Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1

 ­ In The Next Life Do Not Speak Of loving Me Again

Traders City, Gao Xianzhi Camp!

Inside the large tent in the center.

Song Crown Prince and Gao Xianzhi were sitting and savouring tea while Lin Chong was respectfully standing in front of them.

“How is the current morale of the soldiers?” Song Crown Prince smiled and asked.

Lin Chong nodded his head and responded, “Commander’s arrangements really made the soldiers more active, and at the same time directed their hate towards Gu Hai. Now that they are able to exchange letters with their families, their morale has improved to an all time high. When they are seighing the cities all around everyone is far more fierce, and we’re conquering the cities within the three pa.s.ses quicker and faster!”

“What about those rich traders?” Gao Xianzhi asked while drinking some tea.

“Now those rich traders do not dare to be willful or use the fireworks or firecrackers! Everything they do now is very low-key, at most bringing some news from the rear or some secretly mixed victims. However, after the commander’s explanation, the victim’s families who have disappeared place all the blame onto Gu Hai. All the soldiers accusations have fallen onto Gu Hai and the soldiers do not have that much of a temper now!” Ling Chong replied with admiration.

“Gu Hai… This person’s schemes are very hard to detect. Those rich traders are also being very careful and are merely observing. They have not made major contacts with the soldiers for a long time.. Whoever defies is to be immediately arrested!” Gao Xianzhi said while drinking some tea.

“Yes, commander! Rest a.s.sured, however…!” Lin Chong suddenly frowned.

“Oh?” Gao Xianzhi’s expression suddenly became extremely serious. What tricks are happening this time?

Ever since Gao Xinazhi learned that Gu Hai was his opponent, he never dared to be even a little bit lax. Even for the most minor detail he is very cautious. After all, the recent mutiny almost silently occurred.

Long Chong looked at Song Crown Prince.

“What happened? Do you need me to leave?” Song Crown Prince said with a calm expression.

“No. Commander, Crown Prince, you should know that although Gu Hai may have kidnapped some military families and placed the blame on the local officials. Although it is wrong, it has caused quite a panic. Even commander has to ask the Sovereign to order severe sentences to deal with this problem. In order to safeguard our army’s morale, perhaps this ‘exterminating’ event will continue to occur!” Lin Chong explained.

“Yes. Now we can only search high and low for them. This matter we all know already, how is it any different this time around?” Gao Xianzhi doubtfully asked.

“This time the target being accused is our current dynasty’s emperor grandson, Song Zhengxi!” Lin Chong said in a heavy tone.

“What?” Song Crown Prince’s complexion suddenly took a turn as he stood up.

The Emperor’s grandson? That is his own son! His son is far away in the imperial capital Song City, how could he be framed?

Gao Xianzhi’s pupils also contracted.

“Before it was just ordinary officials and aristocrats. However this time the target is the Emperor grandson? This time around has Gu Hai finally revealed his fangs?” Gao Xianzhi said while his complexion became ugly.

“What happened?” asked Song Crown Prince, his complexion too changed.

“Information came from Song City, there are fifteen more family exterminating ma.s.sacres and all the fingers are pointed at Song Zhengxi. Furthermore the reason was that Song Zhengxi converted a beauty and caused havoc in Song City. Now we have fifteen soldiers who are kneeling in front of my tent, begging me to request the commander to make a decision!” Lin Chong frowned.

“Darn Gu Hai! s.h.i.+fting blame onto my son!? Lin Chong have you explained this to them clearly? These are all slanderous accusations!” Song Crown Prince shouted anxiously.

Lin Chong said with a wrinkled brow, “Subordinate has checked the new information. All fifteen letters from the soldier’s loved ones or next of kin. However there are thirteen people who Gu Hai has not yet executed their families and they are instead missing !”

“Wait… If Gu Hai just directly killed these families and blamed my son, would it not be more advantageous for him?” Song Crown Prince frowned and said.

“Not good, not good!” Gao Xianzhi’s complexion immediately changed.


“I just realized that Gu Hai’s intentions are extremely malicious and terrying. He almost blind sighted me again, in his devilish schemes there are hidden deadly traps! Gu Hai kidnapped a group of dependents, however although the soldiers hate Gu Hai for it there is a sliver of hope in their heart. They believed that their relatives are alive… at least they are still alive! While they hate Gu Hai, their hatred has not yet reached the point where they want Gu Hai to be brutally murdered because he has not yet killed their families. In their hearts, these soldiers thought Gu Hai abducted them, which on the contrary results in a much better outcome for us. However, if the words the messenger said are true, then it is truly a piece of bad news for us. I have managed to suppress their anger and thought, but they have not yet been fully calmed down and restrained. If this barely suppressed anger is released once more, even if I were to say something no one would listen to it. Besides, in the case that their loved ones are truly in Gu Hai’s hand, then these soldiers will be very cautious in taking action during the time of battle! Although these are only a few individuals, this desolate mode will spread! I do not know if Gu Hai has thought of any other plots to use on them, and if they were somehow instigated to rebel, would they not…!” Gao Xianzhi complexion was changing unceasingly .

“Instigated to rebel? Gasp!” Song Crown Prince sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

“Lin Chong, you say that among these fifteen soldiers, thirteen of their families are unaccounted for. But in addition that leave two more, what about them?” Gao Xianzhi asked, staring Lin Chong.

Lin Chong’s complexion immediately became ugly. He looked towards the Crown Prince, lowered his head and said, “It is certain that it was the Emperor’s grandson, Song Zhengxi’s doings!”

“En?” Song Crown Prince’s complexion immediately sank.

“Crown Prince, subordinate has personally heard that the Emperor’s grandson, Song Zhengzi,  relying on his ident.i.ty all these years and destroyed many decent women. Are you not also clear, on this matter? Before the war started between the two countries, Crown Prince, you requested the Song City Officials to keep an eye on him and help suppress any scandals from the Emperor’s grandson!” Ling Chong said in a low tone.

“Bang!” Song Crown Prince slapped the table.

“Lin Chong. are you sure it was the Emperor’s grandson?” Gao Xianzhi’s face was ugly as he asked.

“Yes. Both people are my subordinates. Your follower knows that both of their sisters are extremely beautiful. In fact, both of them wanted to betrothal them with me, but I already have Xiaodie and I did not want to have concubines so I did not marry them. The messenger that came is their life and death brother, a disabled war veteran. He was training at home and witnessed everything with his own eyes. Even the bodies of their family members, furthermore he even brought some of their family keepsakes!” Ling Chong said in a low tone.

Pa! Song Crown Prince sat down on the chair.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Before leaving I specifically told him to not cause any trouble. Along the way I continued to write letters home to his mother to restrain him. I had not thought… I never thought….!” Song Crown Prince painfully said.

“Previously  you said that the information came from their life and death brother? Is the person pa.s.sing the information reliable? Perhaps he was bought by Gu Hai. You should know that some friends.h.i.+ps are not as thick as they seem. Their relations.h.i.+p could have not gone through anything and may have sold out to the right price.” Gao Xianzhi said in a heavy tone.  

Song Crown Prince’s eyes lit up. Right! Maybe the informant was bought out.

“Subordinate can not guarantee anything. However, they have been kneeling outside of my tent seeking commander to deal vengeance in their place and accordingly enact severe punishment.

They request for the Emperor’s grandson to be immediately severely punish for bullying their dependents, and that he must be immediately beheaded for his crime! They earnestly requested the commander to handle it impartially! For their loved ones revenge!” Lin Chong said in a heavy tone.

“This… this matter has not yet been verified. How can he be severely punished?” Song Crown Prince anxiously said.

Lin Chong looked at Song Crown Prince and said, “Crown Prince, although subordinate can not guarantee anything, but the Emperor’s grandson has truly been doing these things. Moreover, previously only you could suppress the Emperor’s grandson in Song City. Now that you have left for so long, not many people can restrain the Emperor’s grandson. Even if Gu Hai had truly bribed the informant, this time he also did things with certainty. Even before those fifteen soldiers went to battle, the Emperor’s grandson had already taken a stance that made them loathe him. It was already deeply engraved in their hearts. Furthermore if you still believe the informant is questionable, and once again I can not guarantee, but there I believe that there is at least a 90% chance that he is not a problem. I have personally seen that person and he is someone who would rather die than submit. He is heavily righteous and affectionate, moreover there is a dead body this time as evidence!”

“There’s at least a 90% chance it may be due to my son?” Son Crown Prince’s complexion became ugly because of this.

“They want it to be dealt according with the army law and want the Emperor’s grandson to be excuted!” Lin Chong nodded his head.

“Song Zhenxi can not die!” Gao Xianzhi complexion sank as he declared.

“En?” Song Crown Prince eyes lit up as he looked at Gao Xianzhi.

Gao Xianzhi complexion became gloomy.

“From what I can understand, the Emperor’s grandson is just a banner. Today, if the Emperor’s grandson is killed then evidence against the current Tais.h.i.+ will be sent tomorrow. The day after that, evidence against the current Prime Minister will arise. Followed by the Princes, and then the Emperor’s own father! At that point in time, the Emperor’s relatives and other n.o.bles would be killed everyday, shaking the foundation and morale of the army! During the battles they would try and fight, the royal court in our homeland will be extremely scared and jittery. It would become a matter that could shake the foundation of the entire Song Empire! Gao Xianzhi said with an ugly complexion.

[TLN: During the Han Dynasty, the three highest civil posts (三公) were Tais.h.i.+ 太師, Taifu 太傅 and Taibao 太保 respectively. These were the three highest civil positions at the time (modern equivalent ~ White House Chief of Staff or prime minister), and were roughly equivalent in rank to the subsequent position of 宰相 (Chancellor of China). 太師 was the most senior of the three.

Tais.h.i.+ can be translated as Senior Grand Tutor,

Taifu can be translated as Grand Tutor,

Taibao can be translated as a.s.sistant Grand Tutor.

They are the tutor of Crown Prince]

“Song Zhengxi can not die?” Lin Chong said with a surprise as he looked at Gao Xianzhi.