Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 569 Book 5: 55: The Sages' Resentment

Chapter 569 Book 5: 55: The Sages' Resentment

Chapter 569 Book 5: 55: The Sages Resentment

Book 5: Chapter 55: The Sages Resentment


My belly! Something seems wrong A sages voice came from the sky.

Nearly everyone below raised their eyebrows at the sudden cry. They showed confused looks while looking at the sky.

Is something wrong with his belly? They have stomachs? an angel said in puzzlement.

The Supreme Genesis shook his head. Clearly, this was his first time seeing such a thing.

In the south:

Grand Mohist, this did not happen during the previous Ten Thousand Sages Convention, right? a Supreme Ascendant Dao cultivator said with a frown.

The Grand Mohist frowned slightly, but this only made her look more attractive.

Lord Future Buddha, has this ever happened before? A group of bodhisattvas looked at the Future Buddha.

The Future Buddha pressed his palms together and shook his head, obviously in negation. However, the Future Buddha could not see anything in the first place, so he could not say much about it.

I just knew it! Venerable Liu Nian showed a bitter expression as he covered his face.

Its over! Its over! What we feared ended up happening! Mu Chenfeng said in wide-eyed horror.

Bing Ji and Mo Yike slowly turned their heads away, unable to keep watching.

Its starting. This was how it went. All the sages will start feeling bellyaches, Seven Kills said in horror, the memory still fresh in his mind.

The Azure Emperor looked at Gu Hai, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. Clearly, he knew what was going on.

Is Gu Hai courting death?

Emperor Kong, Xuan En, and Yehua were still in the dark. They only looked at Gu Hai in confusion.

Master, the situation does not seem quite right, Ensnaring Performance said with a stiff expression.

Its over. Longevity, look at what you have done! Purple Subtlety said bitterly.

Gu Hais face twitched slightly. II overestimated these sages!

Indeed, after the first sage started pressing his hand to his abdomen, a second and a third started doing the same.

Ah! My belly is hurting too!

What is going on? My bellymy belly hurts a lot!

One hundred sages started holding their abdomens in pain one after another. This scene stupefied nearly everyone below.

The one hundred thousand cultural cultivators goggled. What are they doing?

Did the sages eat something bad?

Why are they holding their bellies?

They abandoned their dignity?

Dignity? What dignity was there? Suddenly, the sage that complained the loudest earlier slumped down on the n.o.ble spirit sea.

Gongyang Sheng, Ninth Young Master, and Founding Dynasty goggled.

What is this situation?

Venerable Liu Nian, you know what is going on, right? What exactly is going on? What happened to the sages? Gongyang Sheng asked anxiously.

Theythey might Venerable Liu Nian found it hard to say.

Come on. Tell us! Founding Dynasty prompted with a frown.

They might have joy, Venerable Liu Nian said in a soft voice.

Huh? The other three hosts felt slightly startled, unable to react immediately. They only understood after a while.

How preposterous! How can that be possible?! Gongyang Sheng refuted while glaring.

Venerable Liu Nian, dont speak such nonsense, Founding Dynasty said while frowning.

Venerable Liu Nian smiled somewhat bitterly. However, he did not explain. Instead, he sighed and looked at the sky.

He saw that the one hundred sages pain intensified. They clutched their abdomens as they cried out in pain.

The other sages already felt startled.

Whats going on? Painting Sage Daozi, what happened to you?

Painting Sage Chen, are you alright?

Painting Sage Huyan, what happened to you all?

The other sages surrounded the sages in pain. The dignified judgment of the sages fell into chaos.

Argh! It hurts! Why is my belly growing larger?!

The form of the body heaven gave us is fixed. It cant possibly change. Why did it change?

The heavenly laws are in our bodies. How can this be? Argh! It hurts! There seems to be something in my belly!

Mine too!

One hundred sages cried out in incredible pain.

The five hundred million people below broke out in a commotion.

Could it be because of Gu Hais painting?

This is happening to only those one hundred sages. Those one hundred sages were the ones who mocked Longevitys painting?

Is it due to the painting?

Many people appeared curious.

The one hundred sages in the sky rolled in pain.

Ill check you. Dont move, a sage said.

The other sages moved aside. Then, that sage placed his hand on the abdomen of one of the sages in pain.

The one hundred thousand partic.i.p.ants, the five hundred million observers, and the people of the three holy lands and the three heavenly dynasties all fell quiet as they stared at the sage examining one of the sages in pain.

Medical Music Sage, what happened to them? another sage asked.

The Medical Music Sage remained silent for a while before muttering, How can it be? How can it be?

What exactly is happening? the sages said anxiously.

The Medical Music Sage checked another collapsed sage. After a while, he seemed utterly stupefied.

Medical Music Sage, whats wrong with them? the sages asked.

Indeed, what happened to us? Argh! It hurts! Tell us quickly!

I have not felt so much pain in eight thousand years. What exactly is going on? Tell me!

Everyone looked at the Medical Music Sage.

Youyou The Medical Music Sage felt stupefied.

Tell us. What happened? the sages clamored anxiously.

You are all pregnant, the Medical Music Sage said softly.

This soft voice sounded like heavenly thunder, silencing the sages. They all felt that their worldview had completely crumbled.

What? Pregnant?

Many other sages started checking the sages in pain. However, the results were the same.

No! No! I did not have any descendants when I was alive. Now, you are telling me that Im pregnant?!

How can this king be pregnant? Medical Music Sage, you are speaking nonsense! Ah! Its kicking me!

We now have bodies made of laws. How can we be pregnant?

This old man will rip your mouth apart!

The one hundred sages clamored furiously.

The other nine thousand-odd sages felt a headache.

They were sages. How could this happen?

The sages shouted at each other, showing no dignity whatsoever. Now, all the sages talked about becoming pregnant.

All the people below gulped at this sight.

The sages are pregnant?

That sage called himself old man. He should be elderly, right? The elderly can get pregnant?

These are sages?

Sages are humans too. Why cant they get pregnant?

A loud commotion immediately broke out in Heavenly Yin City.

The expressions of the one hundred thousand partic.i.p.ants darkened.

Is this a scandal of the sages?

The Supreme Genesis:

The Grand Mohist:

The Future Buddha:

The people of the three holy lands did not know what to say.

The faces of the Azure Emperor and Emperor Kong twitched as they looked at Gu Hai.

Look at what youve done.

Sages? Sima Zongheng said with an unsightly expression from beside the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

Eminent Father, what should we do now? Long Shenwu felt conflicted.

The Ten Thousand Sages Convention happens only once every one thousand years. It is a solemn and dignified event. Why is it so strange this time? Gu Hai got the sages pregnant? Havent you gone too far?

These are the judges, sages. No matter what age it was, they were legends that shook the world. Gu Hai, how excellent of you! We told you to make a painting that would please them, not make them pregnant!

The Qian Nation officials showed strange expressions as they looked at Gu Hai.

Only the Qian Heavenly Emperors expression remained unchanged, as if he did not care about the scene before him. No one noticed that the Qian Heavenly Emperor had dented the armrest of his throne.

Why are they pregnant? the sages asked anxiously.

They looked at that painting. Ah! Dont look! Dont look! the Medical Music Sage exclaimed.

This immediately startled all the sages. They no longer dared to look at the strange painting. Instead, they turned murderous gazes at Gu Hai and Longevity.

Its him! The Medical Music Sage pointed at Gu Hai, putting him in the limelight.

Countless gazes immediately focused on Gu Hai and Longevity.

Gu Hai smiled bitterly.

This is unexpected. Could it be that Longevitys paintings can only make people pregnant and do not have any painting Dao accomplishments?

Ah! Medical Music Sage, what should I do? What should I do about my belly? It hurts a lot!

It kicked me again! Hurry, Medical Music Sage!

The one hundred pregnant sages pleaded with the Medical Music Sage in pain.

Our bodies are no longer like when we were alive. I dont know what to do, either. Ask him, the Medical Music Sage said while shaking his head.

The sages looked at Gu Hai and Longevity.

Gu Hai showed a strange expression on his face.

Am I going to teach them the cesarean section in front of the three holy lands and three heavenly dynasties? That does not seem quite right. Furthermore, their bodies are different from when they were alive.

You tried to a.s.sa.s.sinate the painting Dao sages. You dont want to enter the Cultural Dao Sage Palace anymore? Speak quickly! How do we restore them? the Medical Music Sage shouted.

When the sage shouted, a strong pressure radiated out. The entire Heavenly Yin City turned quiet as countless people looked worriedly at Gu Hai.

Restore? What is there to restore? Isnt this good? Longevity glared.

What did you say? the Medical Music Sage exclaimed while glaring back.

Longevity wanted to argue, but Gu Hai pulled him back. Then, Gu Hai looked at the sages in pain. Feeling ashamed, he said, My heaven-grade brush caused the various sages some inconvenience. Please forgive us for it. He only knows how to paint and not how to withdraw the effects. We are also helpless. Sorry.

Only dealing the killing blow regardless of the aftermath?

You have no solution? Despite having no solution, you got us pregnant?

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No! No! I dont want to be pregnant!

I hate you! Argh!

I will never give you a recommendation! Argh!

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! I hate you a lot! You can forget about entering the Cultural Dao Sage Palace forever! Argh! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

The agonized sages roared with hatred.