Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 17 Part1

Chapter 17 Part1


Along with a loud explosion among the streets of the Song Capital, a giant door of another store of Gu Hai’s was blasted away by the citizens.

“Hahaha, His Royal Majesty has decreed that everyone must exert oneself to destroy all the industries of Devil Gu within the Song Kingdom!”

“You can’t enter, this is plain robbery!”

“That’s right, we are robbing you, you are a henchman of that Devil Gu, get the f.u.c.k out!”

“Mine, this incense burner is mine!”

This porcelain vase is mine! Don’t steal what’s mine!”

“Ah, don’t step on me!”

“Get the f.u.c.k away, this is all mine!”




Countless citizens charged into Gu Hai’s store and frantically started robbing everything inside.

According to the verdict of Gu Song Silver House, the citizens were not found guilty of robbery, and the Royal Family even greatly encouraged the act of doing so?

Even after committing robbery, the culprits were pardoned?

This news seemed to have acquired wings as it spread throughout the Song Capital almost in the blink of an eye.

Within the Song Capital, almost at the same time, the citizens seemed to have lost their minds as they recalled the terrifying amount of wealth of yesterday’s Gu Song Silver House. Perhaps in the Royal Family’s opinion, it was nothing more than a trinket, however, in the eyes of the citizens, it was an astronomical figure.

Everyone seemed to be thinking the same:

I don’t need to work, I don’t need to do any more labor, I just have to go and grab it? I just have to grab it and it’s mine? Not to mention, such wealth is way more than what my ancestors have earned in several generations.

I have to grab while it lasts! Should I stay or go?

Even His Royal Majesty has encouraged us to go, am I still going to keep gawking like a wooden log? If I keep the att.i.tude of wait and see, can I still gain anything?!

His Royal Majesty is encouraging us! This is bestowed by His Royal Majesty himself. These things are gifts bestowed upon us by His Royal Majesty! How can I shrink?

It’s a mountain of gold, it’s mine if I can take it,  it is also perfectly justifiable, should I take it or not?

There wasn’t any need of organization, nor was there any need for a leader. As long as they had a little bit of brain, they would immediately charged towards Gu Hai’s stores. Furthermore,  while some people were still hesitating on the grounds of morality, after witnessing many of their friends partic.i.p.ating in the robbery, under the orders of His Royal Majesty, could no longer sit still.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The citizens of the entire Capital had gone crazy, as long as it was Gu Hai’s store, in a  moment, it would be surrounded by a sea of people. It seemed as though, all of the citizens were charging towards them.

All of Gu Hai’s stores, almost at the same time, barred their doors. However, it was impossible to block the fervency of the citizens by merely locking the doors.

What should be done, the doors are closed?

“Let’s open them, let’s open them, we have brought the tools, let’s knock them down!” Someone shouted loudly.

When they turned their head to check, they witnessed the guards of Song Capital pus.h.i.+ng a battering ram.

“Ah? The city guards? Why are you not patrolling the Capital? Did you come here to join the fun with us?” Someone shouted.

“Patrolling my a.s.s! How can we let such a good opportunity go, let’s smash the door, we have a battering ram here, we secretly took it out from the armory, let’s smash this door down quickly!”

“You can’t, humph, so many of you, city guards have arrived, we came earlier than you, we have to divide first. If we give this location to you, then are we just going to have soup?”

“That’s right, you can’t, we don’t want your battering ram, we can smash the door ourselves!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, audacious, you unruly people, we will no longer smash open the door, I will just arrest all of you, one by one,” the city guard furiously shouted.

“You dare, my lord is the Royal Tutor, come and arrest me, do you dare arrest me?”

“My lord is Vice Minister of the Ministry of Rites, do you dare arrest me? First come first served, if you want to rob, let’s see if you will be alive to rob!”

“My lord is Vice Minister of the Ministry of War! Humph, come if you will!”



It was a motley crew of three religions and nine schools[1], everyone was here. Each shop of Gu Hai was like a gold mountain placed in various parts of the Capital. No matter who it was, they weren’t exempted from the customs.

The civilians were here for overnight riches. The wealthy and the n.o.blemen also housed countless retainers, who weren’t willing to miss such an opportunity, and the houses of most of the Officials, even more so, had received the first-hand information. City guards regardless of their important jobs, had also come to rob.

At this moment, the entire Song Capital was in a chaos.

Sounds of riots, pillaging, crying, laughing, rage, and all kinds of emotions resounded throughout the entire Song Capital. It seemed as though, all of it broke out at the same time.

Standing atop a tall building within the Capital, Gu Hai and Gu Han gazed at the riots happening throughout the city, the residents of the entire Capital had gone crazy, at some places, besides robbery, fire and smoke also started to rise simultaneously.

The noises could be heard without an end, and the screams could even be heard from far away.

“G.o.dfather, our Gu Mansion has suffered a tremendous loss of properties this time!” Gu Han said with a bitter smile.

“Loss of properties? Haha, do you think I would suffer losses?” Gu Hai said with a laugh.

“I was just saying! So what if we didn’t have those stores? Even if the entire wealth turned into rubble, G.o.dfather could rely on your name. I can guarantee that the Song Kingdom would be more than willing to lend all of their money at the first moment tomorrow, no matter how much G.o.dfather wants, they will lend it to G.o.dfather. G.o.dfather can raise all the stores of my Gu Family from the ground within one day, moreover, they will be bigger and stronger!” Gu Han confidently and proudly said.

Gu Hai didn’t refute but slightly smiled and said, “How can the properties of the secular world be considered as anything? How can the industries within the Song Kingdom amount to anything? Certainly, we can buy things with money, but all of those things are worthless!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Sounds of explosion resounded throughout the entire Song Capital. All of the citizens, retainers of various n.o.blemen, even began quarreling for various properties. Billowing smoke and flames continued to rise to the sky,  while screams could be heard without end. The scene at the Song Capital began to resemble a living h.e.l.l amid the human world.

At the same time, those who were somewhat intelligent quickly bought horses and galloped towards the other cities of Song Kingdom.

If the citizens of the other cities knew that the Song King had decreed to plunder Gu Hai’s stores, they would definitely become crazy. We need to be quick, we must immediately plunder more wealth before the citizens of the other cities react.

“G.o.dfather, this chaos is just like fire, it is spreading towards the other cities of the Song Kingdom. Furthermore, the fire will only grow bigger and fiercer, the citizens will begin to rob more unscrupulously, their madness will also become more intense!” Reading the reports pa.s.sed by the subordinates, Gu Han looked towards Gu Hai and spoke with feelings.

“A spark can start a prairie fire, as long as the gates of ambition is opened, all of their thoughts can be hoodwinked, we can make them trample all of the Laws, as well as make them go crazy. However, it is still insufficient. Let’s wait till for the first batch of robberies to spread throughout the kingdom, then we just need to tear their last line of defense, and make them blinded by confusion!” Gu Hai said in a heavy tone.

“First batch? Ah, the faster the horses, the faster they will commit the robberies, and the fiercer it would become! G.o.dfather, no one could prevent this wave.”