Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 504 Book 4: 181: Jiangchen

Chapter 504 Book 4: 181: Jiangchen

Chapter 504 Book 4: 181: Jiangchen

Book 4: Chapter 181: Jiangchen

Major Metropolitan City:

The Qian Nations and the Han Nations armies approached the city.

After the initial fl.u.s.ter, all the officials, soldiers, and citizens calmed down. Then, they looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu in the Great Sigh Palace Halls plaza.

From his throne, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu immediately saw the ma.s.sive flags.h.i.+p behind the dragons with one glance.

Four people stood at the bow of that flags.h.i.+p: Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, Gu Hai, and Long Aotian.

When Imperial Emperor Xi Yu saw the four, he showed a cold smile.

Far away, the dragons parted, letting the flags.h.i.+p come to the very front.

Across the great distance, the four looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu as well.

The two sides confronted each other, with the city in between.

Long Shenwu? Gu Hai? Hah! To think that you dare to come to our Yuan Nation? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said with a cold glare.

Enmity and hatred flashed in his eyes as he looked at Gu Hai, as Gu Hai was the root of many of his plans failure.

He had destroyed the five million zombies because of Gu Hai.

Gu Hai had killed the Bat Ancestor and Archduke Xi Kang.

Most importantly, Qin Yun would not have died if not for Gu Hai and Long Shenwu. His fourth younger brother would not have died.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu showed a murderous intent in his eyes as he looked at the group before him.

Those who offend my Qian Nation will be killed, no matter the distance. The Qian Nation was kind, letting you have dozens of cities, yet that did not satisfy you. You marched your army north to attack my Qian Nation. His Holy Eminence will no longer tolerate this. He a.s.signed soldiers to me to destroy the Yuan Nation and the Xi Clan. Even with soldiers at your doorsteps, you still dont recognize your situation and show regret? Long Shenwu said coldly as he narrowed his eyes.

Humph! With just you and Gu Hai? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sneered.

When the Han Nations and the Qian Nations armies arrived, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had scanned the armies. However, after looking for a long time, he did not notice anything strange.

This should not be the case.

Long Shenwu is no match for me at all.

The Heaven Splitting Ax?

What is the point if the Heaven Splitting Ax fails to hit me? I can destroy you without even using the power of my Yuan Nation. Are you here to send yourself to death?

Somethings not right. Gu Hai and Long Shenwu appear very calm. I must have missed something.

However, despite looking with narrowed eyes for a while, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu could not find anything out of the ordinary.

You overestimate yourself. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu tried agitating the other side.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu smiled coldly. Before Gu Hai and Long Shenwu could say anything, Long Aotian could no longer endure it.

Are you just ignoring me? Do you see only Third Uncle and Gu Hai? Do you not see me standing between the two of them. Do you not see me? Are you blind?

Humph! Who is the one overestimating himself? You are the one who is overestimating himself. My Qian Nation army has already arrived, but you refuse to repent. You deserve death. Third Uncle, Ill eliminate him! Long Aotian suddenly said coldly.

Huh? Far away, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu felt slightly startled.

Naturally, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu knew about Long Aotian. At the very least, the Yuan Nations information network sent back voluminous intel on the Qian Nation every year. This persons painting was among the intel.

Isnt he a grandson of the Qian Heavenly Emperor? What did he say? He wants to eliminate me?

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes at Long Aotian, who had made such a boastful claim all of a sudden.

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Long Shenwu frowned slightly.

Third Uncle, didnt we agree on this previously? Long Aotian frowned as he looked at Long Shenwu.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu kept staring. As he did so, he suddenly noticed a small detail. Gu Hai glanced at a large palace hall behind him.

Why did Gu Hai glance at the main hall of that flying s.h.i.+p?

Go bow to that senior in the palace hall before going, Long Shenwu whispered.

Long Shenwu spoke very softly. However, the distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu heard him clearly.

There is a senior in the palace hall that Gu Hai glanced at? No, thats not right. It is Long Shenwus senior in particular.

Who could Long Shenwus senior be? The Qian Heavenly Emperor?

Humph! Trying to trick me? How could the Qian Heavenly Emperor come with you?

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu refused to believe this.

Senior? What senior? Why do I not know about it? Long Aotian felt slightly startled.

Initially, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu refused to believe that there was anyone of note in the palace hall. He thought that Gu Hai and Long Shenwu were just putting on a pretense. However, Long Aotians reaction aroused some doubt in Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Just go. Do as I say, Long Shenwu said seriously.

Long Aotian frowned slightly as he nodded. Then, he turned his head, looked at the palace hall, and bowed gravely. Third Uncle said that you are my senior, so that should not be wrong.

After the bow, Long Aotian turned back and said, Alright. Im going.

Long Shenwu nodded.

Gu Hai stood upright with hands behind his back as he watched Long Aotian take to the sky.


Long Aotian soared into the air in the blink of an eye, flying towards Major Metropolitan City.

Little brat Xi Yu, come and welcome death! Long Aotian shouted.

The shout echoed throughout Major Metropolitan City. When Long Aotian unleashed his aura, he appeared to be a Middle Heavenly Palace cultivator. The distant Gu Hai felt some slight doubt, unsure where Long Aotian got his confidence.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.

He still had not ascertained who was in the flying s.h.i.+ps palace hall. He did not think it was the Qian Heavenly Emperor, considering the Qian Heavenly Emperors presence here impossible.

However, why else would a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator dare to say such words before him?

Your Reverence, this official will cut him down! Qin Zibai immediately shouted.

Permitted! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.


Qin Zibai soared into the sky and took out a saber, looking at Long Aotian coldly.

Ignorant brat rus.h.i.+ng to the Yuan Nation to behave impudently, are you seeking death? Theres no need for His Reverence to deal with you. Ill do it. Qin Zibai glared.

Long Aotian glanced at Qin Zibai and rolled his eyes in a show of disdain, then said, You are not worthy of fighting me!

Huh? Qin Zibai glared.

Long Aotian waved, suddenly taking out a coffin.

A coffin?

Gu Hai, Long Shenwu, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, and Qin Zibai all frowned.

Long Aotian did not even bother looking at Qin Zibai. Instead, he stared straight at the distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

I heard that you cultivated the Yinggou Art, forging human bodies into zombie bodies and making them yinggou zombies? Hah! I have met a yinggou zombie before. I wonder how you compare to him. However, I have already destroyed that yinggou zombie! Long Aotian said coldly.

Oh? With just you? The distant Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes.

Long Aotian destroyed a yinggou zombie? Naturally, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu did not believe it.

Long Aotian smiled coldly. It does not matter whether you believe me or not. You will later. Humph, I have a jiangchen zombie, one of the four types of zombies!

As he spoke, he waved.

The coffin floating in the air opened, revealing a man in black imperial robes with golden dragon motifs. That man did not move at all. His eyes were shut, and there was a talisman pasted on his forehead.

A zombie? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes.

Long Aotian extended his hand and swiped. That zombie sovereign immediately opened its eyes.


A vast aura suddenly burst out.

Qin Zibais expression changed as his figure flashed, rus.h.i.+ng towards Long Aotian. He planned to attack the controller first. Once he killed Long Aotian, the zombie would be useless.


Qin Zibai sent a three-hundred-thirty-meter-long manifested saber at Long Aotian. It looked like it would strike down Long Aotian in one blow.

The manifested saber was very sharp, radiating a powerful saber aura as it swung down.

Long Aotian did not counterattack. Instead, he smiled coldly and said, I already said you were not worthy enough to fight me.

Just as the saber was about to strike Long Aotian, the zombie in the coffin thrust its right hand towards Qin Zibai.

The zombies manifested hand stabbed towards the manifested saber and clashed with it like a sharp sword. A loud report rang out, and the manifested saber broke. After that, the manifested hand continued on, instantly arriving before Qin Zibais chest.



Qin ZIbai suddenly let out a miserable cry. Then, he fell while spewing out blood from his mouth.

What? The expressions of the surrounding citizens and officials changed.

Gu Hai, Sima Changkong, and Long Shenwu appeared shocked.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Imperial Emperor Xi Yus expression turned cold as he sprang to his feet.


Qin Zibai crashed into the ground, creating a deep pit as he vomited blood.

Milord! countless soldiers cried out anxiously.

Qin Zibai! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu called out with a sullen expression.

Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Im still alive! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Qin Zibais bitter voice came from the dust-cloud-shrouded deep pit, sounding like he was coughing blood as he spoke.

Many court physicians immediately rushed to the pit to help Qin Zibai.

He is alive? Thats good.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu stopped looking at the pit. Instead, he looked skyward, at the proud Long Aotian and the zombie sovereign that had come out of the coffin.

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You are lucky. To think that you survived? Humph! Long Aotian said coldly as he looked at the pit.

In the pit, blood completely covered Qin Zibai. The knifehand from the zombie sovereign was too ferocious. He actually could not withstand even one strike despite being an early-stage Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. His clothes were in tatters, his skin had split, and his flesh was mangled.

The zombie sovereigns knifehand nearly cut him in half earlier.

Qin Zibai took out the bamboo cane hung at his waist with lingering fear. The bamboo cane that his father gave him had saved him. To think that this ordinary-looking bamboo cane had such power?

Milord, are you alright? A group of court physicians rushed into the pit.

Im fine. I will recover soon, Qin Zibai said with a faint, bitter smile.

He is a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator but lost after one attack?

Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, and Gu Hai raised their eyebrows.

Jiangchen? Gu Hai said.

There are four types of zombies: hanba zombies, yinggou zombies, jiangchen zombies, and houqing zombies. How could Long Aotian possess a jiangchen zombie? Furthermore, he refined it? Sima Changkong looked at Long Shenwu with some doubt.

Long Shenwu shook his head. I dont know. I have no idea where Long Aotian went over the past few years. When he returned, he had become much more arrogant. Unexpectedly, he has this zombie?

A jiangchen zombie?

Long Aotian showed a self-satisfied smirk. Then, he looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu coldly. Whats wrong? Xi Yu, are you not going to make a move? Are you going to continue sending out your officials? Humph! Qin Zibai is already the best your Yuan Imperial Dynasty has to offer, right? Can you find another such person? Well, bring it on. I will kill them off one by one; do you believe that?

Ignorant brat, it is just a dead zombie, and you dare to be so audacious before us? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly with slightly narrowed eyes.

Although Imperial Emperor Xi Yu spoke with disdain, he did not take Long Aotian lightly. Now, he started to believe that there was someone in the palace hall behind Gu Hai.

A jiangchen zombie? Did the Qian Heavenly Emperor give the jiangchen zombie to Long Aotian? The Qian Nations army has more than the Heaven Splitting Ax?

You should transform your body to Yinggous body. Otherwise, it would be too boring if my jiangchen zombie killed you in the blink of an eye, Long Aotian sneered.