Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 558 Book 5: 44: Gong Tian Breaking Down

Chapter 558 Book 5: 44: Gong Tian Breaking Down

Chapter 558 Book 5: 44: Gong Tian Breaking Down

Book 5: Chapter 44: Gong Tian Breaking Down

Gong Tians ritual array trapped Gu Hai and Princess Wanyu. Breaking it from within would be challenging; however, doing so from outside was quite easy. Mu Chenfeng used one Heaven Blasting Lightning to blow a large hole in the ritual array. Doing so attracted soldiers stationed in the vicinity.

How bold of you! Who dares to be so audacious in the heavenly courts cities? The soldiers soared into the sky, initially intending to surround Mu Chenfeng.

However, they saw a large hole in the white cloud. Many dark clouds and a surging sea were visible through the hole, apparently another world. The soldiers immediately recognized this to be a ritual array. Then, they saw Gong Tian gaping at the hole, dumbfounded.

This is a ritual array. Is he trying to trap and kill someone?

Its Princess Wanyu! That is Princess Wanyu! an officer exclaimed as his expression changed.

Seeing Gong Tians ferocious expression, the soldiers immediately identified him as the ritualist attacking the flying s.h.i.+p. More importantly, Princess Wanyu was on the flying s.h.i.+p.

Princess Wanyu? His Holy Eminences most beloved princess? The soldiers expressions immediately changed.

The person who laid this ritual array must be a powerful expert. Is he trying to kill Princess Wanyu? A generals expression changed.


That general waved his hand, and a purple flare instantly shot into the sky.

The expressions of the soldiers stationed in the vicinity immediately changed.

Look! An alarm signal! That alarm signal is only used when someone powerful is trying to wreak havoc in the heavenly courts cities!

That is a cla.s.s 1 alarm! One requires the heavenly courts permission to release it. If it is a false alarm, ones entire clan can get executed! Something major must have happened!

Oh no! A cla.s.s 1 alarm! Thats the highest-level alarm! Did something happen? Quickly! Send out the signal!fre??????v?l.???

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The soldiers who saw the purple fireworks immediately released more flares into the sky. Some were purple, which was cla.s.s 1; there were other colors as wellred, yellow, and blue.

Fireworks covered the sky where Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p was. Then, alarm signals spread throughout the heavenly courts thirty-three cities.

Be it the soldiers outside the cities or the guards stationed in the cities, they all entered a combat-ready state.

All the citiesfrom the outermost Heavenly Chen City to the innermost Heavenly Court Cityreleased flares, sending out the alarm.

Heavenly Chen City:

The Heavenly Chen City Lord had just been celebrating the departure of a troublemaker like Gu Hai when someone barged in.

City Lord, its not good. A cla.s.s 1 alarm signal appeared in the distance. Something major must have happened!

What? The Heavenly Chen City Lords expression changed.

Its a purple signal. It is currently spreading in all directions. Look, all thirty-three cities are sending out purple flares!

The Heavenly Chen City Lords expression changed. Hurry, inform the soldiers stationed in the city. Get them to prepare to face an enemy!

Purple flares were strictly controlled. No one would dare casually release it. If one dared to set off a false alarm with it, the penalty would be clan execution. Since a purple flare was fired, something major must have happened.

Heavenly Mao City:

Bodhisattva Zi Zhu and Bodhisattva Jie Dong sat at the Hearing Buddha Halls entrance with countless other monks. As they looked at the alarm signals filling the sky, they showed horrified expressions.

Who is so bold as to cause trouble in the heavenly courts cities at this time? Bodhisattva Zi Zhu said in confusion.

Bang! Bang!

As flares went off everywhere, the thirty-three cities raised their guard. Amid the loud noise, many flying s.h.i.+ps headed for Gong Tians ritual array.

From the moment the Heaven Blasting Cannon blew a hole in the white cloud, Gong Tian felt stunned.

Then, when the soldiers charged over and released a purple flare, Gong Tian s.h.i.+vered.

Gong Tian understood what a purple alarm signal meanta calamity causing chaos in the nation. He had only trapped Gu Hai, and it incited such a ma.s.sive response?

Hurry! Protect the princess!

After the general released the first flare, the soldiers immediately charged into the ritual array and surrounded Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p, protecting it as Princess Wanyu was on it.

Who was Princess Wanyu? If she was killed, the response would be even more terrifying than an army marching into the heavenly courts cities. After all, even the crown princes status could not compare to Princess Wanyus in the Qian Heavenly Emperors heart.

The a.s.sa.s.sination of a crown prince in the heavenly courts cities would already result in overwhelming alarms. What more Princess Wanyu?

As time pa.s.sed, more soldiers rushed over. Many flying s.h.i.+ps converged from the various barracks. When they arrived and saw Long Wanyu in the ritual array, no further instructions were needed. They immediately joined the group protecting Long Wanyu.

More flying s.h.i.+ps showed up. By now, a vast army surrounded the place.


The soldiers attacked and quickly broke open Gong Tians ritual array, exposing it.

Gong Tian was scared silly already. The many flying s.h.i.+ps surrounding him had Qian Nation generals showing ferocious expressions aboard.

Both above and below, there were many flying s.h.i.+ps and soldiers, all ready for combat. Countless soldiers on the flying s.h.i.+ps already had their bows at full draw, awaiting the command to fire at Gong Tian.

Gong Tian felt stupefied.

Far away, the people who previously allied with Gong Tian to kill Gu Hais group felt stupefied as well.

Yehua felt his hair stand on end. He had nearly gone with Gong Tian.

A cla.s.s 1 alarm? The Qian Nation soldiers are crazy! Yehua shrank back into the forest where he was, breaking out in a cold sweat all over his body.

Xuan En wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he looked at the flares in the sky. As he surveyed the numerous soldiers and saw that even more were coming, his face twitched. What a close shave!

In the mountain forest, Li Shenji appeared shocked. Then, his face twitched. I overlooked Princess Wanyus status. That was close!

Everyone understood that the Qian Heavenly Emperor was the most important person in Heavenly Court City. However, what about the second? What about the second? Although Princess Wanyu did not have much authority, the Qian Heavenly Emperor treasured her. There was an a.s.sa.s.sination attempt on the most important person to the Qian Heavenly Emperor. What more was there to say?

III How could it be like this? Gong Tian stammered with horror on his face.

There was nowhere to flee. The Qian Nation soldiers already surrounded him.

Everyone in the cities saw this scene as well.

Heavenly Yin City:

Seven Kills showed an unsightly expression as he stood behind an azure-clad man.

ImperialImperial Lord, itsits Gong Tian. Based on the sounds, it seems he attempted to a.s.sa.s.sinate Princess Wanyu but got discovered, so, Seven Kills said fearfully.

Gong Tian? We said that he was not permitted to seek trouble for Gu Hai. Have you all forgotten?!

III did not know about that!

Huh? the azure-clad man snorted coldly.

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Seven Kills immediately knelt down. Imperial Lord, please forgive me. I did not partic.i.p.ate! I really did not partic.i.p.ate in it. When Gong Tian left, III did not think much of it, so

Who are you fooling? Humph! the azure-clad man snorted coldly.

The azure-clad man suddenly gave off azure light. This azure light left his body and instantly rushed to where the Qian Nation soldiers were gathering.

Seven Kills remained kneeling before the azure-clad man, not daring to say anything.

You evil bandit, surrender yourself to capture!

How bold of you, you evil being! There is no escape for you! Surrender yourself!

The soldiers surrounded Gong Tian.

Gong Tian was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Mu Chenfengs flying s.h.i.+p now approached Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p.

Hall Master, we succeeded. There is no escape for Gong Tian now! Mu Chenfeng said excitedly.

How exciting! Brother-in-Law, this is very fun! Long Wanyu said excitedly.

Unfortunately, it is just him alone. Gu Hai found this outcome a little disappointing.

If all the people who wanted to deal with him had taken part in Gong Tians ambush, it would have been great.

However, even if the rest were not here, Gu Hai would take whatever he had.

Its not me! I did not try to kill Princess Wanyu! I did not! Gong Tian insisted anxiously.

Gong Tian did not dare resist. Even though he was a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator, he did not dare to make a move. Where was this? This was the Qian Nations capital. There were countless experts everywhere. If he messed around, he would die for sure.

However, everyone ignored him even though he pleaded for mercy.

If you still dont surrender, we will fire, a general shouted.

Gong Tian felt terrified.


Suddenly, a strong wind swept over.

Who is it? The soldiers glared as they drew their weapons.

An azure figure suddenly appeared near Gong Tian, radiating an intense aura. The surrounding soldiers expressions turned cold, but they showed no fear.

Imperial Lord! Imperial Lord, save me! Imperial Lord! Gong Tian said in pleasant surprise.

The Azure Emperors projection? He sent out some energy, projecting his body? Yehua narrowed his eyes.

Previously, Yehua also had a projection body. However, that had required a treasure. The Azure Emperor used his own energy and aura to manifest a projection, something much more profound.

The Yan Heavenly Dynastys Azure Emperor? Are you thinking of protecting this criminal? a general shouted.

The Azure Emperors projection appeared and looked at Gong Tian. Then, he said coldly, How dare you disobey our order?

Gong Tian immediately knelt. Imperial Lord, this subordinate knows his mistake. I never wanted to do anything to Princess Wanyu; I just wanted to settle a personal grudge with Gu Hai. Although Imperial Lord did not permit it, this subordinate could not bear it. I have caused Imperial Lord trouble. This subordinate knows his error! This subordinate knows his error!

The Azure Emperor looked at Gong Tian coldly. Humph!

The Azure Emperor turned his head in Gu Hais direction.

Protect the princess! The soldiers glared at the Azure Emperor as they protected Gu Hais flying s.h.i.+p.

The Azure Emperor appeared stern and dignified. However, his eyes seemed calm.

Princess Wanyu has been startled. My subordinate is not well disciplined, the Azure Emperor said.

So, he can ambush me just because he is not well disciplined? Naturally, Long Wanyu did not give the Azure Emperor any face.

The Azure Emperor no longer bothered himself with Princess Wanyu. Instead, he looked at Gu Hai. When he saw Gu Hai, a gleam appeared in his eyes. Hall Master Gu is a heroic youth, indeed. We have heard a lot about Hall Master Gus heroic exploits in the Qian Nation. We are full of awe.

Ah! Azure Emperor has heard of my deeds? Gu Hai said with a smile.

Although Gu Hai smiled, it was just a front. No one noticed that Gu Hai was tightly clenching his right fist behind his back. Some veins even bulged on that fist.

However, the Azure Emperor noticed that Gu Hais eyes had turned slightly red.

We can tell that Mister Gu is angry. However, please pardon us for Gong Tians poor discipline. Given Mister Gus talent, being the master of Elite Hall, a foreign affairs department of the Qian Heavenly Dynasty, a mere marquis rank, seems somewhat beneath you. If Mister Gu does not think it beneath his notice, my Yan Heavenly Dynasty is willing to recruit Mister Gu into our nation as a duke. What does Mister Gu think? the Azure Emperors projection said with a smile.