Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 604 Book 5: 91: Long Shenying and Long Shenwen

Chapter 604 Book 5: 91: Long Shenying and Long Shenwen

Chapter 604 Book 5: 91: Long Shenying and Long Shenwen

Book 5: Chapter 91: Long Shenying and Long Shenwen

The sages widened their eyes in horror. The spectators gaped as well. The Qian Heavenly Emperor was going to kill all the sages?

How audacious!

How dare you?!

The Future Buddha and the Supreme Genesis roared furiously, their faces sinking.

Veritable Lord, save me!

Lord Buddha, save me!

When the heads of two of the holy lands shouted, the sages seemed to find their saviors, immediately calling out to the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha.


The Supreme Genesis stepped forward and took out a scroll.


Supreme Genesis Scripture

? The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

When the

Supreme Genesis Scripture

unfurled, a holy light suddenly appeared. Then, countless angels flew out of the

Supreme Genesis Scripture

. These angels seemed to be puppets, lacking the light of intelligence in their eyes.

The world started with the genesis. The genesis appeared out of the myriad laws

The angels read out the

Supreme Genesis Scripture

as n.o.ble spirit surged into the air, rus.h.i.+ng towards the sages and enveloping them.

The puppet angels blocked the chains rus.h.i.+ng over in the blink of an eye.

The puppet angels did not dare to clash with the chains, either. However, the sheer number of puppet angels kept the sages safe for now.

The Solar Divine Palace disciples accompanying Supreme Genesis soared into the sky, their eyes blazing with battle hunger. They flew around the Supreme Genesis with weapons upraised, looking coldly at the Qian Heavenly Emperor.


The Future Buddha also stepped forward, releasing a bright, golden light from his body. He held a leather parchment with a large swastika on it. Then, figures of arhats and bodhisattvas flew out of the swastika. They appeared like puppets as well, standing behind the Future Buddha.


Future Scripture

? Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes.

The puppet bodhisattvas chanted, Heaven is infinite; time is infinite; the future always approaches. The world is insignificant, mundane. The myriad laws arrive, only honoring the future

The Spirit Mountain Holy Land disciples also stood behind the Future Buddha with battle hunger on their faces, likewise protecting the sages.

The Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha only gave off holy light and Buddhist light. However, their subordinates unleashed their auras in full, kicking up gusts all over Heavenly Yin City.

The strong winds sent countless citizens tumbling. They even blew down some buildings, provoking countless children into wailing.

Long Zhanguo, what do you want? the Supreme Genesis asked coldly.

Amitbha! Qian Heavenly Emperor, arent you going overboard? the Future Buddha said coldly.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked at the two and showed a cold smile. The Solar Divine Palace and the Spirit Mountain Holy Land? We dont care what you think or why. However, this is Heavenly Yin City, one of the heavenly courts cities. Countless Qian Nation citizens reside here. If anyone dares to hurt them, then you will leave your heads behind as an offering to them. That includes you, Supreme Genesis and Future Buddha!

Huh? What are you planning? The faces of the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha sank.

This is our Qian Nation. Do we need to report what we are doing to you? the Qian Heavenly Emperor shouted coldly.

But they are heavenly servants, sages! the Supreme Genesis shouted.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor looked coldly at the Supreme Genesis.

Today, we are going to fight Heaven. What are you going to do? The Qian Heavenly Emperor glared.

The expressions of the Supreme Genesis and the Future Buddha changed.

They are just puppets. Men, fire the arrows! Sima Zongheng shouted with a glare.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A barrage of arrows immediately flew into the sky, shooting at the angel puppets and bodhisattva puppets.


The puppets exploded, and the chains headed for the sages once more.

Veritable Lord, save us! the sages exclaimed.

Humph! I am going to protect them today. Long Zhanguo, what can you do about it? The Supreme Genesis glared, and his figure soared into the sky, rus.h.i.+ng towards the countless chains.

The Solar Divine Palaces Supreme Genesis? Hah! This crown prince is incapable; please do give me pointers! Suddenly, a person behind Long Zhanguo shot into the sky, charging at the Supreme Genesis.

First Crown Prince, Long Shenying! Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes slightly.

Long Shenying immediately arrived before the Supreme Genesis. Then, he threw a punch at the Supreme Genesis.

Brat, how rude of you! Its one thing for Long Zhanguo to fight me. You? Are you even worthy? The Supreme Genesis glared and counterpunched.

Long Shenying showed a ferocious expression. As he glared, the two fists met.


When their fists met, it seemed like even s.p.a.ce shook. However, Lifespan Beiming waved his hand, preventing the shock waves from harming the spectators. The twos fists connected and maintained a stalemate for a while before the two parted.

The Supreme Genesis took one step back while Long Shenying moved five steps back.

It seemed that Long Shenying had lost. However, who was Long Shenying? He was just Long Zhanguos son. To think that he did not lose by much in the exchange of punches?

The Supreme Genesiss face sank.

Again! Long Shenying showed a ferocious expression as he threw another punch.


The two exchanged punches and parted after a while again.

The Supreme Genesis moved one step back, but Long Shenying moved only four steps back this time.

Thats impossible! Why are you getting stronger? The Supreme Genesiss face sank.

Again! Long Shenying shouted.

Long Shenyings eyes turned red as he spoke. Then, ma.s.sive, pitch-black wings erupted from his back. As he punched, Heavenly Yin Citys s.p.a.ce trembled.


Long Shenying only took three steps back this time.

Now, the wings on Long Shenyings back extended fully. They were a pair of dragon bone wings with dragon leather. Two large crimson fangs protruded from his mouth as well. Now, golden energy emanated from his body.

Hah! Long Shenying roared and punched at the Supreme Genesis again.


This time, Long Shenying evenly matched the Supreme Genesis. The two fists maintained a stalemate, neither giving in to the other.

Long Shenying? What secret technique is this? To think that he is as strong as the Supreme Genesis? Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes slightly.

Jiangchens body? Long Shenying cultivated Jiangchens body? Jiangchen, one of the four great zombies? The Azure Emperors expression changed.

The Supreme Genesiss expression changed dramatically as he looked at Long Shenying, whose fist clashed with his. He was not even fighting the strongest Long Zhanguo.

Now, Long Zhanguo no longer cared about the Supreme Genesis. He only stared at the black liquid pouring out of the Cultural Dao Sage Palace. More poured out as time pa.s.sed. It seemed like the black liquid would cover the entire Heavenly Yin City.

Supreme Genesis? It seems like you are not strong enough, Long Shenying said with a cold smile.

Many puppet angels flew towards Long Shenying.

Fire the arrows! Sima Zongheng shouted.

Whizz! Whizz!

Many arrows shot into the sky, destroying the puppets.

Rattle! Rattle!

The chains continued forward and quickly captured the sages.

Lord Buddha, save me! the sages in the sky called out.

The Future Buddhas face sank. He wanted to soar into the air.

Just then, a figure arrived before the Future Buddha and threw a punch. The image of a black dragon seemed to accompany this punch. The Future Buddha immediately counterpunched hastily.


A loud report rang out.

Heavenly Yin City trembled again. That figure stopped in place, but the Future Buddha staggered three steps back.

What? The expressions of the surrounding cultivators changed.

That was the Future Buddha! He actually lost in the exchange? Even if it were a hurried counterattack, he should not have lost this badly.

Future Buddha, you had better just wait there obediently. Otherwise, dont blame me for keeping you here forever, that figure said coldly.

Threatening the Future Buddha?

The surrounding cultivators looked at that figure in shock.

The dragon races prime, Ao Tianhuang? The Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, it was Ao Tianhuang. He stood in the air, and his powerful aura seemed to press down on everyone. That ferocious pressure pushed on the Future Buddha.

Amitbha! The Future Buddha felt startled.

He clutched the

Future Scripture

, at a loss as to how to proceed.


The chains in the sky bound all the sages.


The chains yanked hard, and the sages immediately fell to the plaza.


Save me!

Veritable Lord!

Lord Buddha, save me!

The sages cried out anxiously.

However, the sages were not even worth a strike before the chains. They were all bound and dropped to the plaza.

A lifespan ritual array? Heavenly Yin City is covered in lifespan ritual arrays? Emperor Kong narrowed his eyes.


Many soldiers immediately arrived before the sages.

Long Zhanguo, how dare you?! the Supreme Genesis roared while glaring.

Humph! Is Eminent Fathers name something you should call out casually? Long Shenying roared, scowling.

Long Shenying brought out immense force, maintaining a stalemate with the Supreme Genesis.

The angels wanted to stop the attack on the sages. However, Sima Zongheng commanded countless powerful archers, preventing the angels from approaching.

Yehuas expression changed dramatically.

Father is occupied. I cant go forward. What should I do?

Yehua felt very anxious. Then, he suddenly noticed Gu Hai in the center of the plaza. Long Wanyu stood right in front of Gu Hai.

Long Wanyu? She is the weakness of the Qian Heavenly Emperor. If I restrain her, I will be in an invincible position!

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Come with me! Yehua shouted.

Many angels charged towards Long Wanyu.

Yehua led the charge. It looked like he would reach Long Wanyu soon.

Suddenly, a sneer came from behind Long Zhanguo. You have only yourself to blame. You deserve death for this!


Another white figure rushed to Long Wanyu. That figure moved so swiftly that he arrived in front of Long Wanyu before Yehua noticed him. Then, he punched at Yehua.

Second Crown Prince, Long Shenwen? Emperor Kongs voice rang out.

Dont! The Supreme Genesiss expression changed.


Long Shenwens powerful punch struck Yehuas fist. The tremendous force did not push Yehua back. Instead, it exploded Yehuas body, turning him into a blood mist that soon dissipated.

That was a peak Middle Heavenly Palace Realm expert. Yet, he exploded from one punch? He died before he could even scream?

My son! The Supreme Genesiss expression changed dramatically.

After Long Shenwen exploded Yehua with a punch, he roared, Haaaaah!

What seemed to be ultrasonic waves rushed out at the angels.


The angels immediately shrieked in agony, holding their ears. The sound waves of Long Shenwens roar knocked them back, blood leaking out of their ears. The angels appeared to have gone entirely deaf.

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