Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 192: Slaughtering Forty Thousand Animal Spirit Deities

Book 5: Chapter 192: Slaughtering Forty Thousand Animal Spirit Deities

Book 5: Chapter 192: Slaughtering Forty Thousand Animal Spirit Deities


The three-legged golden crow suddenly flew down from the sun, two hundred meters tall and emitting golden light.

Gu Hai understood that the golden light was Lu Yas divine nature.

However, there was a white frost crow on Lu Yas head.

Bing Ji is still alive? Gu Hai goggled, appearing overjoyed.

Bing Ji, hurry up! Again! Lu Ya shouted.

You said that you would let His Majesty go, the white frost crow said unwillingly.

Gu Hai is right below. I have no idea where he is. I can only find him after I kill the Great Loach Deity. Furthermore, didnt your cultivation increase as well? You have already reached the peak of the Middle Heavenly Palace Realm in such a short time, isnt that right? Lu Ya shouted coldly.

Hahaha! My cultivation did increase. You did give a portion of that surging divine nature to me. However, arent I alive only because I have not reached the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm yet? You will consume me the moment I reach it, the white frost crow said, unmollified.

Oh? You guessed it? Lu Ya said coldly.

The Great Yinyang Mutually Complementing Technique. Hah! Did you think that I could not see it? If you forcibly consumed me, you would only gain the little bit of frost crow energy that I have now. I have not reached the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm yet, so you are reluctant to consume me. I will die when I reach the Upper Heavenly Palace. Each time you borrow energy from me, you are familiarizing yourself with my energy to make it yours, Bing Ji sneered.

Humph! So what, are you thinking of resisting? Lu Ya said coldly.

Resist? I can indeed resist. If I self-detonate, I can make you lose everything. Do you believe that I will do that? Bing Ji said with a determined tone.

You dare?! Lu Ya glared.

Bing Ji stared at Lu Ya.

Dont worry. I will absolutely let Gu Hai go as long as I find him. I will do what I say, Lu Ya compromised sullenly.

Bing Ji stared at Lu Ya for a while before letting out a cry and flying to Lu Yas mouth.


Lu Ya opened his mouth and swallowed Bing Ji once more.


The flame around Lu Ya suddenly flared, and his two-hundred-meter-tall figure suddenly increased to one thousand sixty-seven meters tall.

Below, Gu Hai felt intense heartache.

Bing Ji, theres no need for you to do that! Gu Hai said bitterly, his eyes slightly wet.

Old loach, are you coming out?! Lu Ya roared.


The Great Loach Deity flew out once more amid surging crimson light. It had already reached one thousand thirty-three meters tall. Although not as tall as Lu Ya, its body was material.

All animal spirit deities, come out! the Great Loach Deity roared.


Countless roars rang out, and nearly one hundred thousand animal spirit deities soared into the sky in the blink of an eye. The animal spirit deities were of different sizes, some merely dozens of meters tall, some hundreds of meters, and the larger ones even nearly seven hundred meters. All of them soared into the sky with the Great Loach Deity.

Animal spirit deities do not compete with numbers. Treasure, please! Lu Ya shouted.


Lu Ya suddenly spat out three calabashes: the Immortal Slaying Calabash, the Vine World Calabash, and the True Flame Calabash.

Samdhi True Flame instantly filled the place as countless vines and Immortal Slaying Flying Sabers rushed at the surrounding animal spirit deities.


The Great Loach Deity and Lu Ya clashed.


An energy storm filled the sky as a chaotic battle broke out.

Senior Gu, should we wait? We can slowly acc.u.mulate strength. Someday, you will become the strongest, Old Wu advised.

No. It has to be today. Gu Hais eyes turned cold.

Gu Hai stepped forward and soared into the sky.

Senior, be careful! Old Wu and many other human war deities prayed hard. They all clenched their fists as though waiting for a miracle.

As the one hundred thousand animal spirit deities soared into the sky, Gu Hai wielded the Life Ender Saber and charged at those at the very back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Life Ender Saber immediately cut the skin of seven or eight animal spirit deities. Many tiny skulls then gnawed on these animal spirit deities.




The animal spirit deities screamed in pain. As they did so, the nearby animal spirit deities expressions changed.

A human?

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d human! Hurry! Kill him!

Since when did the humans have such a strong war deity?

Humph! Humans are merely the lowest level of existence here. They exist to be our food!

Eat the human. Humans do not have a divine nature or a deitys will. They are great nourishment!

Many animal spirit deities immediately charged towards Gu Hai.

However, Gu Hai was no longer the same as ten days ago. Now, he could already hold his own against ordinary animal spirit deities.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Although the animal spirit deities severely injured Gu Hai, Divine Energy would surge into his body and instantly heal him as long as the Life Ender Saber consumed an animal spirit deity.

Ah! Skulls! Save me!

Great Loach Deity, save me! Save me!

As Gu Hai kept killing, he collected more divine nature.

At first, the animal spirit deities saw Gu Hai as great nourishment. However, after killing a few hundred animal spirit deities, he now posed a threat to them. Gu Hai killed two thousand animal spirit deities at a rapid pace, and by that time, not many animal spirit deities dared to seek trouble for Gu Hai anymore.

The most powerful animal spirit deities currently surrounded Lu Ya.

Miserable cries rang out continuously. When Gu Hais kills reached three thousand, no animal spirit deity in his vicinity dared to approach anymore.

Surging crimson fog enveloped Gu Hai. That was killing sin. The intense killing sin made him seem like a demonic being, prompting the animal spirit deities to flee in horror.

Old Wu and the war deities below trembled in excitement.

He is human! Senior Gu is human!

Thats great! Thats great!

Senior Gu, nothing must happen to you!

The humans prayed excitedly.

Right now, Gu Hai felt extremely depressed. The animal spirit deities fled from him wherever he went. How was he to kill them?

Far away, the Great Loach Deity and Lu Ya noticed the strangeness in the distance.

However, a surging crimson fog of killing sin enveloped Gu Hai, hiding his figure. With Gu Hais height of one hundred sixty-three meters, Lu Ya did not guess that it was him. He expected Gu Hai to have already died long ago. Who is this?

Are you Lu Yas helper? the Great Loach Deity suddenly cried out.

After all, the animal spirit deities were here to kill Lu Ya, and this crimson-fog-wreathed, humanoid animal spirit deity was killing the other animal spirit deities?

Far away, Gu Hais expression changed. He immediately growled in a deep voice, Great Deity Lu Ya, Ill help you. Lets work together to kill the old loach!

Gu Hais roar caused all the animal spirit deities expressions to change.

It really is Lu Yas helper? The Great Loach Deitys expression changed.

However, Lu Ya appeared confused.

Oh? Could it be another animal spirit deity from this world that had remained hidden? Hahahaha! Excellent! This crown prince will give you a chance to follow me. Come over and kill the old loach with me! Lu Ya guffawed.

Ill deal with Lu Ya. You lot go over and rip apart that reckless fool! the Great Loach Deity roared.


Many animal spirit deities immediately charged towards Gu Hai.

Previously, Gu Hai faced ordinary animal spirit deities. Now, the powerful ones were coming over.

Gu Hai was only one hundred sixty-three meters tall. However, these powerful animal spirit deities were hundreds of meters tall, some even much larger than him. They quickly surrounded Gu Hai.


The intense battle continued.

A three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-tall animal spirit deity cut a wound in Gu Hais chest in a flash.

However, Gu Hai quickly killed a group of one-hundred-meter-tall animal spirit deities. Divine Energy surged into his body, mending his mortal soul and restoring his soul body in the blink of an eye.


Countless animal spirit deities surrounded Gu Hai.

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This was a fierce battle for Gu Hai. He continuously got injured, treading the line between life and death. However, this battle also was a sumptuous banquet for him.

As Gu Hai kept killing with the Life Ender Saber, he gained a thousandth of the Divine Energy. That meant that the Life Ender Saber gained nine hundred ninety-nine thousandths of it; the bone sabers cracks mended slowly.

As the Life Ender Sabers cracks mended, it gradually recovered its past glory, continuously growing stronger. The black energy around it condensed, and more skulls appeared within the black energy.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Countless animal spirit deities surrounded Gu Hai, but he seemed unkillable. He fought endlessly. The humans below could no longer see the situation with him. They only saw animal spirit deity skeletons endlessly falling from the sky.

More skeletons appeared. Everywhere Gu Hai went, he left piles of white bones in his wake.

The animal spirit deities pounced over like moths to a flame, resulting in Gu Hai killing many of them.

Old Wu, there are alreadythere are already eight thousand animal spirit deity skeletons! a war deity said excitedly.

Can Senior Gu handle it?

Eight thousand skeletons. Furthermore, those belong to strong animal spirit deities. The weak ones did not even leave any bones behind. How many has Senior Gu killed already?

The human war deities felt some worry amid their excitement.

There is hope for the humans. Weperhaps Mister Gu can truly save us and bring us back to the Divine Continent! Old Wu said excitedly.

We can go back? Intense longing flashed in the eyes of the war deities.

If I can get out, I will serve Senior Gu if he does not think me beneath his attention! one of the war deities said excitedly.

Me too!

While the humans below felt excited, the killing in the sky intensified.

The pressure on Lu Ya decreased while the pressure on Gu Hai increased. However, the greater the pressure, the fiercer Gu Hais fight became. His mortal soul was enormous. It was like a dried-up sea, able to contain however much water poured in. There was no bottleneck. He simply continuously absorbed divine nature, containing it and inexorably growing stronger.

After one day and one night, Gu Hai had already killed more than forty thousand animal spirit deities. Furthermore, most of them were powerful animal spirit deities.

This frantic battle appalled the distant Great Loach Deity and Lu Ya.

They saw skeletons falling to the ground as the animal spirit deity within the crimson fog grew at a horrendous speed. At first, that animal spirit deity had to flee when three-hundred-thirty-three-meter-tall animal spirit deities charged at him. Now, he could slaughter such animal spirit deities like cattle.

That animal spirit deity in the crimson fog grew too quickly; such swift growth sent chills through the Great Loach Deity and Lu Ya.

Wherewhere did this monster come from?

At first, it was tens of thousands of animal spirit deities surrounding and chasing after him. Only one day and one night have pa.s.sed, and he is now chasing after the tens of thousands of animal spirit deities?

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