Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 168: Jiang Lianshan Awakens

Book 5: Chapter 168: Jiang Lianshan Awakens

Book 5: Chapter 168: Jiang Lianshan Awakens

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When the Azure Emperor arrived outside the Yan Nations palace, he did not notice two people, whom he would absolutely never have expected, standing on a mountaintop near the palace.

They were Gu Hai and Ao Shun.

Hall Master, how did you know that the Azure Emperor would get Seven Kills to masquerade as him while he came to carry out the a.s.sa.s.sination? Ao Shun looked somewhat incredulously at the Azure Emperor and his subordinates in the distance.

He only dares to do so because Jiang Lianshan is in meditation. He got all the Divine Farmer City experts to head to the Qian District to distract them and lure them away. Seven Kills is a heaven-grade zither, able to hear distant sounds. Furthermore, he can imitate voices, Gu Hai said with a cold smile.

Then, wont we get exposed in there? Ao Shun asked worriedly.

We wont. The Azure Emperor sent the heaven-grade zither Seven Kills to pretend to be him, so he would definitely send people to monitor the heaven-grade zither Ensnaring Performance to prevent me from doing the same. Seeing Ensnaring Performance made the Azure Emperor lower his guard. Moreover, he does not know that Long Sanqian can also use the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array. With Long Aotians jiangchen zombie pretending to be me, it can deal with any danger, even if someone launches a sneak attack. Long Sanqian stands behind the jiangchen zombie, giving instructions on how to play. As long as no sound comes out, no one will know with the fog obscuring them.

Right. Hall Masters match with the Azure Emperor has attracted everyones attention. However, the two of you are here Ao Shun showed a bitter expression.

Alright. The Azure Emperor has entered. Gu Hai narrowed his eyes.

At this moment, the vast fog covering the palace prevented people from seeing in.

Then, this subordinate shall enter now, Ao Shun said.

Alright. Be careful when you enter. Focus on protecting yourself as a priority. You just need to delay for time until the Azure Emperors a.s.sa.s.sination becomes an indisputable fact. Then, block the Azure Emperor at the appropriate moment. I will lay a ritual array and meet up with you soon, Gu Hai said.

Yes! Ao Shun answered and was about to charge over.

Wait. Bring my Vine World Calabas.h.!.+ Gu Hai held out the spirit treasure.

The Vine World Calabash was only palm-sized when Gu Hai handed it to Ao Shun.

Sima Changkong sent word that the Azure Emperor will lay an Azure Vine Poison Fog Ritual Array. Its countless vines are an imitation of the Vine World Calabash. However, the Vine World Calabash dominates all vines. Just its aura alone can cause the ritual arrays vines to retreat if you bring it, Gu Hai said.

Ao Shun nodded as he held the Vine World Calabash. Yes, Hall Master!

Gu Hai nodded.


Ao Shun charged into the fog.

When Ao Shun entered the fray, Gu Hai took out an item with a flip of his hand. It was a zither puppet that looked exactly like the heaven-grade zither Army Breaker. However, it could only be used to send messages through resonance.

Mister Sima, everything is done. I have already made arrangements for Mu Chenfeng and the Elite Hall disciples to receive you. Quickly return; forget about the Black Emperors medallions. Also, I told the hidden Qian Nation spies to leave quietly after using the Black Emperors medallions to move the Black Emperors old subordinates to block the Azure Emperors old subordinates. If you have time, check on that and make sure nothing goes wrong, Gu Hai said.


The zither puppets resonated.

There was an identical zither puppet in the room of the black-robed manHeavens envoyin the Azure Emperors official residence.

Buzz! The zither puppet trembled slightly, repeating what Gu Hai said in his voice, without any changes.

It is all done already? Thats good. The black-robed man took a deep breath and looked at the table.

There were ten black medallions placed in a row on the table.

Although I do not know how the hall master found these Black Emperors medallions, I managed to take them back from the Azure Emperor. These will leave a trail, so theres no need for them to exist any longer.

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A loud sound rang out as the black-robed man crushed the ten medallions into powder.

After doing all that, the black-robed man stepped out of the residence. An Elite Hall disciple was waiting to receive him outside.

At the same time, after Gu Hai sent the message using the zither puppet outside the Yan Nation palace, he put the zither puppet away and clenched his hand. A black medallion appeared in his palm.

It was the Black Mountain Token.

The group in the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array in the Qian District had a Black Mountain Token. Now, Gu Hai had a second one in his hand.

This would be impossible for anyone else but not for Gu Hai. Previously, he had replicated the Soul Dividing Box one thousand times. The Black Mountain Token was just a controller, so it did not require much Mending Heaven Energy to replicate by breaking it and mending the two halves.

Gu Hai activated the Black Mountain Token and immediately connected to the Lianshan Ritual Array.


A strong wind kicked up above the fog-covered palace. The Lianshan Ritual Array connected to the world, gathering surging Spiritual Energy for Gu Hais Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array.


A gale blew, and s.p.a.ce trembled.

Who is it?

How bold!

Which evildoer dares to cause trouble in Divine Farmer City?!

Furious roars came from the surroundings. Many of the soldiers outside the palace rushed over, their complexions changing.


Suddenly, the trembling s.p.a.ce manifested a youth.

This youth had three heads and six arms. Standing on a pair of Wind Fire Wheels, he held a Fire-Tipped Spear with one pair of hands, a Red Armillary Sash in another pair, and a Universe Hoop in the last pair as he glared at the fog below.

Ill try this one more time. I hope that nothing unexpected happens this time. Nezha, Ill leave it to you. A grave look flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

When the Nezha cloud beast appeared, he did not seem as strange as the previous Great Sage Equal to Heaven.

Nezha held out his Universe Hoop and threw it at the fog-covered palace below.


A deafening report rang out, and the ground below shook. Then, a large hole broke open in the fog.

Nezha is here! Who dares to cause trouble? the strange, three-headed, six-armed youth roared as he glared.

How audacious!

How bold!

Who dares to rebel in Divine Farmer City?!

Furious shouts came from outside as though at Nezha, who had appeared out of nowhere. A rain of arrows shot towards him.

Suddenly, loud shouts came from the hole that Nezha broke open.

Men! Come quickly! The Azure Emperor is rebelling!

The Azure Emperor is trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate His Holy Eminence! Men! Come quickly!

Various experts flew out in a hurry.

The first one out was Eunuch Zhao.

White Emperor, various consecrates! Return quickly! The Azure Emperor is rebelling, trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate His Holy Eminence! Hurry! Eunuch Zhao reared his head back and shouted after flying out.

Eunuch Zhao was very loud; his voice spread throughout the city.

Nezha glared and immediately rushed in on his Wind Fire Wheels.


Countless vines rushed at Nezha.

Scram! Nezha glared and flung out the Red Armillary Sash in his hand.


The vast power contained in the Red Armillary Sash immediately exploded countless vines and white mist.

The scene in the palace became exposed to everyone.

The expressions of nearly everyone in the surroundings changed.

How did this happen in the palace? Those palace guards have collapsed? All of them collapsed? There are so many vines! So many!

Quick! Look at the Divine Yan Hall!

Ah! Thats the Azure Emperor! What is he doing?!

His Holy Eminence is in closed-door cultivation in the Divine Yan Hall? Is the Azure Emperor trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate His Holy Eminence?!

Countless citizens and officials outside exclaimed as their expressions changed dramatically.

The Azure Emperor is really trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate His Holy Eminence in the fog? How can it be like this? Are our eyes deceiving us?

Your Holy Eminence, be careful! the officials cried out.

However, it was already too late. The Azure Emperors palm was about to hit Jiang Lianshans head.

Jiang Lianshan had his eyes closed in meditation. No matter how strong he was, the Azure Emperors palm would definitely blast his skull open.

The Azure Emperor showed a ferocious expression, on the verge of success.

Just then, Jiang Lianshans eyes suddenly opened.


Bright, golden light shot out of Jiang Lianshans eyes when he opened them.

The golden light was dazzling; almost everyone could not keep their eyes open.

The instant Jiang Lianshan opened his eyes, the Azure Emperors expression changed.

However, now that things had gotten this far, there was no going back.

Die! the Azure Emperor roared with a ferocious expression, putting more force into his hand, poised to kill Jiang Lianshan.

Suddenly, Jiang Lianshans right hand shot up. It moved so fast that everyone could only catch an afterimage.


Jiang Lianshans right palm met the Azure Emperors right palm, producing a powerful shock wave that blasted the Divine Yan Hall apart.


The Divine Yan Hall exploded; only the throne remained intact.

Jiang Lianshan remained seated; his figure had not budged at all.

Jiang Lianshan firmly grabbed the palm that the Azure Emperor sent over.

The Azure Emperors palm stopped right in front of Jiang Lianshan.

Whwhat? The Azure Emperors expression changed.

The Azure Emperor never expected Jiang Lianshan to be this strong, so strong that he felt like a little chick before Jiang Lianshan.

Azure Emperor, how bold of you! Jiang Lianshans expression turned cold as he put more force into his hand.


The Azure Emperor got knocked back, his right arm torn off.

Argh! the Azure Emperor roared in pain.

Jiang Lianshan stood up slowly.

Your Holy Eminence! Eunuch Zhao and the other loyal Yan Nation officials called out excitedly.

However, the expressions of the Azure Emperors subordinates changed. How could it be like this?

Azure Emperor, we have treated you well, Jiang Lianshan said coldly.

Hahaha! Well?! The Azure Emperor showed a ferocious expression, not showing any fear.

We have said before. We will share the world with you five as long as the five imperial lords do not betray the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. Humph! What greedy ambitions! You finally can no longer endure? Do you know how many people will be buried today because of your rebellion? Jiang Lianshan said with a cold expression.

Buried? You will be the one buried. Do you think we have not prepared for this day? This is the day the Azure Heavenly Dynasty will replace the Yan Heavenly Dynasty! the Azure Emperor snarled ferociously.

Although the Azure Emperor had lost one arm, he did not feel discouraged. Instead, he looked up at the sky.

Heaven above, Wethe Azure Emperorhave not let you down. We have done our best to prevent an alliance between the Qian Nation and the Yan Nation. Now, things are not going well. I ask for Heavens a.s.sistance in dealing with the Yan Demon! the Azure Emperor roared.

After the failed a.s.sa.s.sination, there was still one more way. However, this was the only way left; the Azure Emperor had no other choice but to believe in it.

When the Azure Emperor roared, the expression of Eunuch Zhao and the others changed. They appeared fl.u.s.tered as they looked up at the sky. Could the Azure Emperor have received orders from Heaven to a.s.sa.s.sinate His Holy Eminence?

Jiang Lianshan looked at the Azure Emperor coldly, unaffected by the Azure Emperors words.

A mild breeze blew.

Nezha stopped in front of the Azure Emperor. However, Heaven did not react at all; there was no trace of the Six Paths Immortal.

Whatwhats wrong? Heaven, you promised me! the Azure Emperor roared at the sky.

However, the sky remained clear, showing no response. The Azure Emperors expression turned stiff as an ominous thought suddenly occurred to him.

Thats impossible! Thats impossible! The Azure Emperor glared at the sky.

Suddenly, Jiang Lianshan turned his head and looked coldly at Gu Hai, who was on a nearby mountaintop.

Gu Hai? What a great scheme! No wonder Long Zhanguo sent you. Humph! Jiang Lianshan snorted coldly as he looked at Gu Hai.

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