Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 8.3

Chapter 8.3

 ­ In The Next Life Do Not Speak Of Loving Me Again – Part 3

“Husband, whether it’s good or bad, don’t go to war! Don’t we have a wealthy father, is that not enough? I’m afraid, don’t go to the war!”

“Xiaodie, believe in me all right? I’m following the commander, as long as commander is there, I will not be any danger, believe me!”

“But, woo woo woo…, then if you go and in a 10000 in 1 chance you encounter any mishap, then what are you going to do? I can not live without you!”

“Nothing would happen, I’m following the general to achieve something, it is my life’s dream, believe me!”

“But, in the war lot of people dies, and if you……………., woo woo!”

“I have already decided to leave, you do not say anything! If I die, in the next life I’ll love you again!”




In my next life, I’ll love you again?

Lin Chong suddenly staggered, I very much wanted to follow the Commander, and so in a moment of anger I said so. Moreover, I thought only I would be in danger. It can not be you, Xiaodie, it can not be you!

When I think of it now, at that time how sad Xiaodie would have been! Why did I not consider it from Xiaodie’s point of view, how could I’ve been so selfish?

Xiaodie? I do not want to love you again in the next life, I want to love you in this life!

Lin Chong was trembling, Xiao Yu once again said.

“Brother-in-law, it was Song Zhengxi, it was him, you know during the previous lantern festival, he took a fancy to sister. After you left, Song Zhengxi several times hara.s.sed the sister, but sister refused, until that day, until that day, Song Zhengxi wanted to a.s.sault sister, in turn he was slapped by sister, he went back to find a group of people, wanted to forcefully and wantonly insult sister!” Xiao Yu cried and said.

“Song Zhengxi?” Lin Chong whole body was shaking.

“Sister dared to die but wasn’t willing to obey. She bashed her head against the pillar and died. Song Zhengxi got angry, and made a subordinate wantonly insult sister’s corpse. Furthermore he killed the all the villagers, and even sister’s corpse was not let off! Excluding me, every person was struck by a sword, the entire village was burnt off, all dead, all dead, woo woo woo!” Xiao yu cried while speaking.


Lin Chong was suddenly kneeling on the ground, grabbed his head due to pain, from this incomparable pain.

On a side note, he had wanted to achieve meritorious deeds during this expedition. More importantly, when the expedition would be over, at the time of his return he would have been a higher official. At that time he wanted Xiaodie to be his official wife, then they would be happy forever, but…!

“Xiaodie, I should not have left, I should not have left! When you needed me the most, I was helping Song Zhengxi go to war,  I was helping Song Zhengxi go to war!” Lin Chong holding his head cried.

“Brother-in-law, sister before dieing after bas.h.i.+ng her head against the wall, looked northward, looked at your direction and said! And it was very sad!” Xiao Yu woefully said.

“Sister said, ‘Lin Chong, in your next life, do not speak of lo

ving me again!” Xiao Yu painfully recalled.

In your next life do not speak of loving me again?

In my next life do not speak of loving her again?

Do not speak of loving me again?




In Lin Chong’s mind constantly played back scenes of Xiaodie’s despair and helplessness and also being disheartened at the point of death!

“Ah!” Lin Chong holding his head, screamed again and again.

Lin Chong cry was very loud, his screams were very painful, which resounded in the whole barrack.

“Sir, do you also want to silence our mouth? Also want Song Zhengxi to be free and fretted from the laws?”

“What s.h.i.+t big picture, bulls.h.i.+t war, I can live as long as the family is alive, sir, please, make commander give us revenge!”

“Sir, woo woo woo woo woo!”

Large tent inside sounds of sobbing resounded.

After a good while…

Lin Chong painfully shouted, and it already motivated every follower of his inside the barracks

Lin Chong shambled outside the tent like a zombie, followed by Xiao Yu and the two victimized soldiers, they gradually walked towards the outside of a large military tent.

They arrived outside the Gao Xianzhi’s tent.

Lin Chong slowly took off his battle robes, took off his official robes. s.h.i.+rtless, he knelt down outside Gao Xianzhi’s tent. His body was riddled with countless hideous scars, sending chills to anyone who looks at them

Two soldiers behind also similarly took their s.h.i.+rts, revealing their hideous scars. Together, they knelt outside Gao Xianzhi’s tent.

“Commander, Lin Chong had followed commander for fifteen years, killed 500 people, heavily injured ten times, lightly injured fifty times, risk’s own life, went through fire and water, never complained. However, today, Lin Chong family had been destroyed and decimated, earnestly request commander to take responsibility and grant us justice, justify army law, justify country law, behead Emperor’s grandson, Song Zhengxi!”

“Earnestly request commander to honor their commitment, justify army law, behead Song Zhengxi!” Two victimized soldiers also painfully yelled.

The previously thirteen soldiers who were advised to check the information also quickly ran over.

“Earnestly request commander, justify army law, behead Song Zhengxi!” Those thirteen soldiers too yelled.

And the soldiers who followed Lin Chong and risked their lives, when they got the information, looking at Lin Chong kneeling, they too followed and knelt down.

Lin Chong was Gao Xianzhi’s pioneer general, always in the first line of battle, in face of death shoulder to shoulder fought with his teammates, was their genuine life and death brother. Lin Chong saluting sound, was followed by hundred of soldiers kneeling down.

Not too long after, outside Gao Xianzhi’s tent, there was already 500 soldiers were kneeling, each had taken off their s.h.i.+rts, revealing numerous hideous scars they got during battles.

Lin Chong deeply knew, quietly looking for Xianzhi will certainly be useless, if he wants revenge, he could only if the whole army was made aware of it.

Really, at the moment, in the camp hundred of thousands of soldiers had heard Lin Chong’s loud shout.

Punish the Emperor’s grandson? The person who in the future was very likely to be the sovereign, was it possible?

Lin Chong’s suffering whether it was true or not was one thing, and the commander’s att.i.tude was another. Could the commander, for Lin Chong sake, offend the Emperor’s grandson? Not long ago, what the commander had promised, would he be able to deliver it? Whether or not because of the opposite party’s ident.i.ty, commander will reclaim what he previously said? Military order like mountain, or the military order would be just a trifling matter?

Many people were concerned about it.

Song Crown Prince on the other side ordering the troops, suddenly heard Lin Chong shouts to behead Song Zhengxi, in his heart he too s.h.i.+vered.

And Gao Xianzhi at the moment, was sitting inside his own tent, sitting on his chair, across the curtain, looking outside the large ten, although he had not seen, but Gao Xianzhi has already guessed the situation outside, his frown became like 川 character.


The tea cup in Gao Xianzhi’s hand was broken.

“Gu Hai, I underestimated your speed, can’t you even give me the time to take a breath?” said Gao Xianzhi as his complexion became ugly.


Song Empire’s Imperial Capital, Song City.

Gu Han was looking at one limping man in front of him, that crippled man with gloomy complexion was staring at Gu Han.

“Letter, I’ve already written, I hope you can deliver your promise, do not hurt my two brother’s families!” That crippled said in a heavy tone.

“Lao Wu, do not worry, they are absolutely safe! This time we had no choice, also please forgive me, two armies are fighting, there will be casualties, we do so to make the casualties minimum, and once this war is over, all of them will be safe!” Gu Han solemnly said.

The crippled squeezed his fists, he could do nothing but endure.

Originally, the tragedies of Lin Chong’s two subordinate’s families were all false.

Gu Han after arranging the crippled Lao Wu, he went to see Gu Hai.

Gu Hai at the moment was looking at a Weiqi board, he was lost in his thoughts.

“Foster father, have you not seen the new information?” Gu Han asked.

“Even if it was the flying pigeon who were pa.s.sing the messages, there would be  too much lag in getting the information, it’s not worth looking, at the moment, perhaps a commotion has already started in Lin Chong’s camp!” Gu Hai said while smilingly placing a black piece.

“Foster father, did you from the beginning prepared so many true and false information just for this Lin Chong?” Gu Hai curiously asked.

“Yes, both true and false information has no relation, as long as the most crucial information is true, everything will be all right, Song Zhengxi is only himself to blame for the reason to get punished! Beside encountering the current Emperor’s grandson was just a matter of coincidence!” Gu Hai said while once again placed the white piece.

“But, if we have not encountered Song Zhengxi, then what would you have done?” Gu Han curiously said.

“If this matter had not occured?” Gu Hai stopped playing and looked at Gu han.

“Yes,  if Song Zhenxi haven’t killed Xiaodie?”

“Haha, no relation, originally this plan was called ‘Something out of nothing’. No Xiaodie? there is still Xiao Mao, Xiao Hua, Xiao Wen. Besides speaking of this, in the beginning I was not at all prepared to use Song Zhengxi, after all Emperor’s grandson’s ident.i.ty is still not sufficiently grandous, inside the Song City, there is also Tais.h.i.+, as well as the prime minister. Using them for the opening act, all does not have any relation. The most crucial point is that they only need to play the part of my black piece, in my cup there can be more than one black piece!” Gu Hai said with a laugh.

While speaking, from the a little cup containing a lot of black piece on the side, he took out a black piece and placed it in one location on the Weiqi board in the front.

Gu Han expression moved a little, nodded his head and said, “So it seems, Song Zhengxi himself getting caught is just his bad luck, as for his position, anyone can replace it?”

“Yes!” Gu Hai Slightly smiled.

“But such a high price operation, only for this Lin Chong, is one Song Zhengxi enough?” Gu han said with some worry.

“Is enough, because he is Emperor’s grandson, now all 800,000 soldiers are definitely looking, looking to see what kind of explanation would Gao Xianzhi is going to give the whole army!” Gu Hai said with a slight smile containing a trace of confidence.

“If I’m Gao Xianzhi, even if it is the Emperor’s grandson, will also kill!” Gu Han after a moment of losing in his thoughts said.

“Yes, kill! But, this game have just started, that’s why, I want this Emperor’s grandson, alive!” Gu Hai while speaking gradually placed a white piece on the Weiqi board.