Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 208: Killing the Supreme Wa

Book 5: Chapter 208: Killing the Supreme Wa

Book 5: Chapter 208: Killing the Supreme Wa

Even though Gu Hai said so much, attempting to sow discord many times, the Supreme Singularity and the others still kept their guard up against him, not believing him.

However, Gu Hai did not need them to believe him. He said so much just to restrain them, depriving them of excuses to kill him and letting him do as he pleased for now.

The Supreme Genesis and Kong Xuan wished that they could immediately kill Gu Hai. However, if they made a move before Long Zhanguo died, it would be akin to silencing Gu Hai. They might as well just confess that they were spies.

No one would kill Gu Hai without serious consideration. Even the Six Paths Immortal looked coldly at him from the sky. Although the Six Paths Immortal let Gu Hai approach, he did not erase Gu Hais name from the Rebel Sin Ranking, as Gu Hai had not made any contributions yet.

No matter how glib your tongue is, it is useless. A rebel is a rebel. It is not that easy to make up for it with contributions. Furthermore, your sins are too heavy! the Supreme Genesis sneered.

Gu Hai ignored the Supreme Genesis. Instead, he looked at the Supreme Wa, who was in pain.

Speaking of which, the Supreme Was disaster is partly because of me. She would not have taken out the Universe Cauldron without me, right? Without me, this Primal Chaos Universe Furnace would not have been completed, right? Gu Hai seemed to be trying to talk his way into claiming some contributions.

Are you trying to find excuses to make up for your crimes now? The Universe Cauldron? Humph! The Supreme Wa did expose the Universe Cauldron in advance because of you. However, the Eastern Monarch schemed for eight hundred thousand years. Do you think that the Eastern Monarch has no way to force the Supreme Wa to take out the Universe Cauldron? Hahahaha! the Supreme Genesis sneered.

The Supreme Genesiss expression said he had already exposed Gu Hai.

The surrounding people showed disdain at Gu Hais pertinacious arguments. It turns out Gu Hai fears death so much?

The Universe Cauldron requires the Supreme Was blood to bring out its greatest strength. Isnt nailing her to the Cross Annihilation to extract her blood too slow? Gu Hai suddenly looked at the Supreme Wa.

Huh? The Supreme Singularitys expression turned cold as he looked at Gu Hai.

However, the nearby Supreme Wa showed a ferocious expression as she said, They just dont want to push me into a corner. If they do that, I will self-detonate at worst. No one will have a good time after that. We will all go down together!

Supreme Wa, you dare?! The Supreme Singularity glared at her.

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The Supreme Wa glared back ferociously at the Supreme Singularity. Haha! Eight hundred thousand years? Supreme Singularity, I had long felt that you harbored evil intentions towards me. Unexpectedly, it was so that you could sacrifice me for my blood? Hahahaha! I dont dare to? Do you think that I dont dare to? Who can stop me?! If I cant live, then no one can stop me from dying!

Intense hatred filled the Supreme Was eyes.

Supreme Wa, your blood is being used to refine Long Zhanguo. Once Long Zhanguo dies, I will release you and stop targeting you. I will give you your freedom and ask Heaven to stop pursuing you, the Supreme Singularity said sullenly.

The Supreme Genesiss expression changed as he called out, Thats right. Supreme Wa, although your blood is being sacrificed, you might not die. Once Long Zhanguo is refined, we will release you. Dont do anything stupid!

The Supreme Wa glared at the Supreme Singularity and the Supreme Genesis.

If you take us down with you, you will be utterly destroyed. Heaven will not spare your three spiritual souls, the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

We only need your bloodbut not all of it. Dont mess around! the Supreme Genesis said worriedly.

So, you are worried about the Supreme Wa self-detonating, destroying her blood along with her? Gu Hais eyes suddenly lit up.

Everyone looked at Gu Hai in confusion.

Then, Gu Hai flew slowly to the Supreme Wa.

The others did not dare approach the Supreme Wa lest they mentally corner her. Although the Supreme Genesis pinned the Supreme Wa to the cross, he did not press her too hard. After all, the Supreme Wa could make a final counterattack and self-detonate.

The Supreme Wa did not have a favorable impression of everyone here. She only felt hatred for them and kept her guard up. The sole exception was Gu Hai. Perhaps Xiaorous memories and hidden feelings influenced her mind.

As Gu Hai flew to the Supreme Wa, the others watched with narrowed eyes.

Supreme Wa? Gu Hai looked at the Supreme Wa.

What are you doing here? The Supreme Wa looked at Gu Hai worriedly.

Even though she was pinned to the cross, she still felt deeply concerned about Gu Hai.

Xiaorou thought highly of me in the past. Gu Hai feels boundlessly grateful for that, Gu Hai said seriously.

Hah! Hahaha! Xiaorou? My reincarnated self, Xiaorou? Indeed, she was indeed foolish. I did not think much of her. After all, I have reincarnated more than once in the past eight hundred thousand years. However, that did not affect my mind and emotions at all. When you first saw Xiaorou, she was pinned to a cliff like this, right? You could give up the precious century lifespan immortality peach for Xiaorou, and she could give up her life for you. Although she could not say what she wanted to say in the end, she changed me, making me no longer like myself, the Supreme Wa said as she looked at Gu Hai with mixed emotions.

I think I understand a little. You are the Supreme Wa, and you are also Xiaorou, Gu Hai said seriously.

The Supreme Wa looked at Gu Hai with some resistance in her eyes.

Xiaorou owes me a life. Now, you are Xiaorou. I would like to borrow something from you, Gu Hai said.

What? the Supreme Wa asked with a frown.

The head on your neck, Gu Hai replied seriously.


The Supreme Wa suddenly glared, radiating an overwhelming murderous intent from her eyes.

What?! Kong Xuan looked at Gu Hai in shock.

Kong Xuan was very clear on the matter between Gu Hai and Xiaorou. How could Gu Hai say such a thing? Is he going to kill the Supreme Wa?

The Supreme Singularitys expression changed. He had expected Gu Hai to incite the Supreme Wa to self-detonate and destroy the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace. However, he reacted in the next moment. Thats not right. Gu Hai wants the Supreme Was head? Not make her self-detonate?

Gu Hai wants to kill the Supreme Wa?

What did you say? the Supreme Wa asked with an icy expression.

I already said it. You owe me a life. Now, I hope that you can return it to me. Let me kill you and use all your blood to sacrifice to the furnace, Gu Hai said once more, verifying it.

Far away, Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Sima Zongheng, and the others showed shocked expressions.

Gu Hai is pandering to Heaven?

Gu Hai is being too ruthless for the sake of living, right?!

He wants the Supreme Wa to die so he can beg for mercy from Heaven? How shameless of him!

Humph! To think that the person that Long Zhanguo thought highly of was such a person?!

Countless people in the surroundings showed contempt on their faces as they looked at Gu Hai.

However, Gu Hai stared at the Supreme Wa, not pleading or shrinking back in fear. He appeared extremely calm. This calm made the Supreme Wa, who brimmed with murderous intent, feel stifled.

Gu Hai wants me to die?

For some reason, the Supreme Wa was on the verge of tears. Perhaps it was due to Xiaorous personality, but she suddenly felt very wronged.

Incredibly wronged.

He wants me to die?

Anyone can say that. The Supreme Singularity can say that. The Supreme Genesis can say that. The Six Paths Immortal can say that. Long Zhanguo can say that. However, you, Gu Hai, of all people, cannot say that. Why do you want to kill me?

The Supreme Wa looked at Gu Hai, on the verge of tears. It seemed like she wanted to figure out the reason from Gu Hais eyes. However, she saw nothingonly calm.

Hah! Hahahahahaha! the Supreme Wa suddenly laughed sorrowfully.

As the Supreme Wa laughed, some tears appeared in her eyes inexplicably.

After her elder brother, f.u.xi, died, the Supreme Was heart had died. She saw the world as gray from then on. This continued until Xiaorou met Gu Hai. Only then did the world regain its color.

Now, Gu Hai wanted her life? That colorful world crumbled once more, appearing hopeless.

Supreme Wa, lend me your head! Gu Hai said once again.

Suddenly, the surroundings fell silent. Everyone stared at Gu Hai and the Supreme Wa.

Hah! Hahahaha! Youll kill me? Ill let you kill me! Go on! Sorrow flashed in the Supreme Was eyes as she looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai took out the Life Executioner Saber and swung it at the Supreme Wa for real.

The Supreme Singularity, the Supreme Genesis, Kong Xuan, Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Sima Zongheng, and even the distant Zang Yulian goggled. Everyone watched this strange scene.

The saber approached the Supreme Wa. The Supreme Singularity did not stop Gu Hai because if Gu Hai did kill the Supreme Wa, he could instantly extract all of the Supreme Was blood. By then, Long Zhanguo would die without a doubt.

The Supreme Singularity did not stop Gu Hai. The Supreme Genesis felt antic.i.p.ation.

Only Kong Xuan appeared confused. He felt like a fool. He had fought Gu Hai with everything he had for the Supreme Singularitys sake. Is there something wrong with my head?

Kong Xuan had thought that the Supreme Singularity fancied the Supreme Wa. Wanting to help the Supreme Singularity, he had tried to get rid of the Supreme Singularitys love rival, Gu Hai. Now, he discovered that the Supreme Singularity wanted to kill the Supreme Wa. Gu Hai also wanted to kill the Supreme Wa. This is not right. Why is it different from what I thought? This is changing too fast, right?

Gu Hais saber arrived before the Supreme Wa.

The Supreme Wa stared at Gu Hai with red eyes.

At this moment, Gu Hai saw Xiaorou in the Supreme Was eyes. That expression was definitely that of Xiaorous, the same expression as when Xiaorou lost all hope.

Hah! Gu Hai, did you know? Before Xiaorou died and merged with me, she said something before I consumed her. Did you know? The Supreme Wa stared at Gu Hai with bloodshot eyes.

Gu Hais saber continued moving closer, not stopping.

Xiaorou said, I also once loved you! the Supreme Wa said sadly.


The Life Executioner Saber stopped in front of the Supreme Was forehead.

The instant the Life Executioner Saber stopped, a gleam flashed in the Supreme Was eyes.


However, in the instant of that gleam, Gu Hai swung the saber into the Supreme Was head.


The attack instantly smashed the Supreme Was heavenly palaces.


Blood immediately spurted out from the Supreme Was body. The Universe Cauldron quickly absorbed the blood.

Everyone felt breathless as they goggled.

Hehe killed her? The Supreme Singularitys expression turned stiff.

Gu Hai really killed the Supreme Wa? The Supreme Genesis appeared shocked.

How could it be like this? Kong Xuan revealed a confused expression.

Gu Hai pulled the Life Executioner Saber out of the Supreme Was head, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y hole. Her complexion immediately paled from the loss of blood. Her eyes remained open. However, it was no longer tears flowing out of her eyes but blood. There were two lines of b.l.o.o.d.y tears.


Immortal Energy surged into Gu Hais body from the Supreme Was body. The six different colored lights on Gu Hai grew overwhelming. The horrifying energy made Gu Hai feel bloated.

The Supreme Wa died, killed by the man that Xiaorou loved the most. Before she died, despair and sorrow filled her eyes. As blood flowed out of her eyes, everything seemed bleak.

The high and mighty Supreme Wa died in the hands of the weak Gu Hai.

She got hurt because of love. She died because of love.