Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5 Chapter 140: Divine Demon Army

Book 5 Chapter 140: Divine Demon Army

Book 05 Chapter 140: Divine Demon Army

By a nameless valley some distance from Borderless Heavenly Capital:

Currently, a man wearing black Daoist robes stood at the valley entrance. The area around the mans eyes was black, as if he wore eyeliner. However, his eyes appeared incredibly cold.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

This man was rather emaciated, and he gave off wisps of black energy like mosquitoes flying around him.

It has been one thousand years. This Daoist is back. Old thing, to think that you abandoned yourself and even gave up the Primal Essence Pearl? Humph! the black-Daoist-robed man snorted coldly.

The Primal Essence Pearl, the sixteenth of the top sixteen ancient treasures? Although it ranks sixteenth, it is the first in my eyes. Back then, you were not willing to let it go. Who did you give it to? the black-Daoist-robed man snorted coldly.


Suddenly, the wisps of black energy around the Daoist-robed man soared up and rushed into the valley, turning into countless mosquitoes filling every single corner of the valley.


The mosquitoes swept through the entire valley in mere moments before rus.h.i.+ng back into the black-Daoist-robed mans body.

Some of the mosquitoes had managed to dig out some green powder from the dirt and deposited it in the mans hand.

Poison powder? The Daoist-robed mans face sank.

Then, he brought the powder to his nose and sniffed.

The black tortoises snake venom? A poison of such a level should be the Black Tortoise Primes. Prime Feng Yues poison? Thats not right. Feng Yue is already dead. Theres also the aura of a spirit-a.s.similated cultivator here. A bat spirit? No, it should be a vampire! The pupils of the Daoist-robed mans eyes constricted.

A vampire probably got inflicted with the Black Tortoise Primes poison and fell here. Then, that old thing saved him. That old thing was the one who drew out the poison? Humph! Old thing, dont tell me you gave the Primal Essence Pearl to that vampire? The Daoist-robed mans face sank.

This Daoist will investigate this. Humph! The Daoist-robed mans figure flashed, disappearing from his location.


Borderless Heavenly Capital:

After Long Wanqing came back to life, Gu Hai installed her as the Han Nations empress. The two declared their marriage. They no longer had any restraints and had already experienced separation of life and death once. Hence, they treasured their time together.

Gu Hai did not show himself in the morning a.s.sembly for ten days.

At a pavilion shelter by the chambers, the two bathed in the sun with slightly narrowed eyes.

Husband, Long Wanqing said gently.

Gu Hai gently caressed Long Wanqings fine hair. Wanqing, you have suffered these years.

Long Wanqing raised her head to look at Gu Hai and smiled gently.

Have you gotten used to your body? Gu Hai asked.

Ming Hes body? I can sense overwhelming power in this body, but I dont know how to use it. Thats why I injured you that day, Long Wanqing said worriedly.

The power is too great, and you cant control it? Thats fine. Hurt me? Thats not really the case. Arent I fine? Just take your time and adjust to it. Do your best to reduce the strength and gain fine control, Gu Hai said seriously.?reewe??ov?l.?o?

Alright. However, over the past few days, I have noticed that when weit seems that my spiritual souls and new body merge even more perfectly, Long Wanqing said, reddening.

Oh? Coital cultivation? Coital cultivation can help the merger? Gu Hais eyes lit up.

Yes. Long Wanqing buried her head in Gu Hais chest.

Hahahaha! That is a good thing. Ill help you with the merger as much as I can! Gu Hai laughed.

Detestable! Long Wanqing patted Gu Hais chest in embarra.s.sment.



Gu Hai spewed out a mouthful of blood from the blow.

Ah! Its all my fault. Ming Hes body is too powerful. I thought I did it very lightly! Long Wanqing anxiously checked Gu Hais injuries.

She pulled, and Gu Hais clothes tore. His chest seemed to have sunk in.

Cough! Cough! Im fine. This is the physical body I obtained through physical cultivation. This is fine. The stronger you are, the happier I am, Gu Hai said with blood on his lips.

However, Long Wanqing still felt extremely anxious as she gently wiped the blood off Gu Hais lips.

I-I-Im not touching you anymore. Otherwise Long Wanqing appeared anxious.

Thats fine. Ill take the initiative, Gu Hai said gently to Long Wanqing.

Long Wanqing turned red again as she gingerly leaned against Gu Hais chest, no longer daring to move.

Long Wanqings pat had broken several of Gu Hais ribs. However, the Life Ender Saber sent out some energy, and the injuries immediately healed.

Husband, your cultivation technique is very strange. Each nascent soul corresponds to a different woman. That means that you have had several women over the past few years Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai interrogatively.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly as he nodded. He did not hide anything, telling her everything that had happened over the past few years.

Elder Sister Chen Xianer, Lin Waner, Bing Ji, and the Supreme Ascendant Daos Grand Mohist? Long Wanqing frowned, evincing some discomfort in her eyes. However, her expression quickly relaxed.

Without them, we could only have met in the nether realm. No. I had entered the Asura Path Secret Realm. Perhaps we would never have been able to meet each other again, even after getting reduced to nothing. I have to thank them. Long Wanqings expression appeared much calmer.

Gu Hai did not say much as he gently caressed Long Wanqings fine hair.

Husband, after coital cultivating for the past few days, your nascent soul should have reached consummation already, right? Long Wanqing looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai closed his eyes and sent his consciousness into his liver aperture. A nascent soul that looked like Gu Hai sat cross-legged in the wood deity palace. The Azure Emperors treasure, the Vine World Calabash, hung on its back.

Gu Hai opened his eyes and said, You have a wood cauldron physique. Naturally, my wood deity at the fifth layer has already reached consummation.

Sixth Nascent Soul Stage?

Indeed. Five elemental nascent souls and one dantian nascent soul. They have all reached consummation already. I should be at consummation of the Nascent Soul Realm, Gu Hai said.

Then, doesnt that mean you can establish your heavenly palace? What are you waiting for? Establish it. Ill protect you, Long Wanqing said with a frown.

Gu Hai shook his head. The five elemental divine palaces and the dantian where the nascent souls reside are collectively known as the earthly palaces. The physical souls stay in the earthly palaces, and the spiritual souls stay in the heavenly palaces. One uses the power of the physical souls to establish the heavenly palace. I understand this principle and can do it. However, I keep feeling that something is missing, so I am not in a rush.

The lower heavenly palace is where the mortal soul resides. Once you establish it, you can sense the world, becoming even stronger, Long Wanqing said with a frown.

No. I think that establis.h.i.+ng firm foundations is more important than anything else. That allowed me to kill Innate Realm cultivators while in the Acquired Realm. In the Nascent Soul Realm, I can already kill Lower Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators easily, Gu Hai said seriously.

Huh? Alright, then. Your nascent souls are purer than anyone elses. They all have to be pure. Long Wanqing nodded.

Thats why there is no need to rush. I have obtained the Vine World Calabash, giving my wood deity endless energy, Gu Hai said.

The Vine World Calabash? Didnt it get damaged? How, Long Wanqing said, feeling bewildered.

It was damaged, but I fixed it! Gu Hai said with a smile.

Long Wanqing nodded despite finding it strange.

Long Wanyu will arrive in another month. You sisters can reunite soon, Gu Hai said with a smile.

Somethings not right. You told me a lot of things earlier. It seems that Long Wanyu listens to you. I know very well what Wanyu is like. Normally, even I cannot sway her. She actually listens to you? Is there something you have not told me? Long Wanqing asked.

Theres really nothing! Gu Hai replied with a bitter smile.

Humph! Ill ask Wanyu myself when the time comes. Long Wanqing pretended to be angry.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly.

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Thats right. How do you plan to deal with the Unborn Man? Gu Hai looked at Long Wanqing.

Long Wanqing frowned, falling silent.

The Unborn Man? Previously, Long Wanqing had been looking forward to meeting her father. However, he was the one who killed her. He had implicated her mother. Although the Unborn Man had rushed all over the place after she died, she still could not let it go.

Alright. Dont think anymore. We will deal with future matters in the future, Gu Hai said gently.

Alright. Long Wanqing nodded.

Husband, you had better go to morning a.s.sembly. You can accompany me in the afternoon or at night, Long Wanqing said gently.

Gu Hai lowered his head and looked at Long Wanqing, feeling somewhat touched. Alright.


Soaring Palace Hall, Borderless Heavenly Capital:

Gu Hai wore black imperial robes with golden embroidery and a crown of black jade as he sat on the throne, looking at the two columns of officials standing before him respectfully.

The officials who were in the Asura Path Secret Realm for three years had already resumed their posts. They had dealt with most of the backlog from the past three years over a mere ten days. As they stood in the a.s.sembly hall, they looked at Gu Hai in awe and reverence.

Reporting to Your Majesty, the six hundred thousand soldiers have been organized and are waiting for Your Majesty to a.s.sign them. Gao Xianzhi respectfully handed over a report.

Back then, Gao Xianzhi had prepared close to one million people to enter the Asura Path Secret Realm with Gu Hai. Later on, Gu Hai had eliminated several of them to accommodate the black-robed people, the Embroidered Uniform Guards, and the officials, leaving only six hundred thousand-odd loyal ordinary soldiers. Now that they had all returned, they all possessed boundless potential.

Some antic.i.p.ation flashed in Gao Xianzhis eyes. He hoped to lead this army.

Gu Hai took a careful look. After taking a deep breath, he said, Gao Xianzhi, one hundred thousand of them are officers, your former subordinates?


You will continue to manage these one hundred thousand officers, Gu Hai said.

Yes, Your Majesty. What about the remaining five hundred thousand foot soldiers? Gao Xianzhi asked, feeling curious.

We will form a new army with these five hundred thousand, called the Divine Demon Army. They will be managed by the Second Corps commander, Chen Tianshan, Gu Hai replied.

Ah? Gao Xianzhis expression changed.

Chen Tianshans expression also changed. He had not expected the emperor to hand such a large army to him. My ability to lead troops in battle is far inferior to Gao Xianzhis. In culture, wisdom, intelligence, and schemes, I am not at all comparable to Mo Yike. Why did His Majesty hand such a large army to me?

Chen Tianshan, dont let down our expectations, Gu Hai said.

Thank you for Your Majestys trust. This official will properly lead these five hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers. I will not let down Your Majestys trust! Chen Tianshan immediately shouted.

Congratulations, Lord Chen! Gao Xianzhi congratulated. However, he appeared somewhat disappointed.

These five hundred thousand Divine Demon Army soldiers were incredibly powerful. Heavenly Palace Realm? All of them would establish their heavenly palaces soon. That was an undefeatable army.

After Gu Hai made arrangements for the Divine Demon Army, Gu Qin stepped forward. Reporting to Your Majesty, everyone in the city lords official residence of Azure Foundation City died of blood loss five days ago, including the city lord.

Died of blood loss? Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

Could it be the vampires? an official in the a.s.sembly hall exclaimed.