Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 6: Chapter 011: Leaving Earth

Book 6: Chapter 011: Leaving Earth

Book 6: Chapter 011: Leaving Earth

After the wedding, Gu Hai accompanied Zang Yulian and Xiaorou for one year, during which Zang Yulians cultivation had reached the Upper Heavenly Palace, alleviating his worries somewhat.

One year in this immortal world was one day on Earth. During this one year, Gu Hai did not return to Earth. In the meantime, Long Zhanguo had gained nearly a full understanding of Earth and also reached the Nascent Soul Realm.

Are you leaving already? Long Zhanguo looked at Gu Hai.

Yes. I need to return quickly. I will try to think of a way to return, Gu Hai said seriously.

Ill inform Laozi so that they can send you off, Long Zhanguo said.

Thats fine. However, are you sure you wont stay in the immortal world to cultivate? Gu Hai looked at Long Zhanguo.

Ill go to Earth and go by Earths rules, Long Zhanguo said with a smile.


I failed the last time I cultivated. Naturally, I will do it differently this time. Although the immortal world has exceptional advantages, it is somewhat unrealistic in the end. The outside world is the real one. Coincidentally, I have reached a bottleneck, Long Zhanguo said.

Gu Hai proffered a book. These are all my bank accounts. You can use the money in there first. I will hand my businesses to you as well.

Dont worry. In the future, they will be the businesses of the Qian Nation Conglomerate. I promise you that your businesses will never close, even if they have to operate at a loss, Long Zhanguo said with a smile.

The Qian Nation Conglomerate? Gu Hai parroted with some surprise.

Indeed, wont I need an ident.i.ty to live on Earth? Long Zhanguo said with a smile.

One day later, Director Zhang received a phone call.

h.e.l.lo? Gu Hai? Where are you? What? Alright, Ill be there soon. Wait for me! Director Zhang said with some excitement in his voice.

Director Zhang had connected with an organization and gotten exposed to a lot of exciting information. This organization was made up of secret members from various governments in the world. Although they had fought the black-trench-coat-clad men many times, they had never won before.

However, the secret agents of the various nations knew that there was an even higher-level organization fighting the black-clad men, comprised of mythological figures.

Chinas Laozi, Indias Siddhrtha, Vatican Citys Jesus, Greeces Zeus, and many other figures from myths and legends really existed. However, they refused contact with the mundane world.

[TL Note: Zeus was the thunder G.o.d in ancient Greek religion and the head of the Greek pantheon. He is one of the commonly featured deities in many stories and movies, so his name should be quite familiar already. Nonetheless, here is the Wikipedia entry on Zeus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeus.]

Although the organization had requested many times, these mythological figures had never deigned to deal with it. Now, Gu Hai managed to get in touch with them, and Director Zhang could connect with Gu Hai.

At first, Director Zhang worried that Gu Hai would not contact him. Now, Gu Hai had contacted him. Naturally, he immediately rushed to meet Gu Hai. Be it in the name of loyalty to his nation or a resonance between oppressed members of the world, he had to persuade Gu Hai to help his organization connect with the mythological figures.

Director Zhang immediately got a fighter jet to bring him to the East China Sea.

Above an island in the East China Sea:

The pilot looked at Director Zhang in confusion. Director, are you really going to eject here?

Cut the c.r.a.p. Just go back yourself and watch your mouth. This is a secret mission. It is not to be leaked, Director Zhang instructed.

Yes! that pilot answered.


The pilot ejected Director Zhang from the plane and quickly flew back.

Director Zhang pulled open his parachute and drifted towards the center of that island.

At this moment, the center of the island was already full of people.

As Director Zhang drifted down, he started rubbing his eyes.

Who is that? The Gautama Buddha? The Three Stars, Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity? Third Crown Prince Nezha? Bodhisattva Guanyin? Jesus? Angels? Director Zhangs heart pounded heavily.

[TL Note: The Three Stars refer to a group of three Chinese deities that are the incarnations of fortune, prosperity, and longevity. They are named after their aspects and are commonly depicted as three bearded men. They are widely wors.h.i.+ped for obvious reasons. Here is the Wikipedia entry on them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanxing_(deities).]

Before arriving, Director Zhang had thought he would see only Gu Hai, expecting to take a long time convincing Gu Hai to let him meet some of the mythological figures.

Now, he saw so many deities and immortals on his arrival. These arent imposters, right? Gu Hai went missing for only a few years. How could he have the prestige to invite so many deities and immortals here?


Director Zhang parachuted into the middle of these deities and immortals. At this moment, Gu Hai was consoling two ridiculously beautiful women.

When all the deities and immortals looked at Director Zhang, he showed a very strange expression.

Gu-Gu Hai? Director Zhang called out uncertainly.

Oh! Director Zhang, you are here. Come, let me make introductions. This is Laozi! This is Siddhrtha. This is Jesus. This is Long Zhanguo! Gu Hai introduced some of the important figures.

Ah? Laozi? Nice to meet you!

Siddhrtha? Excuse me for not greeting you. Tearing down your temple previously was not my decision. Ill go to the temple to light some incense for you tomorrow.

Jesus? I went to a church to attend a wedding last month. You look very similar to the image of you on the cross!

Director Zhang started shaking hands with everyone with a somewhat peculiar expression.

He took in his surroundings. If these are not impostors, then I have seen enough today to shock me for my entire life. Look! Thats Bodhisattva Guanyin. Thats the Gautama Buddha. Thats Jesus? Theres even the Supreme Ascendant Sovereign?

Director Zhang felt dizzy from excitement.

Director Zhang, I asked you to come over because I have something that I need to trouble you with, Gu Hai said.

Theres no problem. Mister Gu, and the various deities and immortals, you just need to ask, Director Zhang immediately said excitedly.

This is my friend. He is called Long Zhanguo. He wants to register a company. Can I trouble you to help with the procedures? Otherwise, it will be too slow! Gu Hai handed him a doc.u.ment folder containing some materials.

Director Zhang:

Director Zhang received the folder from Gu Hai with a nagging feeling that these people had banded together to trick him. A group of deities and immortals came to ask me to help them register a company through the back door? This does not seem quite right.

Lets call it Qian Nation Limited Liability Company. Also, we might need to open some branches in other countries. When that happens, there will be lots of paperwork. We will need some lawyers too. Can I trouble you for help with that? Gu Hai explained.

Qian Nation Limited Liability Company? Uh? Alright! Director Zhang agreed in confusion, unsure why he agreed.

Director Zhang, Ill have to trouble you soon, Long Zhanguo said with a faint smile.

The deity before me said there would be trouble?

Director Zhang could not keep up.

Sure, its not a problem. I will do my best. Dont worry. However, how am I to contact you? Director Zhang asked, feeling strange.

Right! I asked someone to get me a cell phone yesterday. I just need to exchange numbers with you, Long Zhanguo replied with a smile.

Huh? Oh! Alright! Thats good, Director Zhang was utterly stunned.

These are deities and immortals?

Its about time. Yulian! Gu Hai looked at Zang Yulian.

Reluctance flashed in Zang Yulians eyes. Xiaorous eyes reddened.

Dont worry. I will return as soon as I can, Gu Hai said very seriously.

Husband, well wait for you. Xiaorou nodded with red eyes.

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Husband, take care! Zang Yulian did not cry. However, Gu Hai could feel the bitterness in her heart.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zang Yulian started playing the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece.

Gu Hai extended his hand and waved.

Buzz! A black hole suddenly appeared in front.

Husband, take this zither. I have sealed the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece in it. As long as you carry this zither with you, it will keep playing the Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece for ten days. Zang Yulian seriously proffered her guqin.

Gu Hai accepted the guqin. Even without anyone playing it, the strings kept vibrating. Some reluctance flashed in his eyes. Then, he kissed Zang Yulians and Xiaorous cheeks. Take care. I will be back as soon as I can.

Alright. The two women nodded.

In a modern room:

Beep! Beep! Beep! A black-clad man rushed over to Leo. Sir, there is news! A Chinese fighter jet temporarily deviated from its flight plan over the East China Sea and turned back above an island. Clouds are obscuring the satellite images of that island. Someone might have gone there!

Gu Hai is out? Haha! Lets go! Leo glared.


Leo led a group of black-clad men into a flying saucer. They immediately headed for the island where Gu Hai was.

The flying saucer moved very quickly and soon arrived over that island.

Gu Hai held a guqin as he stood before a black hole on the island, about to step in.

Ah? A flying saucer! Director Zhangs expression changed.

The black-clad men appeared? What should we do now?

In the flying saucer, the expression of Leo changed. What?! They are all here? Oh no! There are too many people! We cant block them all! Quickly, leave! Inform the others! Hurry! Hurry!

Boom! The Fire-Tipped Spear instantly pierced the flying saucer.

No! No! the black-clad men cried out in fear. Nezha had used his Red Armillary Sash to wrap around the flying saucer.

Seal that spiritual treasure! Dont let them expose our location! PaG.o.da-Bearing Heavenly King Li called out.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Gu Hai suddenly tossed out many sabers from his spatial storage bracelet.


Earth had no Spiritual Energy. However, Gu Hai still possessed extremely horrifying power. The flying saucer instantly shattered, and all the black-clad mens heads flew off.

Ah? Director Zhang exclaimed, his expression changing.

Gu Hai is this strong?

This is good timing. Ill bring their spiritual souls with me. Lets see what happens to their spiritual souls, Gu Hai said.

He waved his hand, pulling the shattered flying saucer and the corpses into the black hole.


After Gu Hai stepped in, the black hole closed slowly and vanished.

Husband, return as soon as you can, Xiaorou called out loudly.

Blargh! Zang Yulian dry-heaved.

Whats wrong with you? Laozi frowned.

Master, disciple is fine. I just feel some discomfort. Zang Yulian shook her head.

Cihang, come and take a look. Laozi looked at Bodhisattva Guanyin with some antic.i.p.ation.

Bodhisattva Guanyin immediately approached and gave off a red light from her eyes. After she looked for a while, her face lit up with delight. Congratulations, Junior Sister, you have impending joy!

Ah? Im pregnant? Zang Yulian felt slightly shocked. Then, she pressed her hand on her abdomen.

Hahahahaha! This is good news. Lets go. Well return and celebrate. Laozi started guffawing very happily.

Laozi had not made any requests of Gu Hai. However, while he had not asked for anything, this was what he wanted. Laozi had pushed Gu Hai to marry Zhang Yulian and Xiaorou to capture Gu Hais heart. He had a vague feeling that Gu Hai would be very important. Perhaps he might be the hope of all life.

As long as he captured Gu Hais heart, Gu Hai would never abandon Earth.

Zang Yulians pregnancy was what Laozi wanted the most. He waved widely, and the entrance to the immortal world appeared. Then, all the deities, immortals, buddhas, and arhats poured in.

The entrance to the immortal realm vanished shortly after it appeared.

This left Director Zhang alone on the island, appearing confused.


Director Zhang slapped himself, feeling like he had been dreaming.

Everyone is gone? Was I dreaming?

Director Zhang only felt certain that this was real when he saw the doc.u.ment folder in his hand.

The doc.u.ment folder had the words Qian Nation LLC on it.

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