Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 127: Bloody Divine Offshoot

Book 5: Chapter 127: Bloody Divine Offshoot

Book 5: Chapter 127: b.l.o.o.d.y Divine Offshoot

By the black river, Asura Path Secret Realm:

Several asuras bowed respectfully towards the black river.

Oh? Incessant Pain City? The Han Nation Demon Army is gathering at Incessant Pain City, just surrounding it and not killing anyone? Ming Hes voice came from the black river.

[TL Note: The words for incessant pain refer to the Buddhist concept of avci. Here is the Wikipedia entry on avci: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Av%C4%ABci.]

Yes. This subordinate does not know why. The twenty asura kings there fired many rescue signals. However, Gu Hais army is growing increasingly stronger. We, one of the asura kings said worriedly.

The stronger, the better. Dividing themselves into two hundred? Excellent means! This Gu Hai has many secrets. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Ming He said.

Then, what should we do now?

Surrounding without killing? That means that there is someone there whom Gu Hai values? Previously, when a strand of hair entered and someone outside tried to peek into this ancestors land, I suspected that they were searching for a certain asura. Excellent. I do not fear them having desires. Rather, I fear indifference! Ming Hes voice sounded somewhat excited.

Huh? Yes! the various asura kings answered.

Have you let all the killing get to your head? To think that you cannot even figure out this minor thing! Hah! If Gu Hai desires something, that would be best, Ming He said coldly.


After Ming He spoke, a ferocious red aura suddenly came from the black river and shot into the distant sky.

The ancestor is going to Incessant Pain City? an asura king exclaimed.

Humph! That is just one of this ancestors b.l.o.o.d.y divine offshoots. Ming Hes voice came from the black river.

Oh! Yes! The asuras did not dare to comment further.

Incessant Pain City:

More battalions arrived and surrounded Incessant Pain City.

Incessant Pain City was a large city with many asuras. There were even twenty asura kings.

Sally forth!

Wait! The ancestor should already know about our situation and will come and save us soon!

I said we should have attacked early on. Look, there are more of them!free?e?n?v?l.??m

The asura kings felt incredibly anxious.

Eighty Unborn Mans stood in the distance, standing in different positions as they laid a large ritual array. When the ritual array was erected, it immediately manifested white fog.

Force Wanqing into my Soul Trapping Ritual Array. Even if she tries to commit suicide, she will not succeed. Hurry! an Unborn Man said anxiously at the side.

The Gu Hais suddenly narrowed their eyes. Then, they shouted, Kill!

The Han Nation Demon Army immediately charged forward. With so many soldiers, it was like a flood rus.h.i.+ng towards Incessant Pain City.


Incessant Pain Citys city walls exploded and shattered.



The asuras on both sides started ferociously killing each other. Sand and stone flew about as crimson lights soared into the sky. A group of Gu Hais led the charge, sending out Second Cycles, Third Cycles, and even Fourth Cycles. They swept through everything wherever they went.


An asura king charged at Gu Hai.


Ten Gu Hais attacked simultaneously, immediately exploding that asura king. Right before his death, that asura king showed a refusal to accept this.

Gu Hai remained at the forefront of the charge. Soon, he reached the green asura that was Long Wanqing.

The Long Wanqing asura did not remember Gu Hai. When she saw Gu Hai kill an asura king that was not weaker than her so easily, she appeared somewhat anxious.

Now, a group of Gu Hais surrounded her. Am I going to die?

Even if I die, I cannot let this person plunder my Soul Energy.


When Long Wanqing swung her saber, she managed to knock back a Gu Hai.

How can this be? Long Wanqing felt slightly startled. I am that strong?

Kill! Long Wanqing immediately charged forward with a ferocious expression.





The surrounding Gu Hais fell back as though knocked back by Long Wanqing. The surrounding asuras goggled at this scene.

Wood Asura, you can win! You can win! Quickly kill him! Countless asuras in the surroundings cheered her on.

Long Wanqing charged at the Gu Hais. The group of Gu Hais looked like they were no match for her, continuously backing away.

Hahahaha! It turns out that the Han Nation Demon Armys leader is nothing much. Ill help you, Wood Asura! Another asura king charged forward excitedly.


Gao Xianzhi immediately pushed back that asura king with his spear.

What? That asura kings expression changed.

They are not as weak as I thought?

The Gu Hais continuously retreated before Long Wanqings attacks.

Perhaps because she had turned into an asura, she did not think most of the time. She did not notice that the Gu Hais showed a faint smile as they backed off.

This continued until the Gu Hais neared the Unborn Mans ritual array.


Long Wanqing swung her saber and knocked back a few Gu Hais into the ritual array.

She did not hesitate to charge after them into the ritual array.


The moment Long Wanqing entered the ritual array, she seemed to freeze.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let me go! Long Wanqing cried out.

Life and death, dizzy and bewildering. Activate! the eighty Unborn Mans shouted simultaneously.


The ritual array shook intensely along with Long Wanqing. Then, she fainted.

Its done! an Unborn Man called out excitedly.

The Gu Hais came out. When they saw Long Wanqing unconscious, they let out bated breaths. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

After the exclamation, the Gu Hais turned their heads to look at Incessant Pain City.

Five of the two hundred Gu Hais said, Our battalion will continue slaughtering Incessant Pain City. The other battalions will remain here!

Hah! five battalionsfive million soldiersfrom the Han Nation Demon Army shouted.


The soldiers a.s.signed to the battle resumed killing.

More than one billion Han Nation Demon Army soldiers surrounded Long Wanqing. As the Gu Hais looked at Long Wanqing, there was a gentle cast to their eyes.

Recite the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue! the Gu Hais commanded.

Yes! More than one billion Han Nation Demon Army soldiers started reciting the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue.

A Gu Hai stood in the center, with his hand on Long Wanqings body, infusing the conception of the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue. This was the conception that Laozi explained to him back then.

The Dao, if articulable, is not the eternal Dao. The name, if it can be named, is not the eternal name

The world is not benevolent, mowing down all things like dogs. The sages are not benevolent, mowing down all things as dogs

The conception of the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue poured into Long Wanqings body.

Long Wanqings body gave off a crimson foul aura that slowly dissipated. As the aura dissipated, it rose into the sky and formed red clouds.

Some excitement flashed in the Gu Hais eyes as Long Wanqings foul aura decreased. They were succeeding in helping her refine the countless soul marks.

Since it was effective, the Gu Hais started reciting faster.

No one noticed that after Long Wanqings crimson foul aura soared into the sky, another red cloud absorbed it.

That red cloud in the sky was not manifested by Long Wanqings foul aura; it had appeared out of nowhere and absorbed the foul aura she gave off.

The Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue? The Han Nation Demon Army is much more incredible than the Divine Blood Demon Army. It actually has a way to refine the soul marks. This ancestor has lived for a long time and scattered my cultivation one hundred times before eventually comprehending a method to refine the soul marks into b.l.o.o.d.y divine offshoots to remove the foul aura from myself. To think the Han Nation Demon Army has a way to do this? a voice muttered in the red cloud.

Unfortunately, the army below did not hear the voice from the red cloud.

The army continuously recited the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue. With each line, the foul aura around Long Wanqing dissipated slowly. After one day and one night, Long Wanqing regained consciousness.

Long Wanqing frowned when she opened her eyes. She held her head, appearing to have a headache.

Where is this? Long Wanqing asked in a daze.

More than one billion people recited the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue, emanating a vast n.o.ble aura. Long Wanqing felt somewhat stupefied.

Suddenly, the Gu Hais waved.


Everyone immediately stopped reciting.

Wanqing? Are you alright? one of the Gu Hais asked gently.

Long Wanqing turned her head to look. Although Gu Hai had already taken on an asura form, she immediately recognized his eyes.

GuGu Hai? Long Wanqing suddenly trembled, and disbelief flashed in her eyes.

Its me. Ive come to bring you back, that Gu Hai said softly with a smile.

Long Wanqing felt an itch in her nose. As she covered her mouth, her eyes turned moist.

You How did you become like this? Long Wanqing held Gu Hais hand.

I will be able to change back soon. We are here to rescue you. Hahahaha! Wanqing, my wife, Im here! Im here! Gu Hai laughed excitedly.

Gu Hais eyes immediately filled with tears.

Gu Hai remembered that Long Wanqing had masqueraded as him and got pursued by the Unborn Man. He would never forget that scene, never.

I finally found Long Wanqing. I finally found her!

Gu Hai wanted to hug Long Wanqing in his excitement.

Just then, the eighty Unborn Mans expressions changed. They all looked up at the gathering red clouds.

The red clouds covered the sky like a sea of blood as they gave off an overwhelming aura.

Somethings not right! Oh no! Be careful! an Unborn Man suddenly called out.

However, it was already too late. The sea of blood started pouring down.


The overwhelming sea of blood scattered countless asuras, was.h.i.+ng them away. Even the Gu Hais paused.

Hahahahahaha! Gu Hai, this must be why you came to the Asura Path Secret Realm, right? Wood Asura? Wood Asura? Hahahahaha! Loud laughter suddenly rang out.

The sea of blood curled around Long Wanqing and pulled her into the sky.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let go of Wanqing! More than one hundred Gu Hais glared as they charged into the sky while banis.h.i.+ng their sabers.


When the sabers swung down, the sea of blood exploded. However, it still managed to bring Long Wanqing into the distance.

Halt! the Gu Hais suddenly shouted in alarm.

After finding Long Wanqing with so much difficulty, this thing is going to take her away?

Gu Hai, remember this! I am Ancestor Ming He. I stay in Netherworld Blood Sea City. Come seek me out! Come seek me out if you dont want the Wood Asura to die. Quickly come and find me! Hahahahahaha!

The sea of blood turned into a beam of light that shot away, disappearing into the distance with Long Wanqing.

Ancestor Ming He, if any harm comes to Wanqing, Ill make you pay for it! the Gu Hais roared with ferocious expressions.

Netherworld Blood Sea City? an Unborn Man said with hatred in his voices.

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