Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 212: Blood Staining the Sky

Book 5: Chapter 212: Blood Staining the Sky

Book 5: Chapter 212: Blood Staining the Sky

The Primal Chaos Universe Furnace consisted of the Primal Chaos Bell, the Universe Cauldron, and the Cross Annihilation. They were the second, third, and tenth of the top sixteen ancient treasures. Yet, Long Zhanguo managed to explode it.

Even with the power of all life in the world and the hungry ghost path of reincarnation fused into the Supreme Singularity, the large explosion still sent him flying three hundred meters back.


The impact was so great that he spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Up in the sky, the fragments of the Primal Chaos Bell, the Universe Cauldron, and the Cross Annihilation destroyed most of Heavens eyes. Even those that did not shatter turned b.l.o.o.d.y.

Argh! My eyes! My eyes! The Six Paths Immortals miserable cry rang out across the Heavenly Realm.

The miserable cries spread not only through the Heavenly Realm but even the entire Divine Continent.

Under the fusang tree:

Sect Master Heavenly Access, Jiang Lianshan, Ji Dihong, and the Three Lives Buddhas goggled at the sky.


The dark clouds covering the Divine Continent turned crimson as though the Six Paths Immortals blood dyed the sky.

As the crimson clouds churned, they seemed to give off a b.l.o.o.d.y stench.

The Six Paths Immortals scream? Blood dyeing the sky? Jiang Lianshans eyes lit up.

The Qian Nation? Blood dyeing the world? Sect Master Heavenly Access narrowed his eyes, shocked at the battle.

To think that Long Zhanguo could injure the Six Paths Immortal to such an extent.

Now, no one wanted to leave. They were on tenterhooks as they looked at the blood-stained sky.

In the Heavenly Realm:

Its His Holy Eminence! His Holy Eminence broke out! countless Qian Nation officials cried out excitedly.

Your Holy Eminence! Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!

Loud cheers rang out.

Long Zhanguos figure slowly appeared in the black hole formed by the surging explosions.

The three path of reincarnation black pillars rose again behind him.

Now, Long Zhanguos long hair was white and brittle. Countless wrinkles filled his face as if he had aged to his limits.

His body was mangled, burned in some places. Some parts seemed like evil spirits had gnawed on them, changing their shape. Clearly, he had suffered greatly in the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace.

Long Zhanguo held the shattered Warring Nation Immortal Firmament in his left hand. Previously, it looked like a bubble. Now, it looked torn and dried up. Loud sounds and countless miserable cries came from it.

The Warring Nation Immortal Firmament seemed ruined. The three paths of reincarnation shook as though struggling against Long Zhanguos control.

His right hand held the Heaven Splitting Ax. However, the Heaven Splitting Ax was also heavily damaged. Nevertheless, it was still the strongest enchanted treasure in the world, no matter how damaged it was.

Your Holy Eminence?! Countless Qian Nation officials gazed at Long Zhanguo in shock.

Heaven had ten thousand eyes. Although they were all open, practically all were blind. Only one eye exuded blood and water, and its pupil seemed to be dilating slightly.

Not all of Heavens eyes got blinded? Gu Hais face sank.

Supreme Singularity, are you dead? Quickly attack! He is at the end of his rope! You can use the energy of all three paths of reincarnation! the Six Paths Immortal cried out with anxiety in his voice.


The Supreme Singularity turned into a three-legged golden crow and flew at Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo had just broken out of the seal. With a ferocious expression, he charged once more at the Supreme Singularity, apparently experiencing a dying flash.

The troubles of all life come from Six Paths. You, the Supreme Singularity, committed crimes against all life! Die for us!

Long Zhanguo roared as he swung his Heaven Splitting Ax at the Supreme Singularity. The powerful aura immediately pushed back Gu Hai and Kong Xuan.

The Supreme Singularity showed a ferocious expression as two of its claws reached for Long Zhanguo.


The Heaven Splitting Ax struck the hungry ghost path of reincarnation, biting deep into it. The Supreme Singularitys two huge claws tightly gripped the Heaven Splitting Ax.

An extremely intense windstorm kicked up between the two, the black hole around them growing larger.

The Six Paths Immortal stared at this scene from the sky. The surrounding people could not get close at all.


The dried-up Warring Nation Immortal Firmament in Long Zhanguos left hand tore even further. Now, it just seemed like a dried-up layer of skin.


Long Zhanguos three paths of reincarnation suddenly struggled free of his control, disappearing into the world.

The three paths of reincarnation returned to the world. Long Zhanguo is dead for sure! Hahaha! Human path of reincarnation, asura path of reincarnation, animal path of reincarnation, heed my command! a.s.sist the Supreme Singularity! The Six Paths Immortals voice rang out in the Heavenly Realm.


Suddenly, another three paths of reincarnation appeared behind the Supreme Singularity.

The Supreme Singularity merged into the hungry ghost path of reincarnation. The other five path of reincarnation black pillars stuck close to it, sending surging energy to it, fighting Long Zhanguo with it.


The ma.s.sive impact caused Long Zhanguo to spew out a mouthful of blood. However, he still showed a ferocious expression.

At this moment, Long Zhanguo had truly reached his limits.

Long Zhanguo, you have lost! the Supreme Singularity snarled ferociously.

The Supreme Singularity felt the balance tilting in its favor; victory was at hand. Right now, its strength had already suppressively surpa.s.sed Long Zhanguos. Long Zhanguo would die for sure.

Heaven Splitting Ax, old friend, this is the final moment. We wish to kill him! Kill him for us! Long Zhanguo showed a ruthless expression as he poured surging energy into the Heaven Splitting Ax.

Blargh! Blargh! Long Zhanguo continuously spewed out mouthfuls of blood.

When the energy poured into the damaged Heaven Splitting Ax, it trembled intensely as if grieving for Long Zhanguos fate.


Many cracks suddenly appeared on the Heaven Splitting Ax like it would shatter. Despite the cracks, it grew increasingly stronger, biting deeper into the hungry ghost path of reincarnation black pillar.

Blargh! Blargh! Blargh!

As Long Zhanguo vomited blood, his body shriveled.

Was his dying flash coming to an end?

The distant Gu Hai, Long Shenying, Kong Xuan, and Zang Yulian goggled.

Long Zhanguo fought with everything he had. The Supreme Singularity gaped in horror as the Heaven Splitting Ax inched closer. Two of its claws clutched the ax, resisting with all its might. However, the ax still grew increasingly closer to its forehead.

No! No! No! the Supreme Singularity roared in horror.

In his dying flash, Long Zhanguo managed to cut apart the hungry ghost path of reincarnation. No. Even the energy from the six paths of reincarnation combined could not stop him. Even with the energy of all life, the Supreme Singularity could not stop Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo is at the end of his rope. However, am I going to go down with him?

Supreme Singularity, if you die, I will revive you. Dont be afraid to die. Fight with everything you have for me! The Six Paths Immortals voice quavered with alarm.

To think that Long Zhanguos will was this strong. Even at the end of his rope, he could still cut down the Supreme Singularity.

After receiving the Six Paths Immortals guarantee, the Supreme Singularity showed a ferocious expression.

Die? Even if I die, I must bring Long Zhanguo down with me. The Six Paths Immortal will revive me.


The Supreme Singularitys third golden crow claw suddenly extended a black pillar towards Long Zhanguos forehead.

The billions of evil spirits in the hungry ghost path of reincarnation, heed my command! Attack Long Zhanguos mind! Go! the Supreme Singularity roared.


With the Supreme Singularity risking death, that claw managed to cut Long Zhanguos forehead.

Ah! Hehehehehehe!

Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Black energy rushed at Long Zhanguos forehead. Countless evil spirits poured in, a torrential stream.

Cut! Long Zhanguo roared.

Explode! the Supreme Singularity roared.

Right before Long Zhanguo cut the Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Singularity knew that he would surely die, so he detonated all the energy in his bodythe energy of all life, the Immortal Energy, and the energy from the six paths of reincarnation.


A loud report rang out. An enormous black hole ripped up the entire Heavenly Realm. The vast explosion opened countless black tears in s.p.a.ce.

Far away, the heavenly courts thirty-three cities instantly shattered. Countless officials and citizens suffered severe injuries or died.

Long Shenying extended his hand and waved, saving some people.

Kong Xuan and the surviving animal spirit kings quickly flew far away. However, the shock waves from the explosion still struck them, making them vomit mouthfuls of blood.

Gu Hai flew towards Zang Yulian and protected her, hugging her as he retreated into the distance. As he did so, he continuously spewed out blood from his mouth.

Hiding in Gu Hais embrace, Zang Yulian saw him spitting up blood and felt touched.

The six path of reincarnation black pillars vanished.

The Heavenly Realm ripped apart.

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Spatial tears opened, leading to the Heavenly Realm. The powerful shock waves quickly shattered all the cities at the top of the fusang tree, sending the surrounding seawater shooting up into the sky. The shock waves even reached below the huge fusang tree, where Sect Master Heavenly Access, Ji Dihong, Jiang Lianshan, and the Three Lives Buddhas were.

Sect Master Heavenly Access and the others looked into the Heavenly Realm in shock. No one entered.

They could vaguely see that only one of Heavens eyes remained in the Heavenly Realms sky. Even that remaining one had cracks and was covered in blood.

Is he dead? The Six Paths Immortals voice came from the Heavenly Realm.

The Supreme Singularity had shattered into pieces at the center of the black hole, reduced to nothing.

No! Long Zhanguo is not dead yet? Kong Xuan yelled in shock.

Just how strong is Long Zhanguos lifeforce for him to survive such a ma.s.sive explosion?

Long Zhanguo could be seen at the very center, his white bones practically exposed.

The Heaven Splitting Ax in Long Zhanguos hand had shattered. His head was deformed. As his left hand held the dried-skin-like Warring Nation Immortal Firmament, his body twitched continuously.

His forehead emanated boundless black energy as evil spirits roared in his mind.

Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Long Zhanguo roared in pain.

He survived?

He survived even that?

Kong Xuan, Gu Hai, Long Shenying, Zang Yulian, and the surviving animal spirit kings all appeared shocked and horrified.

The Six Paths Immortal stared at Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguos aura was tenuous. It seemed like he had blown up everything he had. However, none of the animal spirit kings dared to approach.

The Six Paths Immortals voice rang out once more. The will of boundless evil spirits? Hahahaha! Long Zhanguo has gone mad! He is already crazy! Go kill him right now! His strength is all spent. Quickly kill him!

Indeed, Long Zhanguo let out a maniacal cackle. Hahahahaha! Who am I?! Hahahaha! Im going to kill you! Im going to eat you! Hahahaha!

Long Zhanguo has gone mad? The distant Gu Hais face sank.

Long Zhanguo has gone mad. His strength is all spent already. He has no more energy! Hurry! Kill him! Go quickly! the Six Paths Immortal roared.

However, no one in the Heavenly Realm dared to approach. Kong Xuan and all the animal spirit kings stayed away from Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo was an unkillable evil demon. Who would dare approach?

When no one moved, the Six Paths Immortal felt furious and frustrated. Tras.h.!.+

As the Six Paths Immortal raged, beams of multicolored lights suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Immortal Energy gathered once again.

Three spiritual souls gathered in the Immortal Energy, slowly manifesting the Supreme Singularitys appearance.


Aside from the Supreme Singularity, the animal spirit kings and angels who died earlier had their three spiritual souls gathered, enveloped by Immortal Energy.

Many thanks to Heaven for reviving me! the Supreme Singularity said joyfully.

Kill Long Zhanguo now! He is already crippled. Quickly kill him! the Six Paths Immortal roared.

Yes! all the revived animal spirit kings shouted in response.

Gu Hais expression changed as he immediately charged towards Long Zhanguo.

Gu Hai was the closest. Furthermore, even though the Supreme Singularity and the revived animal spirit kings had Immortal Energy, they still did not have physical bodies, so they were not as fast as him.

Gu Hai arrived before Long Zhanguo. As he looked at the crazed Long Zhanguo, he showed a faint, bitter smile. Long Zhanguo, looks like it did not work out after all. Hah

As Gu Hai spoke, he suddenly raised the Life Executioner Saber.

Gu Hai, what are you doing?! the distant Long Shenying exclaimed.

Gu Hai, are you going to kill Long Zhanguo? the Supreme Singularitys spiritual souls exclaimed.

The surrounding animal spirit kings appeared shocked.

Instead of dying at their hands, you might as well die at mine. Long Zhanguo, I hope you wont blame me for this, Gu Hai said with a soft sigh.

Zang Yulian hung on to Gu Hais neck. She goggled as she watched Gu Hais saber swing down on Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo had indeed gone mad. He did not resist at all. Rather, he was already a spent force, unable to resist at all. When Gu Hai brought his saber down, Long Zhanguo suddenly looked at him for some reason.

As Zang Yulian hung on, she watched Gu Hai in horror.

Did Long Zhanguo come back to his senses? No, there were billions of evil spirits in his mind. He was in incredible pain. When Gu Hai swung the saber down, Long Zhanguo seemed to gain release. Zang Yulian could see inexplicable grat.i.tude in his eyes.

Amid the grat.i.tude, Long Zhanguo showed a faint, carefree smile as he looked at Gu Hai. Then, he extended his left hand, apparently handing over the shattered Warring Nation Immortal Firmament.

Chop! Gu Hai roared.


Long Zhanguos physical body exploded.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Everyone in the Heavenly Realm goggled. This scene seemed both expected and unbelievable at the same time.

Long Zhanguos physical body exploded into powder, killed by Gu Hai with a saber strike.

It was not just the Heavenly Realm. Sect Master Heavenly Access, Ji Dihong, Jiang Lianshan, and the Three Lives Buddhas goggled as they peered through the spatial tears leading to the Heavenly Realm. The world fell deathly silent.

Long Zhanguo died? He died to Gu Hais saber at the very end?