Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 062: Xuan Du's Confidence

Book 6: Chapter 062: Xuan Du's Confidence

Book 6: Chapter 062: Xuan Dus Confidence

Gu Hai immediately noticed Prime Feng Yue and Ao Sheng. After all, the dragons and black tortoises stood out on the mountain below the two.

When Gu Hai looked over coldly, Prime Feng Yues and Ao Shengs faces sank.

The two had grown significantly stronger, so they thought they had Gu Hai in the bag. Unexpectedly, a ridiculously powerful person like Kong Xuan suddenly appeared under Gu Hais command.

Even when Kong Xuan fought the Flame Monarch, it did not seem to be disadvantaged and might even be slightly stronger.

This Gu Hai is truly lucky. He managed to bring in another expert! Prime Feng Yue said with a sullen expression.

Fortunately, Kong Xuan is currently fighting the Flame Monarch. It is time for us to deal with our business! Ao Sheng said coldly.

The faces of the dragons under Ao Sheng sank when Gu Hais group returned.

That was Ao Shun, the crown prince that they had greatly respected. Now, they had to point weapons at him.

Prime Feng Yue, I see that your aura is flouris.h.i.+ng. Have you already recovered your strength from eight centuries ago? Gu Hai suddenly asked with a cold smile.

Had I previously taken Shangguan Hen away, I would have recovered to eight centuries ago. Unfortunately, you ruined that plan. Hah! How excellent of you! To think that you could so easily manipulate the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array? Prime Feng Yue replied with cold eyes.

So, that means you have not recovered your strength yet? Nonetheless, you still dared to cause trouble at Borderless Heavenly Capital? Gu Hai said coldly while glaring.

Although I have not recovered my strength from eight centuries ago, I have already regained thirty percent of it. Humph! I can only fully recover my strength by bringing Shangguan Hen to the Thousand Islands Sea. Gu Hai, you cannot stop me even with me at only thirty percent of my original strength. If you are wise, move aside. I am not like the Flame Monarch, leaving the Borderless Heavenly Capital to fight. I will immediately destroy your Borderless Heavenly Capital! Prime Feng Yue said coldly.

As Prime Feng Yue spoke, his body swung. Boundless black energy came out of him, and he transformed into a gigantic black snake. When the snake lashed its tail, it crushed several mountains behind it.

This snake was more than six kilometers long, looking incredibly ferocious as its tongue flicked out. The cold glint in the black snakes eyes shook the hearts of countless citizens in Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Gu Hai ignored the black snake. Instead, he looked at Shangguan Hen.

Your Reverence, this is the trouble that I brought here. Let me deal with it myself, Shangguan Hen requested seriously.

Prime, be careful! He now has thirty percent of his previous strength. You now, a group of black tortoises nearby, who followed Shangguan Hen, cried out anxiously.

Its fine! Shangguan Hen stepped forward and flew towards Prime Feng Yue.

Prime Feng Yue felt slightly startled.

Oh? Hahahaha! Shangguan Hen, you must have gone mad. I only grew stronger because I received the inheritance from eight centuries ago. You just disappeared for two months. Who do you think you are? The black snakes face turned cold as it opened its mouth to try and swallow Shangguan Hen.

You might care about your strength from eight centuries ago, but that does not mean I do! Shangguan Hen suddenly showed a ferocious expression as he unleashed a dazzling golden light.

When the golden light shone, it scattered most of Prime Feng Yues black energy.

Sun Wukongs aura? Ao Shengs expression changed.

The black snakes face sank. However, it had great confidence in itself. It did not pause at all, wanting to swallow Shangguan Hen.

The black tortoises who followed Shangguan Hen appeared worried. However, the black tortoises who followed Prime Feng Yue showed disdain on their faces.


A loud report rang out as intense winds swept into the surroundings. The shock wave knocked over the black tortoises.

What? Miao Chens expression froze. He rubbed his eyes, then showed an expression of joy.

Shangguan Hens punch displayed overwhelming strength, knocking the black snake back fifty kilometers.


The black snake stopped in midair and looked at Shangguan Hen in shock. It had not expected his strength to have grown this much.


Shangguan Hen immediately rushed over, driving the battle away from Borderless Heavenly Capital.

You! What cultivation technique is this? This is not the Black Tortoise Divine Technique that I pa.s.sed on to you! the black snake exclaimed in shock.

The Black Tortoise Divine Technique? Hah! I stopped cultivating that long ago. It looks like thirty percent of the previous-generation Black Tortoise Prime is nothing much, Shangguan Hen suddenly sneered, charging forward again.

Humph! I was just careless earlier. Shangguan Hen, to think that you consider yourself capable of fighting me? Roar!

The black snake got angered into using its full strength. It surged forward to fight Shangguan Hen.


The incredibly ferocious battle in the distance shook the ground and shattered many mountains, launching rock shards into the sky.

Shangguan Hen attacked with his full power. Not only was he not disadvantaged, but he even vaguely seemed to hold the upper hand.

Prime is mighty! Miao Chen and the other black tortoise elders roared in excitement.

However, the black tortoises who followed Prime Feng Yue showed unsightly expressions.

The battle in the distance continued.

Ao Shun said to Gu Hai, Your Reverence, I wish to talk with my younger brother. I ask for Your Reverence not to interfere.

Alright! Gu Hai nodded.


Ao Shun immediately flew to the distant Ao Sheng.

Ao Sheng showed a sullen expression as he looked at the distant Shangguan Hen.

Shangguan Hen? Previously, he was the one that I looked down on the most.

Initially, Sun Wukong had beaten him up, reducing him to pa.s.sive defense. In the dragons gates area, he was a mess. Now, he is this strong? Even I might not be able to do anything to him.

What happened in the past month or so?

Why is Gu Hai so lucky?


Ao Shun approached.

Ao Shengs face sank.

The expressions of the surrounding dragons changed.

CrownCrown Prince Ao Shun! some of the dragons greeted stiffly.

Ao Shun? It looks like you grew much stronger after obtaining the Western Seas dragon deity? Ao Sheng said coldly.

Second Younger Brother, if Royal Father were around, he would not spare you for digging up the dragon mounds. You should not persist in your mistakes, Ao Shun said with a bitter smile.

Put away your hypocrisy. Humph! Persist in my mistakes? Isnt it all your fault? Would I need to dig up the dragon mounds if I had obtained the dragon deity? Royal Father? Royal Father was truly biased. I was the crown prince, but he pa.s.sed on the dragon deity to you? Ao Sheng retorted resentfully.

That does not excuse your digging up the dragon mounds. I heard that you even placed the ancient souls of the dragon mounds into the dragons. You are not letting even them off? Ao Shun questioned coldly.

The surrounding dragons s.h.i.+fted uncomfortably.

After Ao Sheng dug up the dragon mounds, he had placed some of the ancient dragon souls into their bodies. While their cultivations had increased, they seemed to suffer from some restrictions they could not quite explain.

Humph! I am the dragon king. Who are you to question me? How I make them stronger has nothing to do with you! Ao Sheng said coldly.

They did grow stronger by receiving the ancient dragon souls. However, it will harm their souls and reduce their lifespans. How is it not my business? They used to be my brothers! Ao Shun countered coldly.

Ao Shuns address of brothers made many of the dragons restless.

Crown Prince Ao Shun, I wish to follow you. May I? one of the dragons suddenly spoke up.

Little Lin? Ao Shun looked at that dragon.

How audacious! Are you betraying the Northern Sea Dragon Palace? Ao Sheng glared.

The days I spent fighting with Crown Prince Ao Shun were my most carefree days. My father recently offended Crown Prince Ao Shun; please forgive him for that. In my heart, the one I have always wanted to follow is Crown Prince Ao Shun. I hope Crown Prince Ao Shun will not shun me, Lin s.h.i.+zi said anxiously.

Ao Shun nodded. Alright. Come with me, then. I will think of a way to remove the ancient dragon soul in you.

Crown Prince Ao Shun, I also wish to follow you!

Crown Prince Ao Shun, I no longer wish to remain in the Northern Sea Dragon Palace!

In my heart, you are the true crown prince. You are the true Northern Sea Dragon King! I wish to follow you too!

Nearly eighty percent of the dragons cried out excitedly, betraying Ao Sheng in the blink of an eye.

Alright! Ao Shun nodded again.

From their stances, it is clear that Ao Sheng has lost the support of the dragons. His Reverence is right. Rather than letting my brothers die under Ao Sheng without them knowing why, I might as well take care of them.

When Ao Shun agreed, the dragons immediately cheered for joy and flew over to Ao Shun.

Ao Shengs face turned ashen.

Humph! Betraying the Northern Sea Dragon Palace carries the death penalty! Ao Sheng said frostily as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Death penalty? Since when was there such a punishment? Ao Shun asked coldly.

There is now! Humph! Since you are so foolish, dont blame me for this. Ancient souls, possess their bodies and take control! Ao Sheng shouted coldly. At the same time, a purplish-black aura appeared on his face, forming the character for pardon.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

A purplish-black aura came out from all the dragons that betrayed Ao Sheng. Their bodies seemed to burn, and they let out pained cries.

Crown Prince Ao Shun, save me! Save me!

Argh! It hurts! Dont! Argh!

Miserable cries rang out continuously. Ao Shuns expression changed as he rushed over. However, the dragons suddenly radiated powerful auras.

All at once, Lin s.h.i.+zis body enlarged, doubling in size. Many veins popped all over his body; his eyes rolled up, no longer showing pupils, only the white sclera. Then, his aura became exceedingly baleful.


The dragons manipulated the weather, causing churning black clouds to press down. The moment the character for pardon appeared on Ao Sheng, the ancient dragon souls possessed the dragons.

These ancient dragon souls exuded overwhelming resentment, emanating a terrifying baleful aura.

Kill Ao Shun! Ao Sheng commanded.


The dragons immediately charged towards Ao Shun in a frenzy.

Little Lin, whats wrong with you all? Ao Shun asked anxiously.

However, Lin s.h.i.+zi was the first to attack.


Ao Shun knocked back Lin s.h.i.+zi with a punch. However, there were many other ferocious dragons behind.

Hah! Ao Shun suddenly roared, and a black dragon image appeared around him.

The aura of the dragon deity spread out, giving pause to the dragons about to charge over.

Kill! Continue! Ao Sheng ordered coldly.

Roar! The dragons charged at Ao Shun again, not even caring about the dragon deitys suppression.

Humph! Ao Sheng, how dare you?! To think that you are rearing ghosts? Ao Shun glared as he charged at Ao Sheng.

The ones charging him were once his brothers. Naturally, he did not want to attack them, so he could only attack Ao Sheng and force Ao Sheng to reverse what had been done to the dragons.

Humph! With just you? I have opened the Western Seas dragon mound. All the dragon kings souls are with me! Ao Sheng punched ferociously.


Ao Shengs punch caused a sonic boom.

Ao Sheng was stronger, pus.h.i.+ng Ao Shun back a little.

My excellent younger brother, how many dragon souls have you consumed? Ao Shun asked with a chilly expression.


Suddenly, a white dragon image came out of Ao Shuns body. The two dragon imagesone white and one blackrepresented the two dragon deities.

Then, Ao Shun threw another punch at Ao Sheng.


This time, Ao Sheng finally got knocked back. However, there were limits to Ao Shuns strength.

The dragon deities should be mine in the first place! Ao Shun, you scoundrel! Hah! Ao Sheng attacked frantically.

The surrounding dragons charged Ao Shun simultaneously.

The battle among the dragons turned chaotic. Fortunately, Ao Shun lured the battle into the distance.

At the mountain forest:

Xuan Du smiled coldly. Alright, all the experts by Gu Hais side have been mobilized. It is our turn next!

Ah? First Senior Brother, there is still the Mosquito Daoist!

The Mosquito Daoist? Dont worry. I can prevent him from interfering, Xuan Du sneered.