him. I cant, Hetu replied bitterly.

Humph! How useless! the Supreme Wa said in depression.

At this moment, f.u.xis survival was questionable. Gu Hais survival was uncertain as well. The Supreme Wa felt anxious, but she did not dare to leave All Magnificent Island.

Soaring Palace Hall, Borderless Heavenly Capital, Han Nation:

Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years! the officials saluted.

Gu Hai wore imperial robes and had a crown on his head as he sat on the throne.

When he looked around, the officials saluted him. He commanded respect from the world. To his left stood the Han Heavenly Dynastys four crown princes in a column: Gu Qin, Gu Han, Gu Tang, and Gu Ming.

After the officials saluted, they started reporting the information they had obtained from all over the world.

Gu Hai frowned slightly, feeling like he had forgotten something important. However, everything before him felt so familiar.

After the morning a.s.sembly ended, he returned to the back of the palace.

Husband! A group of women immediately came over with smiles on their faces.

Chen Xianer, Long Wanqing, the Supreme Wa, Zang Yulian, Lin Waner, and Bing Ji.

Salutations, Your Holy Eminences! May Your Holy Eminences live for nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine years! the servants saluted respectfully.

Husband, why do you look listless today? Chen Xianer asked with a smile.

I dont know. I feel like I have forgotten something. Gu Hai shook his head.

If you forgot it, it means that it is not important. Isnt that so? Long Wanqing smiled.

Husband, since you have forgotten, dont think about it anymore. Thinking will only bring on a headache. Ill ma.s.sage your shoulders.

Husband, life is perfect now. There is peace in the world, and all your past opponents are vanquished. What does Husband have to worry about now? It is time to enjoy life.

Indeed. Husband, no one in the world is your match. What is there to worry about?

The group of empresses entered the back of the palace with Gu Hai.

There seemed to be no more pressure. All the sense of crisis from the past had calmed down. He seemed to slowly become entranced with this situation.

After engaging in vigorous activities with the six empresses, he drifted to sleep.

There is no need to think of anything. There is no need to worry. I only need to enjoy myself. What a wonderful life! How intoxicating is this?

However, Gu Hai suddenly opened his eyes after the women slept.

When he opened his eyes, he showed a ferocious expression.

Heh! What a beautiful dream. Unfortunately, I am not blessed to enjoy it! Gu Hais eyes turned cold.

He threw a palm strike, and the world shuddered and shattered.

Indeed, it was all just a dream.

Gu Hai trembled as he woke up from this beautiful dream.


Gu Hai sat up and plenty of sticky liquid splattered. He opened his eyes and gulped in a few mouthfuls of air as he took in his surroundings in shock.

This was a humongous palace hall. The hall was dark and filled with pitch-black water. Transparent water b.a.l.l.s floated on top of the black water. Gu Hai had been in one of these water b.a.l.l.s. Each water ball had roots coming out of it, extending into the black water.

The other end of the roots of Gu Hais water ball stabbed into his body.


Gu Hai tore the roots off his body. The water ball immediately merged into the sticky black water below with a splash.

Gu Hai felt utterly enervated, drained of strength.

At the same time, he discovered, to his horror, that the other thirty-five water b.a.l.l.s, similar to the one around him earlier, each encased a figure.

Ensnaring Performance? Purple Subtlety? Kong Xuan? Gu Hai immediately recognized three of them.

The three lay in water b.a.l.l.s, their bodies densely covered with roots that seemed to be drawing energy from them. However, the three showed infatuated expressions, apparently immersed in beautiful dreams.

Gu Hai managed to wake up because of the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal. However, these people remained unconscious.

Where is this? Where is Gu Qin? Gu Hais face sank.

Gu Hai, to think that you woke up? A voice suddenly came from above.

Gu Hai raised his head and saw a towering giant. That giant looked like the Six Paths Veritable Lord. However, the Six Paths Veritable Lord was translucent and had the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane stabbed in the head. This looked extremely painful.

There was a water ball embedded in the top of the Six Paths Veritable Lords head. Gu Qin was in that water ball.

Gu Qin seemed to be enjoying a beautiful dream as he slept in the water ball.

This is a lower heavenly palace? Gu Hais expression changed as he immediately figured it out.

The Six Paths Veritable Lords mortal deity body consumed me. This is the Six Paths Veritable Lords mortal soul. Obviously, it was the Future Buddha who stabbed the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane into his forehead, draining his Soul Energy. This is his lower heavenly palace?

So, you figured it out? However, it does not matter. This is my lower heavenly palace, my world. You want to struggle free? It is already too late. Hahahaha! To think that you woke up? How strange! No one could wake up from the dream. That is the dream of what you want the most in the world. Who would want to wake up? I want to see what good things are in your memories! the Six Paths Veritable Lords mortal soul guffawed.


Water rose from below and instantly encased Gu Hai.

Currently, Gu Hai was sapped of strength, unable to resist. This is impossible! Whats going on?

Stop struggling. I have drained all your energy. Hahaha! If you could resist after I consumed you, I would not be the Six Paths Veritable Lord! the Six Paths Veritable Lord sneered.


The water ball encasing Gu Hai flew to the top of Six Paths Veritable Lords head. Then, the water ball in an indent on the Six Paths Veritable Lords head flew out, landed on the black water below, and immediately grew roots.


Gu Hais water ball landed in the indent of the Six Paths Veritable Lords head.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Countless roots erupted from the Six Paths Veritable Lords head and stabbed into Gu Hais body.

Argh! Gu Hai yelled in pain.

You already have no strength left. Why are you struggling? Let me consume your consciousness and read your memories! Haha! the Six Paths Veritable Lord guffawed.


The countless roots frantically drew on Gu Hais consciousness, which turned blurry. He had no strength to resist. He could not even bring out the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal.

Speaking of which, I cannot use this method of reading the consciousness too frequently, as everyones consciousness contains their will. Too much would cause confusion and chaos in my will. Furthermore, the Savant Wisdom Divine Cane drew out much of my Soul Energy, and I have yet to recover from that. However, it should not be difficult to refine your will. After I refine your will, I will know all your secrets. I feel very curious about you! the Six Paths Veritable Lord sneered.

Is that so? Im afraid that you cannot handle it! Gu Hai sneered back weakly.

A black Go stone came out of Gu Hais fingertip. This was the black Go stone that Ninth Young Master had given him, the one that sealed millions of the heavenly souls Old Mister Guan Qi brought back. Gu Hai immediately released them.


The heavenly souls poured into the Six Paths Veritable Lords mind via the many roots.

What? The Six Paths Veritable Lords expression changed suddenly.

There are not many heavenly souls, just thirty-six million. I wonder how long will it take you to refine so many wills? Gu Hai smiled.

No! No! the Six Paths Veritable Lord yelled in horror.


The wills of thirty-six million heavenly souls rushed into the Six Paths Veritable Lords mind, flooding his will. It was like a dike breaking, flooding a vast area.

Refine my will? Even after the Six Paths Veritable Lord became the immortal, he did not dare to consume so many souls in one go. What more the Six Paths Veritable Lords mortal soul now?

This is a disaster of your own making. You do not deserve to live. I will be taking your body! Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.