Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Book 5: Chapter 103: Dreaming of Heavenly Secrets Technique

Book 5: Chapter 103: Dreaming of Heavenly Secrets Technique

Book 5: Chapter 103: Dreaming of Heavenly Secrets Technique

Six Paths, Im out! Meow!

The black cat let out a long cry, and the entire Human Path Secret Realm convulsed. The sound waves were so intense that the countless soul fragments in the churning clouds shuddered.


The black cat let out another long cry.

The countless soul fragments in the sky instantly stopped moving towards the black hole in the center of the rotating clouds. Then, a strong force pulled them down into the black cats mouth.


The soul fragments entered the black cats mouth like water pouring into a whales maw.

The black cats figure grew rapidly. From the ordinary black cat earlier, it reached the size of a huge tiger in the blink of an eyeand was still growing. Three meters, thirty meters, three hundred meters

The soul fragments in the sky rushed towards the black cats mouth at a horrifying speed. A storm kicked up throughout the Human Path Secret Realm.

Seventy percent of the millions of soul fragments filling the sky got consumed over two hours. The entire Human Path Secret Realm grew dim.

Meow! the black cat cried out as it stopped consuming the soul fragments.

Soul fragments? Six Paths, you are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, consuming all of the mortal souls energy in the Human Path Secret Realm? No wonder the Human Path Secret Realm is so weak. Such a weak Human Path Secret Realm. Humph! Ill eat them all today! Eat them all! Meow! the black cat roared with a ferocious expression.

The black cat turned its head and stalked forward. Each time its foot landed, the ground shuddered. The volcanoes? The snowy mountains? They were all quiet before the black cats might.

The mortal souls that had not fainted all knelt down, as the black cat gave off an aura that shook the soul.

Suddenly, the black cat narrowed its eyes as it lowered its head to look at Gu Hai.

Brat, I said before that I would give you a great gift when I get out. What should I give you? Thats right. Six Paths trapped me for so many years because he wanted to know about the secret I know, the treasure that this Human Path Secret Realm hides!

Unfortunately, Gu Hai was unconscious, unable to hear what the black cat said.

That treasure requireshuh? The Soul Dividing Box is already with you? The black cat was slightly startled when it saw what the unconscious Gu Hai hid. This is Heavens will. Ptooey! Ptooey! That Six Paths is a vile person. How could it be Heavens will?

Human paths divine light? Oh, you must have partic.i.p.ated in the Ten Thousand Sages Convention to enter the Human Path Secret Realm. Thats good. When time is up, you will return. The Ten Thousand Sages Convention? Haha! Six Paths must have made that a smokescreen long ago, right? the black cat said coldly.

Then, the black cat swiped its claws.


The Ghost Sealing Box in Gu Hais clothes suddenly flew out, and the black cat blew on it.


The Ghost Sealing Box suddenly turned a lush green as though refined by the black cat. Then, it vanished into Gu Hais head.

Soul Dividing Box can separate souls into two hundred smaller portions to scatter all over the world for experiential training. Training for one year would be equivalent to two hundred. Six Paths has been searching for the Dreaming of Heavenly Secrets Technique for dividing the soul. However, it was right under his nose all along. Didnt he know that? Hahaha! the black cat guffawed.

These b.i.t.c.hes! These b.i.t.c.hes nearly prevented me from escaping?! The black cat suddenly narrowed its eyes at Bing Ji and the Grand Mohist.

Like Gu Hai, both Bing Ji and the Grand Mohist were unconscious. They did not know that the black cat harbored a murderous intent towards both of them.

The black cats eyes lit up. Rare beauties? Water cauldron physique and earth cauldron physique? Excellent physiques for coital cultivation! This is good timing. Brat, you are going to benefit from this. Ill help you inflict an aphrodisiac on them. Help me punish them. Hahahaha! Meow!

Opening its mouth, the black cat pulled Bing Ji, the Grand Mohist, and Gu Hai into a large air bubble.

Meow! The black cat let out a loud cry.


The clouds in the sky churned again, and mortal soul fragments immediately surged towards the bubble, rus.h.i.+ng into the threes soul bodies.


The energy of the mortal souls poured in, making the threes soul bodies glow. Suddenly, a small blue ball came out of Gu Hais clothes and absorbed the energy of those mortal souls as well.


The little blue ball transformed slowly, strangely taking on Chen Xianers appearance and falling into Gu Hais embrace.

Brat, you have great luck with women. Another one? Furthermore, a metal cauldron physique? Meow! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! With this, I dont owe you anything! Hahahahaha! the black cat guffawed.

Im going to start applying the aphrodisiac! Meow! Meow! Meow!

The black cat suddenly cried out messily, sounding extremely fanatical. While unconscious, Gu Hai, Bing Ji, the Grand Mohist, and Chen Xianer suddenly felt restless, and their bodies intertwined.

Husband, Xianer let you down! Chen Xianer hugged Gu Hai in a daze and moved in to kiss him.

Your Majesty, Bing Ji has let you down. However, Bing Ji still likes Your Majesty. No one has ever treated me this well before, Your Majesty! Bing Ji also went to hug Gu Hai in a daze.

Those of the Supreme Ascendant are supposed to be emotionless and indifferent. However, why? Why am I Feeling restless, the Grand Mohist went to hug Gu Hai.


The mortal soul fragments in the sky poured into the bubble containing the four, enveloping them. It now seemed like a large blue sun hovered in the air.

Meow! Brat, take your time and enjoy. Meow! Hahahahahaha!

The black cat guffawed and stomped.


The black cat leaped into the distance.

The Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal was in Gu Hais physical body. Without the Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal, there was nothing to protect Gu Hais spiritual souls. Thus, Gu Hai did not come to his senses. He only felt like he dreamed a long, long dream.

In his dream, he hugged Chen Xianer.

In his dream, he hugged Bing Ji.

In his dream, he hugged the Supreme Ascendant Daos Grand Mohist.

This was a very provocative dream, one that could not be awakened from.

It seemed that the spiritual souls were coming to a deep understanding with each other as they interacted with each other. Unconsciously, Gu Hai suddenly drove his Worldly Sorrowful Endowment. Vast energy from coital cultivation suddenly formed.

Gu Hais physical body instinctively drove the Worldly Sorrowful Endowment.

Heavenly Yin City:

Long Zhanguo used a lifespan ritual array to seal off Heavenly Yin City and the Human Path Secret Realms entry as he dragged the entire Human Path Secret Realm into his immortal firmament.

Before the threat of the Qian Nations might, none of the surrounding experts dared to move rashly. This included the Future Buddha and the Supreme Genesis. Everyone felt extremely anxious at the moment.


The Human Path Secret Realm approached Long Zhanguos immortal firmament, moving increasingly closer.

The Azure Emperor, Emperor Kong, and the others waited patiently.

The lifespan ritual arrays in the surroundings were extremely tough. Even the Supreme Genesis could not break them. What more, others? They could only wait patiently.

Excitement flashed in Long Zhanguos eyes. It seemed like he would succeed soon.

Ah! Old fogey! Long Wanyu suddenly cried out.

Huh? Long Zhanguos face sank as he looked at Long Wanyu.

The expressions of Lifespan Beiming, Sima Zongheng, Long Shenying, Long Shenwen, Long Shenwu, and others changed. What happened? Did Heaven notice already?

Old fogey, my brother-in-law is red all over his body, and his body is hot. What is going on? Old fogey, hurry up! Quickly save my brother-in-law. Did something happen to him? Long Wanyu said incredibly anxiously.

At this moment, Gu Hai sat in the plazas center, completely flushed. Bing Ji and the Grand Mohist were also red all over their bodies. It was as though they had taken aphrodisiacs.

However, the three were unconscious. No one knew what had happened to them.

Phew! Lifespan Beiming and others let out bated breaths.

It turned out that it was just an issue with Gu Hais body, not that Heaven had noticed.

Old fogey, quickly take a look. What happened to my brother-in-law? Hurry! Long Wanyu exhorted extremely anxiously.

Just then, light suddenly came from the mouth of Bing Jis bodya blue clump of light.


Something seemed to suck that blue clump of light into Gu Hais mouth; it immediately entered Gu Hais body.

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Ah? Long Wanyu felt slightly startled.

A nascent soul? That was Bing Jis nascent soul? The distant Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes slightly, appearing somewhat shocked.

Why did Bing Jis nascent soul come out of her mouth and enter Gu Hais mouth? Are they coital cultivating?

However, that was not the end. A brown clump of light suddenly came out of the Grand Mohists mouth and flew into Gu Hais mouth.

The Grand Mohist? Why did the Grand Mohists nascent soul enter Gu Hais mouth?

The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples appeared anxious, wanting to rush over.

Who dares to move? Long Shenying glared.

The Supreme Ascendant Dao disciples felt incredibly uneasy. However, no one dared to go to the plazas center.

Was Gu Hai coital cultivating with Bing Ji and the Grand Mohist? That did not seem likely, in fact, impossible. Their physical bodies were still sitting there, separated. How could they coital cultivate? Yet, why did their nascent souls rush into Gu Hais body?

Just as everyone felt confused, a golden light suddenly appeared in the air. A clump of golden light instantly entered Gu Hais mouth.

That? That couldnt have been someones nascent soul, right? What was that? Countless people in the surroundings felt curious.

Only Long Zhanguo understood.

A metal cauldron physique? A nascent soul manifesting out of nowhere? Long Zhanguos eyes narrowed slightly.


A suction immediately came from Gu Hais body, quickly pulling in spiritual energy. Now, his body gave off a brown light and a golden light.

Old fogey, whats happening with my brother-in-law? Long Wanyu asked anxiously.

Does he urgently need earth-attributed energy and metal-attributed energy? Lifespan Beiming narrowed his eyes.

The excessive demand slowly withered Gu Hais body.

Old fogey, hurry up! Quickly save my brother-in-law! Long Wanyu called out anxiously.

Long Zhanguo narrowed his eyes. Then, he waved his hand.


A brown treasure and a metal-attributed treasure immediately shot towards Gu Hai.

An earth-attributed divine object, Renewing Soil? That metal-attributed divine item is the Immortal Slaying Calabashs vine? The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

[TL Note: Renewing Soil is a mythological substance in Chinese mythology. Here is its Wikipedia page for more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xirang.]

The Renewing Soil and the Immortal Slaying Calabashs vine rushed towards Gu Hais body and instantly entered his mouth, disappearing.

With the Renewing Soil and the Immortal Slaying Calabashs vine, Gu Hai no longer needed energy from outside. Berserk earth-attributed energy and boundless metal-attributed energy rushed towards his spleen and lungs.


A nascent embryo immediately formed in the spleen aperture and the lung aperture. The nascent souls of the Grand Mohist and Chen Xianer started coital cultivating in those places.

Hes fine now! Hes fine now! Long Wanyu said excitedly.

With three nascent souls coital cultivating in his body, his body sent out shock waves while his cultivation burgeoned.

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