Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 499 Book 4: 176: Back in the Imperial Prison

Chapter 499 Book 4: 176: Back in the Imperial Prison

Chapter 499 Book 4: 176: Back in the Imperial Prison

Book 4: Chapter 176: Back in the Imperial Prison

Outside the Great Sigh Palace Hall, Major Metropolitan City:

A group of officials tried to stop Qin Zibai, but he continued charging towards the doors.


Qin Zibai knocked the doors open and immediately entered the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

In the palace hall, Imperial Emperor Xi Yus tears had already dried up. He looked coldly at Qin Zibai, who had charged into the palace hall, and the officials following behind.

How audacious! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

Your Reverence, sorry for the offense! Please pardon us! The officials immediately knelt in horror.

However, Qin Zibai showed no fear. Instead, he shouted, Your Reverence, this was this officials intention alone. I knocked down the palace halls doors; it had nothing to do with them. Your Reverence, the Yuan Nation is in danger. Why is Your Reverence remaining silent in the Great Sigh Palace Hall during this crucial moment? The nation requires Your Reverence to take charge of the situation, yet Your Reverence is not doing anything. Today, this official took the risk of barging in. If Your Reverence wants to kill me or punish me, this official will not begrudge you. I only hope that Your Reverence will come to your senses and take charge of the Yuan Nation to face the enemy, the Qian Nations army!

Your Reverence, Lord Qin is right. The Qian Nation army has already invaded my Yuan Nations territory and even conquered a few cities!

Your Reverence, please take charge of the situation!

Your Reverence!

The officials bowed while on their knees.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked coldly at Qin Zibai and the officials, not blaming Qin Zibai.

The Qian Nation already attacked? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.?ree?e???v?l.???

At Imperial Emperor Xi Yus words, everyones eyes lit up.

Your Reverence, yes! There was information from the frontlines. According to Mister Mono, according to the a.n.a.lysisit should have reached Vacant City today. Your Reverence, the Qian Nation is currently attacking us in a straight line. This official has overstepped and already ordered the surrounding military to defend. Your Reverence, please pardon me for that! Qin Zibai immediately said respectfully.

Humph! It was under Mo Yikes directions, right? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

Qin Zibai felt slightly startled, not knowing what to say.

At this moment, an official stepped forward and said, Reporting to Your Reverence, while Your Reverence was not around, Mo Yike colluded with Lord Qin to capture many officials. Mo Yike himself is a convict. Yet, instead of repenting, he spent his time interfering with politics. Your Reverence, please punish him.

The offender Mo Yike even moved his clans guards to the imperial prison. He shows no repentance and disrespects His Reverence. He should be punished! another official called out.

Your Reverence, Mo Yike opposes Your Reverence and brought harm to the citizens. He should be severely punished!

A few more officials stepped forward.

You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! I was the one who asked Mister Mo to find the Qian Nation spies! Are you working with the Qian Nation spies? Qin Zibai scowled.

Indeed, these officials had already defected. However, they defected after Mo Yike captured all the traitors. The Qian Nation had sent people to recruit them after that. They only had one purpose: to cause Mo Yikes death.

Naturally, no one could harm Mo Yike with Qin Zibai protecting him.

Thus, they could only try to use Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu only just returned to court and was currently furious. If they fanned the flames, perhaps Mo Yike would be executed.

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Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked coldly at these officials accusing Mo Yike.

Men! Arrest them! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu ordered coldly.

Ah? Your Reverence, why? This official is innocent! This official is innocent! the officials protested.

Qin Zibai immediately captured these officials. Since these officials tried to sabotage Mo Yike, he did not give them any face.

You are innocent? Hah! Qian Nation defectors! Even in prison, Mo Yike did not forget about his nation. However, you want to use us to kill our good official? Humph! Men, drag them away and execute them, death by flogging! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

Your Reverence, this official is innocent!

Your Reverence, this official was wrong, this official was wrong!

These officials shouted with horror, exposing everything in the blink of an eye. The other officials did not sympathize at all. They only felt that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu was not as depressed as they had feared.

Your Reverence, Mister Mo, he Qin Zibai looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu with some antic.i.p.ation.

Mo Yike is innocent. Release him! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said.

Yes! Your Reverence is wise! QIn Zibai said excitedly.

We remained in the Great Sigh Palace Hall for a long time. Bring over all the government affairs that acc.u.mulated over this time, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said.

Yes! the officials answered.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu ignored the matter of Qin Zibai barging into the palace hall and working with Mo Yike to mobilize the army, not commenting on it.

After making arrangements, the officials took their leave.

Qin Zibai! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu suddenly stopped Qin Zibai.

Present! Qin Zibai responded, feeling confused.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at Qin Yuns son in silence for a while. Eventually, he sighed softly, Alright, you may leave.

Qin Zibai felt somewhat confused, but he nodded and said, Yes.

After the officials left, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked through the memorials to the throne.

At the same time, in the imperial prison, many officials came to congratulate Mo Yike. He had been declared innocent and released.

Qin Zibai even came to receive Mo Yike.

The guards removed the seal on Mo Yike and unshackled him, letting him out of the cell.

Lord Mo, His Reverence has declared you innocent and released you and also restored your post. Congratulations! Qin Zibai smiled.

Congratulations, Lord Mo! the officials congratulated as well.

However, Mo Yike turned his head to look at the jail cell behind him. After some silence, he said, Dont tidy up this jail cell yet. Perhaps I will be returning soon.

Huh? The officials and guards gaped.

Whats going on? What did Lord Mo just say?

What nonsense! Lord Mo, His Reverence has already declared you innocent and set you free. Why would you come back? Qin Zibai immediately scolded.

Mo Yike only smiled bitterly while shaking his head, not explaining.

Two days later, in the Great Sigh Palace Hall:

Only Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, Mo Yike, and Qin Zibai were in the Great Sigh Palace Hall.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at Mo Yike and sighed, Mo Yike, you look very similar to Mo En.

My father must be at peace in the otherworld, given that Your Reverence remembers him. Mo Yike bowed.

We have looked through the memorials. Your arrangements were good. The soldiers have already left to stop the Qian Nations army, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said seriously.

Mo Yike frowned sightly and said, Your Reverence, stop the Qian Nation army? Hah! This official can only delay them. This time, the Yuan Nation is in danger!

Oh? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at Mo Yike.

After taking a deep breath, Mo Yike said, This official overstepped and a.n.a.lyzed the Yuan Nations signs of defeat. I hope that Your Reverence will not blame me for this.


The power of the military is the nations prestige. The nations prestige lies in the hearts of its citizens. We captured dozens of cities several years ago. However, the war had just ended, and before we had time to rest, before the injured soldiers and families of the dead were pacified, we raised our arms against the Qian Nation again. How could the citizens not resent this? How strong would our resentful soldiers be? That is the first sign of defeat.

The five factions allied to invade the Qian Nation. Unfortunately, the Qian Nation is taking revenge. My Yuan Nation may be a victim, but righteousness is not on our side, making us pa.s.sive. Naturally, it would be hard to raise the soldiers morale. That is the second sign of defeat.

We were a powerful nation with an unrivaled zombie army. However, we lost that. When Your Reverence went north and returned in defeat, the nations prestige suffered again. That is the third sign of defeat.

This official already found many spies within the imperial court. There must be more in the various major cities. The Qian Nation had planned for a long time before attacking with a heavy hand. However, my Yuan Nation sustained great damage to its foundation during this time. This problem will s...o...b..ll. That is the fourth sign of defeat.

The Heaven Splitting Ax appeared. If this official is right, the Qian Heavenly Emperor might be planning something big. Thats why he decided to clear out all issues, forcing the four factions to attack. Then, he retaliated with his full power. He is determined to win, displaying his sharpness. That is the fifth sign of defeat, Mo Yike said gravely.

At the side, Qin Zibai showed a horrified expression. He already knew that the Yuan Nation did not have much of a chance against the Qian Nation. However, Mo Yikes a.n.a.lysis made the situation seem even worse.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes at Mo Yike. Your father is right. You did not disappoint him.

Lord Mo, the Yuan Nation is in grave danger, but how do we deal with it? Qin Zibai asked worriedly.

This official has a method. Would Your Reverence like to hear it? Mo Yike said seriously.

Oh? Speak, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said.

Surrender to the Qian Nation and compensate them with territories. Announce it to the world and close the nation off to await an opportunity, Mo Yike said seriously.

Surrender to the Qian Nation? You want us to surrender to the Qian Nation? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.

Yes! Mo Yike said gravely.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yus expression instantly chilled as he stared at Mo Yike. After some silence, he said coldly, Mo Yike, if you were not Mo Ens son, we would have thought that you are a Qian Nation spy.

This official dares to speak the truth to Your Reverence only because I am Mo Ens son, Mo Yike said seriously.


The Yuan Nations defeat is already clear. This official came to this conclusion through my a.n.a.lysis. If this drags out, there will be more variables. However, the most likely outcome would be the Yuan Nations destruction. The Qian Nation has made up its mind. The Yuan Nation cannot afford to delay. If we do, we will lose more. Had Your Reverence listened to this official previously, we would have needed to give away only a tenth of our territory to appease the Qian Nation. Now that war has started, we would need to give up half of our territory for that to happen, Mo Yike said bitterly.

Hah! Hahaha! Mo Yike, are you certain that the Qian Nation will be willing to reform our old alliance after we offer up half of our territory? Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked coldly.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor has been maintaining the image of a kind and righteous sovereign in public. If my Yuan Nation offers up half of its territory to display sincerity, he will be criticized if he continues to pursue this matter, losing the decorum of a heavenly emperor. Then, if the Qian Nation tries to proceed with their big plan later, the various factions of the world can use that as an excuse to interfere. That is not something that the Qian Heavenly Emperor would want to see, so it will happen, Mo Yike said, his voice sinking.


This is also why this official suggests closing off the nation to await an opportunity. Something major is going to happen in the Qian Nation. Even the Qian Heavenly Emperor is not confident of it. That is why he wants to shock the world and eliminate potential problems. That major matter is the opportunity that this official is antic.i.p.ating. Your Reverence, endure a moment of humiliation to gain supremacy of the world, Mo Yike said seriously.

Endure a moment of humiliation to gain supremacy of the world? Hahahaha! Mo Yike, you just want us to surrender! Humph! You can forget about it. The war between the Yuan Nation and Qian Nation will not stop. If he wants to fight, then we fight. We will go all the way, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

Your Reverence, you cant! Mo Yike appeared anxious.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at Mo Yike. After taking a deep breath, he said, We will not submit to the Qian Nation. It is not just us saying it. Mo En said it before. So did Chang Sheng and Qin Yun. Back when we went to the Qian Nation, the four of us swore never to abase ourselves before the Qian Nation again; we would rather die than submit!

Your Reverence, just this one time! It is just this one time. Do reconsider! Your Reverence! Mo Yike immediately knelt.

Humph! There is no need to try persuading us. We have made up our mind. This is also the promise we made to the three of them, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said coldly.

Your Reverence, my Yuan Nation is in grave danger! My Yuan Nation is in grave danger! Your Reverence, the destruction of the Yuan Nation is at hand! Mo Yike pleaded anxiously with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

Mo Yike! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.

We already said that we will not submit to the Qian Nation, yet you are jabbering on about it incessantly, saying that the nation will be destroyed. Do you think that we do not dare to kill you! Imperial Emperor Xi Yu glared.

Your Reverence, please forgive him. Lord Mo is just worried about the Yuan Nation. Your Reverence, do forgive Lord Mos rashness on account of Grand Duke Mo! Qin Zibai immediately pleaded.

Mo En?

Imperial Emperor Xi Yus expression warmed slightly at the mention of Mo Ens name. Humph! Send him to the imperial prison to await punishment!

Your Reverence! Mo Yike kowtowed bitterly.

However, Imperial Emperor Xi Yu ignored him.

He no longer wanted to break the promises that the four of them had made in the past.