Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 197: Lu Ya's Death

Book 5: Chapter 197: Lu Ya's Death

Book 5: Chapter 197: Lu Yas Death

At the side, Ye Shenzhens eyelids twitched wildly.

Did Gu Hai say that on purpose? Your Holy Eminence, Gu Hai is just trying to get you to save him. He knows that you cannot afford to get distracted now, so he can only use this contemptible method! Ye Shenzhen cried out, his expression changing.

Lifespan Beiming, lets go! Long Zhanguo suddenly stood up.

Your Holy Eminence, Gu Hai is intentionally deceiving you! Ye Shenzhen exhorted.

Your Holy Eminence, Lu Ya might be forcing him to say this! This might be a trap set by Gu Hai and the Supreme Singularity!

Your Holy Eminence, you cannot put the life of my Qian Nations soldiers at risk because of a line from Gu Hai! Nothing must go wrong now!

The officials chimed in anxiously.

However, Long Zhanguos figure flashed, rus.h.i.+ng out while dragging Lifespan Beiming along.


After Long Zhanguo and Lifespan Beiming disappeared from the Rising Heaven Throne Hall, the faces of all the officials in there stiffened.

What they did not understand was that as long as there was a possibility of the Animal Path Secret Realm appearing, Long Zhanguo would put in his full effort to explore that possibility.

Long Zhanguo already possessed the Human Path Secret Realm and the Asura Path Secret Realm. If he gained the Animal Path Secret Realm now, he would have three paths of reincarnation. How could he just leave it be?


Long Zhanguo moved extremely quickly, arriving at the fusang tree in just a short while.

Starlight flashed to the west; Sima Zongheng led thirty-three armies to clash with the ritual array there. Nine suns hung up to the north; Long Shenying and Long Shenwen led their armies and fought there.

To the south, the dragon race and angels fought a battle to the death while Ao Tianhuang contended against the Supreme Genesis and the twelve-winged angel.

Long Zhanguo did not bother looking at any of these battles, rus.h.i.+ng straight to a city on the fusang tree.

Long Zhanguo had already gained a thorough understanding of the fusang tree before the war. He was very familiar with the cities on it and immediately found Lu Ya City.


Long Zhanguo rushed into Lu Ya City.

Thick mist spread outside Lu Ya City. Long Zhanguo entered instantly, kicking up violent gusts, and stopped right in front of the Manifold Deity Palaces entrance.

Far away, the expressions of the Supreme Genesis, Kong Xuan, and the golden crow crown princes changed amid their respective battles.

Who is it? Who entered the fusang tree earlier? The Supreme Genesis turned his head to look.

It doesnt matter who it is. Right now, I am your opponent! Ao Tianhuang said with a ferocious expression.

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The intense battles continued. Although some people noticed Long Zhanguos arrival, they could not free themselves to deal with him.

There was no movement from the Eastern Monarch Palace at the top of the fusang tree.

In the Animal Path Secret Realm:

When Lu Ya saw Gu Hai step through the Manifold Deity Palace, it initially felt happy. As long it also went out, it would have ten thousand ways to kill Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai came back in the next moment.

Why are your movements so illogical?!


Lu Ya flew above the sun and looked coldly at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai sneered at Lu Ya. Bring it on, Lu Ya. Bring out whatever moves you have left!

Lu Ya looked coldly at Gu Hai, then spat out something.


That something was an ice ball with a three-legged frost crow trapped in it.

Gu Hai, this is your woman, right? Lu Ya sneered.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes at Bing Ji.

At first, I was planning to eat her. Unfortunately, she has not reached the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm yet. Eating her before that would be a waste. However, I can eat her now. After eating her, I can grow stronger. Perhaps you wont be a match for me then! Lu Ya sneered.

You dare?! Gu Hai glared.

Hahahaha! Just watch and see whether I dare to or not! Either you go out now, or I eat Bing Ji now! Lu Ya stared at Gu Hai with bloodshot eyes.

Although Gu Hai was strong, he could not save Bing Ji in an instant. If he were careless, Lu Ya might end up killing her.

Your Majesty, dont bother with me! Bing Ji urged anxiously.

Bing Ji felt herself to be a burden. She got used to threaten Gu Hai every time. Now, tears flowed out of her eyes in upset.

So, what will it be? Am I eating her, or are you going out? Lu Ya shouted coldly.

Gu Hai shook his head as he smiled bitterly. It is useless even if I go out. You will die!

What? Lu Ya raised its eyebrow.

What do you mean its useless even if you go out. If you go out, I can kill you. What do you mean by I will die?


Suddenly, a figure entered through the Manifold Deity Palace.

Before Lu Ya could see who it was, that large figure suddenly started growing larger as the new arrival let out his mortal soul.


The moment the mortal soul appeared, it immediately grew to one hundred sixty-three meters tall, the same height as Gu Hais. However, this persons aura was several times strongerhundreds of times more so.

Long Zhanguo? Lu Ya exclaimed.

The person who just entered was Long Zhanguo. After his mortal soul took physical form, bright rainbow light appeared behind him, filling the place like a vast ocean.

Gu Hai only had six halos of light behind him. However, the rainbow light from Long Zhanguo saturated the place, even eclipsing the piercing sun below them.

On the ground far away:

Old Wu rubbed his eyes. Am I seeing wrong? What do you all see?

Theres another human! Its another strong human! the war deities said excitedly.

This new arrival seemed even stronger than Gu Hai.

When Long Zhanguo entered, some shock flashed in his eyes. Then, he turned to Gu Hai.

You really managed to find another one?

Qian Heavenly Emperor, can I trouble you to help me save Bing Ji first? Gu Hai pointed to Bing Ji, who was in the ice ball.

Oh no! Humph! Gu Hai, how did you do it?! Lu Ya exclaimed.

Lu Ya was strong. However, no matter how strong it was, it could not be stronger than Long Zhanguo. How did Gu Hai call Long Zhanguo over in that instant he left?

Things were bad now that Long Zhanguo had arrived. Lu Ya could no longer be bothered with anything else. It just opened its mouth to swallow Bing Ji.

Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes. Then, his figure flashed. A beam of rainbow light suddenly encased Lu Ya. Long Zhanguo reappeared at Lu Yas mouth with his right hand holding the upper beak and the left hand holding the lower beak.

Bing Ji, who was about to be swallowed, got stuck in Lu Yas throat.

Lu Ya? It turns out that you have the entrance to the Animal Path Secret Realm. No wonder you have so many animal spirit techniques. Humph! Long Zhanguo snorted coldly as he pulled hard.


Long Zhanguo tore open Lu Yas mouth. That immense force did not stop at the golden crows mouth but reached the abdomen.

Long Zhanguo nearly ripped the golden crows large body in half.

Even so, the golden crow did not die. It only suffered severe injuries, apparently on its last breath.

Why are you so strong? Why do you have so much more divine nature in your mortal soul than Gu Hai? the dying Lu Ya asked, crumbling mentally.

This was a world of divine nature. The stronger ones divine nature was, the stronger one would be. The Great Loach Deity used to be the strongest in this world. However, Gu Hai recently surpa.s.sed Lu Ya and the Great Loach Deity. Gu Hai should have been the undisputable strongest in this world.

Now, the divine nature and Divine Energy that Long Zhanguo displayed were hundredsthousandsof times stronger than Gu Hais. Lu Ya was not even worth mentioning next to him.

Your Majesty!

Bing Ji flew out, taking human form as she neared Gu Hai. Her teary eyes shone with excitement.

Gu Hai put away his large mortal soul and hugged Bing Ji. He gently stroked her hair and said, Its fine now. Everythings alright now.

Long Zhanguo held out the dying Lu Ya as he turned to Gu Hai. Do you still want this Lu Ya?

Long Zhanguo now showed a complicated expression as he looked at Gu Hai. He had been ready to abandon Gu Hai earlier. After all, his battle was more important.

In fact, Long Zhanguo did not know if he should tell Gu Hai that Gu Qin, Gu Hais son, had already died. If he had come to rescue Gu Hai earlier, perhaps Gu Qin might not have died.

He felt very guilty in his heart. Although he had somewhat abandoned Gu Hai, Gu Hai had still helped him to find another path of reincarnation secret realm.

Gu Hai did not know what Long Zhanguo was thinking. Instead, he looked at Bing Ji. Bing Ji, Lu Ya wanted to consume your three spiritual souls. What cultivation technique was he cultivating? Something of the Yinyang Dao? Can you cultivate it?

The Great Yinyang Mutually Complementing Technique? Lu Ya pa.s.sed it on to me recently. I can cultivate it. I can also consume and refine him. Bing Ji nodded.

Qian Heavenly Emperor, give Lu Ya to Bing Ji, then, Gu Hai called out.

Thats fine as well. Ill help you cripple him first. Ill wipe out his consciousness to prevent him from taking over Bing Ji. Long Zhanguo nodded.

No! Dont! Lu Ya cried out.

However, Long Zhanguo was feeling guilty towards Gu Hai and wanted to do everything perfectly for him.


A beam of rainbow light shot towards Lu Ya. The golden crow immediately trembled as its consciousness and mind got wiped out. Its eyes turned blank.


Bing Ji turned into a large, three-legged frost crow. Then, it opened its mouth and immediately swallowed the three-legged golden crow.


A strange blue flame immediately erupted from the frost crows body.

Your Majesty, I need to go out and refine this energy! Bing Ji called out.

It is safe. I have already killed all the animal spirit guards outside. Long Zhanguo nodded.

Gu Hai nodded as well.

Gu Hai, we are going to take in the Animal Path Secret Realm now. Do you have anything to say before that? Long Zhanguo looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai found that Long Zhanguo was behaving strangely today. However, he had no time to think about it now.

There are humans in this world as well. Can I trouble Qian Heavenly Emperor to release them into the Divine Continent? You can just pa.s.s them to me, Gu Hai said.

Long Zhanguo had already seen the many humans below.

Sure. When we capture this path of reincarnation secret realm, we can do that in an instant. Long Zhanguo nodded.

Also, I would like to kill all the animal spirit deities in this world, Gu Hai said gravely.

Kill them all? Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes slightly.

Yes. Kill them all. After you have captured the Animal Path Secret Realm, just bring all the animal spirit deities to me to kill. That will do, Gu Hai said seriously.

Long Zhanguo looked at Gu Hai in confusion. This request was not difficult; he just could not understand it.

However, he had made a promise to Gu Hai when he collected the Asura Path Secret Realm. He had said that Gu Hai did not need to rush to collect the things in the path of reincarnation secret realms the next time he found one. To prevent any unexpected changes, Gu Hai should inform him first. He had promised to hand all the treasures inside to Gu Hai after.

Alright. We promise you that, Long Zhanguo answered.

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