Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 118: Four Cloud Beast Experts

Book 5: Chapter 118: Four Cloud Beast Experts

Book 5: Chapter 118: Four Cloud Beast Experts

Gu Hai stared at Tang Gu, emanating a murderous air.

Tang Gu showed fury on his face, unwilling to accept this.

However, Tang Gus subordinates were anxious, not knowing what to do.


Suddenly, a beam of light came from one of Tang Gus subordinates.

When the light appeared, it manifested a large translucent figure of light. This figure wore white and was the height of two average people.

This person was a gorgeous woman who looked like Chen Xianer. However, she radiated a heroic spirit, showing the air of a superior being. Her warm aura immediately scattered Gu Hais murderous air.

Salutations, Imperial Lord! Tang Gus subordinates bowed respectfully, showing excitement on their faces.

Salutations, Imperial Lord! Tang Gu also bowed respectfully to that figure of light.

Chen Xianer? No, the White Emperor!

Ensnaring Performance and Mu Chenfeng stared at that figure in shock.

When the White Emperors figure appeared, she naturally looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai raised his head to take in the figure before him and frowned slightly, showing a complicated expression.

You are young again, the White Emperors figure said gently.

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Hahahaha! White Emperor? White Emperor! Gu Hai forced a hollow laugh. A glint flashed in his eyes; whether it was love or hate was unclear.

Come to my side and help me, the White Emperor said gently.

Humph! I will come to look for you soon. However, it wont be to help you but to kill you and take back my Xianer! Gu Hai said coldly.

Chen Xianer? I am Chen Xianer, the White Emperor said softly.

You are not! Gu Hai said coldly with bloodshot eyes.

Thats right. My earthly soul is that of Chen Xianer. However, even if you separate it from my spiritual souls, so what? What about Chen Xianers mortal soul? What about Chen Xianers heavenly soul? Do you have them? the White Emperor said indifferently.

Gu Hais eyelids twitched.

Come to me first. I will wait for you in the White Emperor Palace, the White Emperor said indifferently.


The figure wavered slightly and vanished.

Respectfully sending off the imperial lord! Tang Gu and his subordinates bowed respectfully again.

Everyone straightened only after the figure vanished. Then, they looked at Gu Hai again.

However, Gu Hais murderous air had dissipated.

OId man, the imperial lord misses you. Her past body is gone, but the imperial lords soul belongs to Adoptive Mother. I hope you will think it over, Tang Gu said gravely.

Humph! Unfilial son, scram! Gu Hai glared.

Tang Gu frowned. However, Gu Hai was fuming with rage, not saying anything more.

Lets go, Tang Gu said sullenly.


The flying s.h.i.+p left, shooting towards the distant horizon.

Gu Hai stood on the deck, looking at the distant flying s.h.i.+p with a sullen expression.

Tang Gu stood alone on his flying s.h.i.+ps deck, with his back to everyone. His initially tightly knitted brows loosened as he unconsciously revealed a faint, happy smile.


Tang Gus flying s.h.i.+p vanished into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Master, right now, we, Ensnaring Performance said worriedly as he looked at Gu Hai.

Return to Borderless Heavenly Capital, now! Gu Hai said, his voice sinking.

Yes! Mu Chenfeng answered.

In the emperors study in Heavenly Court City:

Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Long Shenwu, Sima Zongheng, and the other important Qian Nation officials stood respectfully in Long Zhanguos study.

Your Holy Eminence, we just received word that the Divine Strategy Battalion got wiped out by Gu Hai. Gu Hai even eliminated the Divine Strategy Sect, Ye Shenzhen reported respectfully.

After Ye Shenzhen spoke, the officials showed grave expressions as they peeked at Long Zhanguo, who was going through the memorials.

Long Zhanguos brush paused for a moment before he continued writing.

Li Shenji? He was asking for it. It serves him right, Long Zhanguo said indifferently without even raising his head.

Long Zhanguo dismissed this matter with just a line, not pursuing it.

To the officials, this was already sufficient.

Li Shenji? Although he was just an external affairs department official, he was still an official the Qian Heavenly Emperor valued. Although such a valued official got killed, the Qian Heavenly Emperor did not react much. The Qian Heavenly Emperor even blamed him. Clearly, the Qian Heavenly Emperor valued Gu Hai more.

During this time, the officials had been guessing whether the Qian Heavenly Emperor had a.s.signed Gu Hai a heavy responsibility or not. They did not understand the Qian Heavenly Emperors thoughts, but there was no need to guess anymore. Li Shenjis death had already clarified everything.

After the officials left the study, they hurried to make arrangements.

Go back and withdraw all surveillance on the Han Royal Dynasty, Long Shenwu instructed his subordinates.

Stop all plans to obtain the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue, Long Shenwen said.

Notify everyone below. No one is to seek trouble for Gu Hai, Long Shenwu instructed his subordinates.

Word quickly spread.

Gu Hai returned smoothly to the Han Royal Dynastyto Borderless Heavenly Capital.

Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p arrived in Borderless Heavenly Capital. Gu Qin, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Meng Tai led their subordinates to the Soaring Palace Halls plaza to wait.

Respectfully welcoming my emperor! Long live my emperor! May my emperor live for ten thousand years! the officials greeted deferentially while bowing.

Gu Hai looked at the officials and nodded. Rise!

Thank you, Your Majesty! The officials immediately straightened.

Imperial Father! Gu Qin came over excitedly.

Gu Hai nodded.

After disembarking the flying s.h.i.+p, Mu Chenfeng curiously eyed the surrounding officials. Ensnaring Performance looked around.

The Han Royal Nation now had sixty cities. Naturally, there were many talents.

There were many Nascent Soul Realm officials. When they saw Gu Hai, reverence welled up inside them.

Did anything happen recently? Gu Hai looked at Gu Qin.

There were some insignificant troublemakers. However, with Dongfang Bubai protecting us, these were just startles but no danger. Gu Qin nodded.

Gu Hai looked up and happened to see a distant mountain. This mountain had three words carved in it: Black Wood Cliff.

At the top of Black Wood Cliff, Dongfang Bubai watched as Gu Hai returned.

Gu Hai nodded to Dongfang Bubai. Dongfang Bubai looked back at Gu Hai and nodded in reply.


Gu Hai waved, and a hundred-odd fragments appeared in his palm.


Vast amounts of fog spewed out, and a saber manifested slowly. The Life Trapper Saber seemed to have sensed the fragments from the Soaring Palace Halls plaza.


Gu Hai fused the fragments into the Life Trapper Saber.


The Life Trapper Saber suddenly unleashed a dazzling lush-green light. Ripples came from the ritual array, rus.h.i.+ng into the surroundings. The s.p.a.ce in Borderless Heavenly Capital trembled.

More fragments? One hundred-odd of them? Gu Qin said with pleasant surprise.

Before we returned, we had a secret discussion with Long Zhanguo. He asked us what we needed, and we said we needed the enchanted treasures that Old Mister Guan Qi forged. He immediately sent someone to bring over what was stored in the Qian Nation. Later, he sent over a second batch. Gu Hai smiled.

Huh? Long Zhanguo? Gu Qin felt slightly startled.

The surrounding officials showed expressions of shock. His Majesty asked Long Zhanguo, and he helped? That is Long Zhanguo! I have long heard that he is currently the strongest person in the world. To think that His Majesty has that kind of clout?

Chen Tianshan, come and make arrangements for the Elite Hall disciples and Ensnaring Performance. Gu Hai looked at Chen Tianshan.

Yes, Your Majesty! Chen Tianshan said respectfully.

Gu Qin, based on the letter you sent, the ritual array is complete? Gu Hai looked at Gu Qin.

Yes! However, this son does not know how to activate it. The rest has been completed, Gu Qin said gravely.

Its complete? Satisfaction flashed in Gu Hais eyes.

The ritual array laid was based on the scroll from the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor, the Asura Secret Realm entrance blueprint. That was the entrance to the Asura Secret Realm.

Of the six paths of reincarnation, Gu Hai had recently entered the human path in the heavenly courts cities. The Qian Heavenly Emperor had to put in a lot of effort to get him in. Now, he could bring people into the Asura Secret Realm? That path of reincarnation had the most killing of the six paths.

Its good that it has been completed. Its good that its been completed. Borderless Heavenly Capital also needs many experts to protect it, Gu Hai said.

As Gu Hai spoke, he extended his hand to grab the Life Trapper Saber.


Suddenly, the Life Trapper Saber trembled. Then, a green light rippled out in s.p.a.ce, spreading from the Life Trapper Saber.

To others, this green spatial ripple might not be much. However, Dongfang Bubais expression changed.

Emperor Gu, this is Dongfang Bubai revealed an anxious expression.

Dont worry. It will only benefit you! Gu Hai shook his head.


Green ripples soon came from Dongfang Bubais body as well. Suddenly, his figure shrank to the size of a regular person.

Oh? I feel that my body is more material. Is this an upgraded version of the Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array? Dongfang Bubai asked in shock.

This is the Thirty-One. Furthermore. We have also altered it a little, Gu Hai explained with a smile.

Oh? The Thirty-One Line-Pair World Go Puzzle? Dongfang Bubais eyes lit up.

The Thirty-One. They can come out as well. Gu Hais face turned serious.


Suddenly, s.p.a.ce trembled and rippled at one of the nodes. Fog coalesced into a white-haired old man in the blink of an eye.

Wudangs Zhang Sanfeng greets Emperor Gu! The white-haired old man bowed.


Then, a black-robed figure appeared. This figure had millions of black sword qi around him.

Sword Devil, Dugu Qiubai, greets Emperor Gu! The black-robed figure bowed.

Dongfang Bubais eyes suddenly constricted as he looked at Zhang Sanfeng and Dugu Qiubai and sensed the powerful auras the two gave off.


s.p.a.ce trembled again.

Now, a white-clad man appeared, standing on snow.

The white-clad man looked handsome. As he held a sword, a sword qi soared into the sky, piercing through the clouds.

Dugu Qiubais sword suddenly trembled slightly as though with intense battle hunger.

Sword G.o.d, Ximen Chuixue, greets Emperor Gu! The white-clad man bowed slightly.

[TL Note: Ximen Chuixue is a character from a popular wuxia novel written by Gu Long. There is no English entry for Ximen Chuixue in Wikipedia, as this novel is not very well known in the English community. However, here is a Wikipedia entry for the author: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gu_Long.]

Sword Demon? Sword G.o.d? Gu Qin revealed an expression of horror.

The Sword G.o.d and the Sword Demon looked coldly at each other, seeming to view each other as enemies.

After three new cloud beast characters, Gu Hai stopped.

The current ritual array can support only you four, Dongfang Bubai, Ximen Chuixue, Dugu Qiubai, and Zhang Sanfeng. Borderless Heavenly Capital might soon welcome troublemakers from all over the world. May I trouble you four to guard Borderless Heavenly Capital for us? Each of you should take one of the four cardinal directions! Gu Hai said gravely.

Emperor Gu, rest a.s.sured! The four gave a slight bow nearly simultaneously.

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