Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 076: Arrival

Book 6: Chapter 076: Arrival

Book 6: Chapter 076: Arrival

Past Hall, Spirit Mountain Sect:


The Past Buddha trembled, waking up from a strange dream.

Old Mister Guan Qi? Eight hundred thousand years ago? Thats impossible! Thats absolutely impossible! The Past Buddha glared as he stalked out of the hall.

Past Buddha! The surrounding monks bowed respectfully to the Past Buddha.

The Past Buddha looked at the surroundings in confusion. This is the Spirit Mountain Holy Land? This does not seem like it. Blessings? Why is there so little? I dont know these monks. No, thats not right. I know them. However, these people died long ago.

Its true? I really returned? The Past Buddha trembled.

Past Buddha, whats wrong? the surrounding monks asked in confusion.

Wheres the Lord Buddha? Wheres the Lord Buddha? the Past Buddha yelled.

The Lord Buddha? He is in the Hall of Great Strength, a monk said blankly.


The Past Buddha instantly arrived at the Hall of Great Strength.

Two people chatted within the Hall of Great Strength. One of them was the Present Buddha.

Lord Buddha, we are back! That Old Mister Guan Qi, he really brought us back! What should we do now? the Past Buddha asked anxiously.

In the large hall, the Present Buddha raised his head. He looked at the Past Buddha in confusion. Past Buddha, whats going on with you?

The other person raised his head. When the Past Buddha saw his face, the Past Buddha stepped back in shock. You-you are still alive?!

That person was another monk. He held his palms pressed together with his eyes somewhat shut. He had a plump figure.

Past Buddha, whats wrong with you? Why are you saying Im still alive? the stout monk asked with a smile.

Youyouyou The Past Buddha showed an uncertain expression.

Past Buddha, whats wrong with the Future Buddha? Why are you so emotional? the Present Buddha asked, feeling curious.

Eight hundred thousand years ago? Eight hundred thousand years ago! the Past Buddha muttered. He suppressed the uncertainty in his heart before taking a deep breath.

The Future Buddha? Oh, right, we have not changed the Future Buddha yet. This is the previous-generation Future Buddha. Naturally, he is still alive.

However, why does the Lord Buddha not know anything?

Suddenly, the Past Buddha s.h.i.+vered as he understood everything. Gautama Heavenly Demon?

Huh? The Present Buddha frowned.

Past Buddha, whats wrong? Did my evil side do something crazy again? Did he offend you? The Present Buddha appeared slightly confused.

The Gautama Heavenly Demon had a dual personality. Eight hundred thousand years later, it had already separated into the good Gautama and the evil Gautama. However, they are currently one. The two personalities are in the same body, and the good Gautama is presently in control?

Ah? No, nothing! The Past Buddhas expression turned stiff. It was not convenient for him to speak of many things.

Past Buddha, youve been saying bizarre things since you arrived. Did you encounter something rather strange? You can tell us, the Future Buddha said gravely.

Nothings going on. Nothing, the Past Buddha said bitterly.

Since theres nothing, your arrival is good timing. I have something to say, the Future Buddha said with a frown.

Oh? The other two buddhas looked at the Future Buddha.

Recently, I discerned some information from the future. However, Im not sure of it, and it is extremely terrifying. Although my past predictions had many errors, this time feels dreadful, the Future Buddha said with a frown.


The Greatly Compa.s.sionate Greatly Sorrowful Six Paths Veritable Lord? Hah! In my dream, he is not as compa.s.sionate as he seems. Everything he does has an ulterior motive. In my dream, he wants to kill Heaven! The Future Buddha frowned worriedly.

What? The Past Buddhas expression changed.

The information that the Future Buddha discerned this time is correct?

Shut up! the Present Buddha suddenly shouted coldly.

Future Buddha, your predictions have never been right. Dont talk nonsense, especially now. No one is to speak of such nonsense. If others hear of it, who knows how many experts will kill you to repay their debt of grat.i.tude to the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Do you know how many experts owe the Six Paths Veritable Lord a favor? Yet, you run off at the mouth? Are you tired of living? the Present Buddha said seriously.

But that dream seemed very real. It was very terrifying! the Future Buddha said bitterly.

Shut up! Bury everything about your dream in your stomach, the Present Buddha said coldly.

Alright, the Future Buddha said with a faint, bitter smile.

Past Buddha, dont speak of it, either. Right now, the creation of a world is at hand. There cannot be any word of rebellion, the Present Buddha said with a sigh.

The Past Buddhas expression turned somewhat stiff. Then, he showed a faint, bitter smile.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord wants to kill Heaven? No, it will begin soon. I do know for sure. Furthermore, the Six Paths Veritable Lord also knows that I returned from eight hundred thousand years in the future. Will he come and silence me?

Lord Buddha, I would like to meet your evil side. Please let me meet your evil side, the Past Buddha pleaded, feeling extremely bitter.

Oh? Meet my evil side? Why? the Present Buddha asked in shock.

The Future Buddha also showed a confused expression.

However, the Past Buddha refused to explain. He only knelt down suddenly.

Lord Buddha, I beg you. Let me meet your evil side, or it will be too late. My life hangs by a thread. No, your life hangs by a thread too. Let me meet him. Otherwise, my Spirit Mountain Holy Landno, my Spirit Mountain Sectwill be finished! the Past Buddha exhorted anxiously.

The Present Buddha and the Future Buddha looked at the Past Buddha in confusion.

Right then, a shout came from outside.

Six Paths seeks an audience with the Spirit Mountain Sects Three Lives Buddhas!

The loud call pa.s.sed through the Spirit Mountain Sects ritual array and entered the sect.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord? The Future Buddha felt slightly startled.

However, the Past Buddhas expression changed dramatically.

Lord Buddha, hurry! Bring out your evil side. That Six Paths Veritable Lord is here to destroy our sect! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! the Past Buddha cried out.

Above a vast sea:

A black cat was having fun above the sea.

Fis.h.i.+es, oh fishes! Do you want to be eaten by me? Entering my stomach is a form of purification. You will be able to become human in your next life. Those who want to be eaten by me, come with me! the black cat called out as it looked at the sea.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many fish excitedly chased the black cat.

Meow! I will eat whoever catches me! Come on! Come on! Meow! the black cat guffawed as it weaved its way through the waves.

Eating fish? That was also entertainment.

The many fish rushed to follow the black cat, so that they could get eaten by the black cat.

Meow! Meow! Meow!

The black cat ran happily. It was just a careful, playful cat with no motives.

While the black cat ran, its fur suddenly stood on end as the sense of a great threat enveloped its entire body. Meow!

Overwhelming waves kicked up in the surroundings. However, they could not stop the energy from rus.h.i.+ng toward the black cat.


The black cat trembled as it stood on the sea. It did not move as its initially carefree expression suddenly twisted.

The black cat only returned to its senses after a while.

Now, the black cat no longer smiled. Instead, there was only boundless hatred.

Splas.h.!.+ Splas.h.!.+ Splas.h.!.+

The surrounding fish quickly swam over, clearly wanting the black cat to fulfill its promise of eating them.

Scram! Heaven is about to fall. Who has the time to eat you? Meow! the black cat snarled.

Four old fogeys, quickly come and find me! Hurry! Find me! There is great trouble! Someone wants to kill Heaven! the black cat roared with a ferocious expression.

Hey? The little black cat stopped being naive? A voice suddenly rang out of nowhere.

Hahaha! Mao Tianyun, just forget it. I will not believe you!

Ptooey, you little black cat laze around every day, not doing your job. Beware of Heaven dealing with you!

Hahahahahaha! This is the best joke I have heard this year!

Four different voices rang out from different directions.

When the voices rang out, the black cats expression congealed. The other four divine beasts do not believe me?

Heaven above, Tianyun has a memorial! Meow! Mao Tianyun roared at the sky.

However, there was no reply.

Little black cat, stop shouting. Heaven is currently helping the Six Paths Veritable Lord scout outside the sky. How can he hear you? The creation of a world is at hand. How could he have time to bother with you? Just carry on and eat your fish. Hahahaha! A voice rang out.

Create a world? Create what world? Six Paths is a liar! He lied to everyone! Mao Tianyun roared.

However, the surrounding voices seemed to have vanished. The voices of the other four divine beasts stopped sounding.

Now, Mao Tianyuns fur stood on end. It showed a ferocious expression as it gazed at the nearby sea.

A man wearing Daoist robes appeared above the sea. He wore his hair in a high bun. Standing in the air, he had a benevolent expression as he looked at the nearby Mao Tianyun.

Cat deity, you were quite easy to find! The Daoist-robed man smiled faintly.

The Six Paths Veritable Lord? Meow! the black cat roared ferociously.

Indeed. How was eight hundred thousand years of imprisonment? Was it comfortable? Hahahahahaha! the Six Paths Veritable Lord guffawed.

As the Six Paths Veritable Lord guffawed, a thick fog suddenly appeared above the surrounding sea, isolating the place.

A large mountain on a t.i.tanic continent slightly north of the Eastern Sea:


Suddenly, a beam of rainbow light fell from the sky.


A loud sound rang out. That rainbow light seemed to envelop a figure that crashed into the ground.

What happened?

Someone fell from the sky?

Which sect is this fellow from? To think he is so incapable, falling when he is learning to fly? Hahahaha!

Laughter rang out, and many people headed for that deep crater.

The one in the pit was none other than Gu Hai.

Gu Hai rubbed his somewhat dizzy head. Then, he flew out of the deep crater, which had a cloud of dust blooming around it.

OId Mister Guan Qi? Game? Only one year? Eight hundred thousand years ago? Gu Hai rubbed his temples, frowning as he recalled what happened earlier.

By the time Gu Hai flew out, the surroundings teemed with people.

Hahaha! Look, he is stunned from the cras.h.!.+

What a fool! He fell from the sky?

I have to tell Senior Brother about this. This is the first time I saw someone fall when learning to fly!

The crowd laughed. Gu Hai had completely recovered already. He patted off the dust on himself and took in the people in his surroundings.

He did not know a single one.

The Severed Sects Heavenly Access, Kong Xuan, Ao Shun, Shangguan Hen, and Mo Yike are all gone? Am I alone? Fortunately, I still have my cultivation, and I did not lose any of my limbs.

Where is this? Gu Hai frowned at the crowd in front.