Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 084: The Metal Buddha's Embarrassment

Book 6: Chapter 084: The Metal Buddha's Embarrassment

Book 6: Chapter 084: The Metal Buddhas Embarra.s.sment

When the Metal Buddha threw the palm strike, Gu Hai could only turn his Life Killer Saber to the Metal Buddha.

A crimson illusion immediately engulfed the Metal Buddha when the Life Killer Saber swung down.

The Metal Buddha found himself in a sea of blood with countless malicious spirits rus.h.i.+ng over to bite him. It seemed like he had fallen into a h.e.l.l of evil spirits.

The Metal Buddhas expression changed, and the force in his palm strike increased. Demon, dont think that you can do as you please!

His palm and the Life Killer Saber clashed.

Although the Life Killer Saber was not one of the top sixteen ancient treasures eight hundred thousand later, it was not far from them. Its greatest strength was its sharpness. It was so sharp that even the Life Executioner Saber could not compare.


The saber and the palm parted.

As the saber and the palm parted, the Life Killer Saber drew in a vast blood mist. A moment earlier, the Life Killer Saber had cut the Metal Buddhas palm and forcefully sucked out a large volume of blood.

The Metal Buddhas expression changed as he looked at his palm.

When the Life Executioner Saber attacked with the Fifth Cycle, it had not broken the Metal Buddhas skin. Now, there was a wound. In just mere moments, he had lost one-third of his blood.

You! The Metal Buddha glared.

Metal Buddha, dont use your foolish kindness to challenge my bottom line! Gu Hai said coldly.

Metal Buddha, quickly save me! He is a demon! the Supreme Genesis roared anxiously.

Supreme Genesis! The Metal Buddhas expression changed, looking like he wanted to attack again.

Metal Buddha, are you trying to eliminate my peac.o.c.k race as well?! a peac.o.c.k suddenly roared.

Huh? The Metal Buddha felt slightly startled.

Many peac.o.c.ks now surrounded the Metal Buddha.

Metal Buddha, when your Metal Temple was on the verge of destruction, it was my peac.o.c.k races prime who rescued your Metal Temple. Now, you are helping the Solar Divine Palace destroy my peac.o.c.k race? Metal Buddha, you will die an awful death!

Metal Buddha, by requiting grace with enmity, the peac.o.c.k race will never let you off even if we become malicious spirits!

Prime had built up a great reputation. How could he have been so blind to save your Metal Temple?

You have to get over my dead body if you want Senior!

The peac.o.c.ks cried out as they blocked the Metal Buddha.

The Metal Buddhas expression changed, appearing shocked. What? The Solar Divine Palace wants to eliminate the peac.o.c.k race?

Although the Metal Buddha had answered the Six Paths Veritable Lords call to pursue Gu Hai, he now lost all motivation to do so. He owed the peac.o.c.k race a great favor. Eliminate the peac.o.c.k race? He could not do that.

This was especially so when he heard the resentment in the peac.o.c.ks cries. The Metal Buddhas heart trembled.

Whats going on? Why would the peac.o.c.k race get eliminated? How did he get involved? the Metal Buddha asked anxiously.

The many peac.o.c.ks stared at the Metal Buddha, appearing hostile.

The Metal Buddha suddenly felt put in a spot.

Metal Buddha, hurry! Quickly save me! The Solar Divine Palace will repay you in the future. No, Im helping the Six Paths Veritable Lord! the Supreme Genesis shouted in horror.

The spatial force from the ritual array prevented the Supreme Genesis from moving. Now, Gu Hais Life Killer Saber swung over again.

Wait a moment! the Metal Buddha cried out anxiously.

Coo! The peac.o.c.ks charged at the Metal Buddha without regard for their lives, looking intent on taking him down with them.

Its too late! Gu Hai said ferociously.



The Supreme Genesiss head flew off, separated from his body. His eyes were opened wide. Even at his death, he did not believe he would die here at the hands of someone he did not know.

The Life Killer Saber instantly drained Supreme Genesiss blood, and his three spiritual souls immediately entered Gu Hais Eyes of Life and Death.

You! The Metal Buddha appeared angered.

Many thanks, Senior! The many peac.o.c.ks suddenly bowed to Gu Hai in grat.i.tude.


The twelve-winged angel above let out a sorrowful roar as it attacked the cloud beast with all its might.


A loud report rang out as the Supreme Genesis cloud beast exploded. Without the Supreme Genesis to control it, the twelve-winged angel turned back into a cross.

Gu Hai extended his hand and caught the Cross Annihilation.

The Cross Annihilation? Gu Hais eyes lit up.

You killed the Supreme Genesis? the Metal Buddha said with frustration on his face.

Whats wrong? Does the Metal Temple owe the Solar Divine Palace a favor too? As a buddha, arent you too useless, owing so many favors to others? Gu Hai retorted with a smile.

Humph! The Solar Divine Palace has nothing to do with me. However, you are so bloodthirsty and violent. Arent you afraid of retribution? the Metal Buddha said in anger.

Retribution? Monk, killing just the Supreme Genesis makes me violent just because he has a strong cultivation? Well, the Supreme Genesis killed so many peac.o.c.ks. Why dont you call him violent? I killed the Supreme Genesis and saved countless peac.o.c.ks. That is being very benevolent, kind, compa.s.sionate, and virtuous! Gu Hai said coldly.

You The Metal Buddha was at a loss for words.

Rather, are the peac.o.c.ks lives worth nothing to you? Only the Supreme Genesis is considered a person? Monk, I heard what the peac.o.c.ks said earlier. The peac.o.c.k race saved your Metal Temple, yet instead of repaying that favor when the peac.o.c.k race is in trouble, you choose to act hypocritically to end your karmic ties, requiting grace with enmity? What kind of Buddhism are you cultivating? What kind of nonsense Ten Lives Philanthropist are you? Gu Hai shouted while glowering.

I The Metal Buddhas expression turned stiff. Then, he appeared somewhat bitter.

Right now, the peac.o.c.k race is suffering a calamity in there. Have you even thought of helping the peac.o.c.ks break the ritual array and rescue the peac.o.c.k race elders? Gu Hai said.

The Metal Buddha took a deep breath and charged at the ritual array.


Just as the Metal Buddha was about to throw a palm strike, an earth-shattering noise came from the ritual array.


A large hole ripped open in the ritual array, and a humongous fireball shot out.

What? The Metal Buddha paused.

A three-legged crow? The Supreme Singularity? Gu Hais expression changed as he waved his hand, summoning stars in the sky.

Wheres the Supreme Genesis? Supreme Genesis! the Supreme Singularity roared.

I have already killed the Supreme Genesis. You are next! Gu Hai said coldly.

Then, Gu Hai waved his hand.


The Go Dao ritual array started operating again. The one hundred stars above immediately formed a shredding force, pulling at the Supreme Singularity to pin it in place.


The Supreme Singularity roared. It was far stronger than the Supreme Genesis. With a flap of its wings, it shattered Gu Hais Go Dao ritual array into pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The one hundred stars controlled by the Go Dao ritual array above exploded.

Huh? Gu Hais face sank. The Supreme Singularity was quite powerful.

Supreme Singularity, you can forget about leaving! A loud shout came from the ritual array. That was Kong Xuans furious voice.

Humph! Kong Xuan, when I retrieve the Primal Chaos Bell, your race will go extinct. Just wait! None of you will escape! The Supreme Singularity flapped its wings and disappeared into the horizon. Caw!


The ten-kilometer-long Kong Xuan wanted to give chase. However, when it came out, the Supreme Singularity had already reached the horizon.

Kong Xuan showed a ferocious expression, intent on pursuit.

Kong Xuan, dont go! Gu Hai shouted.


Kong Xuan s.h.i.+vered and awoke from its rage. It turned its head and saw Gu Hai holding the Cross Annihilation, defending the peac.o.c.k race behind.

Buzz! Kong Xuan immediately took human form.


Kong Xuan flung out his sleeves, and the ritual array trapping Peac.o.c.k Deity Island exploded.

When the ritual array exploded, it revealed the tragic scene on Peac.o.c.k Deity Island.

Countless peac.o.c.ks lay in pools of blood, ripped apart. There were numerous injured and dead animal spirit kings as well. Only one hundred-odd animal spirit kings still survived, currently fighting the peac.o.c.k races elders.

What? When the peac.o.c.ks outside saw the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, they were horrified.

Hah! Kong Xuan roared with a ferocious expression.

Surging black winds immediately curled around the animal spirit kings to pull them into Kong Xuans mouth.

Dont! The Metal Buddha could not bear for this to happen.

Metal Buddha, arent you being overly compa.s.sionate? Gu Hai asked with a frown.

The Metal Buddhas expression congealed, but he did not interfere.


Kong Xuan consumed most of the animal spirit kings in an instant.

The battle ended, and the peac.o.c.ks relaxed. However, the moment they did, countless peac.o.c.ks started crying.

Elder Brother, dont die! Dont die!

Father, Prime has avenged you! Father!

Mother! Dont leave this child behind!

Loud cries shook the sky. The peac.o.c.k races strength had suffered greatly. Seventy percent of their experts died in this battle. If not for Kong Xuan appearing, the peac.o.c.k race would have gone extinct.


Kong Xuan immediately arrived before Gu Hai.

Your Reverence, why are you here? Kong Xuan looked at Gu Hai in shock.

We came to find you first. Unfortunately, we were still a step too late, Gu Hai sighed softly.

The Supreme Genesiss Cross Annihilation? Kong Xuan suddenly exclaimed in shock.

So, His Reverence killed the Supreme Genesis?

Gu Hai nodded.

Who is this monk? Ive never met him before. Kong Xuan looked at the Metal Buddha, thinking the Metal Buddha was with Gu Hai.

A kind, old man who does not distinguish between right and wrong first, Gu Hai said with a faint, bitter smile.

Huh? Kong Xuan looked at the Metal Buddha with suspicion.

However, the Metal Buddhas expression changed. He recognized Kong Xuan, as Kong Xuans portrait was among the Six Paths Veritable Lords bounty notice.

The Metal Buddha did not know what to do.

Many thanks, Prime!

Its all thanks to Prime!


After the initial lamentation, the five surviving elders flew over, covered in blood. They saluted Kong Xuan, feeling grateful and celebratory.

When the old prime pa.s.sed on his position to Kong Xuan, the elders had been unwilling to accept itbut not anymore. If not for Kong Xuan, the peac.o.c.k race would have been eradicated.

Collect the bodies of the peac.o.c.ks! Kong Xuan instructed.

Yes! the elders answered.

The elders arranged for the peac.o.c.ks to collect the bodies.

Oh? Metal Buddha? Did your Metal Temple receive the news and come to help us repel the Solar Divine Palace? Although you are a little late, the peac.o.c.k race is boundlessly grateful! An elder immediately looked at the Metal Buddha in grat.i.tude.

Elder, the Metal Buddha is with the Solar Divine Palace! a peac.o.c.k suddenly said.

What? That elders expression changed.

The Metal Buddhas expression turned stiff; he did not know how to explain himself.

Huh? Your Reverence, he was fighting you earlier? Kong Xuans face sank.

The monk probably received the Six Paths Veritable Lords bounty notice and is here to capture us to claim credit from the Six Paths Veritable Lord! Gu Hai smiled.

What? He is here to deal with Prime? The peac.o.c.ks immediately glared at the Metal Buddha in hatred.

Metal Buddha suddenly felt ashamed. He opened his mouth a few times but did not know what to say.

Alright. Dont make things difficult for him. He did not know. Gu Hai smiled.