Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 138: Spiritual Light

Book 5: Chapter 138: Spiritual Light

Book 5: Chapter 138: Spiritual Light

Borderless Heavenly Capital:

The immortal firmament in Long Zhanguos hand tugged on the Asura Path Secret Realm. This immediately caused a reaction in the world; s.p.a.ce shuddered, and that effect spread in all directions.

Your Holy Eminence, hurry! Lifespan Beiming said anxiously.


The Asura Path Secret Realm was now right before Long Zhanguo. With his previous experience, he collected the path of reincarnation secret realm even faster than before.


Gu Hai vaguely saw a gargantuan pillar, like a t.i.tanic blue whirlpool tunnel connecting the sky and ground, being pulled by chains. A portion of it immediately entered the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament.

Excellent! Some excitement flashed in Long Zhanguos eyes as he put more force into his hand.


Suddenly, a vast crimson cloud appeared in the sky. When it parted, a humongous eye that covered the sky opened.

Heavens eye opened, and a powerful aura pressed down.


Nearly everyone in the vicinity dropped to their knees.

Only Long Zhanguo and Long Wanqing remained standing. Even Gu Hais knees started bending.

Gu Hai! Long Wanqing immediately helped Gu Hai up.

Gu Hai did not kneel, but he looked at the sky in horror.

Long Zhanguo, how dare you?! the Six Paths Immortal shouted out of nowhere.


s.p.a.ce suddenly trembled near Borderless Heavenly Capital. Then, a gargantuan right fist swung at the floating island.

When the fist appeared, the surrounding s.p.a.ce tore. Countless black holes opened amid loud sounds.

Six Paths, you managed to awaken your right fist over the past few years? Humph! How unfortunate! How unfortunate! You cannot stop us! Long Zhanguo shouted ferociously.

Long Zhanguo held the immortal firmament and tugged on the Asura Path Secret Realm with one hand while swinging the Heaven Splitting Ax with the other.


A thunderous sound rang out. When Long Zhanguo swung the Heaven Splitting Ax at full power, it blocked the right fist that appeared out of nowhere.

A manifested ax and a manifested fist clashed and maintained a stalemate. Cracks and black holes appeared where the two met.

Humph! A single stick is easily broken; a single fist lacks strength! Hahahahaha! Long Zhanguo laughed with a ferocious expression.


Long Zhanguo yanked with his left hand. Then, the towering blue whirlpool tunnel completely entered the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament.


Long Zhanguo put away the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament. The pupil of Heavens eye in the sky constricted.

The Asura Path Secret Realm? Long Zhanguo, excellent! Excellent! Excellent! When I return, I will consign you to eternal d.a.m.nation! A murderous intent filled Heavens eye.


The crimson clouds closed, and Heavens eye vanished along with the crimson clouds.

The Heaven Splitting Ax struck nothing. The right fist that had appeared was gone.


The surrounding s.p.a.ce rippled for a while before recovering its calm.

The Azure Emperor stood up far away. He wiped the blood off his lips as some horror flashed in his eyes.

The Asura Path Secret Realm? The Human Path Secret Realm? Long Zhanguo already has two path of reincarnation secret realms? Horror flashed in the Azure Emperors eyes.

Gu Hai, humph! It wont just be Long Zhanguo dying when the Six Paths Immortal returns. You will be destroyed as well. No, it wont be long. Theres no need for Heaven to deal with you. We will come and end you soon! Humph! the Azure Emperor snorted coldly. Then, he turned his head and quickly flew south.

The people kneeling in the surroundings took a long time to recover from their shock.

At this moment, Long Zhanguo was in a jubilant mood.

Gu Hai took a deep breath, then said seriously, Qian Heavenly Emperor, I hope you were not disappointed with my remaining here for the past three years.

Long Zhanguo lowered his head and looked at Gu Hai.

If it were just the Human Path Secret Realm from the first time, Long Zhanguo would not think that Gu Hai had incredible luck. However, he already sensed something during the incident with Houqing. Now, he found Gu Hai somewhat surprising.

Long Zhanguo waved his hand.


Intense blue wind suddenly appeared, wrapping around Gu Hai and Long Zhanguo.

Long Wanqing wanted to interfere, but Gu Hai shook his head, forestalling her.


Gu Hai suddenly seemed to vanish from the world. His surroundings strangely started to change.

Like before, the two appeared on a mountaintop, looking at the distant setting sun.

Qian Heavenly Emperor, you have already obtained the Asura Path Secret Realm, yet you called me here alone. Why? Gu Hai appeared a little bewildered.

Gu Hai, how did you find the Asura Path Secret Realm? Furthermore, you did so twice? Long Zhanguo asked, staring at Gu Hai.

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Huh? I was just lucky. The first time, it was the Unborn Man who found the entrance in the nether realm. This time, I obtained the blueprint from the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor. Gu Hai explained the process of how he obtained the entrance.

No. Thats not right. Long Zhanguo suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Huh? It was just a coincidence.

No, no! It was not a coincidence. Perhaps it was inevitable! Long Zhanguo said, his eyes widening.

Inevitable? Qian Heavenly Emperor must be joking. Gu Hai shook his head.

Since we said it was inevitable, there must be a reason for this. Why couldnt others find it, but you of all people did? Long Zhanguo said.


This slightly startled Gu Hai. How am I to explain that?

If we guess right, you have a great fate with the six paths of reincarnation. Thats why you can keep finding them. No. If we guess right, you will find the third path of reincarnation secret realm soon, Long Zhanguo said.

Huh? How can that be possible? Gu Hai said in shock.

Running into the Human Path Secret Realm and the Asura Path Secret Realm was already astounding luck. How can I possibly run into another one?

We naturally have our reason for saying that. There are five types of cultivation in the world: lifespan, blessings, divine, cultural, and spiritual. Lifespan refers to lifespan cultivators; blessings, to the sovereign of a nation or the sect master of a sect; and divine, to the prime of the animal spirits. Cultural is further split into music, Go, calligraphy, and painting. As for spiritual, everyone thinks it refers to using cultivation techniques to absorb Spiritual Energy. That is actually not the case. Spiritual is the most unfathomable one. It is also known as spiritual light. It can connect to fate, destiny, luck, the future, and the past. It can manifest opportunities. Eight hundred thousand years ago, there were many people born with spiritual light, giving them mysterious abilities. This manifestation of opportunities is one of the mysterious abilities of a type of spiritual light holder. Of course, I heard that there were even cultivation techniques specially used to cultivate spiritual light. Unfortunately, we have never run into one before. Rumor has it that Six Paths has a spiritual light cultivation technique that was born of the world, Long Zhanguo said.

Spiritual light? Gu Hai appeared slightly shocked.

Thats right. Did you think the Six Paths Immortal took away only the cultural Dao laws? No. After he became Heaven, the first thing he did was to take away the spiritual Dao laws. Cultivating spiritual cultivation? Haha! No one in the world can cultivate spiritual cultivation. Just look at how careful he is. This shows how incredible spiritual cultivation is, Long Zhanguo said with a cold smile.

There are no spiritual Dao laws in the world? Then, why Gu Hai looked at Long Zhanguo in shock.

We just said it earlier. Have you forgotten? Indeed, with no spiritual Dao laws in the world, there were no more spiritual light holders. However, spiritual cultivation is too mysterious. It can connect to the future and the past. Perhaps your wisp of spiritual light comes from the future or the past? It came to you after traveling through time and s.p.a.ce. Thats why you have spiritual light. Furthermore, your spiritual light gives you a fate with the path of reincarnation secret realms, Long Zhanguo said.

It cant be, right? Gu Hai felt slightly shocked.

It cant be? No, it is not impossible. You might not be the only one with spiritual light from the past or future. We also have a wisp. Its just that the world does not know about it. This is why we guess that you have a wisp of spiritual light too, Long Zhanguo said.

Eh Gu Hai turned silent.

I do have a cultivation technique called the Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment. Could it be because of this cultivation technique, or do I really have spiritual light?

You helped us obtain the Asura Path Secret Realm, so we owe you a favor. After this, aside from what we asked you to do previously, do your best to find the other four paths of reincarnation. After you find them, let us know immediately. Dont make us wait for three years again, in case of any accidents. We can promise you that all we want is the path of reincarnation secret realms. Everything in the secret realm can be given to you. Even if there is a new immortal firmament, we will not covet it, Long Zhanguo said with certainty.

Ehalright. Gu Hai nodded.

Since the Human Path Secret Realm, Gu Hai had already stood opposed to the Six Paths Immortal. Naturally, he stood on the same side as Long Zhanguo. Hence, he immediately agreed to Long Zhanguos request.

Alright, Long Zhanguo said, feeling satisfied.

Qian Heavenly Emperor, I have been feeling quite curious. You brought me here previously. Could this place be Gu Hai looked at the surroundings.

The two stood on the summit, watching the setting sun.

You guessed it? Hah! Thats right. We are in our immortal firmament. Thats why there is no need to worry about anyone eavesdropping. Continue searching. If you can help us find a third path of reincarnation secret realm, we can show you everything in this immortal firmament, Long Zhanguo said with a smile.

Ill do my best. I hope I really have that spiritual light, Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

Dont worry. You definitely have it. The path of reincarnation secret realms? Over the past eight hundred thousand years, you should be the only one who has managed to enter two of them. How could you not be fated? Long Zhanguo smiled.

I hope so, Gu Hai said with a bitter smile.

Long Zhanguo nodded. Have you prepared the list of people?

Yes. The list is already with Mo Yike. Gu Hai nodded.

We will send them as soon as we return! Long Zhanguo said with a smile.

Many thanks! Gu Hai nodded.

Thanks? Theres no need for that. We owe you too much. However, Six Paths will completely awaken in a few more decades. It is not good for us to reward you heavily now to avoid diminis.h.i.+ng your fighting spirit. Do your best, Long Zhanguo said.

As Long Zhanguo spoke, he waved his hand.


Suddenly, the world before the two changed; they returned to the plaza. The blue wind scattered, the two coming into view once more.

Your Holy Eminence, congratulations again on obtaining the Asura Path Secret Realm, Lifespan Beiming said excitedly.

Greetings, Qian Heavenly Emperor! The surrounding people bowed slightly to Long Zhanguo.

Long Zhanguo nodded. Then, he flung his sleeves out. Lifespan Beiming, return with us.

Yes! Lifespan Beiming answered.


The two suddenly turned into a beam of light shooting to the north and vanished over the horizon in the blink of an eye.

While everyone felt shocked over Long Zhanguos departure, Gu Hai and Long Wanqing looked at each other with warmth in their eyes.

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