Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 019: Bone Saber Mountain

Book 6: Chapter 019: Bone Saber Mountain

Book 6: Chapter 019: Bone Saber Mountain

The sky above the Soaring Palace Halls plaza turned chaotic.

Chen Tianshan suddenly understood that he could not escape todays calamity. Bringing Prime Feng Yue here demonstrated Gu Qins determination. Prime Feng Yue was an Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, while the Han Royal Dynasty had no Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator to defend it. Given that, Chen Tianshan could not flee, even if he wanted to.

If Gu Qin took over the nation, the first person he would kill would be Duke Tianshan, as the Han Royal Dynasty did not need a second voice in command.

Sima Changkong did not come with good intentions. However, based on his conversation with Gu Qin, the two had come to some sort of arrangement.

Long Aotian disregarded Chen Tianshan altogether. He just wanted Mo Yike and Gao Xianzhi. If he captured the two, the confidence of the Han Royal Dynastys citizens would soon waver.

That was why Chen Tianshan ordered the five hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers to kill the three at all costs.

Gu Qin, Sima Changkong, and Long Aotian.

If Gu Qin died, he could not take over the Han Royal Dynasty. Prime Feng Yue represented the black tortoise race and could not succeed the throne, so no one cared about them. Sima Changkongs death would plunge the dragons into chaos. If Long Aotian died, the zombies would scatter.

As long as the three of them died, this calamity would end. Even if Prime Feng Yue or Ao Sheng wanted revenge, everything would end with Chen Tianshans death. The Han Royal Dynasty would be protected for now, as long as they died.

As for the rest, Chen Tianshan could not do anything more, only hope that the emperor returned soon.

There were five hundred thousand Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators. Even Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators would not dare take on such a horrifying number. That was a trained army. Their ferocious murderous intent caused the threes expressions to change dramatically.

Given this, Prime Feng Yue had to protect Gu Qin quickly.

Ao Sheng also had to protect Sima Changkong.

Likewise, the zombie sovereign had to protect Long Aotian. If the three died, all their efforts would go to waste.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud reports immediately came from the sky. When Prime Feng Yue and the others attacked, they sent the Divine Demon Army soldiers flying one after another. However, Gu Hai had trained the Divine Demon Army, and its soldiers were absolutely loyal. So what if they got sent flying? They just resumed their a.s.sault.

The murderous feelings from the Asura Path Secret Realm resurfaced. They did not care about the three experts attacking them. Although they sustained severe injuries, how could they fear the other side when they had five hundred thousand of them?


The shock waves from the clashes formed three powerful tornadoes. The warriors brandis.h.i.+ng weapons did not fear death. With ferocious expressions, they charged into the tornadoes.

The powerful tremors sent chills through the

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