Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 206: Sacrificing the Supreme Wa

Book 5: Chapter 206: Sacrificing the Supreme Wa

Book 5: Chapter 206: Sacrificing the Supreme Wa

Long Shenwen and Sima Zongheng? They betrayed Long Zhanguo? In a distant forest, Zang Yulian felt stunned by the sudden development.

Gu Hai also raised his eyebrows as he looked at the distant two in shock.

Although Long Zhanguo did not hold an absolute advantage earlier, his fighting spirit had infected Gu Hai.

The balance between the Six Paths Immortal and Long Zhanguo was nearly restored, but someone betrayed Long Zhanguo at this moment?

One is Long Zhanguos son, and the other is the Qian Nations imperial tutor?

Did they choose to betray Long Zhanguo because their will faltered? Or did the Six Paths Immortal convert them long ago and place them by Long Zhanguos side as his p.a.w.ns? Zang Yulian wondered aloud in surprise.

At this point, it is no longer important. The most important thing is that they betrayed Long Zhanguo. All of his efforts might be ruined by this, Gu Hai said with a frown.

Far away:

Sima Zongheng and Long Shenwen betrayed Long Zhanguo. They attacked Long Zhanguo from behind, causing all of Long Zhanguos efforts to go to waste and leaving him trapped in the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace.

Sima Zongheng, how dare you?! Lifespan Beiming, Ao Tianhuang, and many other officials roared furiously.

Ao Tianhuang threw a punch at Long Shenwen, his eyes blazing with rage.

Extending his hand, Lifespan Beiming called surging black energy and sent it at Sima Zongheng.

Ao Tianhuang, a wise man submits to circ.u.mstances. I was not your match in the past, but now, I have Immortal Energy! Long Shenwen shouted furiously.

Long Shenwen punched Ao Tianhuang.


The twos figures flashed in midair. A powerful shock wave shook the entire Heavenly Court City.

You! Ao Tianhuang scowled ferociously.

When the fists separated, Long Shenwen remained in place. However, Ao Tianhuang got knocked back. Clearly, Ao Tianhuang was not as strong as Long Shenwen.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He is your father! How dare you commit patricide?! Ao Tianhuang shouted in fury and shock as he got knocked back.

Father? Indeed, he is my father. However, his lifespan is already running out. He is about to lose. He cannot drag us down with him! Long Shenwen roared while glaring.

You unfilial son! Ao Tianhuang bellowed furiously.


A miserable scream came from the other side.

Sima Zongheng had grabbed Lifespan Beiming and squeezed, making Lifespan Beiming explode.

Sima Zongheng! Ao Tianhuang roared furiously.

Ao Tianhuang, it is all over. Look at the Rebel Sin Ranking. Now, you have a chance to wash your sins away and make contributions. Anyone who wants to should immediately, Sima Zongheng said coldly.

Everyone looked at the distant stele.

The sixteenth-ranked Long Shenwen and the eighth-ranked Sima Zongheng had vanished from the stele, no longer in the rankings.


The Six Paths Immortals guffaw rang out in the sky.

In Heavenly Court City, some of Long Shenwens and Sima Zonghengs trusted men quickly bit their fingers and drew a circle on their foreheads with their blood. Then, they cried out, Six Paths Immortal!


Suddenly, beams of multicolored lights appeared out of nowhere. The ordinary officials who chose to betray Long Zhanguo instantly gained Immortal Energy.

The Six Paths Immortals voice rang out in the sky. Thats right. We always fulfill our promises. As long as you turn from evil and repent, we will pardon your past!

Many officials immediately relaxed and started using the Mandate Rebellion Curse.

How dare you?! Ao Tianhuang glared.

Ao Tianhuang extended his hand and attacked an ordinary official.

Humph! Ao Tianhuang, I have Immortal Energy supporting me now. What can you do to me?! That official glared as he threw a punch.


That official exploded.

What? the surrounding officials exclaimed.

Wont our strength increase with the support of Immortal Energy?

The stronger you are, the more Immortal Energy you get. You are just weaklings, and you want to obtain overwhelming Immortal Energy? the Six Paths Immortal said coldly.

The stronger one is, the more Immortal Energy one gets?

Long Shenwu and Sima Zongheng narrowed their eyes.

Although the official who exploded had died, his Immortal Energy did not dissipate completely. Half remained, flying towards everyone with Immortal Energy.

If one dies, half of ones Immortal Energy will be sent to others? Ao Tianhuangs expression turned cold.

The Six Paths Immortals voice rang out. As long as you are loyal to us, you can plunder everything after killing one!

Long Shenwen and Sima Zongheng looked at Ao Tianhuang.

Hah! Hahahahaha! Long Shenwen, Long Zhanguo was too benevolent! Too benevolent! He could see that you were deceitful and quite small-minded, that you were ambitious but incompetent. However, you are his son, so he indulged you. Initially, he should not have brought you on this trip. However, on account of your relations.h.i.+p, he kept potential trouble by his side. Sima Zongheng? No wonder you could only be an imperial tutor and not a sovereign. Back then, you were the first to suggest rebelling against Heaven. Unexpectedly, you got scared into rebelling against His Holy Eminence by one of Six Pathss steles? Hahahaha! Immortal Energy? Are you really that strong by having Immortal Energy? Ao Tianhuang said with a ferocious expression.

Ao Tianhuang extended his hand and bit his finger. Then, he drew a circle on his forehead with his blood and chanted, Six Paths Immortal!

Prime Ao! The expressions of the countless officials in the surroundings changed.


A vast amount of Immortal Energy immediately encased Ao Tianhuang.

Filled with boundless strength, Ao Tianhuang immediately rushed toward the distant Primal Chaos Universe Furnace.

By borrowing our Immortal Energy, you have handed your life to us. Do you think that you can just do as you please? Hahaha! The Six Paths Immortals laughter came from the sky.

If you are not loyal to me, then the Immortal Energy will kill you. Explode! the Six Paths Immortal shouted.

No! Ao Tianhuang exclaimed.


The flying Ao Tianhuang suddenly exploded.

Half of the surging Immortal Energy flew into the sky while the other half flew to everyone who had Immortal Energy.

Prime! the surrounding dragons howled in grief.

Lu Ya City, Divine Continent:

After the Six Paths Immortal drained all of Ao Shuns energy, Ao Shun fainted.

While unconscious, he had a dream.

Shun`er! Shun`er!

Someone seemed to be shaking Ao Shun.

Ao Shun woke up in a daze and rubbed his eyes.

Royal Father? Let me sleep a little longer! Ao Shun said groggily.

A man stood in Ao Shuns dream. It was Ao Tianhuang. At this moment, Ao Tianhuang was dressed extremely neatly and looked clean, glowing with a gentle light. As he smiled, his eyes filled with satisfaction and benevolence.

Shun`er, Father is leaving. You have to take good care of yourself in the future. Ao Tianhuang patted Ao Shuns head.

Royal Father, do you have to go? Where are you going? Ao Shun asked, still in a daze.

Do you remember the dragon pearl that Father once made you swallow? Ao Tianhuang asked with a gentle smile.

Ah? That dragon pearl you gave me when I was little? That tasted terrible. What was that? Ao Shun replied in confusion.

That was the Northern Sea Dragon Deity. It is time to unseal it. The dragon race will depend on you in the future. Your younger brother feels jealous of you because of me. I intentionally snubbed him in order to motivate him, to get him to be jealous of you and to work hard. If you can, do give him a hand in the future. He is your younger brother, after all, Ao Tianhuang said warmly.

As Ao Tianhuang spoke, he extended his hand and tapped Ao Shuns forehead. Then, Ao Shuns forehead suddenly started s.h.i.+ning.

Father is going now. My son, I am proud of you, Ao Tianhuang said gently.

As Ao Tianhuang spoke, he seemed to drift away.

Royal Father! Royal Father, wait for me! Where are you going? Royal Father, dont go! Father! Dont go! Wait for me! Father! Ao Shun did his best to run to Ao Tianhuang. However, he could not catch up.

Ao Tianhuangs figure went farther away. For some reason, Ao Shun started crying as he ran.

Father! Ao Shun shouted sorrowfully. Then, he trembled in Lu Ya City and woke up. It turned out to be a dream.

Everyone in Lu Ya City had fainted. Only Ao Shun awakened.

Ao Shun touched his face. It was drenched with tears.

Father, was that all just a dream? Ao Shun said in confusion.

Now, a bright light came from Ao Shuns forehead.


A dragon roar came from Ao Shuns forehead.

The Northern Sea Dragon Deity? It was not a dream? Ao Shun felt startled.

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In the Heavenly Realm:

When Ao Tianhuang died, all the dragons suddenly knelt and cried.

However, Long Shenwen and Sima Zongheng looked exultant.

Corrupt official and unfilial son! some officials roared furiously.

If you dont want to die, immediately cast evil aside and repent. Declare loyalty to Heaven. Otherwise, none of you will survive! Sima Zongheng shouted coldly.

Sima Zonghengs cold shout silenced all of the Qian Nations officials and citizens.

Then, Long Shenwen looked at the first crown prince, Long Shenying.

Long Shenying had not moved at all, only looking coldly at Long Shenwen.

Far away, Long Zhanguo was sealed in the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace. Even the three path of reincarnation pillars had vanished. The Supreme Singularity had turned into a golden crow and drove the Primal Chaos Bell at full power, giving off a bright golden light.

However, Long Zhanguo had the Heaven Splitting Ax. An immense force struck the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace several times. It seemed the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace could break apart at any time. Even with the Cross Annihilation holding the two enchanted treasures together, it did not help much.

I cant hold on for much longer! Quickly come over! the Supreme Singularity exclaimed.

Long Zhanguo is about to come out?

The expression of everyone in the surroundings changed.

The Supreme Wa quickly drove the Universe Cauldron, but it still could not contain Long Zhanguo.

Its a failure on the Universe Cauldrons part. It is not bringing out its greatest power! the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

I-I have already done my best! the Supreme Wa said anxiously.

No. You have not done your best! the Supreme Singularity said with narrowed eyes.

What? The Supreme Wa felt slightly startled, appearing somewhat confused.


A fist suddenly struck the Supreme Was back, knocking her towards the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace.

It was the Supreme Genesis. He had attacked the Supreme Wa from behind.


The Supreme Wa tumbled forward and crashed into the Cross Annihilation.

Phis.h.!.+ Phis.h.!.+ Phis.h.!.+ Phis.h.!.+ Phis.h.!.+

Suddenly, many nails appeared above the Cross Annihilation and immediately pinned the Supreme Wa to the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace.


The Supreme Wa screamed miserably as blood spurted from her body.

Blood spurted everywhere, but the Universe Cauldron suddenly absorbed it. The enchanted treasure gave off dazzling azure light, then suddenly merged with the Primal Chaos Bell and firmly sealed Long Zhanguo. Even when Long Zhanguos Heaven Splitting Ax struck it, it only produced noise, not even trembling anymore.

The sudden development caused everyones expression to change.

As the Supreme Wa was pinned to the cross, blood flowed freely. She showed rage and sorrow on her face.

Supreme Genesis, how dare you sneak-attack me?! Supreme Singularity, did you orchestrate all this? the Supreme Wa roared while glaring.

Thats right. Its me, the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

I control the heaven path of reincarnation, a.s.sisting Heaven in destroying Long Zhanguo. Six Paths Immortal, save me! the Supreme Wa roared in rage and sorrow.

The Six Paths Immortals ten thousand eyes watched coldly.

Heaven path of reincarnation? We dont need it now. Heaven, I ask that you remove the heaven path of reincarnation from the Supreme Wa in case of any unexpected changes! the Supreme Singularity shouted.


The heaven path of reincarnation immediately left the Supreme Was body.

Let Kong Xuan control it, then! the Supreme Singularity requested.


Suddenly, the heaven path of reincarnation covered Kong Xuan.

Why? Supreme Singularity, why?! The Supreme Wa felt incensed.

After merging with the heaven path of reincarnation, Kong Xuan also turned three hundred thirty-three meters tall. He looked at the Supreme Singularity in confusion. Doesnt Master like the Supreme Wa and want to make her his woman? Isnt that why he kept putting up with her? Why?

Why? Hah! Hahaha! Supreme Wa, did you really think I fancied you? the Supreme Singularity sneered.

What do you mean? the Supreme Wa asked coldly.

Back then, I pleaded with Heaven and let you into the Solar Divine Palace because I wanted to find the Universe Cauldron that f.u.xi forged. For eight hundred thousand years, you refused to take it out. However, you exposed it for one Gu Hai? Thats fine. You exposed it on your own. Thats fine. The Universe Cauldron? Did you think I did not know its secrets? It was forged by f.u.xi. Only f.u.xis blood can bring out its greatest power. f.u.xi is already dead. However, you are his younger sister; your blood works as well. I can only sacrifice you to bring out the Universe Cauldrons greatest power! the Supreme Singularity said coldly.

Youyou were scheming against me from the start? The Supreme Wa looked at the Supreme Singularity with rage and sorrow.

Humph! the Supreme Singularity snorted coldly.

Six Paths Immortal, I am helping you to destroy Long Zhanguo! Let me go! the Supreme Wa said in rage and sorrow.

Your sacrifice is the thing that will truly help to destroy Long Zhanguo. Supreme Wa, just give up. Humph! the Supreme Genesis sneered.

Kong Xuan appeared confused but did not dare to interject.

He needs to sacrifice the Supreme Wa to kill Long Zhanguo?

Everything now seemed to be settled.

The Supreme Singularity sacrificed the Supreme Wa and used the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace to refine Long Zhanguo. The surrounding situation was under the Six Paths Immortals complete control. The dust had settled.

In the distant forest, Zang Yulian looked at the sky in shock at the sudden change.

On the side, Gu Hai suddenly thought of Xiaorou for some reason when he saw the Supreme Wa pinned to the cross on the Primal Chaos Universe Furnace, bleeding endlessly and in pain.

Xiaorou? The first time I saw Xiaorou, she was also helpless like this, pinned down by a group of people. No one helped her despite her cries for help.

That is the Supreme Wa? She is Xiaorou as well?

Gu Hai took a deep breath and stood up.

What are you doing? Zang Yulians expression changed as she looked at Gu Hai in shock.

Long Zhanguo is no longer making any noise, yet you are going out now? Are you seeking death?

Hide well and wait for me to call for you, Gu Hai said after a deep breath.

What? Are you really going out? Are you tired of living? Zang Yulian exclaimed.

It is not over yet. It is time for me to go. I have to go! Gu Hai showed a cold expression as he soared into the sky.


As Gu Hai soared into the sky, he bit his right index finger and drew a circle on his forehead with blood. Then, he shouted, Six Paths Immortal!