Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 106: Long Zhanguo vs. Heaven

Book 5: Chapter 106: Long Zhanguo vs. Heaven

Book 5: Chapter 106: Long Zhanguo vs. Heaven

Heavenly might raged and all life knelt. Heaven had already found the perpetrator. Naturally, the pressure of the heavenly might pressed towards Heavenly Yin City.


The vast pressure from the heavenly might opened countless cracks in Heavenly Yin City. A destructive aura hung over everyone, inspiring boundless despair.

Although the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha stood on Heavens side, they showed horror on their faces from the suppression.

Only Long Zhanguo held his head up, his eyes filled with murderous intent as he met Heavens gaze. Then, he gently pressed his foot down.


The cracked Heavenly Yin City instantly reverted to its original form, mended.

Then, the immortal firmament in his hand merged into his body with a flip of his hand.


A blue whirlwind immediately kicked up behind Long Zhanguo. When the whirlwind appeared, the world turned dark. It looked like a hurricane was rus.h.i.+ng at Heaven.

The blue hurricane even tore the churning dark clouds as it charged at Heaven, connecting the sky and the ground.

This surging blue pillar of energy spun, emanating an aura that shook everyones three spiritual souls.

As Gu Hai looked at the blue hurricane, he seemed to see many souls spinning in it.

Our Human Path Secret Realm? You refined it into the human path of reincarnation? Humph! You indeed have an immortal firmament. It has been eight hundred thousand years. Are you trying to follow in our footsteps? Hahahahahaha! A piercing cold flashed in Heavens ferocious eyes radiating murderous intent.

Long Zhanguo met Heavens eyes coldly.

Six Paths Immortal? We showed you the human path of reincarnation on purpose to tell you that while you might have ascended to the peak and become immortal, it does not mean you can think of all life as ants. The six paths of reincarnation are in complete disarray, making all souls your nourishment? If you go too far, someone will eventually oppose you! Long Zhanguo said coldly.

Humph! Hahahaha! Someone will oppose me? The entire immortal firmament is ours! You are ours as well! Oppose? Ants should just know their place and follow the will of Heaven! Heavens eyes radiated coldness.

Suppressed by heavenly might, all the citizens in the surroundings could not raise their heads; even Gu Hai could not move. Some horror flashed in his eyes. Indeed, ordinary mortals are not even worth a strike before Heaven. Just some pressure, and I cannot even resist.

The will of Heaven? The will of Heaven should point towards kindness, not like yours, Six Paths, pointing towards evil. The Heaven that we bow to is the world that created all life, not you, the source of all evil! Today, we obtained the human path of reincarnation to break off relations with you, to declare war on the greatest evil! Long Zhanguo shouted.


Long Zhanguo radiated a ferocious might, making the surrounding s.p.a.ce tremble slightly.

The source of all evil in the world? Humph! Trying to imitate us? Do you think that we will let you do as you please? All life will kneel to me. Even if you have a nation, so what? Can the citizens of a nation give you power? They also bow to us now, not you, their sovereign! Heavens eyes stared at Long Zhanguo.

Do you think our heavenly dynasty exists only in this world? Long Zhanguo sneered.

Immortal firmament? A cold glint flashed in Heavens eyes.

Citizens of the Qian Nation. We are Long Zhanguo. We seek to destroy the evil Heaven and would like to borrow your power to bring about everlasting peace! Long Zhanguo shouted.


The Human Path Secret Realm behind spun, showing countless figures kneeling and shouting.

Your Holy Eminence, take my energy!

Heaven, please take my energy!

I offer all my strength to Heaven!

Streams of yellow energy rushed to Long Zhanguo from the Human Path Secret Realm. Then, his body suddenly grew larger.


A gargantuan golden dragon quickly manifested amid the boundless blessings above the heavenly courts thirty-three cities and rushed into Long Zhanguos body.

Nearly all the citizens in the Warring Nation Immortal Firmament sent their strength to Long Zhanguo.

Golden energy flowed around Long Zhanguo. From his initial appearance of a lean, older middle-aged man, he immediately became burly, covered in muscles. His figure grew, reaching thirty meters, three hundred meters, eventually to three kilometers before stopping.

The colossal Long Zhanguo radiated a boundless ferocious might, emanating unrivaled power as he charged at Heavens eyes.


Heaven snorted coldly.

One hundred coffins immediately appeared in the air.


The one hundred coffins opened, and one hundred gray-skinned men and women of various appearances came out.

Some wore imperial robes, some wore Daoist robes, some were monks, and some were demons. All of them gave off overwhelming auras, appearing to possess destructive might. However, their skins were gray.

Gu Hai felt that any of these gray-skinned people could instantly destroy Heavenly Yin City.

Is that the Heavenly King Sect Master?

The Sky Splitting Heavenly Emperor?

The Tyrant Immortal Daoist Venerate?

The Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha showed horrified expressions, apparently recognizing these figures.

These are those people you killed eight hundred thousand years ago? Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes.

These one hundred gray-skinned people bowed respectfully to Heaven.

Puppet slaves, destroy him for us! A cold voice came from Heavens eyes.

Yes, Master! the one hundred puppet slaves said respectfully.

The puppet slaves turned their heads and looked ferociously at Long Zhanguo. Then, they charged at Long Zhanguo while releasing powerful, destructive auras. These were the strongest experts in the world in the past.

The one hundred puppet slaves immediately arrived before Long Zhanguo.

Puppet slaves? Even if they were at their peak, we would not fear them. What more today, when they are just a bunch of corpses and puppets? A savage glint flashed in Long Zhanguos eyes.

As Long Zhanguo laughed ferociously, an ax-shaped light shot out of his body, instantly illuminating the world.

Gu Hai vaguely saw Long Zhanguo holding an ax and tearing through s.p.a.ce, leaving spatial rips behind.

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The Heaven Splitting Ax? Gu Hais eyes lit up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A string of explosions rang out in quick succession as one hundred black holes appeared. A fine crack connected these one hundred black holes.

The one hundred puppet slaves exploded and turned into powder, vanis.h.i.+ng into the black holes. The intense commotion shook the whole world.

Countless citizens fainted amid the shaking.

How audacious! The cold glint in Heavens eyes brightened.

Long Zhanguos Heaven Splitting Ax chopped down those powerful people from eight hundred thousand years ago with one attack? The Future Buddhas figure trembled slightly.

Even the Future Buddha would not be a match of any of these people eight hundred thousand years ago. The Six Paths Immortal had killed these people and forged them into puppets. However, they were not even worth a strike before Long Zhanguo.

The Heaven Splitting Ax? It lived up to being the strongest of the top sixteen ancient treasures.

The Supreme Genesiss eyelids twitched wildly.

Earlier, I dared to speak so boldly to Long Zhanguo and even tried to cause trouble. I thought that even if I was weaker, I would not be much weaker. However, the scene before him dashed all his delusions.

That one ax strike would have instantly destroyed me.

Just how strong is Long Zhanguo?

Previously, he lent the Heaven Splitting Ax to Long Shenwu, letting Long Shenwu bring it out of the Qian Nation. No wonderno wonder he dared to lend out the Heaven Splitting Ax, yet none of the countless experts in the world dared to try and s.n.a.t.c.h it away. Even if it were right before them, they would not dare.

The strongest person in the world? Antic.i.p.ation and ambition flashed in the Azure Emperors eyes.

After Long Zhanguo chopped down all the puppet slaves, he looked at Heaven coldly with an even more intense murderous intent in his eyes.

The Human Path Secret Realm? You entered through the Cultural Dao Sage Palace? The Ten Thousand Sages Convention? Hah! It looks like we have been too benevolent to you. The cultural Daos laws? Music, Go, calligraphy, and painting? We took away the Go Daos laws, but there are still the calligraphy Dao, the music Dao, and the painting Dao? Hahahaha! An opening appeared for you because of the cultural Daos laws? Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! From today on, we shall take away all the cultural Dao laws. We shall make it such that you have culture but no way to use it, a culture with no Dao! Heavens rage soared.

Dont! Heaven, we have done our best! We did our best to stop it, but we could not stop Long Zhanguo! the Supreme Genesis protested anxiously.

If the cultural Dao is crippled, then wont my Supreme Genesis Scripture be done for?

Heaven, we tried to send a message to you earlier, butbut Long Zhanguo stopped us. This Ten Thousand Sages Convention has nothing to do with the cultural Dao. This was all Long Zhanguos plan. Even if everything had gone well with music, calligraphy, Go, and painting, it would have been useless! the Future Buddha called out anxiously.

Heavens eyes looked at the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha.

Humph! How can you be permitted to change our mind? Heaven shouted.

Heaven, if the cultural Dao is taken away entirely, there would not be any more cultural Dao laws in the world, no more inheritance of history. The world would turn dest.i.tute! the Supreme Genesis said anxiously.

Heavens eyes narrowed. Humph!


Loud sounds rang out, and beams of white light shot into the sky, rus.h.i.+ng into the churning dark clouds.


Countless cultural Dao cultivators showed bitter expressions.

After the Go Dao laws were taken away, the Go Dao lost all its power. Now, the music Dao, the calligraphy Dao, and painting Dao would follow in its footsteps?


The Supreme Genesis took out the Supreme Genesis Scripture. However, the Supreme Genesis Scripture still shone with white light like before.

Its still there? The cultural Daos aura of my Supreme Genesis Scripture is still there? Wild joy immediately lit up the Supreme Genesiss face.

From now on, all cultural Dao will no longer connect to the laws. Tell the world that the cultural works of the past will be allowed to do so! A cold voice came from Heavens eyes.

That was to say that cultural cultivation was practically crippled from here on, but the old compositions and paintings could still be used? This would allow the past compositions and paintings to be pa.s.sed down?

All the cultural cultivators immediately grieved. Only the Future Buddha, the Supreme Genesis, and the others from the holy lands showed wild joy on their faces.

Yes! Thank you, Heaven! Thank you, Heaven! the Supreme Genesis immediately said excitedly.

Causing disorder in a rage, an evil heaven with no morals! You are deserving of execution! Long Zhanguo glared.

Everything you have was given by us! We can take everything away from you today! To think that you want to oppose us with your capabilities? Heavens eyes glared at Long Zhanguo, radiating murderous intent.

A sea of lightning suddenly appeared around Heavens eyes, threatening to pour down and destroy everything.


The Supreme Genesis and the others showed horrified expressions, as Heaven was about to destroy everything below in a fit of rage.

Long Zhanguo raised his head and touched the Heaven Splitting Ax in his hand. Then, he said coldly, This ax is called Heaven Splitting, meaning that it is used to split Heaven. The evil Heaven is unreasonable and lacking morals. Today, it shall be used to break the evil Heaven and prove its t.i.tle of the strongest!

As Long Zhanguo spoke, he suddenly raised his head and glared. He showed a ferocious expression as he faced Heaven while holding the Heaven Splitting Ax.

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