Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Xiantian Stage (Part 1)

Along the way, the Chen Army encountered no resistance; their journey was incredibly smooth. It was no different than traveling. En route, they enjoyed the best treatment. One could even say that instead of capturing the city, it was more like forcefully given to them.

Everything seemed like a dream to Chen Lianyi. Could it be any more ridiculous?

At the beginning, when my father went to war, he had to flee in helter-skelter fas.h.i.+on. But all I have to do is sit and wait on the horse to receive the cities?

"Sigh, Chen Taiji was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why did he not use Gu Hai earlier? Had he done that, he would not have died!" Chen Tianshan said as he sighed slightly.

There was no need to see what was going to happen until the end. Chen Tianshan could already guess the result. At the same time, he had a very deep understanding of Gu Hai's frightful ability.

"My Royal Father? Sigh. It's his fault!" Chen Lianyi said as a painful look crossed his face.

"You know the reason?" Chen Tianshan asked doubtfully.

Chen Lianyi nodded and said, "After the death of Royal Father, I looked for the old eunuchs who were around Royal Father and finally learned!"


"Forty years ago, Gu Hai appeared from G.o.ds know where, and his talent was discovered by Royal Father. Royal Father, in order to keep Gu Hai, introduced the first beauty of Chen Kingdom, Chen Xian'er, to Gu Hai, all to control Gu Hai," Chen Lianyi said in anguish.

"Oh? Control Gu Hai? You mean to say, that Chen Xian'er was arranged next to Gu Hai in order to bewitch and observe Gu Hai?" Chen Tianshan said with a bit of disbelief.

"Although I don't want to admit it, it is indeed true. Royal Father wanted Gu Hai's talent, but he also dreaded Gu Hai's schemes. Therefore, to counteract Gu Hai, Royal Father made Chen Xian'er spy on Gu Hai and report everything. Gu Hai was also fascinated by Chen Xian'er and married her. Royal Father, too, became a sworn brother to Gu Hai," Chen Lianyi explained.

"Oh? A clever person like Gu Hai failed to discover this?" Chen Tianshan said with surprise.

"Of course it was discovered, and at the very beginning, too. However, at that time, Gu Hai was in love with Chen Xian'er and did not want to separate. Furthermore, he used his feelings to move Chen Xian'er. And Chen Xian'er was also gradually moved by Gu Hai's feelings. She no longer listened to Royal Father's orders, and officially became the wife of Gu Hai."


"And when Gu Hai saw that his and Chen Xian'er hearts were like one, he forced Royal Father to lay all his cards and forgave Royal Father for his suspicions and jealousy; let bygones be bygones, as they once used to be sworn brothers. However, Royal Father was obsessed! Sigh."

"Why was he obsessed?" Chen Tianshan asked in surprise.

"Royal Father also loved Chen Xian'er, and wanted Chen Xian'er at his side; however, Chen Xian'er refused. Therefore, Royal Father was furious and planned to kill Gu Hai and capture Chen Xian'er!"

"What?" Chen Tianshan shouted in astonishment.

"Royal Father laid an ambush and Gu Hai also swallowed the bait; however, it was all spoiled by Chen Xian'er; she helped Gu Hai by blocking an arrow with her body!"

"So did Chen Xian'er die?" Chen Tianshan asked in surprise.

"She didn't. However, from then on, Chen Xian'er was no longer able to give birth. Gu Hai was furious and wanted to take revenge. However, he was stopped by Chen Xian. Chen Xian'er was adopted by the Royal Family and felt grateful for the royal grace; therefore, she asked Gu Hai to forgive Royal Father."


"Gu Hai loved Chen Xian'er too much and agreed. From then on, Gu Hai parted ways with Royal Father and became a merchant."

"What about Chen Xian'er?" Chen Tianshan curiously asked.

"I don't know. All I know is about a decade ago, Chen Xian'er inexplic

ably died whereas two adopted sons of Gu Hai also disappeared!" Chen Lianyi explained.

"Oh? Two adopted sons?"

"As Chen Xian'er was unable to give birth and Gu Hai loved Chen Xian'er too much, he never remarried and didn't have children of his own. Therefore, he adopted four sons, named Qin, Han, Tang, and Ming!"

"Gu Qin? Gu Han? Gu Tang? Gu Ming?" Chen Tianshan exclaimed.

"Yes. I don't know how Chen Xian'er died. In any case, after her death, Gu Tang and Gu Ming disappeared, and Gu Hai too never remarried; he always remained at Gu Mansion. Apparently, the grave of Chen Xian'er is there. Gu Qin always accompanied Gu Hai, while Gu Han came to the Song Kingdom, remaining here until today!" Chen Lianyi explained.

"It appears that Chen Taiji is to blame!" Chen Tianshan nodded.

"Your Royal Majesty, we are about to arrive at Song Capital!" a scout quickly reported as he arrived.

"Song Capital? The Song King is definitely going to resist. After all, it's his country, it would be impossible to make him come out!" Chen Tianshan had a solemn look on his face.

"Everyone, be on alert!" Chen Lianyi shouted in a loud voice.

"Yes!" A general quickly relayed the command.

The army marched towards the Song Capital very vigilantly. Not long after, the huge Song Capital came in sight.

The scene in the distance once again made Chen Lianyi’s and Chen Tianshan's jaws drop down.

The gates of the Song Capital were wide open.

All the civil and military officials were outside the city, welcoming their arrival from far away.

And not too far away from the civil and military officials, stood the Song King with his hands tied; he was quite embarra.s.singly escorted by their side.

Chen Lianyi rubbed his eyes.

Chen Tianshan was stunned with his mouth agape.

"Is that the Song King?" Chen Lianyi found it difficult to believe.

Atop the gate tower of the Song Capital...

A group of people accompanying the lady Hall Lord and Grandmaster Liunian had a complex look in their eyes.

The scene before their eyes had not only astounded Chen Lianyi and Chen Tianshan, that group of people were also inexplicably shocked.

"Betray their own king in order to seek high position? These officials are nothing but traitors. Have they also been bought by Gu Hai?" the Song Jia Sect Chief demanded with an ugly look on his face.

"No, they had not been bought, but rather have been forced by Mister Gu. Who would have thought that Mister Gu would be waiting here all along? Who would have thought that Mister Gu had already arranged people to pay attention to various officials and was just waiting for them to commit mistakes, and then...recorded everything?" Gao Xianzhi heaved a sigh of emotion.

The Song Jia Sect Chief asked with his mouth agape, "How is that possible? Gu Hai's thinking is too deep, right!?"

"It's not that Gu Hai's thinking is too deep; on the contrary, your thinking is too shallow, so it can only be limited to this small place," the lady Hall Lord said as she narrowed her eyes.

"Uh? Yeah!" the Song Jia Sect Chief forcefully smiled.

"Do we have to keep looking anymore? We should go back; Gu Hai should have arrived, right?" The woman's eyes flashed with a bright light.

Within the Song Capital, inside a small courtyard of a closed inn...

The Clear River Sect Chief, along with ten Clear River Sect disciples, was staring at an old man.

"Gu Hai?" The Clear River Sect Chief asked as he stared at the old man.

"Nice to meet you, Sect Chief. Nice to meet you, respected immortals! I hope the war with the Song Kingdom has not disappointed everyone," Gu Hai said respectfully.

"Hahaha. Gu Hai, you did well! You didn't get to see it, but when all the civil and military officials brought the soldiers into the royal palace to capture the Song King, how ugly the face of that old man, the Song Jia Sect’s Chief, looked. You did well, I was not wrong about you!" the Clear River Sect Chief said with a jovial laugh.

"Thank you for your kind praise, supreme immortal. I mean no offense, but This Lowly One has come to ask Clear River Sect Chief to honor your promise and help This Lowly One to impact the Xiantian Stage!" 

"Oh?" the Clear River Sect Chief stared at him.

"This Lowly One's natural endowment is peculiar, making it difficult to practice. This Lowly One cannot adequately sense the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth. And what's more is that I can only absorb one percent of the Spirit Qi that other cultivators of the same level can absorb and that too can easily disperse. Therefore, it is difficult for me to advance, This Lowly One needs a big opportunity and a large amount of Spirit Qi to breach through the barrier of the Xiantian Stage. This Lowly One had exhausted all means, but it is still one percent as compared to others. This Lowly One is unable to advance any further. This Lowly One requests Clear River Sect Chief to help This Lowly One advance!" Gu Hai solemnly said.

"Oh? Sit down with your legs crossed!" the Clear River Sect Chief ordered him.

If it was in the past, the Clear River Sect Chief would simply not pay attention to a Houtian Stage cultivator. However, at this moment, the Clear River Sect Chief’s mood was quite good, and naturally, he didn't discriminate. Furthermore, there was still that lady Hall Lord.

"Yes. Thank you greatly, supreme immortal!"