Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 112: Trapping Gu Hai in Fire

Book 5: Chapter 112: Trapping Gu Hai in Fire

Book 5: Chapter 112: Trapping Gu Hai in Fire

Gu Hai remained in Long Zhanguos study for one day and one night.

No one knew what the two spoke about, and no one dared to spy on them. Gu Hai came out one day later without showing any emotion on his face.

However, he had become the focus of everyone. Everyone in the heavenly courts thirty-three cities, regardless of nationality, itched with curiosity, wanting to see what he would do next.

However, Gu Hai left on a flying s.h.i.+p with the Elite Hall disciples on the second day.

On the other hand, Mo Yike and the Han Nation officials remained in Long Wanyus residence, not leaving with Gu Hai.

Strangely, Gu Hai just left?

As the many Qian Nation officials watched the flying s.h.i.+p dwindle into the distance, they appeared confused.

Could it be that His Holy Eminence did not a.s.sign Gu Hai an important task?

Did His Holy Eminence not give Gu Hai a heavy responsibility?

However, what did His Holy Eminence and Gu Hai speak about over the one day and one night?

Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Long Shenwu, and Sima Zongfeng were puzzled. They sent off Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p with their eyes but did not follow.

Long Wanyus residence, Heavenly Yin City:

As Long Wanyu sent Gu Hai off with her eyes, anxiety flashed in her eyes.

Mo Yike, did you lie to me so that I wouldnt go with Brother-in-Law? Long Wanyu looked at Mo Yike anxiously.

Princess, if I had lied, would His Majesty leave us here? Mo Yike retorted with a bitter smile.

Butbutis what you said true? Long Wanyu looked at Mo Yike incredibly anxiously.

Mo Yike nodded. Thats right. We just received news that we found Long Wanqing. However, something happened that requires His Majestys personal attention.

Elder Sister? Did they find her? Could she be at, Long Wanyu immediately said excitedly.

Mo Yike shook his head and said, Princess, dont get excited yet. There are many possibilities, and it is very complicated. His Majesty left me by your side to make it convenient to contact you. We might need Princesss help later. So, Princess needs to remain in the heavenly courts cities to help His Majesty.

Determination flashed in Long Wanyus eyes. She nodded and said, Alright, alright. As long as we can save Elder Sister, I can even burn down the old fogeys study.

Mo Yike:

Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p slowly left Heavenly Court City behind.

Li Shenji watched the distant flying s.h.i.+p with cold eyes from a mountain forest.

Battalion Commander, it seems His Holy Eminence did not a.s.sign anything important to Gu Hai, a subordinate said with a frown.

None? Perhaps there is. However, we do not know, right? Li Shenji said coldly.


Prepare to make our move. Gu Hai grows very fast. If we keep waiting, I will no longer have any opportunities, Li Shenji said with a cold expression.


Outside the heavenly courts cities, another flying s.h.i.+p flew quickly, giving chase in Gu Hais direction. That flying s.h.i.+p had a large banner with the character Tang.

It was Lord Tang following Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p with his subordinates.

Milord, why did we not seek Gu Hai out while he was in Heavenly Yin City? a subordinate asked with a frown.

The heavenly courts cities are all monitored by Long Zhanguo. We will catch up with Gu Hai after leaving his territory. I will speak to him then, Lord Tang replied.


Oh, by the way, Milord, I saw the Azure Emperors men earlier. It seems like, a subordinate said with a frown.

Lord Tang turned his head to look at the distant heavenly courts cities. He revealed a faint, cold smile and said, The Azure Emperor? He is overly cautious.


The Azure Emperor must have figured out who Gu Hai is by now. Trying to poach Gu Hai? His plan is too simple! Lord Tang sneered.

Heavenly Yin City:

The Azure Emperor watched Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p with slightly narrowed eyes.

Imperial Lord, Tang Gu gave chase as well! Dan w.a.n.g said respectfully.

The Azure Emperor stood upright with his hands behind his back, revealing a cold smile. Tang Gu? Gu Tang? Hah! We finally figured it out. How unexpected! How unexpected! To think that Gu Hai is him? We met him back then. To think that he had such potential?

Imperial Lord has met Gu Hai before? Thats impossible! How, Dan w.a.n.g said in shock.

Gu Qin, Gu Han, Gu Tang, and one more fellow. Unfortunately, that fellow cut all ties, heartlessly running away alone. Gu Hai? Hah The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

Imperial Lord, how do you know Gu Hai? Dan w.a.n.g asked out of curiosity.

We killed his wifelikely his wifescattering her souls, the Azure Emperor said with a cold smile.


However, that is not important. For people who accomplish great things, wives and concubines are like clothes. They can just change them, the Azure Emperor said.

In that case, Imperial Lord, should we give chase?

Theres no need. If Tang Gu can persuade Gu Hai, it would be for the best. If he fails, we can go straight to his Borderless Heavenly Capital. We want Gu Hai. Now, the more important thing is to bring Purple Subtlety and Longevity back to the Yan Heavenly Dynasty, the Azure Emperor said.


Lets go!

Three days later, on Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p:

Gu Hai stood at the stern of the flying s.h.i.+p, looking towards the heavenly courts cities, which had vanished over the horizon. Mu Chenfeng and Ensnaring Performance stood by his side.

Master, the Azure Emperor lured away those two ingratesPurple Subtlety and Longevitywhile you visited Long Zhanguo. They only left you a letter, not even waiting to say goodbye to you! Ensnaring Performance said angrily.

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Looking into the distance, Gu Hai said, There is nothing ungrateful about what they did. They do not owe me anything. They are going to the Yan Heavenly Dynasty, so perhaps we might see them again soon.

Huh? Ensnaring Performance appeared confused.

Ensnaring Performance, now that the Six Paths Immortal has taken away the cultural Daos laws, how does it affect you? Gu Hai looked at Ensnaring Performance.

Me? UhMasters pieces no longer have any effect. Now, I am left with two abilities. One is manifesting fairies. However, the fairies are crippled; they can no longer connect to the music Dao laws of the world. Next is my singing. It is still as awesome as before, Ensnaring Performance said c.o.c.kily.

Ah? Your singing still works? Mu Chenfengs expression changed.

That was terrible music that could cause one to bleed from ones seven facial orifices.

Indeed! My singing does not need the music Daos laws. Ensnaring Performance rolled his eyes.

Uhthat seems to be the case, Mu Chenfeng said with a faint, bitter smile.

Fairies? Thats enough. Gu Hai nodded.

Hall Master, we might need to travel south for three months before we reach Borderless Heavenly Capital. How about Hall Master rest first? The Elite Hall disciples and I will run the flying s.h.i.+p and let Hall Master know when we arrive. Mu Chenfeng looked at Gu Hai.

Rest? Hah! Theres no rest for us. Our journey will not be peaceful, Gu Hai said with slightly narrowed eyes.

Oh? Mu Chenfeng felt slightly confused.


Suddenly, surging flames appeared out of nowhere. They soared up, burning the clouds for five hundred kilometers around. They also covered the ground. Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p seemed to have entered a sea of flames.


The flying s.h.i.+ps ritual array immediately activated, blocking the surrounding flames.

Prepare for battle! Mu Chenfeng shouted.

The Elite Hall disciples immediately drew their weapons and scanned their surroundings.

Ensnaring Performances expression changed as he stood behind Gu Hai.

Gu Hai coldly surveyed the surroundings. Then, he focused on the place with the most flames.

Grand Mohist, since you are here, why hide? Gu Hai said, his voice sinking.


Suddenly, a large fireball shot over. The Grand Mohist stood in the middle of the fireball.

The Grand Mohist wore red clothes. A bone-deep hatred flashed in her eyes as she held a small red bottle spewing out the overwhelming flames.

Hah! Gu Hai, you finally came out! the Grand Mohist said frostily.

Grand Mohist, had you not sought me out, I would have sought you out, Gu Hai said with a smile.

Sought me out? The Grand Mohists eyes narrowed.

Thats right. Although your Supreme Ascendant Longevity Piece does not contain much of the music Daos laws, it contains the conception of the Supreme Ascendant. That dream was quite long. I would like to hear it again. I have many things left unsettled in that dream. Gu Hai nodded.

That dream had sent Gu Hai to Earth.

If Gu Hai wanted to go again, he could only seek out the Grand Mohist.

You already have the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue, yet you want the conception of the Supreme Ascendant? Are you humiliating me? Humph! In any case, you wont survive past today. Why am I even wasting time talking to you? the Grand Mohist said coldly.

Li Shenji told you our location, right? Gu Hai said indifferently.

Huh? The Grand Mohist narrowed her eyes.

No one else but he is that persistent. I have been tolerating him. It looks like I no longer need to do so, Gu Hai said with a cold expression.

Humph! No matter who informed me, you will die today! The Grand Mohists eyes turned cold, and she waved her hand.

A firestorm headed for Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p, rampaging like an erupting volcano. It seemed like a sea of fire was trying to engulf Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p.


Gu Hai walked to the bow of the flying s.h.i.+p and flung out his sleeves. A powerful suction instantly pulled all the surrounding fire into his sleeves.

Its useless. Grand Mohist, are you alone? The sword strike in Heavenly Yin City should have already proved that you cant kill me. Your fire cannot burn me, Gu Hai advised.

I cant kill you? Would I be in such a state if not for you? Would my cultivation have regressed? I can only remove this preoccupation with your death! Return me my Supreme Ascendant conception and bring me back to my peak! Samdhi True Flame, go! The Grand Mohist glared, and a red flame spewed out of the small bottle, rus.h.i.+ng at Gu Hai.

The Samdhi True Flame? Many Elite Hall disciples on the flying s.h.i.+p showed horrified expressions.

The Supreme Ascendant Dao is not one that is emotionless and indifferent. Instead, it speaks of universal love without boundaries. You are walking the reverse path, Gu Hai said

What do you know? The Grand Mohist had already let her anger get to her head.

I wrote the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue. At the very least, I have heard the most perfect explanation of the Supreme Ascendant Scripture. I know it better than you do, Gu Hai countered.

Gu Hai had heard Laozi explain the Cla.s.sic of the Dao and Virtue. Naturally, he understood the Supreme Ascendant Dao well. Although he had not reached that level yet, he understood it. Naturally, he was a greater authority on it than the Grand Mohist.

However, how could the Grand Mohist listen at this moment?

Die! the Grand Mohist shouted.

The surging Samdhi True Flame swept towards Gu Hai. Although the Grand Mohist looked at him ferociously, she felt her heart thump heavily for some reason when the Samdhi True Flame engulfed him. It was as if something was telling her she had done the wrong thing.

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